‘Iron Man 3’: TV spot focuses on enmity between Tony Stark, the Mandarin

March 26, 2013 | 5:35 a.m.

“You’re not a man, you’re nothing more than a maniac.”

Those are some harsh words Tony Stark has for the Mandarin, but judging from the new TV spot touting Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster, “Iron Man 3,” due out May 3, there’s no love lost between the billionaire genius and his latest arch-nemesis.

The clip features rapid-fire glimpses of some footage we’ve seen before, including the spectacular destruction of Stark’s cliffside home and the hero, played by Robert Downey Jr. lying in the snow, looking battered in his signature metal suit. But the spot really emphasizes the adversarial relationship between the characters that will drive much of the narrative of the film, directed by Shane Black (“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”).

In the comics, the Mandarin was an exiled orphan who discovered a crashed spaceship. He mastered the alien science he found there and kept 10 powerful rings used to drive the ship. He used the rings’ power in his schemes for world domination and became one of Iron Man’s most formidable foes, from his first appearance in 1964′s “Tales of Suspense” No. 50, by Stan Lee and Don Heck.

Though Marvel President Kevin Feige has said that the big-screen Mandarin’s back story won’t follow the comics, focusing in technology instead of magic, the villain, played by Ben Kingsley, is sporting rings on his fingers.

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— Gina McIntyre and Noelene Clark

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