Daniel Craig wants another shot at Bond: ‘It’s out of my hands…. If I get the call, I’ll be there’

Aug. 13, 2010 | 10:41 a.m.


Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 tall

Daniel Craig is in Western wear these days on the New Mexico set of “Cowboys and Aliens,” but he can’t help but wonder whether he will ever don James Bond’s tuxedo again. “It’s out of my hands,” the British actor said during a break from shooting. “I’m ready and willing, and if I get the call, I’ll be there.”

It’s not clear when — or even if — that call will come. The fiscal crisis at MGM has suspended the cinema spy’s license to kill and, as Steven Zeitchik has reported, there may also be some discord among the current creative team about the direction of the next film, which would be the 23rd in the storied franchise.

Craig took on the role of 007 with Casino Royale in 2006 and followed it with Quantum of Solace in 2008. The two films pulled in $1.1 billion in worldwide box office and, more than that, brought a new grim energy to the Bond character on screen. Craig, who is plainly proud of his work in the iconic role, is eager to tie up the loose ends in the plot with a third film, but he seemed to have more questions than answers about the topic.

“You probably know more than I do,” Craig said. “It is what it is. Unless MGM can sort themselves out, we can’t make a movie. It’s hard to talk about things that aren’t happening. There will be more to say when things are happening. I’m really keen to get going, it’s as simple as that. And I’m hoping that, in a while, we will.”

Venerable but vulnerable MGM is buckling beneath $4 billion in debt, a situation that has already wrought havoc with the plans for a two-film adaptation of “The Hobbit.” Director Guillermo del Toro walked away from “Hobbit” in frustration. Will MGM’s limbo also lead to key defections or lost opportunities with Bond? One major issue is Craig’s tight schedule.

The in-demand actor costars with Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell in the Jon Favreau-directed “Cowboys and Aliens,” and everyone involved is approaching it as a two-film affair. Craig’s calendar will be tied up promoting the summer 2011 release. There’s also “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn,” the December 2011 release from Steven Spielberg that stars Craig and opens a planned trilogy.

James Bond 007 Casino Royale Daniel Craig

Later this year, Craig begins filming “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” David Fincher’s take on the Swedish-language film and the bookshelf bestseller; yes, that film that has sequel written all over it, if it finds the audience that’s expected. Some of these franchises may fizzle — Craig starred, for instance, in The Golden Compass but the plan to make that a film series went south.

Craig turned 42 in March, but his world-weary version of Bond may benefit from a few more wrinkles. The question is whether an especially long delay might prompt the franchise decision-makers to go for a youth movement and a new story cycle, much as Sony is doing with a total restart of its “Spider-Man” franchise.

Craig, though, clearly wants to finish what he’s started, no matter what the challenges.

“I felt as if we were just getting going and that we’d get the chance to make a couple more,” the actor said. “I’d like to fulfill the circle with the story. But, yes, there is nothing really to say until whoever gets that house [at MGM] in order. There’s no chance of getting it made until those things are taken care of.”

— Geoff Boucher


Daniel Craig as James Bond 007

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48 Responses to Daniel Craig wants another shot at Bond: ‘It’s out of my hands…. If I get the call, I’ll be there’

  1. Erica Stephens says:

    I did not enjoy Craig in the role,he is too short and had no real charm.Not to mention the ugliest Bond girl ever playing opposit him…..No,Get someone else!

  2. Brett says:

    Craig was an excellent, fresh take on Bond. Rather than playing him as a mannequin like Brosnan, Craig took the character back to the roots of the Fleming novels. I hope MGM gets its act together and that Craig gets another shot at the role.

  3. nat turner says:

    Craig is worthy. Make it and we will come. How do you lose money by making good films? Oh yeah, you don't. You lose money by trying to make great art when you wouldn't know Art if he goosed you.

  4. Greg says:

    Casino Royale was one of the best Bond films and Quantum of Solace was one of the worst. The new Bond book is flat and frankly a lame attempt to bring back some of the style, polish, and panache of the earlier Bond stories by Fleming.
    A Bond story that recruites Bond from occupied France where he works for MI9 to MI6 where he is posted to the Madrid embassy to keep Franco's Nationalists from entering the war with the Axis while fending off Nazi sabateurs in Tangiers and Gilbrator would be a great story bringing back some of elegance and intellect to the franchise, but who has the experience that Ian Fleming had in MI6 to draw on anymore that could put up with a brain dead studio anymore?

  5. Brion says:

    Daniel Craig would be perfect for the role of the "Real" James Bond. Vladamir Putin.

  6. They can probably make money putting out garbage but they could make a lot more coming out with a smarter plot and script.
    The last one was just an action movie – none of the charm, corny but fun lines, or interesting plots that made it famous.
    I know its a tall order but seriously a good story could be cheaper than a bad action movie with more story to keep your attention than mindless stunts (not that those are all bad but you can't build a whole movie on them).

  7. Jason says:

    If MGM fails to bring, the best Bond back since Sean Connery. They will have successfully killed a franchise that has been around since 1953, with the first film in 1962. Craig single handily gave the Bond character the mouth to mouth the series needed! So MGM if you're reading this, please merge with Summit or whoever it is you have to merge with and get this done already.

  8. Rita says:

    Daniel Craig is perfect as Bond…I am flabbergasted and befuddled at the thought it won't happen….why are there a million bad Jennifer Aniston movies out there, and NOT ONE MORE BOND???? When can an intelligent woman movie goer finally see an interesting action film without a ridiculous romantic comedy thrown in (besides SALT – which I loved)???

  9. michael g says:

    Daniel Craig is a capable actor. However, he was a poor choice for Bond from the start. I, for one, wasn't gushing over his performance/style in "Casino Royale". He simply doesn't have the looks nor panache of the character. Brosnan was better choice, by far. MGM and Michael Wilson made a mistake letting him go too soon…

  10. Brandon says:

    We all want Daniel Craig to have another shot at Bond. He was amazing!!!!

  11. Laura says:

    Daniel Craig should be on screen and in a tuxedo. Often. Actually, I've not been fond of the intensity of the newer 007 movies, and I don't know if it's Craig or if it's the writing. They used to be cheeky. I miss that. And I know Craig is capable of the cheekiness. But my God, that man is smoldering–exactly what James Bond should be, and what I loved so much about Sean Connery in the role.

  12. JohnRJ08 says:

    Craig is more like Ian Fleming's Bond than any other actor in the role, including Sean Connery. He was a vast improvement over the pretty-boy Bonds, including George Lazenby, Tim Dalton, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan. Connery was rugged enough and had a lot of animal magnetism, but he didn't have the physicality that Craig has in buckets. I thought Casino Royale was the best Bond film since Goldfinger. The only thing I wish Craig would have done before stepping in front of the cameras was get his ears pinned back. The guy looks like he could fly away in a strong wind.

  13. Jay says:

    — all a damn shame.. del Toro's "The Hobbit" would've been a reason for people to return more so the cinemas I'm sure with the cinematic feast he would've created… and Craig has made a for a top notch Bond… would be great to see him take on more 007 missions…

  14. John.Cummings says:

    Maybe not that Prop 8 has been overturned, Craig will get his wish to be the first gay Bond. Who knows. That will certainly be a "new direction" for 007.

  15. Tony says:

    There always seems to be two Bond camps: those who favor the brutal assassin of Fleming, and those who favor the debonair agent of Broccoli.
    I'm in the former camp, and Daniel Craig is closest to the Bond of novels (the X90 infomercial body is unnecessary, but I know, I know…the ladies).
    The WWII story would be great, except for the fact that the Bond series have mirrored the passage of the decades and I don't think the masses would pack the theaters for a Bond in their grandparents' time.

  16. anton says:

    He is the best Bond ever. He brought more action and realism to the films. Previous James Bond were borderline comical. Daniel Craig and Sean Connery have been the best.

  17. Angi says:

    Daniel Craig is the best Bond since Connery. Casino Royal is one of my all time favorites. MGM would be making a mistake to go elsewhere!

  18. gasface says:

    "…Bond…" Mr. Craig should be allowed to continue as "Bond". His characterzation of this super-spy displays real power, for me, that is. The last movie, @ the Opera, where the worlds leading * thugs dressed in elegant tuxedo's, wearing inner/ear voice devices, as Bond stood in the upper rafters, was to real for those who have an understanding of electronics-too real! They all looked like * stuck up people we've all met before. Their world was soo secretive, even the (stuck up) wife missed the point. Big deals! Oil conglomerates, sound as true today as in the 70's, 80's & into the 21th century. And then there is Domonic; just look at the scene where he's walking with his henchmen and he gives that little head-tilt, eyes of gleed directed at Bond, and the music leading away from the earlier scene, all show and display Craig's power as the New Bond. It'll only get better!!! Play it again Dan. But, sadly, to bad about agent-to-be 'Fields, "…just Fields…"–she was DELECTABLE!

  19. I really want Craig back as Bond. I thoroughly enjoyed both recent Bond films. Go back and watch Brosnan in his action sequences: just awful. Loved GoldenEye on N64 though. Not familar enough with pre-80s Bonds but I think Craig tops Dalton & Moore as well.

  20. BlueCollarCritic says:

    I can't believe some financial backers haven't jumped on this oppertunity by oeffring to loan MGM the moeny to make at least the BOND film and 1 or both of the HOBBIT films.

  21. Greg says:

    You're probably right about WWII although Craig was popular in the same period piece recently. I don't think it's too late to work in a PBY or Pan Am style clipper ship an ex-pat bar, like Rick's (Charlies) where they're watching you watching them type of play. The European Union created a Kaleidoscope of laborers from so many countries you have trouble telling which city you're in there now, but it still has an amazing backdrop for future Bond Stories where the action doesn't clobber the style. I went to the 40th Anniversary of Casablanca at Groman's Chinese Theater on Sunset were it premiered originally, it was and still is the standard for subltle intrigue; something we have come to hope for with the future Bond films.

  22. Tee says:

    Craig makes a GREAT Bond!
    Plus he's very sexy.

  23. Greg Meinhardt says:

    I'm amazed that someone would say Craig is too short and had no real charm, not to mention insulting the bond girl opposite him. But then again, MGM is in negotiations for a merger or sale? I love the last comment, almost like a golden retriever could suddenly type; but then again isn't the sexual appeal for Bond AND the girls, not to mention the in-betweens (Moneypenny was actually a guy; R.G. Moneypenny was a British Consul during WWII).

  24. gasface says:

    "…Bond…" I read Ms. Stephens comment about the supposed ugly woman who teamed up with Bond. The character was clear to me. Domonic attempted to assassinate her, but by coincidence, Bond intercepts the would-be assassin on another matter, wins the assault onto his person, competiton and meets, this ugly woman according to Ms. Stephens. The anti-hero/heroine was severely burned by a Bolivian General who killed her family. It was clear to me, Domonic felt she would interfer with his efforts to rule the world, first selling off worthless acres of land supposedly sitting over oil. All she wanted to do is kill the general. That was the subplot of the movie Ms. Stephens. But I want to add this about "agent Fields". Fellows, were you drawn to those pouty lips on her face? Bond asks her, "…What should I call you? ' her response' "…Fields, just Fields!" I repeat, she was DELECTABLE!

  25. Brandon says:

    Daniel Craig is a loser Bond. Have you ever seen his Jimmy Kimmel interview? YouTube it. He comes off in real life as a weak, fidgety, nerd. Have you seen his real life girlfriend… Satsuki Mitchell? She's a dog! The sad truth is that for the first time in my life I look better than Bond, date hotter chicks than he does, and do more fun things than his character does since I can actually crack a smile while I'm doing them. Now you tell me how I can respect Craig as Bond?? When you cast a mediocre man as Bond you end up with a mediocre 007.

    • Maria says:

      You are just plain STUPID in your comment. I LOVE DANIEL CRAIG…… he is soooo handsome and sexy……. he is a great actor too

  26. DALE WEINBERG says:

    Daniel Craig is an excellent Bond. MGM needs to suck it up and get their financial act together. If they are too far in debt…call the Weinstein Brothers or Warner Brothers and do a partnership.
    I am not sure what your intentions are with Bond 23. Are you going to make a Part 3 to Casino Royale? Casino Royale was great. Quanum was good but lacking. The villan was a letdown. OR, you can always do an updated remake of one of the classics like Goldfinger, From Russia with Love, Diamonds are forever, etc. Maybe use one of the classic old villans like Blofeld. Just a thought

  27. Michael says:

    I think Craig is splendid i love the way he does bond, he's charming and funny at times. I loved Casino Royale it was a great movie, with plenty of action and a good story ever since i bought it i've seen it plenty of times. Quantum of Solace was an alright movie nothing special it had action which is a plus but nothing great i think craig should do 2 more movies i would love that.

  28. Lillyanna says:

    I heard that Spyglass was interested in MGM. If so,Spyglass you couldn't find a better investment than Daniel Craig as James Bond.

  29. Alice says:

    Yeah I say get craig back he's pretty sexy!
    Oh and brosnan was my fave :)

  30. disappointed bond gi says:

    Daniel Craig may be an excellent actor, but he simply is NOT James Bond. He meets none of the classic criteria for Bond. I have not and will not see another Bond film as long as he is cast in the role of 007!

  31. Melissa says:

    ewwwwwwwww, can't think of any of my friends that think daniel craig is sexy!! he's kind of… well, uh, dull. the only people at my school who seem to like him at all as bond are the gay guys because they say he looks like rough trade. makes me wonder about the people that post here!

  32. film guy says:

    God could someone please step up and save MGM! We have two of the best franchises on the line here with Bond and The Hobbit. At a time when movie quality is this low we could really use them to show others how it's done. Craig is an amazing Bond and it will be a cinematic tragedy if he isn't allowed to explore the Bond character further. I really am looking forward to what the next move in the franchise will be. I'm very excited to hear that Sam Mendes could be the next guy in charge. Danny Boyle would also be a great choice.

  33. gasface says:

    …Bond…,Hey, MGM! Have you heard the latest rumor. Harry Potter is coming out in the next film in 3D. Give us a Bond film in 3D. Now, theres an idea. P/S: Is it possible to some how bring back agent Fields. You know the one. She had those pouty lips. Maybe she had her stomach pumped out of the supposed oil supposedly forced into her, and she lives. Hey, it's only [just] a movie and anything can occur/re-occur. (and I miss the character, she was effective in helping Bond at the correct moment in time on the stairway)

  34. A. Broadfield says:

    The actor who was most qualified to play the part of Bond was Charles Dance. I say this in the past tense because he is a little old now for the part, unfortunately. He had the presence, personality and a resemblance to Ian Fleming himself and he oozed class. While he was not a typical movie 'pretty boy ' type, he had a striking appearance in a dark and dangerous way. Perhaps MGM, should it extricate itself from it's financial problems, consider 'Bond in later years' ? Recommissioning 007 from retirement could have possibilities, and overcoming the restrictions of old age could be rather amusing.

    • gasface says:

      …A young Charles Dance, Hmmm? @ one time, you can say, you may have hit the mark,… @ one time. But today, it's Dan Craig, hands down. P/S I still miss agent Fields…

  35. Joel says:

    Daniel Craig is a pretty good James Bond, but what MGM and United Artists need to do is bring back old Q and Moneypenny. These new bond films are missing the sugar that made these films great. I miss how old Q always scolded James Bond for for being childish and distracted.

  36. gasface says:

    …Joel. Sorry but Major Boothridge, Q, is dead, in real life. Desmond Llewellen passed away, I believe @ the end running of the Peirce Broslen bond. I believe, the Monty-python guy tried to fill in, but I don't believe it has worked out for the Bond team…Hey Joel, how did you feel about the oily death of agent Fields? Did you see her lips?

  37. Arnold says:

    Craig brings the Badass back to Bond!

    A few more flirts with the ladies and an occasional quip or two would be nice next time round. All hail Daniel Craig and viva James Bond. The pop culture is better off for their seamless affiliation. “bartender” Shaken or stirred?” Craig’s Bond ” Do I look like I care?!”


  38. gasface says:

    …Just paid a visit to the Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia PA. There, placed under glass for the public are several watches worn by 'the ":James Bond" charecters' and several manuscripts of the late Ian Fleming and three original published 007 books in original print…There are other components with in the museum to revue and it may be other greater interest over all to others, but for me, it's worth an 007 re-seeing. I didn't know Sean Connery plugged a liquor advertisement. Surprisingly, it is not for a Martini… He's on a poster in one of the rooms.

  39. Maria says:

    Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever. He is perfect for the job. Besides, he shows more human like qualities that women like, (sexy and sooooo handsome………and the love scenes that he makes are wonderful)……. I loved Casino Royale because he is different than the other Bonds. He falls in love.
    He is a great actor !!! The people than can't see how wonderful he is is because they are envious

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