Beyond Pandora: James Cameron may visit other moons in an ‘Avatar’ sequel

Dec. 23, 2009 | 1:02 a.m.

Avatar” has already piled up $285 million in worldwide grosses and, of course, in our “what’s next?” culture that means people are already peppering writer-director James Cameron with questions about a sequel. On the film’s opening night, the Hero Complex and The Envelope hosted a screening of the film and I got a chance to interview Cameron, producer Jon Landau and stars Sigourney Weaver and Sam Worthington on stage and, of course, I asked about the follow-up possibilities for the film. I made a point to mention that Pandora wasn’t the only moon shown orbiting the distant Polyphemus and the filmmaker acknowledged that his story ideas for the “Avatar” universe aren’t boxed in by Pandora.

Check back tomorrow for the fourth and final piece of video from our opening-night event. If you missed the earlier posts, you can go back and hear Cameron talking about the eye-opening theme of the film in the first video snippet and then Worthington talking about his days living in a car in the second installment

— Geoff Boucher


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30 Responses to Beyond Pandora: James Cameron may visit other moons in an ‘Avatar’ sequel

  1. Germán Bobadi says:

    My name is Germán Bobadilla. I'm from Dominican Republic.
    I saw the movie twice already.
    It's really good.
    And I'm planning to see it one more time in 3d version.
    The thought of doing the movie in a sequel is great.
    This will be for sure, one of the best movie ever.
    I trust Mr. Cameron. I like his ideas.
    And yes, I will definately see the second part of Avatar.
    Thank you for your time.

  2. Tab Cocovillea says:

    Cameron deserves all the success in the world for leading the charge with Avatar.

  3. Marcia Hibbard says:

    Play it again Sam, now!!! Makes you wish it were true.

  4. Dave says:

    Thank you for making this film. The best movie I have ever seen.

  5. BOO CANINE says:

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    CLICK HERE NOW.•••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••

  6. Mark says:

    This was basically "Dances with Wolves" set in outer space but with less impressive dialog. If not for the technological achievements the story would be the stuff pulp magazines are made of. I've read better comic books. That said; what a feast for the eyes! If this 3D technology could be brought to TV, the Web or video games I might never leave the house again! Next time Cameron should let someone else handle the script but keep on fascinating us with technology.

  7. Rich says:

    The messages are a little heavy-handed, some of the dialogue slightly lame, and the story borrowed, but this is a seminal film that changes everything. A must-see.

  8. Avatar is a wonderful movie spectacle striking an urgent contemporary issue in time for the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change. This science fiction movie with its compelling story and new visual effects is like a bright comet that makes an apparition in our sky only once in a blue moon. The movie amazingly showcased the triumph of nature over machines, of biology over technology and of a selfless cause over greed. One of the things that attracted me was the highlight on Bioluminescence with its cool blue-green light illuminating the canopy of the night forest. As an astromicrobiologist, it has been my personal advocacy to promote the use of bioluminescence, the good blue light for a greener world. In fact very close to what was shown in the movie, is the world's first bioluminescence illuminated Christmas Tree and Santa Claus which I recently created. Could you please find the time to see it in youtube by simply searching: Biolumin and an article at <a href="…” target=”_blank”>…. Thanks Avatar for teaching us timeless “lessons of green” on biodiversity, environmental protection, nature conservation and the culture of life. Cheers, "Blue Light Green World".

  9. PORN in 3D ! says:

    I wanna see a porno in 3D !

  10. Neil says:

    I think you can see more than Dances With Wolves, here. I would say it is a culmination of all the stories seen about one culture trying to dominate another through military means. It has been done a LOT of times. But so what. It is an archetypal theme relevant to the times. Cameron is not just about technology. You don't like his story than you don't like his film. I suspect that if someone else wrote the story what he wanted on the screen would still find its way up there. He's a package deal. A master craftsman. I saw the film. Well done Mr. Cameron.

  11. Media Messiah says:

    The only people who hate Avatar…are obviously conservative-centric, avarice fueled, xenophobic racists who are angry that James Cameron told a hard truth, one that they, the paranoid racists in our society, are ashamed of, and can't justify, and don't want people knowing about, and thus, judging…said imperialist and racist actions…which are analogous to our past and present human history, as being evil and horribly wrong, and en masse!!! Thank you Jim Cameron for enlightening the youth of America, and the rest of the world, with regard to the insidious ugliness of greed, and racism, and for us, that is our Pandora, a box we need to finally close, or we will continue to risks our destruction…at our own hands, here on the planet Earth, and not on some far off world…in a science fiction/fantasy film.

  12. Sphynx says:

    Interesting. How about visiting Earth in the 3rd film?~

  13. bob says:

    Disappointed in Cameron in his treatment of an autograph seeker. His rudeness and ignorance is right up there
    in the Billy Bob Thornton league. hey, Cameron, forget where you come from?

  14. Bragadeesh says:

    Avatar is one awesome movie that defines the standard for the movies to follow. Cameron did it again with his awe inspiring imagination and story line.
    I would love to see more of Avatar coming in our way. And when it comes to sequels, cameron has a proven success of delivering high quality ones as he did it with T2.
    Dont know why, But i fell love with Neytiri who is both soft and aggressive and very well portrayed in the movie. I would love to see more of neytiri in the sequels!!!!

  15. Alacrity Fitzhugh says:

    I am amazed at the amount of people willing to defend the storyline in Avatar.
    I have to admit first, that it is an amazing bit of eye candy. Visual effects are outstanding. Sadly however, it is not a movie that will stand much replayability.
    Pocahontas meets Dances With Wolves, in space, for three hours.
    It took fifteen years to remake a story as old as time?
    Sure, its a great story. But it's been done, to death.
    Wicked technology plus beaten to death story plus one recognizable actor equals bargain bin next year.
    Apparently this movie cost over 400 million to make. All that money and you couldn't afford any writers? Or a good story? I have plenty of sci-fi books on my shelf that blow the doors off this turd veiled in light.
    Epic fail. A good one to bring the kids to but don't expect any entertainment for yourself. Predictable one dimensional story. Boy from different culture meets girl. Loses girl. Accomplishes challenge and wins all.
    This is the opener for the 3D push?
    400 plus million? What the hell did ya spend it on?

  16. Henry says:

    "Beep" AWESOME!!!
    James Cameron is a Genius!

  17. Henry says:

    "beep" AWESOME!!!
    James Cameron is a Genius!!

  18. Can we buy advanced tickets from now. Avatar was special, pt 2 will be epic like Terminator 2

  19. sami says:

    this is a great interview. really smart & perceptive questions. thanks for posting.

  20. gary hamm says:

    wow exceptional movie. there are so many young people out there who could be influenced to become more environmentally aware. A sequel on earth where avatars teach humans how to help restore the planet to a heathier state would be phenomenal.

  21. LEFOL Yann says:

    Un enchantement que dire!
    Pas de qualificatifs à la mesure de ce film!
    Magistral, Merveilleux, ÉPOUSTOUFLANT ………
    Je rêve de nouveau …..
    Yann (FRANCE)

  22. required says:

    Do those people that are complaining that the core theme is old complain about love stories? Do they even hate Dr. Seuss's Lorax?

  23. Bob says:

    Let the box off receipts silence those critics of a movie that will break all the records.
    Are those offended by its political messages offended because they struck too close for comfort? Ask the rest of the world – they would say it is a bullseye into so many of the things this country has done to others less fortunate in the last 2 centurys.
    Open your minds, go see it again and put some extra butter on your popcorn this time!
    This is what movie entertainment is all about baby!

  24. Bill Dunlap says:

    Avatar sequel?
    Tough, very tough. I think the sequel would have to do with the after effects of the first. Do you really think Jack Sully would live happily ever after? I think not, he's a traitor to the human kind, even though he did what was right. The Human's are very unforgiving. Parker Selfridge has money, lots of money and do you really think he wouldn't come back to the planet? No, he wants his revenge…I say he hires some new mercenaries warrior and put them in new avatar s to hunt Jack down and try kill him. What is to become of Jack, will he be the leader of the new tribe? Do you really think he wouldn't have issues, not being a true pure blood Na'vi. What about children, what is to become of him and Neytiri. Will there be side effects of him being Na'vi mixed with human DNA? Would his children have some side effects or maybe special powers? What if his children come out white, versus blue? I know Jack wasn't paralyze in birth but after his accident, do you think maybe something in his brain could trigger some kind of miss fire nerve to his child and somehow the child has to learn how to retrigger his nerve system to get his legs to work. The possibility is endless and I can't wait for the sequel.
    : )

  25. diego molina says:

    I think Mr.Cameron, "Avatar" is the best movie i ever saw.
    I'm sure, me and million of people wil see the second part.

  26. Tyler Millsap says:

    I thought Avatar was one of the best movies of all time… I have never seen a movie grab a whole audience and send them into a trance…. People were literally drooling in their laps! The colors, graphics, and creatures of Pandora were stunning…. truly unique! If the next movie is half as good as the first one you better bet I'll be there to see it! Keep up the good work

  27. jeffrey decker says:

    Aidin smells

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  29. Mulberry Bag says:

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  30. […] sequel to “Avatar” will dive beneath the oceans of Pandora and perhaps visit neighboring moons as well, but the 2014 film will also be imprinted with the soul of Southern California, according […]

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