Josh Duhamel and Fergie confirm: A new baby is on the way

Feb. 18, 2013 | 1:23 p.m.
Josh Duhamel ("Transformers") and his wife Fergie of the  Black Eyed Peas, have confirmed: They're expecting. (Credit: Getty Images / Relativity Media)

Josh Duhamel (“Transformers”) and his wife Fergie, of the Black Eyed Peas, have confirmed: They’re expecting. (Credit: Getty Images / Relativity Media)

In today’s edition of “Worst Kept Secrets,” Josh Duhamel and Fergie have confirmed they’re expecting their own little transformer.

The “Transformers” star and the pop star have sidestepped rumors for weeks. But the Black Eyed Peas singer tweeted the following this morning, letting the world know that she is indeed pregnant:

Duhamel did his sharing on Facebook, posting the same photo mash-up of the couple as children. (They kinda look alike, no?)

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The confirmations were a rare glimpse into the personal lives of Duhamel, 40, and Fergie, 37, who zealously guard their privacy (well, as much as two widely recognized celebs can).

Duhamel is riding high at the box office this week. He stars opposite Julianne Hough in the romantic drama “Safe Haven.”  The Nicholas Sparks adaptation opened Valentine’s Day and took in a surprisingly strong $34 million over the five-day holiday.

The next “Transformers” installment is slated for 2014, and is rumored to take the story line in a completely different direction.

–Rene Lynch


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