Joss Whedon responds to ‘Buffy’ news with ‘strong, mixed emotions’

Nov. 22, 2010 | 6:09 p.m.
jossmichelle Joss Whedon responds to Buffy news with strong, mixed emotions

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Joss Whedon on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" set. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

We broke the news Monday that “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was being revived as a feature film without Joss Whedon’s involvement, and now Whedon has responded, via an e-mail sent to E! Online. Here’s an excerpt of what he said:

This is a sad, sad reflection on our times, when people must feed off the carcasses of beloved stories from their youths — just because they can’t think of an original idea of their own, like I did with my Avengers idea that I made up myself.

Obviously I have strong, mixed emotions about something like this. My first reaction upon hearing who was writing it was, “Whit Stillman AND Wes Anderson?  This is gonna be the most sardonically adorable movie EVER.”  Apparently I was misinformed. Then I thought, “I’ll make a mint!  This is worth more than all my Toy Story residuals combined!” Apparently I am seldom informed of anything. And possibly a little slow. But seriously, are vampires even popular any more?

I always hoped that Buffy would live on even after my death.  But, you know, AFTER…

— Geoff Boucher

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115 Responses to Joss Whedon responds to ‘Buffy’ news with ‘strong, mixed emotions’

  1. Leila says:

    nice to know that joss and the buffy fans think alike :)

  2. Adam says:

    This pretty much seals the movie's fate. They have no right to reboot this film without Joss' consent (well legally they do, but not ethically!) I don't understand why they would reboot the Buffy story a mere 7 years since it went off air! Reboots are warranted when the cast and crew of the series have gotten so old, and the story has gotten so outdated. Buffy is still fresh, and the cast and crew are hotter than ever. There is no reason to not involve them.

    This could have been an epic movie if only Joss was involved– both financially and quality wise. I'm not even going to bother giving this movie anymore attention. This is ridiculous. I hate the world.

  3. [a] proxy says:

    There's no way in hell I'm going to watch a BTVS film if Joss Whedon isn't attached to it!

    • billy says:

      he wasnt attached to the first buffy film on which his series was based.

    • A TRUE BUFFY FAN says:

      In my opinion without Joss Wehedon and all of the other people that really own our hearts as Buffy and crew you will never get a true fan of the TV show to support this lame and poor excuse of a movie


  4. Cathy says:

    I am appalled that this can happen WITHOUT Joss. Good luck and pease try not to retell the story or in other words…write your own movie!

  5. Vicky A says:

    If there's no Joss Whedon involvement, it's not Buffy.

  6. Steve says:

    Honestly, I expected nothing less from him.

  7. BelindaGomez says:

    Whedon's a class act. Whit Anderson appears to be someone's gf with not many original credits to her name.

  8. Anonrighter says:

    Hey, when can female writers/directors actually get to tell female stories? When was the last time anything male-centric was written and/or directed by a woman? Last time — ANY time!?????

    • Nick says:

      I would love to see more female writers / directors in action, absolutely telling female stories. Whether a man or woman is being hired by a major studio in an attempt to cash in on the vampire craze makes no different. This is so disrespectful the creator and the fans of this show.

    • anomaly says:

      Hurt Locker. It won an Oscar, remember?

    • smartypants says:

      While it is true that the balance in the Force remains unequal for female writers/directors on the whole (although there has been progress in the past couple years) the original BtVS employed at least two fantastic female writer/directors, Jane Espenson *who I profess to be one of my writer heroes* and Marti Noxon.

      What we are contesting to is the fact that this is Joss's story, and it is a sign of great disrespect to take it from him without his consent. It would be like reading a new Harry Potter book, written by a new author…maybe even *gasp* an American author. JK Rowling's voice is so distinctly her own, and so is Joss Whedon's…even with additional writers on the team, it seemed in show that his core tone was carried through.

      There have been plenty of references to superhero sagas such as Batman, but I feel that they make a poor comparison. Over the years, Batman has been broody, hilarious (rubber nipples, Mr. Clooney?) and full of snazzy action and badguys…but we don't know much about Bruce Wayne, we know more about his insanity than his humanity. And in Buffy we had all those things, but more than anything, we had frequent, heart-flipping doses of humanity, that has resonated with teens and adults alike.

      It is a waste of time and energy to stay mad about this for too long…sure, the bitter disapointment can linger, and those of us who don't want to see it, well, we just won't. I think that between this news and Whedon's treatment at FOX …we just gotta let him know that we give a damn about his stories. And should he chose television again, to maybe go with TBS.

    • ules says:

      i take your point to heart, but i also want to point out that female writer/directors doesn't necessarily mean that the stories they tell are indeed "female stories," as you may imagine them. there's no guarantee they won't succumb to the male gaze, re-iterating the same "violence" on women, except much more painful 'cause it comes from within . . .

    • VickiD says:

      Ummm The Hurt Locker?

    • billy says:

      Last years oscar winning testosterony film "the Hurt Locker" was directed by Kathryn Bigalow – a wooman.

    • Willow138 says:

      Twilight was written in female first person by a female the screenplay was written by a female AND directed by a female.

      Female or not Whit is not Joss and only he can do Buffy. Given Marti Noxon is great too but she worked with Joss not instead of him. He has such great insight into ppl and even though male he gave my generation some of THE strongest female role model characters ever. Many generations tbh

    • AMC says:

      Hurt Locker and she won an oscar for it. And this is coming from a woman. Also a little thing called Harry Potter. And those are just two off the top of my head.

    • AMC says:

      Yeah also the funniest episodes of The Office have been written by Mindy Kaling.

    • Amy says:

      Ever heard of Juno? Female protagonist, screenplay written by a woman who won an Oscar for it … ring any beels? Or how about Sofia Coppola – The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette? Or Mira Nair directing Amelia, which, again, features a female protagonist? If you want to get really literal, The Women was directed by a woman (Diane English).

      No one cares that Whit Anderson is a woman. We care that she's not Joss.

  9. toresimonsen says:

    I had a chance to meet Joss Whedon during the Dark Horse comics signing. He autographed one of my unofficial fan scripts as well as my dollhouse DVD.

  10. Stefan says:

    It's high time somebody made New Coke: The Movie!

  11. kathryn says:

    I'm buying a ticket to whatever is opening against this movie. Boo hiss. No Joss, no Buffy. Nothing could or would ever make me go see this.

  12. BuffyFan says:

    Ouch Buffy without Joss Whedon. That is a pretty bad slap to his face.

  13. mjkbk says:

    The only character from the TV series this 'reboot' can utilize legally is Buffy herself. The film's makers don't have the rights to Giles, Willow, Xander, Spike, Angel or any of the other beloved characters that helped make the show so watchable. Who wants to watch a "Buffy" movie in which NONE of them ever existed?

  14. CDM says:

    You know…… it WAS a movie before Joss touched it…. Just saying, I don’t care one way or the other, never wathced the show, or movie.

    • Jodi says:

      You're right a movie was made in 1992 – The movie however, was written by Joss!!!!!! So your comment really does not work!!! Joss disliked the direction they took in the movie because it was not how he had written the character and 5 years later created the TV show to fix this. Buffy was CREATED by Joss and therefore should be his. As to the poster above who said that who wants to watch a movie without the rest of Joss's great characters, I agree completely!!!

    • Nike says:

      No, CDM, it was not. Joss was involved in the original movie. You just ike to comment about things you never had any interest in? How sad for you. I'm sorry you are that bored with life.

    • AMC says:

      Joss wrote the screenplay for the movie. Get your facts straight.

  15. Monkey says:

    You’ve failed to mention that “Buffy: Season Eight” continues in comic form.

  16. Peter Parkour says:

    Um… didn't Joss Whedon 'remake' the original movie into a TV series? Hypocrit.

    • Jodi says:

      Yeah see my reply to the poster above. You are wrong he created the character of Buffy!! So nope not a hypocrit!!!

    • Clinton Sandvick says:

      Joss Wheedon wrote the screenplay for the movie and he originally created the Buffy character. That's why he had the rights to make the tv show, comic books, etc. The original producer of the Buffy movie still holds the movie rights Buffy.

    • Sarah says:

      Joss retold his own story. Check the writing credits for the movie. Buffy has always been his.

    • AMC says:

      Joss wrote the screenplay for the movie. No hypocrisy here.

  17. lol wat says:

    It must feel kinda like when Whedon ripped off The Matrix, Terminator, and every other scifi franchise of the last 60 years when he made that piece of crap Dollhouse?

    "The Attic' my arse…

    • Willow138 says:

      Dollhouse was made out of Joss’s appriciation for Eliza’s acting and the fact she was type cast alot ans he wanted to showcase what he know she could do. The Matrix is bollox all to do with it. So zip it hater

  18. Charli says:

    No he continued the tv series on from the film. The film centres around Buffys 'awakening' and becoming a slayer and learning what that entails. The TV show carries on from this; Buffy moves to Sunnydale with her mum after having been expelled for burning down the gym–which she does in the film. The TV was not a reboot of the film, it was a continuation.

    I agree a reboot sounds bizarre given that the series still feels so recent and strong. Batman was rebooted because it had gotten ridiculous on screen.

    • James Picard says:

      Actually, it wasn't a direct continuation. She does not burn down the gym in the film, nor does she get expelled. This was all in Whedon's original script, which was what he personally considered canon. So technically it was a reboot, but not quite. However, I disapprove of Buffy without Joss, especially since they didn't even talk to him about it. Way to look like jerks, guys.

  19. Tyler says:

    Joss' response is full of the attitude and wit that made Buffy a great show, which Whit gives no hint of appreciating or possessing.

    Whit's comments suggest her movie will just be a one-dimensional girl-power piece fit only for 12-year-old girls.

    And Joss is right, this is our world–this is postmodernism, unrepentant parasitism. Bach crafts an intriguing progressive complex concerto, and some simpleton loops 5-seconds of it for 3-minutes as a Hip-Hop song that can be appreciated by the lowest common denominator who have disposable income.–Nothing is sacred, every stone will be bled for a sequel if the number-crunchers estimate it will cost a dime less than it makes.

  20. dan says:

    Years ago they made a movie to reboot the Lone Ranger storyline. As movies like this go it was not terrible, but the production company went out of their way to humiliate the aging actor who had made the TV series a success. Alienating the fans of the franchise doomed the movie in the box-office. … Deja vu

    • Guest says:

      True. Let us hope that these people do not make the same mistake; Mr. Moore had to put up with enough bull from those idiots (Legally can't wear the Long Ranger mask, indeed!). Even if the movie was solid gold, it tarnished after the negative publicity was added to the mix.

  21. Buffyfan says:

    Ridiculous. This movie would flop without Joss and the original cast. I pity the people who may become involved in this farce.

  22. Tricia says:

    SAD. I will not support this. It will be a farce and a waste of time and money. If Joss is not attached, I will also not be attached to this mess. Buffy is his creation, always has been, and to those misinformed about the 1992 movie, that was JOSS. It's his story. Get your facts straight before you post.

  23. Jen says:

    for all you idiots out there… joss has been affiliated with buffy since the movie. he wrote the original movie… so he's not a hypocrite. he had every right to continue on with the tv show along with Fran Rubel Kuzui, who directed the movie AND the show… if you're going to comment on stuff at least know what you are talking about. thanks

  24. NCX says:

    As much as I admire my best buddy Joss (as I call him), I'd much rather see Sarah Michelle Gellar in the role.

    • Katie says:

      Yeah me 2 but still if the film would have been rebooted by Joss without SMG I probably would have watched it because Joss is awesome !!

  25. Sandra E. says:

    I agree with Joss. I don't even want to see this film; it is blasphemy.

  26. Irony Man says:

    Whit Anderson writes a new Buffy story = unoriginal and creative leeching
    Joss Whedon writes a new Avengers story = creative and original

    How does this logic work, Joss? Whit didn't invent Buffy but you didn't invent the Avengers either, you idiot. You're doing the same thing Whit Anderson is.

    • Commander Obvious says:

      You do realize he was being tongue-in-cheek with the Avengers comment, right? Take a deep breath, engage the funny bone, and read it again lol.

    • jlgreek says:

      Im fairly certain he was being sarcastic

    • K. Harker says:

      Also, as he pointed out, Buffy is his sole creation, and the run did not end that long ago. The Avengers has been around for decades, had many different authors, many different interpretations… that's very different from if the Avengers was created 7 years ago by a solitary creator. But the fact that you didn't get that he was pointing out the irony of him complaining about someone else handling his material tells me that Whedon's work would generally fly over your head.

    • Brett says:

      I don't think he was being sarcastic. I think he genuinely believes that there's a difference between another writer touching his beloved "Buffy" and his half-creative efforts on "The Avengers." (I say "half-creative" because the characters have already been created for him, the premise has already been created, it merely remains for him to fill in some blanks with what will be only his second feature film effort.) News flash, Joss – in order to get your "Buffy" film made in the first place, you had to cut a deal with the Kuzuis, who as a result had producer credits on the show throughout its run and who retain the rights to make a "Buffy" feature film.

      • The Xtacles says:

        Hahahaha are you seriously this stupid? Do you think he honestly believes he created the Avengers? He was making a joke at his own expense and generally mocking this entire thing. His entire response is laden with jokes.
        Okay no wait, you're trolling. Woops.

        It's pretty lame that they're cannibalizing Buffy at this point, they Kuzuis just want a taste of that sweet sweet Twilight money.

      • Brett says:

        Really? Are you seriously that naive? He could have chosen to not comment at all, which would have been the classier move. Look beyond what you think of as a self-deprecating slice of humor and you might see what's really going on. Perhaps it's a little difficult for you to think beyond a layer or two, though, since you perceive someone as posting more than one comment to be "trolling."

  27. Go4Joss says:

    Need I remind everyone that Joss WAS involved with the original Buffy movie in the writing capacity. The big wigs gave him no credit and destroyed what was supposed to have been a good movie.

  28. Momkat says:

    Joss created/wrote the Buffy movie, then created the tv series. I loved BtVS, but without Joss? His humor and vision drove the show, which provided great metaphors using monsters for teenage angst. I just don't see it without him.

  29. WhatWouldXanderDo says:

    You guys dumb? Or can you just not pick up on his sarcasm? Right off the bat he makes the joke about how hollywood feeds on old ideas and then mentions how he's doing the Avengers.. which is a pretty old idea itself.

    And to those saying Joss is a hypocrit because he copied the Buffy movie.. Joss was the one who did the original movie ya dummies! He was upset with how much his movie was edited by the studios and when he did the tv series he got to make it the way he had wanted it to be all along.

    This was a fantastic tongue-in-cheek reply from Joss.. with all that subtle humor any Joss fan has come to love from his work.

    I also don't know how anyone can judge this movie before they even know the slightest thing about it.. all you know is it's a Buffy movie and who a writer is. I'm just happy that the person writing this seems to have a grasp on what the show was all about and that she was a big fan of the show. Much better than just hiring another suit to pen a quickie script to make a buck.

    Just try not to judge it before you see it.

    P.S. The Smurfs is gonna suck.

    • AMC says:

      I hear what you're saying, but just because she says she's a Buffy fan doesn't mean she actually is one. It's probably just spin to soften the inevitable blowback she knew was coming.

  30. Martin says:


  31. Trase Passantino says:


  32. Scott says:

    Sounds like someone is too high on himself!!! Wanting Buffy to stand the test of time AFTER he died. Narcisism I believe is the term. Joss now believes that everything that he touches is gold , because of a minute cult following. If you are so great Joss, make a TV series that doesn't suck! The ending to Buffy TV blew. You try not to be owned by "the man" but you know you are. Sorry Joss you will not "make a mint", just go back to your mansion and sob into your Xander emblazoned tissues. FU

  33. JLove says:

    Boycotting this. Such a disgrace. Joss is my hero and something like this should not be tolerated

  34. Clinton Sandvick says:

    Joss Wheedon created the Buffy character and wrote the screenplay for the original Buffy movie. When he sold the screenplay, he also sold the movie rights, but he kept all of the remaining rights for himself. Wheedon made the Buffy TV show because he was embarrassed by the movie. The movie's director and producer did a hatchet job on his screenplay and he felt it was necessary to try again.

  35. Genesis 1- 29 says:

    I wan't more Firefly!

  36. HoosierNightmare says:

    "just because they can’t think of an original idea of their own, like I did with my Avengers idea that I made up myself."

    Can none of you read critically? What do you think Joss meant by this quote?

    OR any of the rest of his response?

    A few here got the wit and sarcasm but some of you fanboys are so stuck in your fanboydom that you refuse to even give it a chance.

    Would have rather NOT seen a Batman reboot? Should we have continued to "enjoy" the raping of Batman just because some fanboys couldn't wrap their minds around it?

    What about the new spiderman? Are you going to "boycot" that too?

    I think it's fun that someone is willing to bring Buffy back to the big screen. Reboot Buffy for the 2000-teens!

    • AMC says:

      Please don't compare a masterful writer/director like Christopher Nolan reworking a character in existence since 1939 with Whit Anderson Who? rebooting a show that just ended in 2003.

      And yes I also take exception to the reboot of Spider-man. The franchise was huge and beloved and just 3 years later it's being rebooted. It's absurd. Hey Hollywood there are plenty more NEW comic book ideas for you to pillage. Let the current ones rest awhile before you try to improve on perfection.

  37. BadSteward says:

    I'd be more sympathetic if the Buffy and Angel comics weren't so horrible. And by horrible I mean terrible and sucky.

  38. Yes, it seems way early for a "reboot."

    Yes, it seems reasonable to speculate that Buffy minus Joss Whedon equals Not Buffy.

    I'm still grooving big-time on the series as it already exists … why would I want to see someone else's re-imagining of it?

    On the other hand, who knows? — it may be pleasantly surprising.

    But sight unseen, if a Joss Whedon production hits the big screen the same day as "New Buffy," I know where my ticket money will be going.

  39. Mike says:

    No Buffy without Joss. Simple as that.

  40. Ale says:

    I wish Joss had kept the rights of the character, that way none of this nonsense would happen. Anyway never mind, studios can show it as a "new and updated version" or whatever, but bottom line is: No Joss means no real Buffy, so no watch. Period.

  41. pikachusrevenge says:

    As a stalwart Buffy fan, I'm kind of doubtful. But hopefully, it will be awesome ^_^

  42. jamesmarstersjunkie says:

    Like I said what the hell is this whitt chick thinking! She is a no body in hollywood and yet she is writting a script on a character that has a huge following. Does she not realize this consequences of doing this??? We are going to eat her alive just as we’re doing now. The wanna be needs to leave this alone and do something else. I don’t want a buffy movie without our buffy, without our spike and without all the others that made it a remarkable show. Hell to the NO!!!!!!!

  43. Peter says:

    Seriously, I dont care one way or another who makes a BTVS movie since I never saw the original nor watched the TV show. But I do find it remarkable that the Joss Whedon fan base is so quick to condemn this remake. Didn't you all come to his defense for remaking F*****g Star Trek?? You think Buffy bears the indelible thumbprints of Joss Whendon and Sarah Michele Gellar? I have two words for you: "Captain Kirk." In the end, its just a movie. Shut up, watch it, enjoy it. Or decide it doesnt interest you, stay away, and watch something else. But quit your belly aching because no one really cares. No one. Not even a little.

  44. mayo211 says:

    Sarah Michelle Gellar returning? No? /back to the book

  45. PeeWee says:

    More Paul Rubens.

  46. razorbladez2112 says:

    Well, it looks like he is 0 for 2. The original Buffy movie had very little to do with his vision, once the studio got ahold of it, and it looks like he is left out of the loop for the new movie as well….

  47. cbcarrier says:

    I have always loved the creativity of Joss and the Buffy franchise. He made that character rock and who knows what the new director will bring to the story. I'll watch it when it hits HBO. Meanwhile, Joss- Rock on! Legions of fans support you!

  48. Babygirl says:

    Well I liked the first one.. we'll have to see about this one

  49. ubersol says:

    Let me in is a great example of a movie that is remade after the original and as well as the original…

  50. Andy says:

    I rhink The Avengers will be in good hands with Josh at the helm. If the studio releases the new Buffy movie against the Avengers. I think people will go see the Avengers over Buffy. Namely because Whedon has moved on from Buffy. He can honestly say, "Been there – Done That!!!" It would be better if WB waits for him too finish filming The Avengers, so he can then work on Buffy. It is his creation, and he should be a part of it.

  51. auntbethany says:

    Seriously?? No Joss Whedon? Granted, I didn’t end up watching all seasons of Buffy, but I have really enjoyed Whedon’s work on that series, amongst others as well. Granted, the feature film in the early 90’s pre-dated Whedon’s Buffy, but who would want to try to one-up HIM?

  52. Matt says:

    Can we just call this "The Last Airbender" Sequel?

    Or any other butchered films that were taken off from TV, Video Games, or Comics?

    If she's just a FAN trying to bring her ideas to the big screen how bout you post a fanfiction
    first and see how everyone else reacts.

    Better yet how bout she just takes a step back and fall off a cliff

    Whichever decision is fine… (Pick the Cliff one)

  53. elle says:

    I agree with those who say it ain’t Buffy if Joss is not at the helm. It is not canon, pure and simple; therefore, I am not interested in Whit Anderson’s take. And Joss is correct in saying the least anyone could have done was to wait a respectable time after he expired to resurrect a cult classic with his name practically stamped on it.

  54. Dave says:

    Honestly, I would have been really excited to see this if it were actually being directed by Wes Anderson. But alas.

  55. Raven says:

    Okay, let someone else do a Buffy sequel/reboot…

    … and let Joss do a Serenity sequel.

    (Can you say "trilogy"?)

  56. Fireflyfans Net says:

    I'm confident this is how Firefly will get the reboot…

  57. Galvin Rosseter says:

    Guys hold on. Think about this – there is some weirdness afoot that you're all missing. 'Whit Anderson' is not a real person – there is only one headshot of this supposed writer who looks like a supermodel – she has no other identity online. Why do you suppose the powers that be have made up a fictional writer? Perhaps it is all meant to create buzz from all the fans saying 'no way we want Whedon!' when in fact he's going to be involved all along – this could be some kind of reverse psychology propaganda to get more people excited about the movie. Okay now go research this woman and see if I'm not correct: she doesn't exist!

  58. SylverWyrd says:

    I'm pretty much never going to set eyes on that movie if Joss isn't behind it 100%

  59. Andy says:

    Well people also said a blonde James Bond was blasphemy. But instead we got an amazing reboot.

    Same with the Battlestar Galactica reimagining. You just never know when someone is going to come along and make it all better than you ever dreamed of.

  60. Luci says:

    It's much too early to kill this movie without giving it some room. There is nothng wrong with remaking something from a fresh view. This might be a bit early after the shows demise but its apparent to some that the original stars have moved on.
    As for Joss' comments — i agree that people here seem to miss the sarcassm. He might be hurt but its hard to tell by this message. sounds more like he's relieved.
    And as for conspiracies and whether whit anderson does or does not exist- try googling whitney anderson.

  61. justarandomperson says:

    Oh, come off it people. This is obviously a tongue and cheek reply to something he didn't think would happen without him. Yeah, it has his emotions mixed it, but what creator wouldn't show emotions with something like this, even if he was given the chance to work on it? Personally, I don't think it's going to be the same if they don't get the cast that previously worked on it and without Joss, but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, and I think anyone else should.

    Whether he was in the right or not to reply, that's only for him to decide. Obviously, he did, and we, if we are his fans not just his series fans, should respect his choices, even if we don't agree with them.

    Besides, as a creator myself, I feel attached to my characters and what I created. it's obvious by the somewhat sarcastic bitterness in his reply, Joss was too. Try creating something you don't become attached to. It's not going to happen.

    • Paulitosway says:

      That’s why you look twice at the contract you are signing to bring your characters to life on mainstream media….you may just be signing away your life work to an entity who will use and/or abuse it leaving you with no legal right to protest it.

  62. slowmovement says:

    Due to his exceptional and outstanding creation there should be no Buffy film without Joss Whedon in full control of script and directing. This unnecessary and misguided "reboot" could only be a cheap exploitation of the name Buffy.

  63. Jewl says:

    If they're going to do it, they'd damn well better leave the t.v. series and comic characters out of it. If Joss isn't involved period they're going to create serious inconsistencies from the comic continuations to the big screen adaptions that would need filling.
    Obviously he has some form of vision that he's going for having created Fray as the future of the Buffyverse. Of course we don't know how he's getting there, but Hollywood shouldn't be filling in the blanks without Joss.
    If this movie doesn't take the comic arcs into consideration they're going to cause serious problems over at Dark Horse. So lets hope they take the Star Trek reboot route and just create an entirely different time line/ universe for them to play in for their money. Then at least us fans can relish the original without too much raping.
    It's his Universe. Joss might not write it (the movie), he might not direct it (again the movie), but he should be involved somehow.

  64. Lost T. says:

    Do you people not reconize a joke when it is punching you in the face (good Buffy punches too).

  65. pa71ul says:

    I just read what was going on with the upcoming Buffy movie on facebook and I must say that this is goin to be a trainwreck all the way around. I just don't see it being pulled off the way us buffy fans would expect. I own the entire show and will continue to watch it over and over before I ever think of watching a Whedonless "Buffy" movie!!

  66. Jamie says:

    Ummmm Joss wrote the first screenplay for the first BTVS movie. It was his idea first. Duh.

  67. jun says:

    Was the movie that Whedon wrote any good? Not really. And he didn't write the series. Duh. He just let everyone else write it and then took credit. So don't judge this before its even made.

  68. thesouthernreef says:

    Damn, man – then REBOOT it yourself! Good lord, we've been clamoring for one for years. Sarah, drop the "holier than thou" perception, find a stake and reboot your career. Why not cash in on the revamped vampire popularity and find a final resting place for this much beloved series! I've missed it since it went off the air….and anything hollywood comes up with won't be nearly the caliber of what you all could do.
    (sigh) Why so stubborn!?!

  69. April says:

    I hated the first movie (which I saw after the series started). Loved most of the series – except for the ones where there was singing. Loved Angel even more. Loved Dolllhouse – never missed an episode. Joss Whedon and the Roddenberry clan are writers that I watch for – I know it's always going to be great entertainment!

  70. DiffPOV says:

    "…just because they can’t think of an original idea of their own, like I did with my Avengers idea that I made up myself."

    The Avengers, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

  71. really great sites, thank you,

  72. Darryl R. says:

    What else are you going to do but reboot, how else are you going to revive a show that the lead actress doesn't want to do. You reboot, and recast. Worked for Star Trek. Buffy has enough fans, that the movie is going to watched whether Whedon wants it to be or not.

  73. Angelia Phillips says:

    I HATED the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie … Kristy Swanson is/was NO Buffy, I really like Luke Perry but NOT on a Buffy project. IT was bad really BAD.

    I took a long thought about a movie with No Kiss, I came up wit “Give it a CHANCE”,

    it may/will suck but What the Hell we’ve seen alotta movies Butchered … I say lets act like adults and give it alil’ Benefit of the Doubt …

    I REALLY do wish Buffy & Angel – Coulda went on Forever. I’m almost 50 yrs old – young and I’d still be watching them …

    ~ I do HAVE the series, both of em. ~

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