Joss who? Meet the writer of the new ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ film [updated]

Nov. 22, 2010 | 10:57 a.m.


whit Joss who? Meet the writer of the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer film [updated]

Whit Anderson. (Credit: Sam Comen)

Back in her high school days in a Delaware small town, Whit Anderson’s days were jammed with activity — academics and athletics were all-consuming, and there was little time for empty entertainment. “I didn’t really watch much television at all, but I always watched ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.‘ That was the one show I would watch when I got home. I just loved this character. I was the same age as Buffy, and it was so rare to have a female lead character on TV in those days who was strong and capable and smart but also allowed to be feminine.”

During its seven-season run, the beloved “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series put some fang into high school melodrama long before “Twilight” made the undead all sparkly, and one big reason was the ability of the show’s creator, Joss Whedon, to put himself in the head of his female fans. Now we’ll find out if that rapport works in the other direction as the 29-year-old Anderson works on the script for a Warner Bros. feature-film “Buffy” reboot that is moving forward without Whedon.

Anderson, with a chuckle, said she was “fighting through” the script right now, but her concept has already energized some key supporters. Charles Roven, one of the producers of “Batman Begins,” said his Atlas Entertainment signed on after he saw something special in Anderson’s tone and story.

buffy cast Joss who? Meet the writer of the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer film [updated]

Cast members of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" series. (Los Angeles Times)

“Generally,  I wouldn’t have said, ‘Let’s revive this,’ but Whit’s take is pretty compelling and a lot of fun, and it’s interesting to see all of this reimagined. This is a completely new reboot. Tone is extremely important, and you want the audience to realize what is at stake and the peril is real, but at the same time what’s going on should be fun and inviting and keep everyone engaged. It needs to be relevant to today too, and that is what Whit has found a way to do.”

Roven added: “There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return…While this is not your high-school Buffy, she’ll be just as witty, tough and sexy as we all remember her to be.”

The project has plenty of hurdles ahead, and there is no announced director, but Roven said he hoped to see the film reach theaters in 2012 or perhaps even 2011. [UPDATE: From a press release that hit after this post went live: Atlas’ Roven and Steve Alexander will produce the feature film alongside Doug Davison and Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment (“The Ring,”  “How to Train Your Dragonand “Departed“). Warner Bros. optioned the rights from Fran and Kaz Kuzui and from Sandollar Productions (Sandy Gallin and Dolly Parton).]

The Buffy Summers character first appeared in the 1992 film “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” written by Whedon and starring Kristy Swanson, but it was Whedon’s darker, more nuanced television series, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, that took the property beyond simple satire and created a truly memorable pop-culture epic. The show ran on the WB and then UPN, and its 144 episodes secured an acclaim that far exceeded its ratings. Three years ago, TV Guide ranked it third on a top 25 list of all-time cult shows, putting it right behind “Star Trek” and “The X-Files.” More recently, Empire magazine put it at No. 2 on its list of best shows ever, a tally that had “The Simpsons” at No. 1 and”The Sopranos” at No. 3.

buffy and angel Joss who? Meet the writer of the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer film [updated]

David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar from the "Buffy" TV series. (Frank Ockenfels / The WB)

Anderson knows that without Whedon (who is gearing up to direct “The Avengers” for Marvel Studios), the most devoted fans of the old series will be keeping a skeptical eye on this nascent revival — and sharpening their wooden stakes. Anderson, who studied theater at Northwestern and moved to Los Angeles in 2003, said she will take the touchstones of the Whedon world but frame them in “a new story” that is very much of the moment. She cited Christopher Nolan’s revival of Batman as a supreme example of how a familiar character and revered mythology can be brought to the big screen with a vital new vision.

“The thing that was so wonderful about ‘Buffy’ — and what made it special — is it was so timeless,” Anderson said.  “The deep struggle she had with duty and destiny, that tug between what you’re supposed to be doing and what you want to be doing. The fate of the world is on her shoulders, but some days she wakes up, and she just doesn’t want to do it. And are we doomed and destined to love someone?  That conflict was very interesting to me. Those are the things I loved about her and her world. She also represents — like all the heroes — something empowering for us. She reminds us of what we could be if we were in our top form, the best of us if we were at our very best, and even then we still see the vulnerability and doubts she has inside. That’s where we all connect.”

— Geoff Boucher



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446 Responses to Joss who? Meet the writer of the new ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ film [updated]

  1. Laz says:

    You guys gotta be kidding. There is no "active fan base eagerly awaiting this" at all. The fanbase might want JOSS's Buffy. Non somebody else's.

    • lorwen says:

      No fan wants this Travesty to occur.
      The first "Kuzui" Buffy: The Vampire Slayer was a flop.
      This one will be as well.
      The only thing that could make it worse is if they get Uwe Boll to direct.

    • Casey says:

      Speak for yourself…I am excited to see how it turns out. It may be the movie that gets me back in a theater. For now I wait for DVD releases because nothing is worth putting up with rude public, cramped seats and overpriced tickets…but this might very well be!
      Love Buffy and Angel and will love to see this, so don't speak for all fans when you don't share the opinion of all fans!

      • Vlad says:

        Sorry to disappoint you Casey, but the Buffy you'll see on screen will not be the Buffy from TV that you loved (and probably everybody that is a Buffy fan). The Kuzui have the rights over the movie character, not anything Joss Whedon created for the series. So, forget about Angel, Willow, Xander, Spike or any story developed around these characters or around the universe created by Joss. They are just going to take the name Buffy and the whole vampire slayer thing and develop a completely new story.
        I don't like this reboot idea, but I am curious to see what they'll come up with. I'll probably download it illegally (yeah, I'm a badass) :D

    • ralph says:


      THE GREATEST INSULT is the Warner Bros’ GENDER WAR for women fans. It does not matter whether you are Twilight fan or not, hiring an actress to write the screenplay for Buffy (just to give the project a female writer) is an insult to female audience members. Why not hire a female screenwriter, because the company wants to hire the woman THEY WANT not accidentally end up validating women as screenwriters. To be clearer Meyer was the book series writer, Melissa Rosenberg was the screenwriter for the films. Obviously we need to wait to see who the female director is that Warner Bros will hire to simulate Director Catherine Hardwick. Some may be amazed how petty creativity can be pertaining to Hollywood decision-making.

      For more information:

    • Chelsea says:

      Right? I'm not "awaiting" the return of Buffy…I read about her in the Season 8 comics which are magnificent!
      I am not saying that I won't see the movie, because I will be too curious to resist, I'm sure…but I have very low expectations and actually expect to leave the theater angry.

    • L.Moore says:

      I got a read on the script thus far. I can not say much other than I get why now, why Whit Anderson and why no Joss… I grew up on Buffy, watched my tape recordings on VHS over and over. Joss is a genius and it is hard to see Buffy come back with out him. With that said… it is not going to be Joss' Buffy just like all the remakes are not the same as the originals. Like the upcoming True Grit, Batman etc.

      So lets see what they do and then evaluate it on both its own merit and the Joss scale… but we all know it will fail the Joss scale. It also could be a great movie and redeem this horrible vampire genre.

  2. TerrHimself says:

    Who exactly is this "active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return?" No Joss? Anyone else think that's wrong? The series was Joss' original vision/reimagining of the movie. We don't need another one, especially without Joss.
    When we got the new Batman movies, fans actually wanted it. The only way fans want to see Buffy is with Joss at the helm.

    • Josh says:

      Soooo true. Way to nail it right on the head TerrHimself. No one has been calling for a reboot, and having one is an insult to Whedon, to the actors, to the writers, directors and yes even the fans of the show.

  3. Annie says:

    I think it's fair to say there's a huge and loyal fanbase out there that is ready to deride, ignore, and/or not pay money to see a Whedon-free Buffy project. They might as well just call it something else, because Buffy isn't Buffy without Whedon, period.

    • Renee says:

      Sigh. Sadly, I will probably go see it when it comes out. Because I enjoyed the original movie, and I loved the television show. But in totally different ways. In my mind, these girls aren't even the same character. They just share a name.

      That said, I view the fact that Buffy fans are going to flock to the theatre for the sole purpose of ripping the movie apart with the same resignation I view the fact that I have seen all of the Twilight movies to date, and will no doubt go to the theatres to see Breaking Dawn. I'll do it, but I'll hate myself for it. It's a masochistic compulsion that drives me to witness the train wreck this is going to become.

  4. Valerie says:

    “There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return…. While this is not your high-school Buffy, she’ll be just as witty, tough and sexy as we all remember her to be.”

    The active fan base that you speak of IS waiting on Buffy's return BUT without Joss, the movie just might as well not be made. Joss and the other writers of the series is what made the television show what it was along with an outstanding cast. The original movie was heavily rewritten and it varied greatly from Joss's original and that's why it failed as will this one.
    The witty aspect of Buffy was Joss. The tough and sexy aspect was Sarah.

  5. claire says:

    This Buffy remake should NEVER be allowed. Joss didnt want it made. the tv series is fine how it is, remakeing it is not going to pull the same viewerships. the show ended years ago yet still attracts new viewers all the time, remaking it cheapens it… true fans wont be keeping a 'skeptical' eye out, theyll be on picket lines with placards…. your ruining our show…. and you dont f**k with the browncoats!

  6. A Concerned Fan says:

    NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.


  7. Kate says:

    Roven added: “There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return…

    Without Joss? I don't think so. Fans want Joss. Period. Don't delude yourselves.

    This is a lame attempt at riding the coat tails of the twilight money making machine in hope that all the current teeny-bopper vampire lovers will rush out to see Buffy.

  8. Vinity says:

    I'm sorry but how is this even going forward without Joss Whedon? No Joss! No Buffy! The fanbase is waiting for a JOSS MADE movie.

    • Sunshine says:

      Whedon sold the rights to the Kuzuis, which is why they are making this without him. They get to ruin his movie, twice! Yay!

  9. Michael says:

    No Joss, no watch. Period.

  10. cassopeia says:

    Get Joss Whedon or somebody from his team! You're just gonna try and 'twilight' Buffy, NOBODY WANTS ANOTHER AWFUL BUFFY MOVIE! Buffy the tv show is still relevant today, so find a better argument to cash in!!!!!!

    • Kathy says:

      I agree I didn't care at all about the Movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The T.V. series is the reason Buffy was so loved. Down with the New Movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You can't replace Joss or Sarah and the gang.

  11. cassopeia says:


  12. Noo says:


  13. Toria says:

    This makes me want to curl up in the fetal position under my desk and cry. Buffy had a long, wonderful run. It won't be the same without Joss, because it was his imagination and personality that made it wonderful. If this remake turns out well (which I doubt it will, I must admit), it still won't be the same, simply because it isn't Joss.

    • Trippbean says:

      This is very funny, once again the big boys wont listen to the fans. They will make this movie nobody wants and loose a ton of money. But hey! we know nothing, they know much better.

    • jud says:

      God lets hope… his writing was ok for a season… but he just rehashes the same garbage over and over and over and over.

      Something fresh would be nice.

    • ralph says:


      Whether you are a Buffy fan or not it is not rocket science to recognize that the replacement of Joss Whedon for their reboot of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was an insult to the writer and director. Maybe this is revenge because he chose to take such a high profile position in Marvel/Disney’s Avengers project. He put in a screenplay for Wonder Woman and Warner rejected it; so he did try for WB. I guess we may never know what really happened or what influenced this affront to screen writer/Director Joss Whedon.

      Yet the FAR GREATER INSULT is the Warner Bros’ GENDER WAR for women fans. It does not matter whether you are Twilight fan or not, hiring an actress to write the screenplay for Buffy (just to give the project a female writer) is an insult to female audience members. Why not hire a female screenwriter, because the company wants to hire the woman THEY WANT not accidentally end up validating women as screenwriters. To be clearer Meyer was the book series writer, Melissa Rosenberg was the screenwriter for the films. Obviously we need to wait to see who the female director is that Warner Bros will hire to simulate Director Catherine Hardwick. Some may be amazed how petty creativity can be pertaining to Hollywood decision-making.

      So what happens if this scheme to steal Twilight’s female fans does not work? Suppose the same thing that happened before happens again, suppose men predominantly show an appreciation for Buffy and women do not show the same appreciation. Will women writing and film contributors still suck, proving men are the best film developers because this scheme by male studio heads did not work? As cowardly as it is, the studio heads have set up a win-win situation to benefit their bruised egos while still insulting women.

      As fans of women’s participation in film, none of us should be so foolish as to ignore this assault on women’s creativity and none should so willingly agree to trivialize their participation.

      For more information:

    • Ashkuff says:

      Ya know, that's my first instinct too. But it seems unavoidable by this point. So lets just cross our fingers that Buffy will become like the Batman or Bond franchises, where the fanbase is aware of the different renditions, and everybody gets to choose their personal favorites. Further, lets hope that the remake is good enough to win back our genre from the Twilighters, so we can resume bickering with the Rice fans.

  14. Jen says:

    "Active fan base" Yeah. We DO want the character's return….. BUT NOT WITHOUT JOSS. This woman is a complete effing idiot and makes me want to gauge out my own face. I hate this with a fire of a thousand suns.

  15. antitheist19 says:

    What could she be thinking about??? Buffy is an iconic character who has brought love to so many people watching the series. But this isn't a situation where you get to compare Christopher Nolan to yourself, nor Buffy to Batman *realizes that's catchy, but I digress*. This cannot end good. Not at all…

  16. Mike Dougherty says:

    Dear Geoff Boucher.

    Have you really reached out to the community? It seems to me, as even a late coming fan of Buffy, that Anderson and Roven have not, because as mentioned above…there is no Buffy without Joss.

  17. john says:

    How many true Buffy fans are even gonna give this time of day, the first movie Joss was involved in but his plan and ideas were sidelined and it bombed now they want to do it again and freeze him out completely a seriously bad idea. No Joss surely means no Sarah Michelle Geller, Nicholas Brendon David Boreanaz Alyson Hannigan or James Marsters does the deal even include the characters they played that had so much to do with the show's success or are they under rights to someone else.

    In the hands of who i assume is a rookie scriptwriter this just sounds like a recipe for failure.

    Why can't it be that the creator of a character has at least some say in where and how the character is used if i were Joss i would be majorly pissed that something i created and spent a lot of hours working on and that is still a big part of his life could so easily be given to someone else to play with it will be Buffy the vampire slayer in name only.

    There will be a character named Buffy and of course vampires but i think it will have little else in common with the show no connection to the characters or events that occurred on screen for 7 years or continues in comic book form.

  18. Mendez says:

    Too soon…. too soon…

  19. George says:

    Like everyone else, I wonder where this fanbase 'eagerly awaiting' this movie is. Sure, there might be some casual fans who go 'hey, I remember this, let's check it out', but that's the only group that's going to be interested in seeing this. Everyone else is either going to be tired of anything involving fangs given the recent onslaught or not going to be interested in anything called 'Buffy the vampire slayer' in the first place.

    The large and loyal fanbase will not watch this – maybe some will pirate the movie – but they sure as heck won't pay any money to see it. I know I won't, if for no other reason than that this should not have gone forward without Joss Whedon. Heck, the movie might even not suck if Whit Anderson knows her business. But I still won't be watching it as it has no reason to be made.

    The big difference with, for instance, Batman is that that was a comic property which has seen many, many interpretations by many, many different writers over the years. One more means nothing and given the guy rebooting the franchise, interest was obvious.

    Buffy, however, was always Joss' thing. The show and the property is defined by his style of writing and his use of language. Take that away, and what you're left with is a mildly interesting premise and a weird name for your lead character.

  20. Corinne says:

    Oh for Pete's Sake!!! You have got to be kidding me…."“There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return…" …..yeah if it was written by Joss! I'm sorry, I respect that this was a show you watched while growing up, but Joss Whedon is Buffy & Buffy is Joss Whedon, you cannot have one without the other, and you can not just come in and write a "new take on Buffy" without the original cast or writers! Do you not remember what happened with the first Buffy movie? Is it that hard to wait for Joss to finish The Avengers? Nice try lady, but this Buffy fan will have nothing to do with this project…..sharpening my stakes indeed…….

  21. eugenepowers says:

    The producers really are delusional if they think the existing fandom will spend their money on this. They turned Joss' original screenplay into crap, this will be too. Joss brought together a team of wonderful writers. What makes Anderson think she can write on their level? Puh-leeze.

    I've been told Rubel & Kaz Kuzui only own the rights to the characters in the movie, not those from the show.

    • Kay says:

      I didn't know this but if that's the case – I hope Joss fights tooth and nail to keep them from grasping onto the likes of angel, willow, xander and any of our other lovable characters.

      • stormydayze says:

        I don't think that's correct, because that's how they forced themselves on as executive producers on both Buffy and Angel. Angel was purely new characters from the film – no Pike, no Buffy, no Benny, etc. And considering how often both the cast (esp Tony Head) and other writers have complained that the Kuzui's didn't actually do anything, I reckon they at least have some legal hand in anything related to Buffy at all.

  22. Tommy says:

    Hollywood is CLEARLY completely out of touch with the world.
    Nobody in their right mind should even be contemplating a reboot of this franchise, if anything it should be a continuation. And more importantly, we want Whedon to be responsible for it.

    I will not show up to theaters unless the title of the movie is: "Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer" written and directed by.

  23. Moni3 says:

    Kill it with fire.

    No Buffy, no Willow, no Tara (or Kennedy), no Anya, no Xander, no Spike.

    Let's change the recipe of Coke and call it New Coke. Then make money off of it! This is a hideous idea.

  24. Monica242 says:

    We won't have a skeptical eye on this, more like an eye that is nowhere near this project. This was a BAD idea, and the hardcore fans will NOT respond kindly to this reboot. Joss IS Buffy. Buffy IS Joss. There's no way around it.

    • jun says:

      Was Whedon's movie that great? He just conceived the basic idea of Buffy, that's all. His movie was too campy, and it isn't remembered today. The series is remembered, and he just let everyone else write it and then took credit. When the story continued in the comics with him and a few dark horse comics writers (not the real writers from the series despite how mislead so many are as to who is writing the comics) everything went all wonky. So don't judge this movie before its even made. It can't possibly be as bad as the original Buffy movie, and certainly can't be as bad as season 8 turned out to be with Angel being "Twilight".

      • Duncan says:

        You don't really have any idea how the writing process works for episodic television, do you? It's a process that starts with vision, moves to story planning, then the telescript is drafted , which returns to the creative team for vision-specific editing, goes back for edits and revisions, then returns for a final story/vision/consistency alignment edits with the creative team. You don't have one creator of a single episode (you usually don't even just have one writer).
        Do you think 'Lost' would have been the same without J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof? They certainly aren't in the credits for writing and directing every episode. But they remained as active members of the creative team. The season's plotting was done by them, and each episode had to conform to their ultimate approval. The same is true of Joss Whedon and BtVS.
        I think it's also important to point out how completely dissatisfied Whedon was with the original film, which started with his script, but was ultimately made with a butchered version, strange casting selections, an a director who didn't ever share Whedon's basic idea about the POINT of the story. This is common knowledge, and Whedon spoke openly about it even back when the movie was the only Buffy we had ever seen. In fact, it's WHY Joss Whedon decided to try to shop the character and story to TV in the first place.
        Lastly, Whedon is credited as the LEAD WRITER for 24 episodes of BtVS. That means he was not only the key member of the creative team; he was not only a writer involved in editing the show's credited-writer's script; but he was the PRIMARY WRITER for about 1 out of every 5 episodes.
        (p.s.-I am *not* one of those rabid hero worshipers who think Joss Ashe on can do no wrong. In fact, I just saw 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' this week and it was terrible. I am, however, a fierce defendant of writers, and you showed that you lacked any real understanding of both the writing process and the specific writers involved in this show's creation. In the future, if you want to go online and rant against someone or something, it might be best to look into the topic a bit more carefully first.)

  25. stormydayze says:

    "“There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return…. "

    I'm desperately curious about how deluded these folks really are. I'm a little concerned for them, actually. I don't know one person who is interested in seeing a Whedon-free Buffy. I am doing my PhD on Buffy – I'm surrounded by people who know and love this show. I don't know one person who is 'eagerly awaiting' this movie. "Annoyed." "Irritated." "Angry." "Furious." "Murderous." These are usually the (kinder) words I hear when the subject of a rebooted Buffy comes up. I have NEVER heard "eager" or any form of excitement, enthusiasm, affection or even curiosity at the idea of someone destroying this franchise.

    I also don't know one person who is not hoping that this movie does not fall completely flat and utterly fail. I'm sure those people are out there… but I know quite a lot of Buffy fans and not one of us are "eager" to see this.

    • Fan says:

      You're doing your PhD on Buffy? What did you do your Master's in, TV Dinner Preparation? A B.A. in Game Boy studies? Where do you go, University of Candyland? What kind of stoner are you that you're wasting a thesis on a TV show for the WB?

      . . . see there are these things called books. . . read one.

      • ssddgr says:

        If you had been watching the same Buffy we had been, you'd realize mocking a PhD on the show is not a very smart thing to do and shows your ignorance…

      • Angela says:

        It's not necessary to get personal I don't think. There is plenty of room for people to be interested in all kinds of things. I tire of the easy condemnation of people who perhaps don't understand how a research project works. I suspect that 'stormydayze' has read more than her/his share of books in the pursuit of a higher degree, don't you? I further suspect that you are a frustrated intellectual: maybe you should just bite the bullet and find something of your own to immerse yourself in instead of wasting your (obvious) humour and intelligence on being mean.

      • Melody Johnson says:

        I think that the T.V. show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is a great topic for a PhD. Why? The entire series is a metaphor. It gives a “real” meaning to the phrase “high school is Hell,” doesn’t it? Putting a high school on a Hellmouth? Genius. Every single episode has a much, much deeper meaning than just entertainment. Particular episodes come to mind: Earshot, Beauty and the Beasts, Lovers Walk. Watch them again with the goal of identifying the underlying message. You will be totally amazed.

    • pixie24smom says:

      We don't know each other, stormydayze, but I'm a Buffy fan who IS eager to see a remake. Maybe it will be terrible–who knows? But what's the big deal about someone trying to provide more product featuring this marvelous hero? If your friends and colleagues are feeling "angry" and "murderous" about a new Buffy movie, they are missing one great value of the series: that it was an entertaining way of letting middle-schoolers and early high-schoolers recognize that they weren't the only ones struggling through adolescence.

      Having many theories of my own about the genius of Joss Whedon's "Buffy," I'll be looking for your interpretation in your dissertation.

      Don't forget that the most enduring characters in literature often appear over and over, being interpreted in very different ways that keep them fresh and appealing to each new generation. Each new version has NO impact on the versions that preceded it.

      • wotsherface says:


        Glad to hear you are looking forward to this film but remember this will NOT be a remake of the tv show. None of the supporting characters, Giles, Xander, Willow, Angel, Cordelia, Spike will in this film. Just so long as you know that you'll be paying to see a reboot of the 1992 Buffy film starring Swanson and Perry; not the 1996 tv show.

        And you please remember that even though "enduring characters in literature often appear over and over" Sherlock usually has his Watson, Robin Hood has his Little John and King Arthur usually has his Merlin. Buffy without her Scoobies ain't Buffy.

      • Stash says:


        I'm about to commit heresy… but reboots and all that are inevitable these days. This property will be developed without Joss at some point (though it still feels too soon…). The thing that keeps me from being excited about it is that I can't really see a Buffy without the Scoobies, without Sunnydale, as Buffy. Revisiting those characters without Joss? I'd try it. But without everything that made that show great (and we all know we didn't watch for Buffy alone), what's the point in saying it's a Buffy reboot instead of just a new vampire franchise?

        A reboot of Harry Potter that couldn't use the supporting cast or locations that made it great… well, I'm not saying it'd be awful, or that I'd wish it ill, but I would wish that they'd change the name. Harry without Hogwarts would be a (possibly lovely) bildungsroman about a boy with a special path, but those have existed before, will exist again, and none other than Harry will be Harry.

    • Casey says:

      Once again as I said above…do not speak for all fans. I am excited to see how this movie turns out, and I hope it is good. Sure Joss would have been the logical choice for a remake, but I have been excited ever since I heard there was going to be one.
      I am a huge fan of Buffy and Angel, and this may be the movie that finally makes it worth going to a theater again!

    • CallmeLucy says:

      What school do you go to where you can study Buffy the Vampire? A PhD in Buffy? Sign me up!!

    • G.D. Warner says:

      Sormydayze —

      Wow, a Ph.D. thesis on Buffy, huh? While I am not looking forward to this "reboot," I would be very interested in reading your thesis when it's done (and graded). If you can, send me a copy at gdwarner (at) mindspring (dot) com.

      • Renee says:

        Oh, count me in! There are SO many opportunities in Buffy for solid thesis material. (I did a paper on "Psych" not too long ago.) It's amazing what you can apply. Much more interesting than this film.

    • Buffy fan says:

      I once took a writing seminar on 'the woman warrior', which largely focused on Buffy, from a grad student doing her PhD on the subject, about 8 years ago. I was originally just really excited about the class because I was a Buffy fan, but really came to appreciate the characters and story in a whole new light after that class. I wonder how popular 'Buffy' is in academia, how many doctorates are out there on this subject.

      I too am skeptical of a remake, but less angry because I suspect it's a remake of the original film, not the beloved TV series.

    • jun says:

      "I am doing my PhD on Buffy" LOL. That's what's sad. I'm a little concerned for you. I want to see this movie. You can watch the old 80s or 90s movie….oh forgot about that one, the only Buffy that Joss wrote by himself. Yeah, see, Joss isn't Buffy, unless Buffy is the pre-series Buffy. He didn't do the writing on the series. He just picked up a royalty check.

      • JustJenna says:

        You are wildly misinformed. Do some research on this subject before you make an even bigger fool of yourself.

  26. Nathan says:

    Once this whitless woman person, watches one episode of Btvs
    she will truly realise how out of her league she is.
    the truth is nobody can do Buffy but Joss, because otherwise it loses its meaning.
    The issue with the first film was that it got consumed in stereotyping blonde cheerleaders – that instead of reversing gender roles, it only reinforced the belief that women were powerless on television.
    Joss was able to create a character that defied conventional television – and created an epic show that had a great mix of horror, comedy and realism.
    + Joss whedon writes the best dialogue.
    + Sarah Michelle Gellar is the one and only Buffy – and the only actress that can show so much emotion and power in one role.

    • allium says:

      Um, she said she watched it regularly during high school. I still think even if she went as Dark Willow for Halloween eight years running, the producers/rewrites are going to screw this up in a manner not seen since Balder's mother forgot to ask the mistletoe plant not to harm her son.

  27. Robin says:

    A reboot of "Star Trek" made sense. Gene Roddenberry willingly passed the torch on to others, with his family monitoring to outcome. Now Gene and Majel are dead, but "Star Trek" lives on and has a lot of life left in it.

    A "Buffy" reboot without Joss's passing the torch, when Joss is in the prime of his life and still a creative dynamo is criminal. Does Joss have a big target on his back saying "Fuck Me?" I have a few choice words for the Kazuis, the cleanest of which would be insulting to whores.

    I will NOT see a Buffy movie that isn't made by Joss.

  28. patty says:

    Is anyone actually going to want to see this film?

    There are still plenty of people who would never watch anything called ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ (their loss, but that’s another issue…)
    Then there are Twilight fans who think vampires are wonderful, romantic, tortured souls, and therefore don’t want to watch a film about a girl who KILLS them
    And of course, there are the fans of the TV show, who have no interest (indeed, most of us are pretty annoyed as you can tell from the other posts here) in any continuation or reboot without Joss Whedon and the old cast involved.

    This will not do well, as no-one’s going to go see it, regardless of how good it is. It’s too early for a reboot. And if this does go ahead it’ll pretty much kill the possibility of a continuation with Joss’s involvement that fans want, which is very sad.

  29. Dana Michelle says:

    I want to see what Joss has to say about it before I decide.

  30. Mal says:

    This is absurd. This Anderson chick clearly decided she wanted to take Buffy from Whedon and run it herself. The comparison to the Batman movies is preposterous–the movies that came before Noaln were terrible, and the people responsible for creating the comic book aren't movie people. This would be more like someone coming along and trying to make Toy Story 4 without the consent or involvement of the creative team behind it. No Buffy fans want anything to do with this, and I'm sure we'll do all we can to make sure it's an unqualified failure. If it's not clear now, eventually it will be–no Buffy product is acceptable without Whedon at the helm.

  31. aerin-sol says:

    As a member of the large group of loyal fans who will never give a cent to a movie that's made without Whedon's input – this announcement makes me ill.

    Point me to your BtVS fanfic, Whit. If it's very, very good I might change my opinion of this disastrous idea.

    The whole reboot notion is gross. Stop it. Just stop.

  32. Squeak says:

    I'm not a die-hard fan, but I did enjoy the show and the concept, and I REALLY don't think it's fair to start judging this before it comes out. Continuing with the articles point, Bill Finger has had nothing to do with Batman for many many years. Some incarnations are good, some are bad, but a deciding factor isn't whether Finger is involved. When the new Buffy comes out, judge it on its merits, not because of who did or did not make it.

    • Shira says:

      “Batman” is a totally false comparison. This is more like somebody trying to write a new Harry Potter book without J.K. Rowling. Maybe in 20 years somebody can try to reinterpret Buffy while paying homage to Joss. Right now it just sounds like a cheap knockoff and an act of utter disrespect to Buffy’s creators and fans.

    • Souris Optique says:

      "Bill Finger has had nothing to do with Batman for many many years."
      You admit in your own comment the situation is completely different. Why did you even bother to reply?

  33. Shaz says:

    ““There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return…. ”

    And we are all reading the Joss approved Buffy Season 8 comics and the other Buffy universe comics. We do not want another movie/tv series/whatever if Joss is not involved!!!

  34. Celadore says:

    I am apalled to see so many negative comments! Yeah, it's not Joss, he did make the show and the characters who they are, but Joss had a team of writers and directors under him. He did not write every episode, nor did he direct them all. Artistic choices have been made by other people, and no one has ever complained about that. Of course it's not going to be the same, but she isn't trying to make it the same.
    If she has the rights to the Buffyverse, and a studio has greenlit the project (which it has), then all the power to her!! How many fans have written their own Buffy storylines? How many would want to have that chance to be involved in the world?
    The movie has potential, I will not reject it because Joss could not be involved.

    • Anne says:

      The thing is, Celadore, all those writers and directors working under Joss will probably not be involved, either. More people feel like their intelligence has been insulted, I think, by the assumption that they will accept anything with the Buffy name stamped on it and pay money to see it, than are upset by the fact that these people dare even give Buffy a second look.
      I think that a lot of people are also bugged that it won't be high school Buffy. Being in high school, and struggling with reconciling her adolescence and her "sacred duty", was what the show's premise was originally about, and taking that away damages the fundamental essence of what Buffy is.
      The point being, the fanbase has been alienated and all have a right to be upset. I am extremely skeptical and cynical myself about this project, but I plan to give it a chance.

    • jamesmarstersjunkie says:

      Need we remind you tjat while you are correct in stating that Joss did not write all the epis he did however have final say so on what went into the final script.None of this crap was “OK’d” by Joss.

  35. bardgal says:

    Whedon > Buffy.

  36. Skytteflickan88 says:

    Well, Anderson seems … okay. Lik she's actually trying to get the show, maybe even does.

    I hate being one of those people that hate a movie before I even see it, so I will force myself to have a more open mind about this. I mean, I like fanfiction, maybe I'll like this?

  37. Buffy_Adict says:

    As a huge buffy fan i would only watch this if joss is involved. The buffy i want is a joss buffy, i'll spend my money on products he okays.

  38. ChillPeeps... says:

    Well, I guess I'm the lone voice that's curious. Yes, we all agree that we *LOVE* Joss Whedon, and Buffy, and the vision that he created. But does that mean that I'm completely closed off to the idea of a re-imagined show? No. Joss has other stuff to do right now, apparently. It doesn't follow that the new Buffy must suck, or that he's the only person who can possibly touch it. See the new Doctor Who, for example.

    Will it be the same? No. Does that automatically mean that it will suck? Again, I say no. (Ok, probably, but I'm willing to at least entertain the notion that it needn't suck.)

  39. @lafavers says:

    We should be willing to give Whit a chance. Any Buffy is better than no Buffy.

  40. Garrett says:

    Buffy without Whedon or Sarah or Alyson? It won't be Buffy. And they didn't mention the comics once. If they're going to keep it canonical, they need to be reading every single comic and working closely with those writers to ensure that it doesn't botch the currently seemless Buffyverse.

    • Kathryn_BWT says:

      Agree on all points!!!!! No Joss, no Sarah and no Alyson – THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE BUFFYVERSE!!!!

      This people will make no great money – just lose it!!!! No hard-core fan wants a poor imitation or as was mentioned by cassopeia a "'twilight' Buffy" !!!!!! NO,NO,NO thouthand million times NO to the Buffy reboot!!!

    • Kristen says:

      I agree! It is very important with fans of any universe to keep consistent. Its needs to be done with all of the superhero movies and Buffy is not an exception. Anderson needs to look beyond the high school Buffy (which is the only part of the verse referenced) and look at both Angel and the comics to make a consistent movie.

    • WTBsWifey says:

      Wow, looks like way too many people are not really reading articles before commenting. (Not to mention those who are seriously misinformed.) Joss Whedon has no real connection to the comics, he doesn't write them, nor did he do writing for the show. Watch any episode and in the credits there is always a different writer. Trust me, I have watched and re watched every episode and he doesn't have any credit for the writing. Joss Whedon's got his name on Buffy as a producer and the writer of the 90's movie. Because the name is copyrighted, his name gets to be on everything and he makes money off it. As many people have pointed out, this article really never mentions that it's going to reboot the series, but that the movie will be rebooted, no harm done to our beloved Sarah-as-Buffy. I guess that nobody understands that Joss Whedon walked away from this project, and that's why he's not going to be a part of it. There is no freezing out being done. (Funny how so many people feel sorry for the guy who pretty much gave up, he's probably not nearly as upset as all of you are.) You know, for being the fan base of the agreeably amazing show, people really don't do their homework before bashing something that hasn't even had a real chance to get started. For all anyone knows, this could be the face of a new Buffy, and it could be wonderful. I happen to be one of many people who not only love the series and watched every episode as they aired, and continue to watch them today, I am also one of those fans who will be going to the theater to see this film, I will give this film the chance it deserves. As far as I can see, there are a whole lot of people who are afraid to see something in a different light, and if any one of those people truly loved Buffy the way that I do they would look forward to it, because if you love something you want it to grow and change and develop. Whit Anderson is giving a valiant attempt at breathing new life into something beloved.

      • Tish says:

        Wow, I think you are sadly mistaken. I'm not claiming to know everything about the "Buffyverse," but I do know a thing or two.

        You mentioned:

        1. Joss Whedon has no real connection to the comics, he doesn't even write them, nor did he do writing for the show.

        I don't know what show or comic you've been reading, but I don't think it's Buffy. I'm an avid reader of the comic. I own all the individual comics and the trades (yes, I know a tad bit obsessive).

        Buffy Season 8 # 1 "The Long Way Home" Written by Joss Whedon. Penciller Georges Jeanty
        Buffy Season 8 # 2 "The Long Way Home pt. 2" Written by Joss Whedon
        Buffy Season 8 # 3 "The Long Way Home pt 3" Written by Joss Whedon
        Buffy Season 8 # 4 "The Long Way Home pt 4" Written by Joss Whedon
        Buffy Season 8 #5 "The Chain" Written by Joss Whedon
        Buffy Season 8 # 10 "Anywhere but Here" Written by Joss Whedon
        Buffy Season 8 # 11 "A Beautiful Sunset" Written by Joss Whedon
        Buffy Season 8 # 16-19 "Time of your life" pt 1-4" Written by Joss Whedon
        Buffy Season 8 # 31 "Turbulence" Written by Joss Whedon
        Buffy Season 8 # 36-40 "Last Gleaming" pt 1-5 written by Joss Whedon

        There are 40 issues in total for the comic and Joss wrote 17 of them. In fact a lot of the writers from the show contributed to this comic season as a COLLECTIVE effort. For someone who "doesn't even write them" he sure seems pretty active to me.

      • Tish says:

        pt 2:

        Season 1 Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Harvest, The Witch, Prophecy Girl written by Joss Whedon.
        Season 2: When She Was Bad, Lie to Me, Innocence, Becoming pt 1, Becoming pt 2, written by Joss Whedon
        Season 3: Anne, Amends, Dopplegangland, Graduation Day pt 1 and 2 written by Joss Whedon
        Season 4: The Freshman, Hush, Who Are You? Restless? written by Joss Whedon
        Season 5: Family, The Body, The Gift, written by Joss Whedon
        Season 6: Once More With Feeling written by Joss Whedon
        Season 7: Lessons, Chosen written by Joss Whedon.

        How many times did you say you watched the show? I think you get my drift.

        Trust me, I have watched and re watched every episode and he doesn't have any credit for the writing.

        I have to really raise my eyebrow at this comment. For someone who claims to watch and re-watch the episodes, it doesn't seem like you know much about it.

      • Tish says:

        pt 3

        2. Joss Whedon's got his name on Buffy as a producer and the writer of the 90's movie. Because the name is copyrighted, his name gets to be on everything and he makes money off it.

        I think you've got this backward. It's actually the Kuzui's who were named the executive producers but contributed nothing to the show, production, or the writing. In fact the only thing they did contribute to was the campy 1992 movie. And in that respect, it was only money. When Joss didn't comply to their "vision" of the movie he walked from the project and it was later reborn on the WB. The Kuzui's were named exec's because of the front money from the original movie. So they were the ones collecting a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing. In the extra's included in the collectors box set a few people said they never saw them on set not once.

        Oh and by the way, aside from writing many of the episodes, Joss also directed them. You might want to check that out in the opening credits of the episodes that you've "watched countless times."

      • Tish says:

        pt 4

        3. I guess that nobody understands that Joss Whedon walked away from this project, and that's why he's not going to be a part of it. There is no freezing out being done. (Funny how so many people feel sorry for the guy who pretty much gave up, he's probably not nearly as upset as all of you are.)

        From Joss himself:

        Kristin, I'm glad you asked for my thoughts on the announcement of Buffy the cinema film. This is a sad, sad reflection on our times, when people must feed off the carcasses of beloved stories from their youths—just because they can't think of an original idea of their own, like I did with my Avengers idea that I made up myself.

        Obviously I have strong, mixed emotions about something like this. My first reaction upon hearing who was writing it was, "Whit Stillman AND Wes Anderson? This is gonna be the most sardonically adorable movie EVER." Apparently I was misinformed. Then I thought, "I'll make a mint! This is worth more than all my Toy Story residuals combined!" Apparently I am seldom informed of anything. And possibly a little slow. But seriously, are vampires even popular any more?

        I always hoped that Buffy would live on even after my death. But, you know, AFTER. I don't love the idea of my creation in other hands, but I'm also well aware that many more hands than mine went into making that show what it was. And there is no legal grounds for doing anything other than sighing audibly. I can't wish people who are passionate about my little myth ill. I can, however, take this time to announce that I'm making a Batman movie. Because there's a franchise that truly needs updating. So look for The Dark Knight Rises Way Earlier Than That Other One And Also More Cheaply And In Toronto, rebooting into a theater near you.

        Leave me to my pain! Sincerely, Joss Whedon.

        (he also made a few comments about this on whedonesque)

        4. You know, for being the fan base of the agreeably amazing show, people really don't do their homework before bashing something that hasn't even had a real chance to get started.

        Pot calling the kettle much?

        Anyway, have fun at the movies. I know a lot of fans that aren't too happy about this reboot. And then there are folks like you… I'm starting to think your comment was carefully crafted to get a rise out of some people by blatantly getting all the facts twisted. Or you could really believe what you wrote.

  41. Andy says:

    She never wrote a script before?

  42. Kathryn_BWT says:

    Agree with everyone!!!!! No Joss, no Sarah and no Alyson equals NO BUFFY!!!!!

    And everybody should understand it!!!!!

    No Buffy, no Willow, no Tara, no Anya, no Xander, no Spike – Nah, this isn't THE Buffyverse!!

  43. Zillah says:

    No positive comments, No Joss, No Buffy! Figure it out people!

  44. Vanessa says:

    I think it’s clear: no Joss = no Buffy true fans are interested. I am dreading who would they cast as Buffy and the Scoobies…please do not kill this for us!!!

  45. George says:

    @Venessa: actually, I don't think the producers of this movie have to rights to anything other than the basic premise, the name 'Buffy' and the characters from the original movie. All the characters and continuity from the television show are off-limits, which is of course the main reason we're dealing with a 'complete reboot' (as we've all quite clearly established there's not much artistic reason to do so). This is a simple case of the producers trying to cash in on the current vampire hype and trying to do so with an established name.

    But in a grab for dollars, they're forgetting that 'Buffy the vampire slayer' is a niche property to begin with and in losing the vocal and large original fanbase the steady audience basis for making this movie financially viable has probably dropped out from beneath it. Certainly, if there was some lukewarm interest, some might have been tempted to go see it regardless, but all I'm hearing in the fandom with respect to this movie is outright hostility (just take a look at this comments thread :)).

    Sure, there might be an audience out there somewhere for this movie – a combination of casual fans, sometime viewers, non-satiated lovers of anything vampire related and a random extra person or two – but it's nowhere near what we would've seen with a Whedon written/directed production – or, even a Whedon approved production written by one of the former Mutant Enemy writers.

    It's a bad idea artistically and (probably) commercially. Anytime you're pissing off the built-in audience to a property to the point of outright hostility and an active withholding of dollars, one should reconsider their original plan.

    • Soni says:

      Wow! That was so well put George. You summed it up perfectly in my opinion. Esp. the last bit: " Anytime you're pissing off the built-in audience to a property to the point of outright hostility and an active withholding of dollars, one should reconsider their original plan."

      And re-consider they should indeed.

      In Addendum (and this may be a bit of a 'weak' example by comparison, but it's the only one I can think of at the moment) but anyone remember how poorly "Queen of the Damned" did in the cinemas in comparison to "Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire"?
      Among the reason's included: QOTD was not approved by Rice (nor was she even consulted on it as she was on IWTV) and what happened there after?
      The majority of the loyal and devoted fans of Anne & her vampire chronicles, did not support QOTD in the theatres and it flopped worse than a droopy aired dog.

      This Whedon-less Buffy could potentially suffer the same fate (or even worse).

  46. mikeyblaze says:

    No Joss? No Spike? No Willow? No Tara? No Clem? No effing way.

  47. steve says:


  48. Paul says:

    Let'sbe perfectly honest here: the major Hellmouth guardians… erm, I mean the Hollywood big wigs don't give a damn about Whedonites. If they even notice them at all, they find them rather ridiculous. This movie is getting made most likely because it's cheap (no concept development); because it's perceived to be part of a "franchise"; and because — being the creatively bankrupt cesspool of coke-addled zombies it is — Hollywood remakes everything.

    What does matter is that no one will see this ridiculous movie. The Whedonites will boycott it and no one else will care. What a dumb, dumb, dumb, DUMB idea.

  49. echo says:

    I’m sorry, Whit Anderson, but you’re on hallowed ground here. This movie *should not be made* without Joss or someone else who worked on the series *at all.*

  50. andrew says:

    I will be eagerly awaiting Whit Anderson's future autobiography: "How to Become a Pariah in One Easy Step."

  51. Sunshine says:

    Hey, she's comparing herself to THE Christopher Nolan. And she like, watched it on tv and stuff after school. So it's gonna like be totally awesome.

  52. Buffy without Whedon is like Thanksgiving without turkey. Fu**ing pointless.

    The fans don’t want this.

  53. HugeBuffyFan says:

    Love Buffy, and if Whit thinks she can do for Buffy what Nolan did for Batman, that's great. But it will remain to be seen. On the one hand, I find it hard to imagine this done right without Joss. But on the other hand, look at the original movie and how cheesy that was, and that was with Joss (albeit before he had much clout).

  54. the_deacon says:

    This. Will. Bomb.

  55. BelindaGomez says:

    So, Kaz and Fran must be needing money, right? And Whit Anderson isn't exactly a household name as a writer (nor as an actress), but she does have a film with Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman attached. So, who's her big pal/BFF/boy friend?

    And this is embarrassing.

    • mmmwright says:

      Ha! My thoughts exactly!

    • Anti-sexist says:

      Unbelievable how sexist this comment is. UN-BELIEVABLE. So you don't think women can be talented an can write? She doesn't even HAVE a boyfriend.

      • Jenna says:

        Well said. I can't believe that a woman could make that comment. God forbid a woman write something and garner interest in her writing without having a boyfriend to make it happen.

        Apparently, women are just as sexist as men.

  56. Tatiana says:

    This is a terrible terrible idea. It's so bad my back is actually hurting in response to this idea. I'm a 29-year-old female writer (albeit completely unknown) who also grew up watching Buffy and I'd sooner tear my arm out from the socket than try to re-invent a series I idolized and a character I identified with. What the hell Whit Anderson?

  57. dude says:


  58. The.Watcher says:

    I think this is a bad idea and I hate it on general principal.
    Buffy was awesome when Joss helmed it, the original movie was crap and this will be as well.

  59. Asthuriel says:

    It's a shame. This girl seems to have good intentions. If this were 2052 and the Buffy cast were all old and unable to play their characters, and Joss were dead, maybe this idea would make sense. But now? No, it's just stupid. This is not Buffy.

  60. Adam says:

    No one is waiting for this. Buffy without Joss is like cofffee without caffeine. POintless.

  61. Tamsin Silver says:

    "active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return" ……….LMAO! What world do YOU live in? If its not Joss Whedon's BUFFY then you have NO fan base waiting for anything. Sorry. Now, get Joss on board and you'll have the fan's support…if not…good luck getting my butt or anyone elses to PAY to sit in a seat in that theater for this horrible idea!

  62. Ritchie Steven says:

    No one wants to see "Buffy" rebooted. To say that "There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return." is complete BS. We want a big screen Buffy movie by Joss Whedon, and without him or Sarah Michelle Gellar than I hope this project dies a horrible death.

    Thankfully we have the Buffy comics by Joss Whedon.

    • Bramble Patch says:

      Yes, this. The Buffyverse is more than just Buffy. Just because you have a vampire slayer named Buffy does not make her Buffy THE Vampire Slayer. Without the events of the show and comics that shaped her, it's not the "this character's return" at all.

  63. Chicken says:

    I didn't like Dollhouse so it's not like I'm a slavering Whedon fan. However, I do think that Buffy without Whedon doesn't really make any sense. I loved Buffy, and Firefly, and seeing this story in someone else's hands would be kind of weird. Maybe if it was Jane Espenson. Otherwise, probably not.

  64. TeddyKGB says:

    Shameful. Would they try to do another Star Wars without Lucas?

  65. mskitty says:

    I've got this great idea for a Veronica Mars feature…no wait, why don't we just rewrite the first "Twilight" movie?! Yeah, that would be great. Instead of vampires that sparkle and a passive protagonist, let's make it extreme and raw, yet romantic and ethereal. I'm thinking like, a really awesome CGI football field where some jacked up vampy action happens, a great shopping spree montage, and a touching credits ballad by Keisha. I'm thinking Michael Bay could direct, and someone on the frosting side of the biz cupcake can write it.

  66. HugeBuffyFan says:

    "Would they try to do another Star Wars without Lucas?"

    Um… Did you see Episode 1? Maybe they should.

  67. Rachel says:

    Ugh, can we say delusional much? As a member of this "active fan base" I could not hate this idea any more than I currently do. I want Joss' Buffy or no Buffy at all. I will actively encourage people NOT to see this film if it gets made. I hope they come to their senses and put this crap in turnaround until Joss signs on!

  68. Tori Newton says:

    This is not ok with me. This is atrocious. Why mess with perfection? Also,comparing "rebooting" the greatest television show of all time with Nolan's reimagined Batman is ridiculous. That is in no way related to this horrible destruction that is about to happen. I am deeply disturbed by this and hope all Buffy fans will unite against this. If you're a true fan Ms. Anderson, you'll change your mind and leave well enough alone!

  69. Amanda says:

    Nobody wants Buffy without Joss. Nobody.

  70. Greg says:

    First of all, "creatively bankrupt cesspool of coke-addled zombies" is a statement constructed entirely of win. I've never heard a more fitting description of present-day Hollywood. Well said, Paul.

    Secondly, I more or less agree with the majority of commenters here. A Buffy without Whedon, Gellar, Hannigan, and Brendon (at minimum) has a remarkably high chance of sucking – and more to the point, flopping. I don't think Warner Bros. understands how difficult it's going to be to sell the fan base on a Whedon-free Buffy reboot.

    We are not fans of Buffy done any old way, we are fans of Buffy done Joss' way.

    Now, all that said, there is some small chance that Anderson and the rest of the reboot crew could come out with something fantastic. After all, the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica eventually won over even the most savage anti-remake BSG fans. But it did so by being relentlessly good throughout the first two seasons. A Buffy reboot won't have anywhere near that much time to sway opinion, so it had better be two hours of pure knock-your-socks-off awesomeness.

    Still, the smart money is on massive fan anger and a blistering box office failure. I guess we'll see.

  71. Cal Godot says:

    Wow… How did a completely unknown actress-turned-screenwriter with no writing credits and almost no acting credits (3 films, 2 of them shorts) get this gig? Hmmmm…

    $100 says this movie gives new meaning to the word "stinks."

    • James S says:

      I'm betting its because all real writers wouldn't touch this project with a 100 foot pole. Enjoy your one movie Whitless, no one will touch you as a writer or actress after this.

  72. SuperScuba says:

    All I can say is, Joss should be the owner of the "Buffy" property, but the only reason he isn't is because he was just starting out as a screenwriter when he sold the "Buffy" movie script. Now it's owned by a greedy pair who don't care what happens to the "Buffy" name. They just want a paycheck. If Anderson really respects the original material, she should get Joss' blessing before proceeding with a film. Even if that happens, I'll still be very skeptical.

  73. DarenG says:

    Geoff Boucher….we are the fans and I have two words for you……"HELL NO".

  74. Diana Scrimger says:

    I would rather have a Buffy the Vamprie Slayer movie featuring the orginal cast from the TV series. Also, Joss Whedon should have a say in his Buffy. However, the fans should be able to have a movie that follows the TV series with revealing some thoughts that were originally mentioned on the series without being developed much further. It should be set in the present day and be fatihful to the orginial storyline. That is more the movie that I would like to see. I am working on an idea now that I think would make a great movie.

  75. Rebecca says:

    WTF?!! Seriously, Buffy isn't Buffy without Joss. Is this some sort of joke? I mean I love Buffy as much as the next person but I'd never see this movie without Joss behind the metaphorical helm. He's the series creator, he's the one who should have the final say on the matter but whether this goes ahead or not Buffy lives on through it's comic series, so we can rest in the knowlage that not everything's this bad in the Buffyverse.

  76. Amy K says:

    Why "revive" Buffy? Hollywood is becoming lazier and lazier. There's no originality left. How hard would it have been to expand the Universe Josh Whedon created by branching off and following a different set of characters? Oh, that's right, that would take creativity and effort. I have no intentions of watching this. Watching a film where you don't believe in anything that comes out of the main character's mouth is just not something I want to spend my money on. The only thing that could make this project more absurd, would be to cast Lindsey Lohan as Buffy.

  77. Jeremy says:

    This project is a joke. And a lame attempt to exploit the recent vampire craze in the media. What made Buffy such a pop-culture phenomenon was that it never tried to be part of a "craze." It redefined television. Joss Whedon and his staff of writers including Greenwalt, Noxon, Esponson, Fury etc are among the best writers/directors in television history. Doing a Buffy project without them does not even register on my radar of ideas that are potentially decent. I don't even consider this part of the Buffy mythology nor will I spend any money to see it. If anything this will be a campy chick flick much like the 1992 failure of a movie.

  78. LGb says:

    Let's see, No Joss, No Original Cast, None of the original Writing staff… yeah this is doomed already. I'll just wait till I have a free DVD rental to peek at this because I'm not going to bother paying for what will essentially be Fan Fiction: The Movie

  79. Drake says:

    I find it interesting that 20th Century Fox wants nothing to do with this project considering they have been involved with every project in the Whedonverse– Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse—- even producing the Buffy Season 8 motion comics.

    Guess even they have enough respect for Joss than to steal and rape his vision like this film.

    I don't know who this "eager fanbase" is exactly, but I can tell you, they are not the same people who loyally followed Buffy and Angel for 8 years, and willingly spent money on all related merchandise. Those people want nothing to do with this project, FYI. The fanbase who will watch this film, are the casual Twilight tweens who either never knew Buffy or hated on it during its original run, because it was too complex for the simple mind to wrap its mind around.

    While the original Buffy series was something extraordinary that had a huge following that crossed any gender barriers, and even age barriers, this movie will be nothing more but a teen chick flick with a target audience of 12 year old girls who want some Edward/Bella angst. F this.

  80. Caitlin says:

    Without Joss, there is no Buffy. Period. End of story. Goodbye.

  81. James says:

    My heart sank when I read that there was going to be a Buffy movie without Joss Whedon or Sarah Michelle Gellar.Joss HAS TO to write and direct it! and the four core characters NEED TO be in it!! That's Buffy(SMG!),Willow(Alyson Hannigan),Xander(Nicholas Brendon) & Giles (Anthony Head).

    This movie will not work! I refuse to spend my money going to the cinema or buying the DVD! I'll pirate it! You wont be getting a penny out of me! you money grabbing A-Holes!!

  82. D.K. says:

    There is something so off-putting about this whole project. Buffy is really more than just a character or a concept. When fans think of Buffy they think of the entire series. It is a rich and complex universe…and it is one that is currently ongoing in a different medium. The fanbase mentioned in this article doesn't think of Buffy with fond and vague nostalgia, they are currently caught up in a story written by Whedon himself. Remaking Buffy is not the reinvention of Batman. Buffy already went to dark and meaningful places, it already questioned the nature of heroes and sacrifice. If the writer actually respects the series, she should create a character inspired by Buffy. The plan to use the name Buffy and the concept without any of the other characters and settings that shaped the Buffy-verse makes it clear that this is about nothing but money. They want to cash in on the work of someone else and that someone does have a large and dedicated fanbase…who finds this plan disgusting.

  83. spike says:

    Bad Idea. #NoJossNoBuffy

  84. C. A. Bridges says:

    Reboots work when a) even the property's biggest fans admit that it's become old, tired or outdated, and b) it's been long enough that involvement of the original creators/cast is impractical or impossible.

    Neither applies here. And the existing fan base is notorious for being fiercely loyal to the man behind the story, so any attempt to use the characters and plots and story arcs he created and guided past the first, unfortunate movie to the cult favorite TV show looks less like a tribute or reinvention and more like a opportunistic attempt to cash in on the "tweens love vampire movies" craze. At best, the Whedon fan base will be disinterested, and a little sad. At worst, they'll torpedo the new movie.

    The only chance of success this movie will have is if it openly woos the fanbase and somehow assures them that this will be a Buffy even Joss would enjoy (and good luck with that), and/or manages to attract enough moviegoers who are not already Buffy fans but who would show up out of name-recognition and good marketing.

  85. Hassan says:

    The worst part about this movie's existence, is when it bombs (both critically and commercially— and believe me, it will) it will pretty much kill any chances of Joss Whedon getting to do a Buffy/Angel feature film somewhere along the line with his original crew and cast. A movie like THAT would truly be epic and be one that fans will actually be "eagerly awaiting." This pile of rubbish, is just making me angry.

    If this writer claims to be such a Buffy fan, then you would think she would seek out Joss' blessing and advice before making a movie that could potentially kill the entire franchise. Because last I read from Joss, he was no where in support of this movie and is actually kind of hurt that his ideas and hard work are able to be essentially stolen, due to a loophole in contracts.

  86. Angela says:

    Without Joss Whedon, this will be an abysmal flop. Without the cast we know and love, none of the original fans will buy into this. Joss Whedon made it what it was, and without him, this is just offensive.

  87. buffywrestling says:

    Not my high school Buffy? Do they realize Buffy was in high school only 3 out of 7 seasons? *Buffy* was barely High-School Buffy! This has wrong written all over it.

  88. Delanna says:

    First off, I agree wholeheartedly that Buffy is Joss and Joss is Buffy. That Buffy=SMG, Willow=AH and Xander=NB, Ben=Glory, Glory=Ben. And I was on the majority boat last year when the rumour sprang up about there being a buffy movie in the works because that rumour was an obvious ploy to make money off of the whole Stephanie Meyer twilight crap that was huge at the time. But now Twilight is fading into the background and when I read this article about the Buffy remake/reboot there was a really, really important thing that made me tear up a little.

  89. Zero says:

    I'm just waiting for the casting announcement of Miley Cyrus, because she's so edgy…

    Come one, Buffy is nothing withouth Joss Whedon AND Sarah Michelle Gellar. He created that character and she embodied that character like no one else could have done.

  90. Delanna says:

    Buffy was never about vampires, it was about being strong, brave loyal and true. And I actually believe that Whit isn't going to royally screw this up. Maybe it's me being naive, but I really have alot of hope for this. Again, I agree with everyone on the fact that this reboot/remake will never be what we want because Joss and the cast aren't involved, but it will still be amazing to see Buffy through someone elses interpretation on the big screen. Buffy will always,always,always,always be Joss' baby. No one can take that away from him. Whether or not the movie is a fail or a pass, The 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will forever remain something that can not be touched.

  91. Deb says:

    I'm actually excited to see a new version from someone else. Joss ran the TV series into the ground and stomped on it, so I can't really see him doing anything fresh with it. Especially after seeing the wreck the comics are. My only concern is this: "And are we doomed and destined to love someone? " Please, for god's sake, do not do a repeat of Buffy/Angel. Or the Twilight crap. Why not come at it from a realistic relationship standpoint instead of the doomed-from-the-beginning-but-OMG-our-love-is-so-destined trope? Please.

  92. Tammy says:

    This is just unnecessary. Part of what made Buffy great was the chemistry of the cast, Joss etc. It was lightning in a bottle and wont be captured again. I wish people would leave well enough alone. If any Buffy graces us with it's presence again it should be when all pertinent parties can come together and do it right. This is just ruining that possibility.

  93. Mike D. says:

    definitely gonna skip on this if Whedon isnt involved. This is bull.

  94. Cronopio says:

    Actually, there is an active fan base waiting to torpedo this movie. NO JOSS? NO BUFFY!

  95. Cunamara says:

    Good grief. The feckless greed of Hollywood strikes again. Can't anyone come up with a *new* idea?

    As part of the active fanbase, I have no interest in seeing a Buffy "reboot" unless it is written by Joss and Co., and unless is also stars Sarah, Alyson, Nick, Tony, Charisma, Michelle, James, David, etc. The Kazuis have obviously never understood what Buffy is about, except the making-money-from-someone-else's-talent part.

    I feel sorry for Whit Anderson and wonder why she let herself get dragged into this.

  96. Rosie says:

    Isn't profiting from fanfiction usually illegal?

  97. John says:

    Checking in on the response..I wonder how many of the naysayers will pop in, in disguise, just to see what this lovely author has on her mind.

  98. Shannon says:

    I seriously hope she falls into a Hellmouth and lands on something pointy. DO NOT WANT. Do not want to the umpteenth power!

    Kaz & Fran Kuzui need to realize that THEY were not the ones who made Buffy a fantastic series — Joss Whedon did. And I'm sorry, Whit Anderson, but you are no Joss Whedon.

  99. fidget says:

    This is just such a bad idea. To have someone with no real experience come in and completely remake, reboot, etc. such a fabulous franchise is ridiculous. it has been off the air for barely 5 years, you don't have the genius behind it involved in any way. Especially if it's another "origin story" like all of these other movies, you might as well skip it. Why ruin something that doesn't need additional content, that was wonderful as it was… I don't want to watch anything that isn't backed by Joss, though i will watch to judge and point fingers at the stupidity when it comes out. I imagine it's going to be very twilight-esque because hollywood likes money more than creativity.

  100. angry Buffy fan says:


    I hope you don't make a dime on this project!
    Just the title of this article shows gross disrespect for Joss Whedon. This active fanbase you're talking about is waiting on HIM!!!

    I hope this movie crashes and burns

    to all of the new vampire fans, I hope you watch Buffy before you just say oh yay and rush out to buy tickets. So you understand that Buffy CANNOT exist without Joss Whedon!

  101. Avy. says:

    This is a terrible idea. Buffy is a legend, and Joss created her. They will never make anything as amazing, especially not without Joss. I'm completely against this 'dumbing down' of such a great TV series.

  102. Sarah says:

    This is somehow a joke, yes?

  103. Sam says:

    Nobody wants this.

  104. fay says:

    It's not that nobody but Joss (and Tim and Jane and co) can write Buffy – there's plenty of excellent fanfic out there. And it's not that rebooting classic genre TV is a bad idea per se – LOVE the new Trek movie, looking forward to the next one. But BtVS was something very timely and original, and its strength lay in the in-house writing style, the fine central ensemble, and the medium of television. The original movie was rather embarrassingly bad – which isn't entirely Joss's fault, since it's clear that the director didn't 'get' the particular tonal shifts Whedon typically uses; nevertheless, the roaring success of the TV show was due in large part to the medium. They took seasons to develop characters, back-story, mythos, relationships – carrying on through the medium of comics works, because you still have the scope for storytelling. But even a Whedon-helmed movie with the original cast would be a dubious proposition, frankly. This? This is a LAUGHABLY bad idea.

  105. Alice says:

    HELLOOOOOOOOOO HAS ANYONE NOTICED THE WHOLE COMIC BOOK THATS STILL GOING!!!!!!?????????? You cant reimagine something thats still in the makes. I honestly cannot believe someone is trying this. Sometimes the best thing that can happen to a show is for it to end. Look at Dollhouse, I may have cried my eyes out at the end but I'm not sure any other ending would have been worth all the effort everyone put into it. The same goes for Buffy. While we all wanted and still want more, all things must come to an end. Or be turned into a comic and talked about nonstop.

  106. comehomenow says:


  107. Mayflower says:

    The title of this article is unbelievably disrespectful. Not sure if the editor or author came up with it (and I really hope Whit Anderson didn't approve it), but the way to win fans for this reboot is definitely not to rudely dismiss Joss Whedon in large bold letters right at the outset. He is still very much alive and respected and working and relevant…as evidenced by the other comments.

  108. Cait says:

    This freak needs to stop writing fanfics and get an original idea. Retarded.

  109. ALix says:

    “There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return"
    There is two ways this 'active fan base' are going to react. 1. Put our fingers in our ears and shout LALALALALA until it goes away or 2. Break into the cinema and throw things at the screen its playing on.

  110. Jay says:

    This Whit Anderson is clearly not a real Buffy fan. It would be one thing to revive Buffy if its original creator were dead. Or even comatose. But he's not. If she were a real Whedon fan, she would have refused to do this movie on principal.

  111. The One True b!X says:

    I don't have any *inherent* opposition to reboots/remakes. I thoroughly enjoyed SHERLOCK, for example. But it should be noted that Arthur Conan Doyle had long since left behind any interest in the character, and countless actors have played the role.

    I think, one day, a revisit, by someone other than Joss, to the Buffy concept and character could be very exciting. But it should be out of a sense of vision and passion, if we want it to be any good, and not merely out of a sense of needing to cash in on the latest, and dying, Twilight-fueled vampire frenzy.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a TV series ended only seven years ago, and its creator continues working with the character in comic book form. There's simply no creative need, right now, for a reboot or remake.

  112. Hayley King says:

    I have absolutely no interest in seeing this unless Joss Whedon is involved. What on earth are they thinking?

  113. Joanna says:

    This is a prime example of how stupid Hollywood is. All you will accomplish here is ruining a beloved something for millions of people and creating anew fake version for the new generation. GET A NEW IDEA! And if I were Whit Anderson I'd be smart enough to not get involed and to go down as the woman who RUINED Buffy. THERE IS NO WAY THIS CAN BE GOOD OR ACCEPTED. Don't bother. PLEASE!!!!

  114. louisa says:

    I feel absolutely ill about this. Never knew he sold the rights. Why? How did that happen? Without James Marsters and Boreanaz, and the original cast it just CAN’T be “Buffy”. HELP. :(

  115. Richard says:

    She sounds so bright and positive.

    Doesn't change the fact she'll f*ck it up.

  116. eilowyn says:

    Dear Whit Anderson,

    Please don't. You're not Chris Nolan or Joss Whedon. Don't compare yourself to them.

    The real Buffy fan base (that obviously wasn't consulted by Rovan)

  117. Theresa says:

    My basic feeling is this: Whit Anderson seems like a really devoted fan, and I don't care at all what her experience may or not be, but that still doesn't mean this movie should be made. The fact that she's a fan makes her involvement more upsetting, because – while many of us may have indulged in our fanfiction – no fan I know would ever be so disrespectful as to think they could do Buffy without Joss. I'm not blaming her though, I'm blaming the studio and Fran Kuzui, and anyone else looking to make a quick buck on destroying other people's memories with these flashy "updates" that strip the essence of the original to cash in on a name. Rushing this into a theater in the next year shows no commitment to do this project right.

  118. Elena says:

    The worst idea of the decade – to reboot Buffy without Joss.

  119. MrFloppy says:

    I'm a fan and I'm not waiting for this garbage!

  120. Mickey says:

    WE MUST BOYCOTT……NO ONE SHALL SEE IT!!!! again…no joss, no watch. Buffy is 29. Let her be.

  121. Mia says:

    "Anderson knows that without Whedon, the most devoted fans of the old series will be keeping a skeptical eye on this nascent revival — and sharpening their wooden stakes."

    Ok. We get that this woman loved Buffy when she was growing up. We get that she did theater. But I'm sorry, so did like 349587 of the BtVS fans, but you don't see us going and running to directors being like "OMG LUK I WROTE A SCRIPT LOL" Look at all the fanfic out there for Buffy, still being produced to this day by fans. There's a season 8 comic book written by Joss. I mean, seriously. We haven't expected a movie in years now, I have so much other stuff. I'm still even re-watching the series, there's a lot to get me by!

    If she wants to create something, why not make something that hasn't been done? I mean for christ's sake, Stephanie Meyer took the story of Buffy and Angel and gave the characters new names (Bella = Buffy/Willow, Edward = Angel, Jacob = Oz) and named the town Forks instead of Sunnydale. Let's be honest ;)

    If this woman wants to write something, go ahead, but why take something that is dear to us, the 'cult following' and, yep I'm gonna say it even though I haven't seen it yet, ruin it? I know I don't have to see the movie, but it's the principle. Right? I'm just gonna speak for myself here and say that I'm not going to see it, if not just for respect for Joss.

  122. marrog says:

    Jesus H Christ on a crutch you people are insane. _It's just a new version_. Without people reinterpreting shows / films / comics we would have no Chris Nolan Batman, no reimagined BSG, no new Trek. You guys are saying "No, it's different!" but you're offering no evidence as to _how_. Oh, Joss Whedon was so distinctive! Well, let's leave that as true: so was Bob Kane. So was Frank Miller. So was Tim Burton. So was Gene Roddenbury. You deify this guy who, let's be clear, _did not write every episode of the beloved original series_. Now I don't know this Whit Anderson from Adam, but that's not to say I'm not interested to see what she comes up with for Buffy going forward. Let me tell you, Joss Whedon is _not that hard to ape_. We know this because fanfic writers do it all the time, and tiny fraction of them actually do it competently. Get the heck over yourselves, open your eyes, and realise that the sun _does not shine_ out of Joss Whedon's bum! Oh my God!

    • Greg says:

      No one is saying that Buffy can't be redone at some point, and by someone other than Whedon. But the franchise just ended its TV run six years ago, and canonical Buffy stories are still being published in comics. Even more importantly, most of the original cast and crew are still willing and able to be involved in any new installments to the series.

      Batman, Star Trek, and BSG were different. Their original runs were long over, and their original creators, cast, and crew were either unwilling or unable to continue telling new stories. The Batman, Star Trek and BSG universes were ripe for re-imagining and remaking. Someday Buffy probably will be too – when Joss Whedon is dead, Sarah Michelle Gellar is a grandma, and no one in the 18-49 demographic can remember the series being on TV.

      It's not even close to time for a Buffy reboot. The only reason this is being done is so that short-sighted, no-talent producers (i.e., Kaz and Fran Kuzui) can cash in on the current popularity of vampires. There's nothing to it beyond simple opportunistic greed.

      Oh, and I know a guy who knows a guy who said we saw Joss Wheadon moon a bus filled with scientologists, and he says the sun actually DOES shine out of his butt. So there!

  123. Emza says:

    I would like to comment on the fact that I have yet to see a SINGLE positive comment on this project. Does that tell you much about the Buffy fanbase? NOT eagerly awaiting this project. It's time to realize the mistake and MOVE ON, WB.

  124. Logan says:

    What is this fanbase of which you speak? The fanbase I know of, including myself, would rather spend a Friday night rewatching our Buffy box sets. It's about ten years too soon for a Buffy reboot/remake/re imagining.

  125. whiskey199 says:

    Joss Whedon's fanbase is about two million folks, tops. That's it, from Dollhouse. That being said, a new take on the character COULD work. Nicholas Meyer did Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, with a better take on the characters than Gene Roddenberry had.

    Whedon's problem is that he's eternally in High School, not a good trait in a man who … is the man. You can't rail against it when you are it! Add to it the lame-ness of angsty eternal moping over not changing the bad boy Alpha male, and you get stuck in 1998, forever.

    The movie could work, with the TV cast, ala Star Trek, and without Whedon. The same general approach would be needed. Captain Kirk cast aside everything for command, and is now trapped by it, tragically, as everything else he gave up (family, love) comes home. That's what made Wrath of Khan the best Star Trek movie. Same thing with Buffy, chasing dangerous bad boy Alphas hoping to change them costs her, well respect, family, love, instead of becoming a leader of women and men and a mother as good as her own.. With time coloring all the characters who've changed. You'd need Gellar, Head, Brendon, Hannigan, Trachtenberg, at a minimum. Without them you've got a lame Next Generation Star Trek movie.

    But this sounds no original TV cast, lame teen romantic angst, ala Twilight Electric Boogalo II. Whedon is like Roddenberry, great creator but unable to adapt to time. And this woman sounds like no Nicolas Meyer.

  126. do not want says:

    Well this is going to crash and burn like a big burney, crashy thing.

  127. jamesmarstersjunkie says:

    This whole thing is a joke and for this Whitt chick to say that there is an active fan base is completly false, and if its not then where all the web pages that favor a revamping of a TV phenomenon? Oh wait…there aren’t any. When this Whitt fails I will gladly find her and laugh and point and give her my “told ya so’s” who does she think she is taking it upon herself to bring back a character who went out so beautifully??? We, the true and loyal fans of Joss and his creation, say no to this wanna be Buffy. This Whitt will no doubt want to cast herself as our beloved Slayer. How laughable to think that someone else could fill such big shoes. Whitt, my deluded unknown, you are on the fast track to never finding work in Hollywood if you go through with this and like I said, when you fail I will laugh my Latin ass off.

  128. Shannon says:

    I seriously hope she falls into a Hellmouth and lands on something pointy. DO NOT WANT. Do not want to the umpteenth power!

  129. v.k. says:

    Does anyone else find the title "Joss who?" just completely insulting, disturbing, depressing, infuriating, and, and, and…. all sorts of other pissedoffish adjectives? Hmmph.

  130. Mia says:

    Also, I'm sorry, but does this lady look like Adelle DeWitt to anyone else? Or is that just me? For reals, I know you like Joss, (de)Whit Anderson, but come on. Back off.

    Ok I'm done.

  131. Ritchie Steven says:

    No one wants to see "Buffy" rebooted. To say that "There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character's return." is complete BS. We want a big screen Buffy movie by Joss Whedon, and without him or Sarah Michelle Gellar than I hope this project dies a horrible death.

  132. DEEPER29 says:

    Really? Does this chick have any real writing credits? And if not, why are we reading about it and why is she posing like she's on TMZ? Something tells me the "writer's couch" is alive and well at Atlas Entertainment.

  133. Robert says:

    OMG, there is not only NO fanbase wanting this movie, there is probably the most intense opposition to this film of any in the history of film.

    We do NOT want this movie. NO ONE wants this movie. Even though I’ve published articles on Buffy and am writing a book in which BUFFY plays a major role, there is no way in hell I’ll ever see this movie.

    I’m more likely to watch one of the Twilight movies (read and detested the first novel, and won’t read any more) than this BUFFO film.

  134. Shannon says:

    Joss responds with class and style, as ever:

    (Which is more than we can say about Whit. About whom I do not give a…)

  135. TJS says:

    I hope this project dies. I hope someone has the brains and the guts and the mercy to kill this project. I hope WB goes broke and can't make this movie. I hope the writer does a crap job and they scrape the project. I hope for anything and everything to stop this abomination.

    No Joss, no Buffy, no questions.

  136. Soni says:

    E!online's Kirstin Dos Santos just posted some breaking news about Joss' reaction: Joss Whedon Reacts to Buffy Movie News: "I Have Strong, Mixed Emotions"

  137. Jennifer says:

    I don't think that I could be any more angry than I am at the moment. No WHEDON!!! What a slap in the face!

  138. Arturo Romo says:

    I repeat the sentiment: this just won't work without Joss Whedon or the orignal cast. The fan base is determined to see the originals attached to the film, not some film reboot that will no doubt implode – oh look, it just did.

  139. sarah says:

    Who the hell is Whit Anderson? Joss Whedon is not just some hollywood player looking to make as much $$ as he can. He is an artist and an amazing storyteller. The fact that Ms. Anderson is completely circumventing Whedon tells me that she just doesn't understand the concept of Buffy or why it was successful. I think this project is doomed to fail. Or at least it hope it is. Buffy has already proven itself and has no need to compete with Twilight. Suggesting otherwise is insulting to everyone involved, including its beloved fan base.

  140. Burbank says:

    Whedon is horribly overrated, but "Buffy" is all about him and his particular bent on characters and story. Yet another pathetic attempt to cash in… If Anderson had any credible credits, as Nolan did before taking on "Batman Begins", I might be interested in at least seeing a new "Buffy", but…

  141. Elsietea says:

    The only Buffy movie that true fans want to see would reunite the old cast and be written and directed by Joss Whedon—–otherwise it's just a Buffy rip-off. No thank you. There is no fan base for this movie.

  142. Blake says:

    The only thing I could ever imagine the movie industry doing worse than this is rebooting a John Hughes movie. I'm going to go vomit in a corner and then eat it again because that will be better than a Whedon-less Buffy.

  143. Leila says:

    The thing about us Buffy fans is that we do not just love the show and its characters (and actors), but also Joss Whedon. He is our hero! He created the Buffyverse. He wrote some of the best episodes (Hush, enyone?) and brought this unique mixture of witty dialogue and painful darkness to the show. There is not just a Buffy fanbase, but a very, very loyal Whedon fanbase. We do not want a Joss-less Buffy movie. It just seems too disrespectful to the great master ^^
    AND IT HAS ONLY BEEN 7 YEARS!! Seriously, we are still rewatching our DVDs, it is too early for a remake…

  144. Sam says:

    Listen to yourselves. No one is more loyal to Joss than I am. But I'm reading three different fanfics,
    NONE of which were written by Joss or any of his people. If any of them were turned into a movie, or series I would be all over them. Especially "Watchers" the virtual series.
    Stop your whining over a project you know nothing about (except "no Joss – no Buffy").
    The Buffyverse is now far more expansive than the perview of Joss Whedon.
    But DAMN can we at least wait until the full team is assembled.
    This thing isn't even written yet.

  145. Russell says:

    I dislike this idea very much, and probably won't watch it for the same reason I don't read fanfiction.

  146. Sketchy says:

    Wow you can do something like this?

    Excuse me while I go ‘reboot’ Star Wars

  147. Terry Mancour says:

    Congratulations, folks! With ardant fan antipathy and a heavily sighing Joss in the background, you get the rare chance to see a bomb in the making at the formative "script" stage.

    If it ain't Joss, it ain't Buffy. Just sayin'.

  148. ChrisPol says:

    I understand this new writer wants to start her career and make a name for herself, but not with this franchise. Dont make this movie. Just dont.

  149. Stoker says:

    I am seriously willing to put money towards a Whedon-helmed movie. Enough of the studios controlling what and when we see something.

  150. skydiver1 says:

    And when this reboot flops after the fans loyal to Joss Whedon ignore it, the idiots who came up with this idea will say, "See, there's no interest in Buffy the Vampire Slayer" anymore, further dooming any attempt on Joss' part to revive the original show with the original cast.

  151. Sam says:

    Another thing people.
    First, if Joss were interested in doing a Buffy movie, don't you think that he would have heard our cries by now? He knows how big a fan base we are.
    Also, SMG has expressed NO (0) desire to do Buffy again. All of the scoobies actors are in their late thirties. How much freshness do you think they can add to the movie without Sarah Michelle?
    It's time to accept that actors and creators move on.
    Give Whit Anderson a Chance!

  152. Holly says:

    Huge Buffy fan here—won't see this crap.

  153. ToyChristopher says:

    I loved Buffy. But she is gone. Even if Joss were to be spearheading this project it wouldn't be the same. It's sad to let go of something, but tarnishing it's memory by "rebooting" it is just wrong.

  154. Tonya_Jarrett says:

    You know, I had a really emotionally bad weekend. I knew I shouldn't have looked at the news but I did anyway. And cognizant of the fact that I'm torn up over a video of the TSA strip-searching a little boy, an agency out of control, aided and abetted by a President I voted and cheered for, and the United Nations by majority vote, removing the LGBT population from protection of execution, you might think my angst and bitterness on behalf of Joss Whedon over a lack of respect on the part of Warner Brothers might be, well, a tad over the top.

    But it isn't. The things I am core-deep devastated by and this news about Buffy, are all related to respect and propriety. And art? It's a huge priority to me. It's life and breath. Joss Whedon wrote a funny, self-deprecating email to Kristin Dos Santos today in which he says he has "strong, mixed feelings". So do his fans. I think most of us want to remain open-minded, while this news rankles a lot of us deeply. Because the devotion he has given to Buffy, his creation, feels like private property, all movie-rights noise aside. And now some people are bolt-cutting his chain-link fence and absconding with his girl, and a big piece of his heart.

    Artists don't always get the breaks they should, and while Joss Whedon is a blessed man in many respects, uber talented, beloved by many the world over, this hand dealt right here? It just.ain't.right.

  155. Tabaqui says:

    The hysterical cries here are rather amusing. I enjoyed the original Buffy movie quite a bit. I loved the tv series, and followed the spin-off characters to Angel and loved that, too. But – why *not* a new vision of Buffy? This is rather a lot like fanfic – you take a character you love and you spin it, change it a little, magnify some bits and downplay others, put them in cowboy gear or out into space.

    I'd be bummed if this came off like 'Twilight', all angst and puppy eyes or Anne Rice, all heaving bosoms and tossing hair. I would hope that the original humor and skewed world view would be utilized to their fullest.

    I adored Star Trek growing up. They did a reboot. I saw it, I didn't like it. But I *did* give it a chance. Pity that these fans don't seem to want to do that at all. After all – a reboot won't destroy the original, and if it sucks, you can have fun saying 'I told you so'. So why get so tweaked?

  156. snow says:

    i love the idea of the show being rebooted. :) i'll be there, i guess i must be part of that random fanbase. the original movie will always be a classic, and the series was awesome, but … yeah. it's not like it couldn't use a dusting off. as long as the new writer/producer/etc doesn't twilight it.


  157. Rayna says:

    We are upset not because a Buffy movie Is being made not evin because Joss isn’t helming it but because they didn’t evin ask him to take a look. It’s insulting to be the creator of a project and to have someone remake it without so much as asking your input. That my friends is why I’m a little pissed off.

  158. Reb says:

    Anderson says, "And are we doomed and destined to love someone? That conflict was very interesting to me." Not to knock "Twilight" or anything…oh, hell, why not? That particular conflict was the least of the things that was interesting about "Buffy", and it was something that Buffy supposedly shook off once she was out of high school. If that's the thrust of the reboot, count me out.

  159. Michelle VL M says:

    Quote: "There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return."
    Translation: There is a huge Twilight fan base that soaks up all things vampire and we want to cash in on that.

  160. Kathleen says:

    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

  161. PleaseGodNo says:

    When I read this article, I actually teared up from outrage. Even if the movie's decent (which I doubt), I will refuse to see it. It's disrespectful to not include the man who made the franchise into the amazing and thrilling series it is. I don't care if I'm being unfair or a rabid fan or whatever, it just isn't right and I would rather sit through a thousand readings of "Twilight" than watch this movie. *slow claps* Congratulations, Hollywood, you've managed to be even greater dicks than I thought you were.

  162. Ellie says:

    No, the fanbase is not eagerly awaiting this RE-BOOT. Have you guys been to any of the Buffy forums?

    This will be badly received and doom the movie the fanbase HAS been eagerly awaiting: "FRAY" – y'know, that Buffy-world comic that takes place 500 years in the future with an awesome and canonical slayer? A movie that would NOT crush people's souls and destroy beautiful memories?

    Fray would've been a great movie, why didn't you just buy the comic and base a script off it?

    God, Hollywood's stupidity is so depressing.

  163. Sarah says:

    I'm a huge Whedon fan. I've watched every show he's ever done when they originally aired. I've read the Buffy season 8 comics. I've Buffy fangirled myself out at comic book conventions and I've actually even attended the academic conference known as Slayage where academic types share their papers on the works of Whedon. I will always follow what he does and deeply cheerish Btvs the television series.

    With that said I think this reboot has potential major potential for three reasons.

    1. The television show was a Reboot. SMG was not the original buffy though she was the best. Reboots are what make heroes timeless without people who have been inspired by the original works Superman, Spiderman, or Batman would not still exist in mainstream popular culture.
    2. Whedon doesn't want to do another Buffy film. If he wanted to he could. His popularity is huge right now. If he wanted to write a screenplay and restart the Buffy narrative he could in a heartbeat. Instead he would rather be working on something that was the intellectual property of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.
    3. The first reboot of this character Buffy that took place during the 7 seasons of the series is significantly better than the original film and Whedon was NOT the only person who wrote and shaped this character throughout the series. It was a team of writers that made the character strong. Individuals like Marti Noxon, Jane Espenson, David Fury have written some of the most powerful and meaningful episodes of the series. I will give you that Joss had a way with this character that he created that will always be magical, but if you only ever think him worthy then you're not only overlooking the very talented writers that worked on the series for 7 years but you are also killing what could be one of the greatest female heroes of all time.

    I say if the story moved someone enough that they wrote a screenplay that got Warner Brothers attention give her a shot like someone did when they let Joss Whedon write Alien: Resurrection (characters that don't belong to him)

  164. Shloss Fleetbum says:

    You people are all idiots.

    First off, you know you sound pathetic when you call him "Joss," right? Is he your uncle? Your neighbor? Do you imagine you have some kind of personal relationship with him?

    Seriously, it's a CHARACTER. Just a character. A new movie doesn't affect the TV show you all seem to care too deeply about anyway; your DVDs will still play when this comes out. One would have to assume that Joss Whedon got first crack at writing and directing this, but he seems to have moved on with his life. (Actually, as he said so perfectly in his statement, he's busy ripping off someone else's idea at the moment. Actually, come to think of it… Titan AE… Alien Resurrection…)

    The idea that NOBODY can do a Buffy movie but Joss Whedon is moronic. He's already given the world two interpretations… Do you guys really love the character so much you're not interested in seeing any other interpretations? When you sit down to pound out fan fiction do you stop and tell yourselves "No! Only Joss…"?

    Go get some sun.

    And hey, Nathan: You're a fan, and you're telling me if you had the chance to get involved in a Buffy project you'd turn it down because you're not Joss Whedon? Doubtful. Also, you need serious help with reading comprehension. I suspect, too, that you may suffer from ADD, but that's just a hunch.

    • k13 says:

      Shloss, that JUST A CHARACTER was written by JOSS who is loved and is successful because of his FANS. And if we want to call him Joss, I seriously doubt he would have any problem with it. But thats beside the point. Do you know why people call Joss JOSS or Sarah SARAH? Because THAT' s how good Buffy is. It's a series that makes you cry, cringe, laugh, weez, gasp and cry and laugh again within a period of 45 minutes.

      For me, personally, Buffy helped me get through my Dad's death. I'm just an idiot I know and I'm pathetic. But being able to watch a character I so truly love, go through the same hell that I was experiencing helped me cope. Because if Buffy could do it so could I.

      I have only watched that episode twice in my whole life… critics around the world praised Joss and SMG for their work (though I doubt you even have a clue what I'm talking about) They did something that most shows can't achieve. They made people care.

      And we do care. That is why we all suffer from ADD, see Joss as a demi God and we all have Buffy tattooed across our foreheads……

      Wether you like it or not, there are millions of people who care about this series…. tough Sh….. if you don't…

    • bella vita says:

      Its pretty ironic that you're on here calling other people "idiots" and insulting them while you yourself are incapable of stating your own opinion without feeling the need to resort to personal attacks and childish name-calling. Not to mention how utterly obnoxious and presumptuous you comments are like picking at the fact that alot of these people simply call him "Joss". What should they call him? Mr.Whedon? Should they always use his full name? Maybe they do almost feel as if they know him after following his work for over a decade. I highly doubt that any of them truly imagine that they have any kind of personal relationship with him. Its one thing to disagree with other people, but to insult their intellect and act as if you actually know anything about them says far more about you than it does about them. Does it make you feel better about yourself to act like you're somehow superior? I hate to break it to you, but you're inability to express yourself without needing to attack others is far less rational than their refusal to accept anyone other than "Mr. Whedon" at the Buffy helm. If they're all pathetic then I'm afraid you're even more so because you're use of ADD as an insult is extremely offensive and plain despicable.

      Also your assumption that Joss got first crack at writing and directing this movie is entirely incorrect. He actually just found out about it along with the rest of us. The Buffy universe was his creation yet due to legal loopholes caused by a naive mistake he made when he first started in the industry he's only just been informed that someone he's never even met is completely reinventing the world that he created without his approval and you think that's perfectly ok?

  165. Boe says:

    this sucks!! I want joss not this dumb chick. why can't they do a movie about another slayer. why does it have to be Buffy? I could see a reboot 20 years from now but this is lame. I guess there is a slim chance it could actually be a good film but I doubt it.

  166. smiletime says:


  167. inlovewithspike says:

    There are few shows I love more than Buffy, and I read every comic as it comes out. I wish Joss were doing this, but if it's bad, well, I've managed to block out most of the original movie so I don't think this will be too scarring.

  168. Jill says:

    Ummmmmmm…. No.

  169. malakafan says:

    Why not simply make a film of Fray? There’s your buffyverse reboot but totally separate from the original beloved characters? But Jose would still have to be involved…we’ve learned the hard way that when Joss is directly engaged on implementing his vision thing work, and when he ain’t they don’t.

  170. EnragedFan says:

    This is an abomination. What i want to see is a REAL buffy movie. With Joss whedon, Sarah Gellar, David Boreanez, Nicholas Brendan and all of the ORIGINAL cast. anything else would be horrible.

    Twilight is garbage.

  171. BelindaGomez says:

    So, Kaz and Fran must be needing money, right? And Whit Anderson isn't exactly a household name as a writer (nor as an actress), but she does have a film with Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman attached. So, who's her big pal/BFF/boy friend?

  172. AmbroseKalifornia says:

    I'll be in my bunk.


  173. drusilla says:

    whedon’s writing style was as much a part of the Buffy story as the characters or plot – his humor, his phrasing, his pop culture references were consistent no matter who wrote or directed each ep. it would be remarkable for anderson to mimic that without his involvement & it’s truly not buffy without it.

    the only acceptable new cast would be if she took one of the potentials and created a storyline that progressed from the series finale. that would give validity to the difference. but there’s no need to “reboot” what joss already conclusively finished. batman is an inadequate comparison.

  174. Richard Vales III says:

    I wouldn't call it too early for a re-boot. Let's see, Spider-Man 3 made something like over $800 million world wide, came out in 2007, and oh yea let's just kick out Maguire and Raimi and make it 3D and oh yea and make it a 'younger Peter Parker/Spider-Man' blah blah blah. So we are gonna get a Spider-Man reboot. Let's not forget the re-boot of the newly re-booted Superman that will be coming out.

    Anyway with no Joss Whedon all the Buffy fans put on their sad faces. Buffy really didn't start to hit epic status until the last couple of seasons but it was pretty sweet. The original movie was for giggles.

    I won't see this movie. I definitely won't see the new Spider-Man reboot.

    Reboot is just another word for = barren.

  175. matt millikin says:

    gotta echo every other comment on here. without joss, this is not buffy. can't imagine it'll stay true to the ongoing story, to the characters, or to the tone. and if it doesn't, what's the point?

  176. gfataaaa says:

    oh whit anderson this bad buffy karma is going to haunt you the rest of your days…

  177. antipyrene says:

    No…just no

  178. Mel of OZ says:

    Bugger that for a Joke!!! Sorry unless Joss is involved in the project FORGET IT. Leave it alone.

  179. Nick says:

    OMG ARE THEY KIDDING??? Who is going to want to watch this??? This is ridiculous. NO BUFFY WITHOUT JOSS!

  180. JohnDoes says:

    Sorry, There is only One Buffy: Sarah Michelle Gellar and only one Buffy Writer/Producer: Joss!

    See what happened to the Terminator Franchise first without James Cameron and then without Arnold!

    Same thing going to happen to Buffy if they let this happen.

    Plus None of the Buffy Fans been asking for a reboot!

    If they want to make a Buffy movie; make one with Sarah as Buffy and as a producer or don't make one at all!!

  181. Andie says:

    The only way I would POSSIBLY consider seeing this without Joss would be with the ENTIRE original cast, thus proving the script obviously is fairly freaking damn decent. BUT, I REALLY REALLY REALLY DOUBT THIS. Times infinity. But yeah. NO.

  182. Emmi says:

    The only Buffy movie the fans want to see is a reunion movie with ALL the BTVS tv series cast.
    Anything else will just be a sad rip-off.

  183. Fiona says:

    I will not be going to see 'it' and nor will any other Buffy fan that I know (and I'm pretty sure that the majority of the people I sat with in the Sydney Opera House a few months ago to hear Joss talk about his work would also concur). I don't think that these people understand that Buffy fans are predominantly Joss fans first and foremost. It is his work and vision that we value. Buffy does not need a reboot – only shows/movies that are either really old or were made poorly in the first place need a reboot. Joss already re-booted Buffy after the film version was essentially ruined by others. The truest version of Buffy has been done. Anything else is simply unpalatable. This reboot seems to be nothing more than a lame attempt by people lacking in original vision to hijack someone else's work to cash in on the current vampire craze. They may lure in the Twilight fandom but they will not entice any true Joss fan to see this movie.

  184. Ellen says:

    I am interested in anything Joss Whedon does. Not so much other writers/imitators.

  185. DG-WGA says:

    I find it so interesting that fans love a screenwriter that industry executives consider box office poison. I have worked with JW and his brother 2 years ago and he is a great guy but his greatest strength is short form narrative, i.e. television. The production history of the first film is legendary in the industry, the studio thought it was such a joke of a script, they abandoned rights to Kuzui & Kuzui.

  186. Kyven says:

    If I understand the legal situation correctly, the "reboot" could not have any of the Buffy characters from the television series except for Buffy. All the other characters Willow, Xander, Spike, Angel etc. are all owned by 20th Century Fox Film Corp. They can only use characters from the original movie.

  187. It’s offical.

    Fan fiction writers have overtaken Hollywood.

    Oh, I remember when I was growing up, I loved to read XYZ, but instead of being inspired to create my own worlds and stories, I am perpetually stuck in the 7th grade writing What if’s in my notebook, with little hearts floating on the margins

    I won’t even exclude Whedon from that, since he now essentially plays DisMarvel’s bitch boy with Avengers , but opposed to many others, he at least did some original creating with the Buffyverse and Firefly .


  188. Shannon says:

    Hahaha, the creators of this monstrosity need to read just a few comments on this from any of the pages that have it posted. NO ONE is happy about this, and I mean that. I have not read one comment that supports this in any way. :D Go Buffy fans!! Screw this crap. We want Joss!

  189. Messiahman says:

    Wow. She has no produced writing credits, her resume only consists of some nondescript extra work… but she looks like Milla Jovovich. YEAH, LET'S HIRE HER TO WRITE A CASH-IN BUFFY REDUX AND NOT GIVE ANY CREDIT TO JOSS WHEDON. Hollywood hackery at its most unsubtle. Well, Whit, hope you're ready for all the hatred and scorn coming your way. And honestly, no one is fooled by your "I was a big fan of the show" hype. That's just code for "I saw a few minutes of it once in my teens." You're not fooling anyone. You're just a hack in search of a paycheck. Hopefully, your resume is still on file at Central Casting in Burbank, because you'll be back to playing "Girl at Counter" extra roles in no time.

  190. windrider2 says:

    No. Just. No.

  191. lovebuffybut says:

    The one thing everyone here is missing is why they are not continuing from where the show left off. The kazuis don’t own the rights to any of the characters from the show except Buffy. So even if they brought in some of the old cast they would have to play new characters or get Whedon’s permission. So this Buffy will not have anything to do with the tv show. Since the original movie was not worth remaking it should be obvious that the story will probably be along the twilight concept that was no doubt inspired by Buffy’s relationships on the show. It will suck for real fans.

  192. tiredofremakes says:

    Obviously, since vampires are made up from imagination of people in the first place, there is plenty of room for many, many different takes on vampires that exist out there. Can't say I want to see a Buffy movie that does not have Joss Whedon attached, but why call it Buffy? They won't garner the affection of the Buffy audience. If they really want to make an original vampire story (and trade on the popularity of paranormal stories right now..Twilight..), go out and wade through all the current paranormal fiction falling off the shelves at any bookstore around and start with something fresh. There are plenty of good vampire kickbutt stories out there (one called Redheaded Stepchild by Jaye Wells pops to mind) that are begging to be made into movies. Why does Hollywood feel the need to remake things to death? No pun intended. There is so much more out there worth making …Mortal Instruments for one – WB should jump on optioning that story if they have not. It could be a franchise in the ilk of Harry Potter if done right.

  193. Greg (other) says:

    While I'm as skeptical of the project as everyone else, I have to point out that
    A) just because Anderson doesn't yet have a film credit, it doesn't mean she hasn't written a great script or two–many new writers will get hired on the strength of brilliant scripts they've written that everyone knows will never get made because, well, Hollywood is sometimes stupid.

    B) It's entirely possible that she does, indeed, get Buffy and took the project in part out of necessity to prevent others from screwing it up. If I were somehow magically offered this gig, I'd be sorely tempted to take it, in part for, yes, the money, but also because, as a fan of Buffy, I'd hate to see the job go to someone who didn't. C.f. Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio's amazing, brilliant, shoulda-been-made adaptation of the first two volumes of Neil Gaiman's Sandman for an example of something that was done really, really well. If this were 1996, we'd be screaming about that project, talking about how Elliott & Rossio only had "Little Monsters" and a Disney film to their credits…until we read it.

    C) It's hard to turn down paying work in Hollywood. Very hard. Particularly if you've been fighting for a while to get somewhere, anywhere, and know you're talented. Had I been offered this job, I would've tried to get in contact with Whedon first, at least to get his blessing, but it may be that the powers that be are intent on not doing that.

    D) It may never get made. Lots of things don't. Still, it's probably useful information for the studio to know just how opposed the fans are to a non-Whedon Buffy.

  194. NJRae says:

    Pardon me but WTF? Why would you even attempt to reboot Buffy without Joss at the helm?

  195. Terri K says:

    This is like fanfic being made into a movie.

  196. mellowyellow says:

    Fanfiction, anyone? That's what this sounds like to me. A big-budget fanfic put to film.

  197. drucilla says:

    tis a sad state of affairs when people steal good ideas in an attempt to make money. A joss whedon buffy movie would have made loads of money this one will be lucky if it breaks even! I dont want anything to do with a buffy movie without Joss.

  198. Paul Taegel says:

    Is this some kind of joke? Why would the task of writing a multi-million dollar film be put into the hands of an amateur? Before I slash my wrists, someone please offer Joss Whedon or Jane Espenson five million dollars and backend points to write this thing.

  199. Derek says:

    Woah, good grief people. Sure, the idea seems pretty daft. Rebooting Buffy doesn't make a lot of creative sense (although, in all honesty and to misquote the musical episode, where DO they go from there? i.e. the end of the series) but can we at least lay off the pathetic insults directed at Whitman? Quite literally she's done nothing yet. It's not HER greed that's got this project greenlit. She's just another well-meaning fan just like the rest of us!

    Oh, and every one of you that says you'd boycott the film is a liar. Of course you'll go, even if it's just out of morbid curiosity. And they know you will. Canny devils, eh?

  200. Kay says:

    I am in no way looking forward to this apparent ‘reset’ after ten years of crafted storyline from the ACTUAL creator Joss Whedon. He is the one that made me love every ounce of the show and the actors that brought his characters to life! Doing a movie without them is just absurd, seriously something that saddens me, no one can tell the story better than Joss and its original cast!

  201. Heather says:

    Guys, "Buffy" still lives. No, not this crappy non-Josstastic "reboot," but the Season 8 comics… Particularly the ANIMATED S8 comics (check it out on iTunes). The comics are allllllllllllll Joss. I wait until the nice full arc softbacks come out rather than buying them each month or however often they come out because they're much better than the flimsy typical comics. Artwork is amazing and the storyline… Well, hilariously, the Big Bad is named "Twilight." That makes me happy right there. People have spoiled the identity of "Twilight" for me damnit but I don't care, I'm going to wait til I see the animated comic on iTunes. Speaking of the animated S8, it's really, really great. Sure, it's NOT the voices of SMG etc., but the acting is still pretty great, but the animation… Wow. Who the hell needs a reboob when you can have something that awesome?

  202. sigh says:

    I hope they kill a random idiot vampire called Edward as a kick-off.

  203. Ceru says:

    What happened that made Joss lose control of Buffy to Warner Bros.?! Buffy is HIS creation. How did this happen???

  204. Rodney Amphlett says:

    "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", apart from being a brainchild of a literary genius, became a pantheon of creative writing galvanised by a vast crew of creative writers, directors, actors and production staff unified in a vision of what would become known as the "Buffyverse" – an alternate reality that has spawned a hit spinoff series and countless novels, comics and online tributes. It lives on not only in the hearts and minds of fans, but is being continually reintroduced to younger audiences by way of references to later Whedon products like "Firefly", "Serenity", "Dollhouse", "Dr. Horrible" and numerous writing and directing credits such as the Marvel Comics film franchise and television shows such as "Glee".

    The cache here is Whedon – not any one character he created. Buffy divorced from the subsequent universe created around her mythology – post the 1992 film and sustained over seven seasons of her own show and five seasons of a spin-off show ("Angel" – for those who don't know) cannot possibly sustain any conceivable interest amongst the Buffy fanbase. The original 1992 film – which is appalling and of curiosity only as a founding chapter – did well only after Whedon restored the value of the brand by carving out success many years through the comprehensive narrative of the television series.

    Denuded of access to the subsequent universe which made the Buffy tale so rich, and without the possibility therefore of achieving continuity with the television universe with which fans are familiar, it is impossible to foresee success for this venture.

    I can't imagine "Scoobies" or "Browncoats" possibly giving the idea anything other than the comprehensive drubbing it deserves. Without this endorsement, and with online reaction being instantaneous and viral – it is impossible to see how a new audience could see "cred" in this crude and transparent grab for cash – over the body of a living creator.

    WB should stick to DVD sales of "Dukes of Hazzard" if it thinks reviving old ideas is the way to easy money. Good luck finding a credible director…

  205. Can says:

    No faithful fan to the series would watch this.

  206. Donna says:

    I agree with all of you, I don't know where they have this 'active fanbase' stashed, because it's certainly not existing on planet Earth. This tv series went out on a high and continued as comic books by Joss who is the only one who would be able to continue this series successfully. Surely they would know also that none of us fans would pay money to see our beloved and precious creation (or Joss' creation) turned into an absolute train wreck.
    I think those at the helm of this project including Whit Anderson can kindly go fuck themselves.

  207. William says:

    Ugh! Everything Whit says is so generic and reads like nothing more than a bloodless press release. Get ready for a totally clueless reboot along the lines of a Platinum Dunes fail.

  208. Kim says:

    Buffy without Joss = NO!! Enough said.

  209. Captain Obvious says:

    These comments are hilarious.


    Sorry folks, it’s not fan-fiction if the partial copyright holders approved the project.

    “The Whedon fanbase won’t see it.”

    Who cares? If Whedon’s fans did not get the memo from Serenity’s failure and Dollhouse’s, then it should be repeated here. It doesn’t matter how vocal your fanbase is. What matters to Hollywood are results i.e. ratings and box office. To that end, Whedon hasn’t had a hit outside of the funny books since Angel was canceled.

  210. Lori says:

    I believe it was not just Joss that made Buffy, it was Sarah Michelle Gellar's creativity in acting that made Buffy who she was! Which Joss admitted about Sarah on their reunion special!! Without the actors/actresses who created the characters and made them who they were, it would not be the same! I still watch the old series and so do my kids! We even named our Golden Retriever Buffy! The love that Angel and Buffy shared was not replaceable! I think it would be an absolute hit if you brought Angel and Buffy back together again in their older years!!! With the same characters and actors-actresses they had before! These are characters that would not be the same if you changed what they looked like! There is only one Buffy, Angel, Willow, Zander, Giles, Cordy, Oz, Dawn, and Spike! Without the same actors, it would not be a hit!! I know I would not be interested in seeing it!! It would ruin the Buffy series if you brought new actors into it!!

  211. Lori says:

    There is only ONE "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"!! I see some of these actors/actresses acting now on TV! Angel in Bones, Willow in How I Met Your Mother! Even Sarah is in movies today! These actors/actresses own the characters NO ONE ELSE!!!! Bring back the old characters and you will see what a absolute HIT it will be! I know kids today will recognize the characters and the show! Without them I would NOT be interested in seeing it!!!

  212. NONONONO says:

    No, sorry. Not even rabid curiosity would get me to pay money to see a Joss-less Buffy. Not happening. FWIW, Whitman doesn't seem to have consulted Joss…neither apparently have the studio execs at the helm…this much is evident from reading Joss's response. The least they could have done is, even if Joss doesn't want the movie made, proactively assure him that they aren't going to disrespect the franchise and all the hard work of so many people. Like others have said – this is fan-fic on film. Even if Whitman CAN write, if Joss isn't involved even peripherally, to give his blessing as it were, then I'm not either.

  213. Shannon says:

    "Oh, and every one of you that says you'd boycott the film is a liar. Of course you'll go, even if it's just out of morbid curiosity. And they know you will. Canny devils, eh?"

    Have you ever met an actual Buffy fan, Derek? I think not. These are people who go out and do things like make their own MOVIES about the Whedonverse — google "Done The Impossible," for example. These are people who brought food and support to Whedon et al when they were in line picketing during the Hollywood writer's strike. These are people who are INCREDIBLY loyal to the world of Buffy and its creator, Joss Whedon. When they say they're not going, they're not going, It's not like all the comics geeks who swore up and down they'd never see Watchmen and then ran out and did. (Ask me how I know this: I live with the biggest Alan Moore fan imaginable).

    • k13 says:

      Dear Shannon, you are so right! Hell I even boycotted Angel up until this year because I was so angry and hurt and sad that Buffy ended…… I know, Angel was a GREAT series, especially the first and fifth season, but THATs how big a fan I am of Buffy and I know I am not alone…

      So Derek when Buffy fans say they won't go, trust me they wont!

  214. Whedon Pwns says:

    I do not understand this at all. I have been hearing about a possible reboot of BTVS for years now, but until now, the names of those responsible for trying to take the project from Joss were Fran and Kaz Kuzui. Even then I was repulsed at the idea of someone trying to take my most favored and beloved series away from the genius who ORIGINALLY envisioned/created it.

    Joss Whedon is a creative genius. Until the industry wises up and realizes this, there will be more disappointment and more wastes of airtime on our televisions. FOX alone has screwed Joss repeatedly on projects such as Firefly and Dollhouse: Both visually rich and beautifully written shows. Firefly had enough success (with fans who found the show even after the network screwed with it by misleading and airing the shows in a confusing manner) to still be an active series (in season 8-9) even now, yet was ripped from the fans at a mere 14 episodes (with a movie to help give closure). Even after the show's demise, new viewers are finding the show and becoming hooked & wanting more (just google Brown-coats). We, as Whedon fans, have spoken… time and again. Nothing changes, and now we are faced with having our perfect, longtime beloved Buffy taken away from us to be replaced by some unknown actress/writer and yet Joss Whedon, responsible for the success of the idea, is out of the loop?

    I've ranted enough. Here is the point: I do not want a non-Whedon Buffy. I do not want a non-SMG Buffy. I do not want to see her friends and all those familiar characters from the Whedon-verse just simply disappear. I will not pay to see this raping of my favorite series. PERIOD.
    (P.S. – Love to all my fellow Whedonites!)

  215. katydid says:

    I wish no ill will on this Whit girl, as she's obviously a Buffy fan. That said – WHO does she think she is? Does she know NOTHING about Joss's fanbase?

    This will be nothing more than a glorified fanfic. It will not be from the mind of Whedon, therefore IT WILL NOT BE BUFFY.

    No, Warner Bros, I'm not "eagerly awaiting" this. And no, I won't spend a dime on it, I hope it flops and fails. If that makes me a small person, then I'm perfectly happy to be small. I will sit and wait for Joss's re-re-boot of the Batman franchise. From Toronto, now THAT sounds good!

  216. Erin says:

    Wow, does this mean I can remake Harry Potter? I mean, it's just about over anyway, right? There must be a huge desire for a new, new Harry Potter without JK Rowling's input, right?

    Um, isn't that called plagiarism?? No? Well is should be.

  217. Andrew Lewis says:

    Let's give it a chance. If it works, then Joss Whedon and Whit Anderson and Sarah Michelle Gellar and the gang will have created characters that will outlive us all, like Robin Hood and his Merrie Men or Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and our national mythic hero will be a hot blonde who kicks butt. It does not get better than that. Don't worry; be happy this is happening.

    • k13 says:

      Happy???? WHY???? Because they are milking my favorite show of all time??? The show I hope one day my children will love as well…. Buffy is relevant, and Buffy's characters will outlive us all….the way they were originally created… by Joss and with its genius cast.

  218. Alex says:

    Would it really have been that hard for her to come up with something…I don't know, ORIGINAL?
    The rerun episodes haven't even cooled yet and there are already people trying to reboot it? I don't know who bothers me more, her for writing it or the producers who actually agreed it would be a good idea to green light it.

    Wow, I hope this doesn't make it past straight to DVD.

  219. Gently says:

    The active fanbase is currently enjoying Season Eight in the comic series, overseen by Whedon, sometimes written by him or several other known TV series writers like Espenson. There is no need for a new Buffy film especially if it means it will not contain character created (and owned) by Whedon. Why? Because not only Gellar or Whedon made it enjoyable, but the strong supporting cast.

    So please, Whit (who????) Anderson, take your script and place it on some fanfiction site. Either continue the legacy or write something really new… but as you're probably screwed up by the Hollywood laziness this will fall onto deaf ears…

  220. Maayan says:

    Any remake that lacks both the cast and the writers of the show is bound to be lame.

    The Batman example is irrelevant. The Batman comics had so many writers over the years, and its mythology shifted so many times, that no one is offended if someone new comes in anymore. Buffy is a very different matter. You're not going to get enthusiastic fans happy to see their fandom back in vogue, you're going to piss off a very large fanbase for messing with their show.

    Any writer who wasn't handpicked by Joss Whedon is not qualified to write Buffy and get paid for it. Andeson is basically getting paid for writing fanfiction, and that is NOT OKAY.

    Let the fanbase put it simply: No Joss, no cookie.

  221. SForester says:

    As everyone ELSE has said, Buffy without Joss ISN'T Buffy! And short of him endorsing the finished product. (When pigs fly…) Neither I nor any of my friends will go see whatever piece of drektitude gets made.

    Money grubbing producers? Meet Mr. Pointy.

  222. Sunshine says:

    This is a completely clueless money grubbing move by the seedy "original producers" with only 2 flops to their credit that is backfiring big time. I would hope Warner Bros would have learned to get the best talent possible for their films, which means working with and not against creators like Christopher Nolan and JK Rowling. To seize on the tripe filled flop that was Buffy the Movie and stuff its carcass with straw in order to prop up another Buffy Movie is a super shite move from what I thought was a classy studio that claims to "love writers." Puh-leeze.

    Warner needs to buy out the Kuzuis once and for all; any involvment they and Atlas have with this film will be a disaster. Why would Warner Bros want to get in bed with the hacks who made "Toky Pop"??

  223. Lola Nicole says:

    You've got to be kidding! The loyal fanbase is all about Joss' Buffy, not someone else's Buffy. I grew up with Buffy and Angel and I am a hardcore Joss Whedon fan, and this is just horrific to me! Please put a STOP to this project and please understand that without Joss there is no Buffy.

    And let me just say, this woman is going to have the whole internet after her. lol Oh God.

  224. dee says:

    To Whedon, or not to Whedon – that is the . . wait . ..there is no bleeping question! No Whedon = Not Buffy.

  225. Whedonite says:

    What they are doing here is wrong, for a variety of reasons.

    If you want to help by emailing these guys and tell them what we think – this is the Charles Roven fellow…

  226. phshardi says:

    the 1st movie was cutsie/lame and that was joss' baby…he went on to do firefly and let other writers spin the tale of buffy,without too much damage.HOWEVER…no sarah,no buffy.that's what would make me want to see it…she has ruined me for any other buffy.

  227. Jason Carpenter says:

    Why not do this? The new Star Trek movie took Roddenberry's core ideas and updated them for a new auidence and guess what? Everybody except for a few grouches loved it. It was great and it made money, the two biggest measurements for a good franchise reboot.

    And guess what guys? Nobody cares about Joss's "loyal" fanbase and what they think of the project. If everyone who's posted comments all over the Web regarding this refused to see the movie, that still leaves millions of normal people worldwide who will see it and don't even know the name Joss Whedon. What did his fanbase do when they begged for more Firefly, did they all scramble to make Serenity a box-office hit? Did they get their friends to watch Dollhouse? Maybe they did, and both of those projects failed, and that should show you how little your support actually means.

    Joss had his chance with the Buffy franchise and he turned it into a melodramatic soap opera. Now it's time for someone to bring Buffy from a low-rated WB show into a mainstream success.

    • AMC says:

      Sorry you can't compare the Star Trek movie with this. Star Trek has been reinvented with every new series and every movie and every timeline shift. The backbone of Star Trek isn't any specific character or set of characters, it's Starfleet and certain alien races.

      You clearly never watched Buffy and if you did you didn't get it. It's okay, we'll have the last laugh.

  228. Lynn says:

    I would ask if April Fool's Day came early, but I won't because I really fail to see the humor here. The fans of Buffy = Whedon fans. Seriously, the math just isn't there for this project to be successful. Sorry Whit, but you're not Joss. No Joss = No Buffy. The series ended in 2003 NOT 1963. Find a body that's been in the ground a little longer to reboot, and don't mess with something fresh and still in the top 5 of all-time hits.

  229. EMK says:

    The biggest part of BtVS was not just Joss, but the mix of characters. I highly doubt that this reboot will be able to get the mix anywhere close to what we, "the fan base" will enjoy. If she's writing for the new generation, tose who are the tweens or early teens, perhaps they will accept it, but as for the rest of us, I doubt many of us will be queing up in any line to see it. Perhaps a straight to dvd movie? The nuances that the original writers, actors etc brought to the show, that made it what it was, will be lost in this new effort. Shame.

  230. Johnson says:

    Buffy production team is racist. There are no black main characters! Come on people, this is 2010!

  231. MaryP says:

    As Buffy herself would say, "A WORLD of no."

  232. JohnDoes says:

    I found this on another website.

    One of the biggest news items of the day was the announcement of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theatrical reboot from Atlas Entertainment and Paramount Pictures. As most know, the original 1992 movie was remade into the popular TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon, which ran for seven seasons from 1997 to 2003. Joss Whedon will not be a part of this new theatrical remake and E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos reached out to Whedon via email for his reaction to the news.

    Here's the email that he sent back to the site, which showcases his trademark sense of humor:

    "Kristin, I'm glad you asked for my thoughts on the announcement of Buffy the cinema film. This is a sad, sad reflection on our times, when people must feed off the carcasses of beloved stories from their youths-just because they can't think of an original idea of their own, like I did with my Avengers idea that I made up myself.

    Obviously I have strong, mixed emotions about something like this. My first reaction upon hearing who was writing it was, 'Whit Stillman AND Wes Anderson? This is gonna be the most sardonically adorable movie EVER.' Apparently I was misinformed. Then I thought, 'I'll make a mint! This is worth more than all my Toy Story residuals combined!' Apparently I am seldom informed of anything. And possibly a little slow. But seriously, are vampires even popular any more?

    I always hoped that Buffy would live on even after my death. But, you know, AFTER. I don't love the idea of my creation in other hands, but I'm also well aware that many more hands than mine went into making that show what it was. And there is no legal grounds for doing anything other than sighing audibly. I can't wish people who are passionate about my little myth ill. I can, however, take this time to announce that I'm making a Batman movie. Because there's a franchise that truly needs updating. So look for The Dark Knight Rises Way Earlier Than That Other One And Also More Cheaply And In Toronto, rebooting into a theater near you.

    Leave me to my pain! Sincerely, Joss Whedon."

  233. Joss4Buffy says:


  234. Beate Geibel says:

    Buffy can never be Buffy without Joss Whedon. PERIOD !

    The movie might find a new audience that isnt familiar with the series, but why not create something new and original in the first place.

    How you still can live in a sort of Buffy-esque surrounding, be original and fresh, without just lamely copying the original, is shown by the canadian TV series LOST GIRL.

    It has wit, lots of magical creatures, some relaxed almost british humour, a great chemistry amongst the cast, its very sexy and intriguing.

    watch this instead people…

  235. warlock says:

    Stupid Wheodon fans.

    I hope this movie is fantastic and rakes in the cash.

    OR I hope it is so bad that it kills the franchise forever.

  236. Mark says:

    This sucks…bigtime!!!!

  237. k13 says:

    If Anderson was a real fan, wich she is not, she wouldn't have taken the job….. Go girl, mess up our beloved series… my heart is breaking….

  238. Joss4Buffy says:


  239. k13 says:

    Oh and what active fan base are you talking about? because if you took two minutes to look around you would see that THE FAN BASE wants Buffy WITH JOSS. No Joss no Buffy. No SMG no Buffy. No Scoobies no Buffy. Simple equation actually….. and do you know what the solution is? Take a guess.. GET LOST!

  240. Liz says:

    No thanks. I will pass. I don't care how it turns it out, it won't be the same without Joss. This is a huge mistake!!

  241. whedon's buffy says:

    "The only really real Buffy is really Buffy." (Tara)

  242. MJD says:

    Honestly, People are not waiting for a bastardized version of Buffy. This gal can spin it however she wants. but Joss Whedon ought to be the one behind the new feature.

    Sorry, but this isn't really vibing too well for me. There ought to be some way to make this better. but of course Kaz Kuzui and Rubel don't have much of a career going on, so they are treating this franchise like a rag doll… and are doing a hit and run on it. lame!

  243. fatihforever says:

    It will crash and burn in the first weekend. What a joke!

  244. Ale says:

    This has a big FAIL written all over it ¬.¬

  245. AMC says:

    I want to hurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we please stop rebooting things that were just out this decade? WHO THE HELL IS WHIT ANDERSON?!!!!!!!!!! Any true fan of Buffy would not dare try to reboot it without Joss. I fancy myself a very good writer, but even I wouldn't do it, if I could. And what the hell are they talking about more relevant to our times? Buffy is timeless that's why it resonates. Buffy spoke about our times before they were our times. I don't know who you are, or who you think you are, but get a life and a career of your own and leave Buffy alone.

  246. anon says:

    I bet Buffy fans would turn out in droves- to protest this travesty.

  247. ISB says:

    This is going to be painful: Joss Whedon is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was his superb writing that made the series what it was. This woman sounds as though she’ll turn it into yet another mind numbing superhero thriller. The joy of Buffy was it’s complexity- something that I doubt will be demonstrated in this film.

  248. bluv3350 says:

    The show hasn't even been off the air for 10 years!!! This hack writer, and the loser studio "Suits" involved, are just eager to make a quick buck off all the LOSER Twilight fans they think might flock to this. I'm as big of a Whedon fan as they come and without him, or at least his blessing: YOU. WILL. FAIL.
    Besides, gotta love Whedon's comment on this: "I always hoped that Buffy would live on even after my death. But, you know, AFTER…" HA HA HA HA Classic!!!

  249. Devoted Fan says:

    If by "skeptical" you mean devoted fans will be repulsed and hurling and in the end boycotting the ridiculousness that is Warner Bros, then by all means, yes – devoted fans will be "skeptical".

  250. Carol says:

    There is no way I will boycott the bodyscan/patdown at the airport because I want to get to my destination; however, I will never watch a reboot of my beloved "Buffy." None of the fans will support this project without Joss.

  251. WhitAndFan says:

    Everyone needs to stop hating on Whit. Give her a chance and you'll see she's funny and talented.
    You can see a video of her on youtube:


    • AMC says:

      Come on Whit. Self promotion is very unflattering.

    • cassopeia says:

      Well, sorry, but in this interview she appears to be an arrogant douche. I'm sure she is the nicest person in the world but most people love the show and she doesn't even adress it. She assumes Buffy fans are fáns of that dreck movie from the 90's. Well, I beg to differ!

  252. CKC says:

    It's like a glorified, overfunded fanfic!

    Lets just pray there's no twilight crossover…

  253. Slappa` says:

    I wouldn't even pirate this crap.

  254. Theo says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. You'll have a fake Buffy and, from the sound of it, a lame ripoff-of-Twilight-style romance, which was ripped off from Buffy & Angel in the first place. (Oh, Stephanie Meyer never saw BTVS … yeah, right.)

    Even tweens aren't (all) that dumb. They can easily watch the originals, and if you don't get the snarky, smart humor, complexity of friendships and meatier subtext (because you want them to buy the DVDs and keep watching the sequels as they age up, yeah?) exactly right, it's just going to blow chunks.

    Come to think of it, the odds are it's going to blow chunks no matter what. Who the hell will the geniuses of Hollywood's boardrooms decide to cast for this marvel? Lindsely Lohan? Kristen Stewart? No, let me guess: Some young, callow, spunky, pretty-but-not-TOO-pretty (because she has to have that kick-ass girl-next-dooriness) unknown you can lure into playing the role with promises of stardom, all the while secretly knowing it's a career-destroying* move that any actress with sense and a more mature perspective would avoid like the Black Death? (*Career-destroying in the sense that the poor unfortunate, whoever she is, will forever be saddled with the sad inevitability of comparison between herself and SMG, and will never hear the end of it as long as she lives. Really. No, REALLY.)

    Yessiree bob, you might as well paint this sucker brown and call it a turd, because gravity rules that it's going down, buddy, and it ain't gonna be pretty.

  255. Jen says:

    Ridiculous! Embarrasing! Long live the REAL Buffy!

    Why didn’t they just hire Joss to write a movie? Too much pig-headed pride methinks.

  256. BtVS Fan says:

    Buffy = Joss… period!!

  257. Jessica says:

    Being a fan is one thing but believing that you are capable of even coming close to making this movie as amazing as it could be with Joss is delusional. "Active fan base", that would be us. "Eagerly awaiting", right again. Without Joss Whedon, HELL TO THE NO! It would almost be ok, almost if the original cast wasnt involved but without Joss Whedon it is insulting. To think that true fans would pay 13 dollars to see some nobody destroy something so many of us hold sacred, please be serious. This movie may make bank with some ppl who seen a few episodes but no matter how well financially this movie does or even how good the movie maybe, whit anderson will always be known for being completely unoriginal and greedy. I say greedy bc the obvious is that they are trying to cash in on the vamp craze but also bc helllo they are saying this movie will probly be released late 2011 or early 2012 which happens to coincide with the release of Breaking Dawn part 1. Really guys? Quit the "i am a fan who loves buffy" shit and admit that you're in it for the money bc you have only had 4 movie roles that have gotten you nowhere. At least then true fans would have some respect for your honesty.

  258. ray says:

    travesty. no joss, no way. WB wtf are you trying to pull here? this isn’t homage, its outright theft. a big mistake and it will not end well.

    No Joss, No Way.

  259. Marco says:

    For someone who grew up with the show – like many of us – and who says it is "timeless," this is a very selfish, greedy, and stupid thing to do.

  260. i_like_tweets says:

    Roven added: “There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return"

    You are damn right. There is an active fan base— not of the crappy movie but the tv series that Joss Whedon CREATED! You should read the forums and see that NOT ONE,and im not exaggerating, is eager to see a Whedon-less Buffy.

    I cant believe some money whores would touch an epic and turn it into an ATM so they can cash in on what the overrated Twilight blockbuster victory! And what is this reboot for? The Buffy series is not yet over, its still in the comic books!

    This is very rude and disrespectful. So Anderson is a fan? Really? Well you are out of the club,get gone!

    • allisternotcrowley says:

      Well, there have been a few who claim to be fans that want another movie. Most of them probably are not true fans like me or you.

  261. Joe Fusco says:

    Is it really necessary to point out that Joss Whedon had exactly one successful TV series and no successful films? The success of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was due in part to Whedon's involvement, but primarily it was due to the extraordinary cast. Gellar, Hannigan, and Brendon together with Head as Giles were what made the series. One could overlook the inconsistencies in the rules by which vampires functioned because the characters were so interesting. The actors did that. Has anyone tried to make sense out of Dollhouse? Problem there is the characters weren't interesting.

    I'm hoping Whit Anderson can write. And I'm hoping for a good cast. If both these things happen, we may well get a good film written by a Buffy fan.

  262. M Collins says:

    Buy a dvd of the series for your children or grandchildren who have not seen this wonderful imagination-stirring series and let a new generation enjoy it. Yup, a better answer than trying
    to replace Sarah, David, Allyson, ETC. It cannot be done.

  263. Talks2theMoon says:

    Jeez. People need to not sanctify their shows… one of the ways you keep anything alive for future generations is by having something which can update it while maintaning it's original spirit. Batman, Star Trek, these have multi-generational fan bases because people continue to try and make them applicable…. Outside of the witty banter and basic themes of good/evil/duty/star-crossed lovers and teen angst, there's a lot that's already very dated about Buffy, even only 14 years later. I don't think it would speak to me the same way now that it did when I was young and enraptured with the story if I was only just coming to Buffy in its former/current incarnation. Much as I absolutely love the show and have ever since I first watched it, I'd welcome someone who could give the universe new or at least continued life.

    • allisternotcrowley says:

      How many years have you waited to say that one statement? It sounds like you wanted a verbal assault. Masochist.

    • cassopeia says:

      Well, you know you could just go and watch that other vampire franchise…it's modern and fresh and the vampires even sparkle!!!

  264. tvonthebrain says:

    Here's the deal:

    Without obtaining the permission of the original creator (Whedon) , this "movie" will not even come close to the success of the series, or the spinoff. Buffy fans have enjoyed 12 seasons of Buffy characters on TV, with the guidance and creation of it's creator. Now, some hack job and a couple of money grubbing tools want to come in and redo it? I think not!

    Whedon created the character and the series (yes, he wrote the movie too). At least show the man the respect that he deserves and WAIT until he's dead before redoing it! Not that I want the man dead by any means, but good LORD!

    Do we NEED a Buffy 'reboot'? Hell no! It hasn't even been 10 years since the show went off the air! Is it 'time'? Absolutely NOT! Give it a rest and come up with something ORIGINAL!

  265. Emma Cunningham says:

    This is a travesty. There IS no Buffy without Joss. It's completely arrogant to think you could fill his shoes.

  266. fseay says:

    I know greed is the bottom line for these people and they are trying to exploit the vampire crazy by reviving Buffy. They need to wait and get Joss Whedon on board so that the spirit of the original lives on. They need to create something lasting rich with character and original storyline…who knows if they can hold out perhaps their lust for money and fan's desire for quality will be married-this could become a long living movie franchise instead of a here and gone film….

  267. anna says:

    This remake is based on the Buffy movie right? I wouldn't mind watching a remake of that. I liked the movie, in that so-bad-it's-good kinda way but the movie didn't have much depth. So remaking the movie, with me, is fine. As long as the tv series isn't touched. Because the movie and the series are nothing alike, other than the name Buffy. They can remake the movie 500 times for all I care, because to me the movie isn't Buffy. I would be p***** off if the series was relaunched. But I'll give the movie a chance–no way I'm paying to see it in theaters, but I'll add the dvd to my Netflix when it comes out.

  268. Nowax says:

    This is going to be DEAD ON ARRIVAL. These people need to get a clue.

    “Roven added: “There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return…”

    Yeah, we’re eagerly awaiting a new Buffy WRITTEN BY JOSS WHEDON — not some rip-off by some hack. This was Whedon’s baby and his writing is what made the series. The money-hungry producers think the fans are idiots. We’re not. They ruined the original movie (which was written by Joss Whedon) with really bad directing. Now they think they can do a good job without Whedon? Any movie will just be a far worser duplicate of the original movie.

  269. Liz says:

    I think that fans are worried–look what happened the last time producers and other writers tried to take Buffy away from Joss. He had to make an entire TV show just to make up for their awful movie. We love Joss Whedon–I know he is one of the few writers I can trust to turn how creative, clever, thoughtful writing. Besides–the Buffy series is full of intelligent postmodern commentary and brilliant references to both literary theory and psychology. Will this writer even bother to try?

  270. iroseink says:

    Noooo! and as many have said before…everyone who is already a buffy fan are totally against this!
    and the people who are NOT buffy fans dont really give a shit about it anyway, so they probably wouldn't be interested in seeing the movie anyway. it will be a complete ans utter failure

  271. Elly says:

    Nope. There is no active fans that are saying "ooooooooo". Apparently this Roven prick doesn't know any active Buffy fans. Because we're all saying "No Joss? No Buffy!."
    As for me I'm more like screaming "Are you f**king kidding me?! Rot in the hellmouth!" Nope I can guarantee I will not go see this & if it makes it to dvd?? It can sit on the shelves & gather dust.

  272. Darell Erazo says:

    Please bring in JOSS WHEDON to the Project!!! Also if this Lady wuz a real-fan of 'BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER'……the tv show, as she stated, then she would know , it's all about JOSS's Mindset and Creativity. In other words, he wuz and is the engine, heart and brain of 'Buffy-Universe'
    . He should also be the one to ressurect 'THIS' New 'FRANKENSTEIN' of a Big-Screen BUFFY Invention/Project! The Cast of the Original could still be used as well. Just force Sarah Michelle Gellar to do it! It's not like she's doing anything in Hollywood now. Make it JOSS, Original Cast(Eliza Dushku included, please!) , and the good latest 3-D, add a super-bumpin' Soundtrack. Mix Well!!!
    Yes, we fans,uh, real ones would like to see BUFFY back on the Big-Screen' that way!!!

  273. ZSquar says:

    She's hot. The writer should play the new Buffy! She's got my vote.

  274. Dawn says:

    No no no no no IN A WHOLE WORLD OF NO!!!!!!!!!!Please without Joss whedon there is no Buffy the Vampire Slayer.Go and think up some new ideas and don't start ruining something with a crappy re make of something that is not only timeless, which means so much to so many people and can never be remade.Please don't ruin Buffy!

  275. Gio says:

    No Sarah Michelle Gellar. No Alyson Hannigan. No Nicholas Brendon. No Anthony Stewart Head. No Amber Benson. No Joss Whedon.

    NO Buffy.

  276. Javier says:

    No film without Joss Whedon and the original cast!!!!

  277. Katheryn says:

    When did Hollywood start making movies out of fanfic? Ugh.

  278. Buffylover says:

    No one wants to c a remake of Buffy if it isn't with joss and the original cast why would they even think that anyone would be interested watching some random chick stake people if it isn't Sarah , most of us watched her growing up and now to ruin it by doing some bad remake with different actors is the worst idea ever!!!!!!
    Why didn't joss want to do a movie of Buffy anyway? We all want that not this new sh**

  279. kspad says:

    I hope someone at the studio is tracking these comments. Because, come on, people, this is ridiculous. This has NOTHING to do with pleasing the original fanbase. You can see very clearly that we want nothing to do with your remake. This has everything to do with name recognition and the current vampire craze and making gobs of money. Please go get your own vampire show. Leave Joss's alone.

  280. Melissa says:

    I'mg oing to get stones tossed at me for this, but I really wasn't thrilled with what Joss did to Buffy from season 3 on. She cried when she once would have fought, was general treated like the boring good girl to make Faith seem great and was made a second banana to witchy Willow while Xander became a third class citizen. And don't even get me started on making her a single mom to whiny ungrateful Dawn who should have been killed off in season 5 instead of left around for 2 more seasons to complain no one paid attention to her helpless, useless self. Sorry chicky, but at 15 the others were kicking butt, step up or step off.

    As with Star Trek and Kirk sans Gene Roddenberry when JT Abrhams gave it a reboot with new actors and a twist on the original plot, fans will worry, but if the writer has some talent and people have an open mind it might be good. The new Star Trek was and it didn't ruin my enjoyment of the original. I for one am hoping that without Marti Noxon adding her stupid brand of humor and Jane Espenson adding her morose, depressed tone it will be as fresh as seasons 1 and 2 of Buffy.

  281. unknown says:

    so the original cast of the buffy series isn't going to be part of the movie?

  282. anthony says:

    The way she is talking about the movie it sounds like she will make it into a Another twilight movie and really no offense to her but if she was a fan she would not do this. In her statement at the end the way she describes it, it sounds as she will turn it in to a twilight movie that killed what vampires truly are.

    "She cited Christopher Nolan’s revival of Batman as a supreme example of how a familiar character and revered mythology can be brought to the big screen with a vital new vision."

    really she would compare buffys reboot to batman. batman, as can all comic heros can be put in as many movies as they want because of its 50+ years of history, look at burtans batman, joules batman, animated batman, nolans batman, each is different nolens batman is just 3 main separte comics with modernization, still how can ou campare that with buffy really why are classics being butchered, massacred, and shot and spit on, that is what wb will be doing by rebooting buffy the vampire slayer without joss

  283. TwilightBuffy says:

    Twilight Buffy! I'm so excited! And the writer wants to be in the film! And she can sing! (Here she's singing Loveless Gravity:

    ). Loveless Gravity! Sounds all universally forcey, and loveless, like a chunk of concrete that sinks to the bottom of the ocean. But, hey, she has a tongue piercing, so it's all good. Yay Twilight Buffy!

  284. Buffy Protester says:

    I will not support this crap. I will not even look at a movie preview when it comes out. No matter what they say. They are getting ready to F Buffy up! Thanks alot.. for nothing in advance. Why can't people come up with new ideas instead of revamping everything? Some projects are just not meant to be made over. Get it in your minds!!!

  285. Tilted Sideways says:

    Whit Anderson is my master now? I don't think so. Pass.

  286. SamIAm says:

    I'll give this a shot, as long as it is a complete re-imagining (the way Nolan did with Tim Burton's Batman, which was pretty awesome in its own right), and not someone trying to copy Joss' style. Even the BtVS writers had to pass their scripts through him. Anderson won't have that luxury, so best to just do something completely different.

    Speaking of Joss, has anybody read Cabin in the Woods? I was actually a little disappointed.

  287. James says:

    Horrible thought, guys: What if this goes the same way as the Resident Evil movies, and we end up having four of these abominations…

  288. SamIAm says:

    I'll give this a shot, as long as it is a complete re-imagining (the way Nolan did with Tim Burton's Batman, which was pretty awesome in its own right), and not someone trying to copy Joss' style. Even the BtVS writers had to pass their scripts through him. Anderson won't have that luxury, so best to just do something completely different.

  289. Laura says:

    No no no no no no nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    A Joss-less Buffy?
    No way, no how. ZERO Interest.
    This project will fall SO flat…

    But it will be interesting to watch the train wreck along the way, I guess.

    Not that I"ll pay to see it in theaters….

  290. Uber Critic says:

    Part 1

    What arrogance, these producers and execs have shown? First, they claimed sole authorship of Buffy in their press release, last week, and not once, but twice, but they then completely excluded Joss Whedon's name from that very press release? And they expected a positive reation from him, based upon their negative activity? Really? That sounds like bad business to me!!!

    This is just a transparent attempt to cash in on the current vampire craze, thanks to Twilight and True Blood, as well, they are trying to create product confusion in the marketplace, so that Buffy fans might accidentally purchase merchandise related to this reboot movie, from the DVD, when it debuts, to any toys, or other merchandise. Well, that is their attempt, but the number of items in the marketplace from the TV series is so voluminous, that any sells, as driven by product confusion, that occur, will largely happen in favor of the TV series, and its Whedon and Fox controlled, and related, Buffy products….that are already on store shelves, and elsewhere–from toys…to T-shirts, and books, etc. Irony and karma, will abound here, against Warner and the reboot produces.

  291. Uber Critic says:

    Part 2

    Further, this situation ultimately breaks down to the fine details of the deal. Did the producers and the scheduled releasing studio of the new Buffy reboot…offer Joss Whedon a hefty royalty package, including authorship of his script, and characters therein, as well as extensive profit participation in the mechandising/product tie-in aspects of the new movie? The answer is clear, they offered him a bare bones–no incentives, deal, and he rightly refused the privilege to be robbed. His name, alone, is worth more to them, Warner, and the reboot producers, than the deal they were willing to offer him, so he told them no. They are trading on his name, and his creations, it is as simple as that, and yet, they are unwilling to fairly compensate him for his blood, sweat and tears–whist trying to profit at his expense. Well, the "f word"…and the word "that", come to mind, in response to such a bogus offer.

  292. Lauren says:

    i like buffy the vampire s

  293. alan says:

    Are these accurate quotes of Anderson? “The thing that was so wonderful about ‘Buffy’ is what made it special was so timeless,” "the best of us if we were at our very best"… Painful clichés, if it could understood what she's saying. Hopefully she's a better writer than a speaker.

  294. JenVee says:

    put your hands up and slowly step away from buffy, ms. anderson…

    i swear, i am losing sleep over this. i have an overwhelming desire to b*tch slap this woman.

    also, WHO wrote this article? someone needs to lay off the crack pipe.

    joss is responsible for the buffy verse that is central to the world we die hard fans love. he's a genius, and we all know that genius can be imitated but never duplicated. can't they give this woman a SuperGirl script or something to keep her busy? she can try her hand at remaking that 80s bomb.

  295. Donna says:

    Just a word of advice if you are going to get an artcile in the LA Times, stating that you are an actress and screen writer. Beef up your IMDb profile, at least put up a picture. It shows that you are more than a crank with a pretty face.

    Crap idea a Buffy Movie minus Joss Whedon, you could have waited until he was less busy.

    Not going to spend money on your delusion, get an original idea. Although Warner Bros and the Kuzuis seem to be the main villians and you are getting the flack Whit Anderson.

  296. Amanda Chenevert says:

    Ok, how long is this tragedy supposed to drag out!!!!???? When are these idiots going to understand that THERE IS NO BUFFY WITHOUT JOSS WHEDON!!!!!??? Ok, for one thing if the movie made in 1992 bombed as bad as it did, and Joss WAS involved, imagine how bad this movie without him is going to fare!!! This "Twit", I mean "Whit Anderson" needs to realize that if she even wants a snowballs chance in hell for this movie to succeed, that she HAS TO have Joss Whedon involved!!!! I have followed Buffy since I was 8 years old! Since it's inception as a tv show!!! And as a "TRUE" fan, I'm telling you, this movie is going to be an abomination of the name of Buffy!!! They either need to quit while they are ahead, or get Joss Whedon on the phone!!!! All I can say is if they screw this up, they will be some of the most hated people in the Buffy world, and trust me, That's NOT a small world!!!!

  297. madmandonna says:

    I'm a massive Buffy fan. I even have a small amount of respect for the original film(though not a lot) but I AM awaiting Buffy's return. I like the comics, but I've always thought Joss Whedons origin story to be a bit weak.

    I love Joss. In my eyes can't really do any wrong, but I would like to see how its done without him. If it works (which I am sceptical about to say the least) the character could transend generations like lots of favorable heroes ie, batman, superman, the xmen. Lets hope its a batman begins, not a Catwoman.

    ps. Isn't Whit doing something quite simular to what Joss did with Alien? Pot kettle?

  298. Ashley says:

    This is freakin crap!!!!!! What fan base is the best freakin question everyone has asked. We don't need an over zealous fan trying to recreate Buffy. This will be a pile of Sh*t no offense to Wit, but jeeze we didn't watch Joey because HELLO it was a pile of poo without the other 5 friends.

    What makes her think this compelling rendition is good enough for the silver screen to mar the cult classic? Buffy would never have even made it without her supporting cast. So what no Willow? No Spike? Angel? Anya? Xander? Giles? Yeah Yeah I know a few are dead, but this is a reboot and when in reboot land we end up with some alternate universe of what of could of been.

    This would be better off rebooted as a roleplay instead of putting a lame ass cast together. There is not a single actor or actress in this world that can do a better rendition of the cast they have… Can you picture a different Willow? Different Xander? No! Why? Because the faces of the characters have already been imprinted into our brains, they have already been brought to life… seriously people this like trying to recast yourself!!!!

    I give this a big fat LAME! rating.

  299. matt says:

    ughhh please god DONT TWILIGHT this awesome series! Im also extremely put off by the lack of Joss and Sarah. :(

  300. Earl says:

    If Whit does justice to the premise. A high school bimbo who is just interested in boys and parties and suddenly be given a task for which there is no escape, then I might just be happy with the movie remake if it is played serious and dependent upon whom will play "Buffy".

  301. madmandonna says:

    I believe Emma Stone of Zombieland and Easy A fame could play Buffy very well. After watching Easy A I am convinced she'd make a perfect Buffy Summers.

  302. nicole says:

    Does anyone remember the first movie ? What a joke.It was joss that made buffy palpable to people with half a brain. The cast and the writers and creator all made this precious series as beloved as it was. This will be a very sad day :(

  303. Buffy Dewitt says:

    Get your own ideas Whit, unless of course the only wit you have is in your name. Bug off Buffy and respect your vampire elders. No, really.

  304. mspaap says:

    Not using Michelle and the regular cast is just plain stupid! Haven't you people heard that if it AIN't broke don't fix it. The original case made Buffy the Vampire interesting and they have loyal fans who have hoped for several years they'd return, besides that Buffy was timeless because the original cast
    casts chemistry worked extremely well together.

  305. Heather says:

    Dear Ms. Anderson,

    You aren't a fan if (a) you are willing to "Twilight" Buffy and (b) you did not get the blessing of Joss. And actually comparing the reboot of Batman to this. Are you kidding me?? It is only an apt comparison if you decided to do a Batman series while Bob Kane was still alive and working on Batman. Since you are obviously ignorant enough to make such a ridiculous statement, you can't be smart enough to write this. Do us all a favor and find some other beloved franchise to destroy.

    Real Buffy Fans EVERYWHERE (Read: Not you)

  306. sith says:

    Roven added: “There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return…

    YES, there is. We are ALL waiting for J.Whedon and SMG, A. Hannigan and beleive it or not, even Michelle Trachtenberg! So WHY THE F&CK are you giving us something else?

  307. another buffy fan says:

    i thnkit will be fine without josh i wont be the same but there are other creative writers out there. i know when it comes out in theaters i will definately watch it

  308. drush76 says:

    People are really full of it. The fans are ready to call this movie a disaster and ensure that it will fail, because Joss Whedon didn't direct or write it. This would have never happened if Whedon had the good sense to maintain control over the franchise. I believe in giving someone a chance, but the rest of the Whedonverse fans apparently are incapable of such an action. I'm too disgusted beyond words by the hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness of humanity. Especially television fans.

  309. Bailey says:

    The ONLY way this will have a chance at being any good is if they get the original cast at least!! omfg. goodluck. Don't destroy the buffy legacy!

  310. ladylavinia1932 says:

    This is disgusting. I'm not talking about the new "BUFFY" movie. I'm talking about this unwillingness to give it a chance. All of this negative behavior lowers my opinion of humanity even further.

  311. Jared says:

    Without Joss Wesdon or Sarah Michelle Gellar this movie will suck . . . Im not watching this awful movie

  312. Firiun says:

    I'll watch it (illegally over the internet) just so I can wince at the horrribleness of the movie. Seriously, the director of the first Buffy movie caused it to be crap. What's changed?

  313. npzick1399 says:

    Without Whedon, there is no Buffy PERIOD!!

  314. major buffy fan says:

    the only one that would make a perfect film would to have the same characters from the tv series espescially Sarah Michelle Gellar as buffy if not it will not be the same and that will be crap

  315. Rhys says:

    In my opinion, Buffy for me was becoming more like a soap opera from season 5 onwards. Season 1, with the ‘monster of the week’, as it were, was a much better format. A little bit of story each week, with a lot more monster slaying. I don’t claim to be a massive fan and know everything about it, as I am just about to finish watching season 6, but I find it a struggle sometimes to watch it. I think it would be interesting to see how someone else tackles writing Buffy to see it they could make it better.

  316. CL Jahn says:

    She's sure cute, and she me be a hell of a writer, but I won't watch a Buffy movie that isn't made by Joss Whedon.

  317. Sharon says:

    So seaming that i can say that I'm a huge Buffy fan (have all episodes and most of the books)…
    i can honestly say that Buffy is dated.
    When watching episodes from series 1 – i cringe at the special effects and the somewhat dodgy acting skills (which got better as the show progressed).
    I think that the older fans (like me – i'm 33) are not interested in a remake… but the kids of today who wont watch buffy – because they think it looks 'lame and crap' (to quote my 18 year old stepdaughter) may appreciate it.
    I agree to a certain level that Buffy cant be buffy without Joss, Sarah and the scooby gang – but at the same time…. i never thought that they could remake Battlestar Galactica! and lets face it BSG was so much better than the original its not even funny.
    This could be the start of something beautiful… but it is going to go up against some stiff competition – true blood, vampire diaries, twilight…. i'm just afraid that it might not stand the test of time.
    Lets face it… id rather watch Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvator on the small screen any day of the week.
    I for one will not be going to the cinema to watch this….. pirate copy maybe… but cinema for me is reserved for the films that i really want to see (ie Harry Potter, Pirates, captain America.. and maybe Breaking Dawn)

  318. ScottyDoesn'tKnow says:

    Joss Wesdon is Buffy, all of the characteristics of the cast are from his mind. How can you reboot Buffy, it's fine how it is. I've been dreaming for eight years for a movie reunion. And this is what we get, a cast of some crappy actors probably trying to capture Buffy. Now that's a slap in the face… No SMG as Buffy, are you trying to make this movie even worse. None of our loveable characters? It's going to fail big time. It's going to be a another 1992 version, whoever is playing Buffy is going to end up like Kristy Swanson. A washed up actress. G-d this is worst news I've ever heard. I bet this lady doesn't have Joss blessing. I can't even speak anymore, I'm too angry to write…

  319. Kait says:

    NO. If Joss isn't a part of this movie, it will BOMB. He created the movie & the television show. The ideas came from HIS mind! This new writer has a different mind. It's that simple. Joss' mind will make the new BTVS movie a HIT at the box office….. This new writer, not so much….

  320. FireKnight says:

    NO JOSS + NO TV BUFFY CHARACTERS = COMPLETE DOOM. Everyone has said it in the past, and Hollywood has to be crazy to even think about this. Joss took the stupid 1992 movie and made it his own. He created characters that were totally amazing. He did the same thing with Angel!!! I think Joss should start another series as a type of spin-off of Buffy/Angel and knock this reboot back to the crap existence where it belongs. Joss you rock, never forget that!!! As for this articles reference to a successful reboot of Batman…well lets just say it took about 5 different Batman's before they got it right and every time they tried to reboot Batman (with exception to C. Bales 2 movies – Begins/Dark Knight) the rest of the Batman movies were crap …even the first one!!!!!!!!! Bottom line is without Joss you are just making a bad remake of rubber bats from Dark Shadows and slapping a label on it called, "NEW BUFFY". GET REAL…NEVER WILL WATCH IT WITHOUT JOSS…and I know the True fans out there will agree 100 percent without a second thought !!!!!!!!!!!!!! One last thing, if I was a ippy-bippy hollywood producer or exec…I would be looking at websites such as this to get some reactions and realize it was not worth doing. BUFFY/ANGEL was some of the best TV EVER filmed and we owe it to Joss…you have nothing without him !!!!!!!!!! A reboot of Buffy is like a reboot of "Jaws"…YOU JUST CAN'T DO IT (NOTE TO HOLLYWOOD EXEC's: DO NOT MAKE A JAWS REBOOT LOL – Obviously sometimes you have to spell it out for them LOL) TO JOSS AND LOYAL FANS EVERYWHERE…YOU ALL ROCK !!!! :-D

  321. WTBsWifey says:

    Wow, looks like way too many people are not really reading articles before commenting. (Not to mention those who are seriously misinformed.) Joss Whedon has no real connection to the comics, he doesn't write them, nor did he do much writing for the show. Watch any episode and in the credits there is always a different writer. Trust me, I have watched and re watched every episode and he doesn't have any credit for the writing. Joss Whedon's got his name on Buffy as a producer and the writer of the 90's movie. Because the name is copyrighted, his name gets to be on everything and he makes money off it. As many people have pointed out, this article really never mentions that it's going to reboot the series, but that the movie will be rebooted, no harm done to our beloved Sarah-as-Buffy. I guess that nobody understands that Joss Whedon walked away from this project, and that's why he's not going to be a part of it. There is no freezing out being done. (Funny how so many people feel sorry for the guy who pretty much gave up, he's probably not nearly as upset as all of you are.) You know, for being the fan base of the agreeably amazing show, people really don't do their homework before bashing something that hasn't even had a real chance to get started. For all anyone knows, this could be the face of a new Buffy, and it could be wonderful. I happen to be one of many people who not only love the series and watched every episode as they aired, and continue to watch them today, I am also one of those fans who will be going to the theater to see this film, I will give this film the chance it deserves. Maybe certain people here need to learn to speak for themselves, because you can't speak for every fan. As far as I can see, there are a whole lot of people who are afraid to see something in a different light, and if any one of those people truly loved Buffy the way that I do they would look forward to it, because if you love something you want it to grow and change and develop. Whit Anderson is giving a valiant attempt at breathing new life into something beloved.

  322. pablo6 says:

    come on, i cant wait for the remake its time for the charachter to live a little longer and more up to date – so joss whedon wont be included but imagine a new series of films modernised like using blade effects with a new slayer. theres no way sarah and the gang would make a new film so i think its time for a new generation – it was hard to see the series being made after being such a huge fan of the film with kirsty swanson but it grew on all of us so …… get with it haters

  323. drush76 says:

    You know what I find irritating? People are passing judgement on this new "BUFFY" movie before it could be made. Since Joss Whedon is not producing or writing it, they have made up their minds that it is horrible.

  324. DiffPOV says:

    Fan of the old series, but also willing to give this a chance. Why? I do tend to gravitate toward things so many people hate yet don't know anything about. Maybe that's why I was a Buffy fan in the first place. Everyone hated it without even seeing it just based on the title.

    What's more. If something is so adamantly adhered to with almost religious fervor, that means people are ignoring / glossing over / dismissing the short-comings of something and glorifying the rest. Yes, Whedon's Buffy was great at the time because it was the first of its kind and it broke new ground. But now that that the breakthrough has been made, more can be built upon it.

    It's surprising how a show was so accepted because it brought change and a different perspective will now be shunned because it will bring change and a different perspective.

  325. Jamie Daly says:

    I for one am a Massive fan of Buffy the vampire slayer and i'm 12 years old .joss was a great writer but who says the new woman can't be just as good or even better. I've gotten all seasons of Buffy and angel and i love them still and no many people who do .can't wait for the movie , i always thought they should revive the series and this is perfect . Buffy the vampire slayer has inspired my wanting to be an actor,goodbye.

  326. Jamie Daly says:

    I think there is still many Buffy fans out there and i'm a 13 year old boy.i'v got all the seasons and still love them Buffy is part of the supernatural and natural life and making a new movie is a great idea.people forget that joss copied the Buffy movie in the 90's so you clearly need to brush up on ur facts about 'Joss being the original maker'.I love Buffy and no many who do and a movie after this long will be amazing.people need to give it a chance . people didn't welcome Joss when he brought out the Buffy series and it turned out phenomenal …

  327. MT4life says:

    Buffy is the most beautiful show. its such a part of me. and this, this is insulting. seriously I'm embarrassed for this Anderson girl. I respect her love of the show and that she wants air breathed into it, but may i just say, whether this new "team" knows it or not, the show is alive. and it will always be alive. why? because its the most AMAZING show to grace television. Joss whedon is a freaking genious. everything he touches is magic. and these people, whoever's taking it over will never have an OUNCE of the vision he had for the show.
    PLEASE AT LEAST get some of the original writers!! its such a complete joke. dont delude yourself. I've been watching the show consistently for ten years, do you really think that if you do this and its not PERFECT (which it can't be) that fans like me will give you a pat on the back?? yeah me and mr. pointy "eagerly await" for you to stop this project.
    p.s. i love everyone that has commented. nicely put and thanks for your comments!!

  328. Jamie Daly says:

    don't be so sad she's trying to make a career .Stop qouting what everyone's saying and get your own opinions.

  329. TKO1975 says:

    I am a big fan of Buffy, it's a fantastic show in every respect. I am both looking forward to seeing this and well… apprehensive about it being a possible disappointment. I tend to believe that if it's not broken don't fix it! Sarah, Alyson, Charisma, Nick, James, Anthony etc. along with the wonderful writing, make this show what it is, nothing else. They are Buffy and without them it won't be the same.

    I am against everyone trying to remake films and TV shows that just don't need to be re-made, for example, The Shawshank Redemption….Really? You cant improve upon that!

    However, Buffy is different. Sarah the gang will always be my favourite take on Buffy, but like with comic book movies (which i suppose Buffy now is) there is always room for new interpretation, a different perspective, it does not make us appreciate the original any less or change our opinion of the show, only strengthen it. Take Superman, because both Brandon Routh and Henry Cavil have played (are playing) the 'man of steel' does not make Chris Reeves any less special, he will always be the one and only true Superman and i think that this also applies to Buffy (it will always be Sarah)…So bring on the movie, just try not to mess it up!!

  330. Sam says:

    Poor cow, too stupid to realise shes being set up. No one will watch this, for all the athletics and academia she's bragging about bet she never learned the phrase 'straight to dvd' keep your fan fix off of tv!

  331. hostile17 says:

    These people are all over reacting. I am a huge Buffy fan and I say if they can make a great movie, who cares if Joss is there or not? Yes it was his vision that made the show great, but I am willing to give the film a chance, especially since from the article this young lady seems to be a huge fan of the show. I say give her a chance you doomsayers.

  332. Rosanna says:

    I think this is going to be bad with out Joss and the original cast..but that is because I am a fan of the old tv show…but this could be the younger generations version…I could not imagine life growing up with out my Buffy..but its out dated for teens now a days…give them something great too. I know I have young teens that have never seen the tv show Buffy or the old movie…if they see this new movie…it could be great for them because they are not pre-judgemental. who knows..i am a hard core Buffy fan..and i think this could be good…i would at least love it because it might generate some new buffy video games :)

  333. Guest says:

    Can't the studio and whomever is involved in this shameful disgrace, donate the money they're throwing away on this giant piece of fail, to a worthy charity instead?

    I wouldn't sully my eyes with this garbage if it were free. Not if they paid me to watch it. I'd feel too dirty, as should anyone involved with it.

    I'll be donating the price of my ticket to a local comic store or bookstore instead, and buying some of Joss's real Buffy comics. I'll also be taking careful notes on whoever financially supported this epic slap in the face, so that I can avoid all of their future projects, just to make sure they forever lose money from me.

    Don't mess with the Browncoats!

  334. Alexa says:

    Devoted Buffy fan, ego won't go anywhere NEAR this movie. I'll just stay home and watch my Buffy DVDs, instead, thank you very much.

    Hope it fails big time.

  335. Kismet says:

    Id prefer Joss on this, but Im happy to see a reboot anyway, maybe it will suck as much as the original movie, but so what – that movie led to the creation of the tv series. Maybe its good that there is interest in the Buffy franchise period.

  336. Julie Marie says:

    Remember the south park episode where Steven Spielberg and George Lucas rapes Indiana Jones??
    That's how I'm feeling right now.

    This is disgusting.

  337. Joshua Howard says:

    I say it's about that time they need to do a Buffy The Vampire Slayer Movie but with the original actors from the TV Series, it will not be the same without them. I'm hopping that will be a posiblity and also
    to have casting calls I will just love it if I could be the part of the sega, now that will be great

  338. Dan says:

    This is a total kick in the teeth for all of the Buffy fans (like me) who were awaiting something new from Joss and the Buffyverse. Buffy was my childhood and to see someone come and want to piss all over it makes me really angry. I grew up and loved the characters in that show, it was something magic! The 1992 movie was a complete retard-fest that was painful to watch and a new movie will be just the same.

    Although I've always wanted Buffy to return to my screen in some way, I never thought it would be like this….without Whedon, SMG and the scoobies it's just another crappy vampire film leaching off of the suckfest that is Twilight. Buffy was Whedons baby! It already has a fanbase! It doesn't need a bunch of 12 year old douche bags with sparkley vampire crushes jumping on the bandwagon 15 years later.

    The idea of this new film makes me sick, and if it ever does get released I'm locking myself in a dark room with a boxset of seasons 1-7 on repeat and giving up on humanity.

  339. rayne says:

    Sarah michelle gellar is buffy and no one can replace her and be good at that part other than her. I hope they make a buffy the vampire slayer movie with her and the rest of the origional cast and same director of course. other wise it will be ruined if there is a new cast.

  340. JAYDEN says:


  341. Susan says:

    I would love to see more Buffy The Vampire Slayer.Favorite show ever.

  342. l. davis says:

    Please work on the Willow character. Fine example for teens!!! She stole from the “Magic Box”. She moved in with Buffy, Tara in tow, told Buffy how broke she was and yet she and Tara continued to live there. Neither one getting a job, didn’t mind jacking up bills!!! If the “coming out” episode had been Xander being gay after the breakup with Anya, the show would have tanked. Still haven’t seen teen related shows with guys sucking face or sex seens!!!!!

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