Justice League, the movie? Warner chief sets sights on team-up film and ‘reinventing’ Batman

March 29, 2011 | 8:10 a.m.

Ben Fritz sat down with top Warner Bros. executive Jeff Robinov for a profile piece that ran Tuesday in the Los Angeles Times Business section. Fritz also brought back this Hero Complex report on the future of key DC Comics properties at the studio.


justice league Justice League, the movie? Warner chief sets sights on team up film and reinventing Batman

Justice League by Alex Ross. (DC Comics)

Jeff Robinov is already thinking about DC Comics movies for 2013 and beyond, and he’s got “Justice League” and a reinvented Batman on his mind.

The president of the Warner Bros. motion picture group, who recently sat down for an extensive interview with The Times, discussed his long-term strategy for DC beyond movies already in the works, such as June’s “Green Lantern” and next year’s “The Dark Knight Rises” and Superman movie.

jeff robinov Justice League, the movie? Warner chief sets sights on team up film and reinventing Batman

Jeff Robinov. (Liz O. Baylen/Los Angeles Times)

The first priority for the man with the ultimate say on what films get made at Warner Bros.: Finally getting the Justice League, DC’s team featuring all its top characters, on the big screen in 2013. The picture had been very close to production in late 2007 and early 2008, but was killed by the Writers Guild of America strike, tax credit issues in Australia, and concerns by some at Warner about presenting a competing (and conflicting) version of Batman while director Christopher Nolan’s films were breaking box office records.

But Robinov said a new Justice League script is in the works. Also being written for Warner are scripts featuring the Flash and Wonder Woman, who could be spun off into their own movies after Justice League. Though Wonder Woman is also in the works as a television pilot for NBC produced by Warner, Robinov dismissed that as a sticking point. “Wonder Woman could be a film as well, the same way that ‘Superman Returns’ came out while ‘Smallville’ was on,” he said, referring to the 2006 film that put Brandon Routh in the cape and the television show starring Tom Welling that is now in its 10th and final season.

Robinov knows that the most bankable part of his superhero empire has been Nolan and his Gotham City films —  the studio has yet to deliver a 21st century superhero blockbuster hit without Nolan in the director’s seat. Batman will continue to be a centerpiece property beyond next year’s “The Dark Knight Rises” and Nolan’s departure from the franchise. “We have the third Batman, but then we’ll have to reinvent Batman…Chris Nolan and [producing partner and wife] Emma Thomas will be producing it, so it will be a conversation with them about what the next phase is.”


adrianne palicki as wonder woman Justice League, the movie? Warner chief sets sights on team up film and reinventing Batman

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162 Responses to Justice League, the movie? Warner chief sets sights on team-up film and ‘reinventing’ Batman

  1. Dan Chmielewski says:

    wouldn't it be easier to do a World's Finest film with just Superman and Batman?

  2. JoAnn Klimowicz says:

    Bring Back Brandon Routh!!!

  3. Aaron says:

    I just want to clarify: Nolan and Thomas will produce Batman films beyond The Dark Knight Rises, or did I misread that?

  4. Guest says:

    Bring back Keaton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. brettghampton says:

    Seeing as how Nolan has stated that his Batman is the only hero in his universe, and the upcoming Superman film will treat Superman the same way, it will be interesting to see how Warner Brothers "integrates" these various and sundry universes. Will they take a page from the Marvel Handbook and start making movies that include references to other heroes, and/or nods to other characters? At least with DC characters, they're all being made into Warner Brothers films, so they won't have Marvel's problem of being limited as to what characters they can use in films because of previous licenses with Fox and Sony.

  6. Gordon says:

    Just STOP! No more Batman restarts! Progress the story…its completely possible to continue a story…STOP retelling origins. We know them and those that don't know them can watch the previous films! Same with every other SUPERHERO film. No more retelling the origin stories.

  7. Lance says:

    I'm skeptical of the need to "reinvent" Batman– or even that it would be a success. Batman has now had two major incarnations– the Tim Burton version, which went from 1989 to 1997 (though admittedly, the franchise got weaker over time), and this current one. Do we need a third "origin" tale of Batman in 25 years? Perhaps we could keep things going in a more or less "official" way (e.g. the Joker is dead, etc.) without the need to reboot. Superman, on the other hand, DOES need a reboot, though given that he's one of the most iconic figures in American pop culture, we can skip the introduction part. And PLEASE– for the love of the franchise!!– let's be DONE with Lex Luthor, and introduce a more viable villain.

    As for the Justice League, I'm all for it. But I feel like it's going to be hard to put together a plot that works…

  8. Patrick says:

    When will the flash be out it’s time for it already

  9. Tamsin Silver says:

    I'm sorry, did I miss something? Why would you need to "reinvent" the Batman story to do a Justice League film? That's like saying you need to reinvent Iron Man to do The Avengers movie. It's been overdone…just because a new director will be on deck and a new actor doesn't mean you can't just continue the story. Why the hell would we want to see ANOTHER take on "how Batman became Batman"? We don't. Sorry.

    On a side note…what's up with our new Wonder Woman (TV)? Look at that pic carefully. Either her pelvis is longest in history or the crotch on those spandex pants is WAY lower than her real one. Looks so odd. Oh, and the boots should be RED! Red red red. That is all.

  10. Graham Kroon says:


  11. Caractacus says:

    Bring back Adam West!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ryan says:

    what do they mean by reinvent Batman?

  13. David says:

    @lance & @Gordon,

    who said anything about retelling the origin?

    Robinov said ‘re-invent batman’, I read that as they are continuing on making Batman films, but with a new director and what will likely be a new cast. I also see them chaning the tone in order to bring Batman into the shared universe.

    But I didn’t see anything to suggest another Batman origin…. Did I miss something?

  14. Guest says:

    Good Riddance to Chris Nolan. His were the worst Batman movies of all time. He never read the comic, hs no idea about Batman's continuity. Maybe he watched a few cartoons and thought that was it, but even there he screwed up. His timelines and motivations are all in dissaray. Pick up an Archive edition and read it please. The Joker was not a makeup wearing nut, but a criminal scarred by diving into a vat of chemicals. An by the way Chris, Batman speaks with a clear voice, not garbled.

  15. Jeffsd says:

    That is a pretty hideous wonder woman costume. It looks like a 3rd world knock off.

  16. A13 says:

    I really can't wait for a justice Leauge movie. and Someone complained about Christopher nolan's directing? really? I think that the way he made Joker (albeit a bit off from the comics) more realistic, and they should continue on with the story, like they did in say, The Batman cartoon, where he joined up with the justice Leauge and the show still went on. The thing about legends is that people keep reworking them over time.

  17. juepucta says:

    They'll probably wait and see how the Avengers' ramp up does. Then they'll try to imitate, in their own way, it a year and a half or two later.


  18. Steve Talley says:

    Just get rid of the worst Batman ever Christian Bale.
    And the Joker was the worse version of him ever in that last movie.

  19. Brave'n'Bold says:

    Seems like a big announcement to stop the conversation about the failure of SUCKER PUNCH and the impending doom of GREEN LANTERN… To say nothing of YOGI BEAR, JONAH HEX, Hey Warner Bros., how about 'reinventing' your executives.

  20. John Brennick says:

    I'm too old to be so attention deficit as to accept another Batman this quickly. I've seen 4 iterations, 5 if you separate Schumacher from Burton, and I don't need another. It's played out.

  21. tigerellim says:

    …………..Wonder Woman is to show her legs,….. and is needed to keep as much of the original of her outfit as possible,…. That's what makes the heroes who they are,….. if you respect any of the characters at all??,.. at lease respect their appearances. They are famous as they are with the identities they've carried through out the decades,……. in fact,…. most of them are famous and well know for their identities long before most of you were born. I find it insulting and disrespectful when anyone "have" to change any of their costumes just to look moderately "cool" or whatever,……….. I say,…. the best director and producer can actually pull it off,… and deliver the very best of movies,.. if they can do it with the original identities that the characters have originally signified themselves for generations to generations. And to place them up there with a new outfit is a "spit," to the entire linkage to the generations all together,…….. it has no connections. And most of the movies on these types,… is all about flashing the "new" outfits and how cool they look,…. but the story is very very average. Or,… very very poorly done. But, why the hell am I wasting my time writing this??? It's not like you are going to hear us out any ways,…… it's going to be what it's going to be,……. movieland. Never willing to keep it as it is,… always have to "butcher" it : P Peace!!

  22. anthony says:

    I've wanted a Justice League movie for the longest time, but this plan already sounds bad. You don't need to reinvent Batman.. especially if the current Batman is "breaking box office records".

    A build up would be the best way to go. Have movies of individual heroes, and then the JLA movie – the way Marvel is doing the Avengers.

    The Flash definitely needs his own movie before a Justice League movie is released.

    I hope they keep the actors that we know now as the heroes. It'd be stupid to change them 2 years after their movies came out. Christian Bale as Batman, Ryan Reynolds (although I don't quite agree with the choice, but it's done) as Green Lantern, and Henry Cavill as Superman.

    This better not be ruined.

  23. AGENT JAY says:

    I do think the BATMAN can use a little up grading, like some cool powers that will be able to go toe to toe with some of the heavy hitter villains!!! They should most definitely bring out the flash and wonder women movies before the justice league movie. Get the right director and do the real research on the character before they start filming. The movies are falling short in this department!!!! Lets get it together guys MARVEL FANS ARE STARVING OUT HERE!!

  24. 666 says:

    I just want a Hawkman movie! I have been a huge fan for 30+ years. I know it won't happen but I can dream. Enough with the Batman movies and Superman was done to perfection with Christopher Reeve.
    Thank you for your time.

  25. tom says:

    Jonah Hill as the Penguin, and bring Robin as a pre-teen youth.

  26. Dan says:

    The biggest problem is that Warner Brothers wouldn't know a good DC script if it bit them in the butt.

  27. Michael Brown says:

    Honestly, if another movie of Superman that is anything like "returns" comes out, i refuse to watch it. Im sorry reeves died but that version is long past overdue for a make-over. Smallville has done a better job not only in storyline but in special effects than "Returns" did. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as the parents and Amy Adams as Lois, do you really want to make this movie go to the trash. i havent even heard the storyline yet, and it sounds like another trash movie from Hollywood. You want a Superman that works, make a movie spin-off of after Smallville, i mean sets the motion for JLA with how some of them have been in the show already. Do the fans a favor and STOP trying to "Hollywood Up" the movies. you are destroying the image of what it is meant to be, by making it the way you guys want it to be. you doing a crap job, i bit a kid could do better at movies than you all have done. as of now, i refuse to watch this Superman movie, sounds like crap to me. Where do you guys get your ability to make movies, from coloring book. The only movies that have done good so far are Ironman, the most current Hulk movie, and from it looks like Thor and Cap America. I refuse to even go see the new X-Men movie, for that looks like crap, just like the other X-men movies. Spider-man was just as bad with how it wasnt even storyline based. As long as you keep doing movies the way you are all doing them, I will never go see another one again and Im sure that I wont be the only one. Still, Keven Costner and Diane Lane… Not knocking them down but couldnt you find other people that could play the part any better. hell, the cast of Smallville has done an awesome job, have them play the parts…. but no, it has to be done your way. Guess what, you way is crap. i use to like your studio for movies but not anymore. Oh ya, do us a favor also, dont make a second Nightmare On Elem Street movie, you guys did bad enough with the last current one. I hated Rob Zombie's Halloween movies but your take on Freddy, made Rob Zombie do a better job and his movies suck. Do the fans a favor, do a better job with the graphics and storyline or just retire!

  28. Justin says:

    If you guys are going to "reinvent" Batman, for the love of god, make sure the actor takes the Kevin Conroy Batman voice approach! I can't stand Bale with his "I need a Bat-lozenge!" raspy voice.

  29. Mark Burrell says:

    Make sure that it is in the Sixties Batman camp style. I hope that we get it in the United Kingdom.

  30. Local Man says:

    Chris Nolan has said that his version of Batman is the only superhero in the world . . . there are no others. So, in order to have Batman part of the Justice League, Batman has to be re-invented to be in a world where there are other superheroes.

    In both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, many of the events depicted could have been easily handled by at super speed by Superman or the Flash. In a world of other superheroes, Batman's role has to be re-defined as a great detective and tactician since he is a normal man with gadgets and can't get by on extraordinary abilities. While I'm not sure that an entire Origin story has to be done, it makes sense why they feel that some amount of re-imagining needs to be done to have Batman in a shared universe with the other DC heroes.

  31. carlos says:

    have you notice that the justice league are all whites? perhaps racism was still high when they made it.

  32. frank says:

    please don't stop i think that everybody want to see good movies like batman under the reed hood crisis on two earths or t batman the animated series justice league unlimited i have 25 years old and i still remember and i'm sure that a lot of people like me still waiting for good cartoons i recomend work in the way you work good doing cartoons base on comics and don't be too late because you could lose your audience thanks foor be part of my infance

  33. RAGGEDT says:

    Carlos, the classic JLA line-up — created in the 1960s — was all-white (well, except for the Martian Manhunter). It wasn't overt racism as much as the cultural sensibilities of the time. There weren't ANY heroes of color back then.

    That (an all-white JLA?) is something that Warner Bros. is going to have to figure out before filming. The JL Unlimited cartoon got around this — to pretty good success — with having the John Stewart Green Lantern instead of Hal Jordan. Marvel is getting around this by using the black version of Nick Fury. Interesting to see what the JLA does.

  34. gyrocaptain says:

    wow…im inspired with all these plans for "retelling and reinventing"…

    screw you peter jackson, step aside…im gonna do a remake of the LORD OF THE RINGS!!!…:)

    *sigh*…i guess nothing is sacred…:(

    i agree with the comments about a continuing story line being the way to go…

  35. the flash says:

    FLASH should be made before justice league movie… it should be made similar to the fake flash trailer on youtube about THE WATCHMEN

  36. Ray says:

    Lucy Lawless would of been a good to play Wonder Woman, she has a more hot athletic looking body.

  37. Leonel a. Umana says:

    They do not have to reinvent Batman. All they have to do is just have him constantly in costume and in the shadows. Make the film where they work together but are not in each other lives.

  38. Lauren says:

    THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! Cavill, Reynolds, and reboot Batman WON'T be in this movie? Is Justice League a spinoff from Smallville? OK then, but it is not clear to me. What is going on?

  39. seb says:

    no, warner must do FLASH movie before JLA movie!!!

  40. Pat says:

    Smallville is not super

    An &’will never jive with real dc continuity

    Get with it people

    Like th WW new series is not WW

  41. David W. says:

    Either JLA stars Cavill and Reynolds or it's a Smallville spinoff. Nothing else makes sense to me. 3 Batmen, 3 Superman, 2 Lanterns, all in 3 years makes no sense to anybody. It's crazy.

  42. mike says:

    All these posts and nobody mentioned the King of the Seas. You gotta get something going on with Aquaman. I don't care if its an animated movie, a live movie, or something. Think about all the storylines possible for the guy in charge of the seas.

  43. Guest says:

    Seriously, that one dude is right. STOP retelling origins. Most people are smart enough to figure it out, and characters like Superman and Batman are household names/American icons. They've been around since the thirties. Everbody and their left mother know Superman came from Krypton, even cheerleaders. I can see a character like Green Lantern. Or at least inply the backstory in little subtle pieces throughout the film, instead of starting us all over at the beginning. And for God's sake, let's see some blood.

  44. james says:

    make wonder woman fall for batman . in he cartoon they loved each other

  45. SuperTim says:

    The idea of having a Justice League movie being released is a good one. Hopefully the 'good' people at WB will stay true to the comics. As for 're-inventing' the superheroes origins, I would suggest that they in the build up to the movie release short trailers depicting the charachters origins to get that whole bit out of the way and thus can concentrate on a movie packed with good superhero action. The trailers could be released weekly building up to the release of the movie, building up suspense, almost like the fists of Doomsday punching their way at the end of each Superman title during November 1992 before he finally broke loose in December. For those who don't know the origins and happen to miss the trailers, that won't matter too much as the movie should be made in such a way that it can be enjoyed without any prior knowledge. Well I live in hope anyway.

  46. alaskaholik says:

    Brandon Routh was a LAME Superman. No excitement whatsoever. The movie was an utter failure. REBOOT!!!!

  47. Lerioc says:

    Christian Bale has ALWAYS been an over-acting hack. It was no surprise to see him in the cowl doing what he has always done… ruining a character. Christopher Reeves worked for young children only… have any of these people actually LOOKED at a Superman comic? He's HUGE. Yet they keep getting these marathon-bodied guys to play the part. Since when does Superman go on a diet?

    A Wonder Woman movie would NEVER stand on it's own and make money….

    Flash would be a hard sell too…. You'll see with Green Latern's box office draw (Ryan Reynolds?? really??)

    No more origins, no more ugly women cast as the love interest…. why do the movies always fall short on this? Maggie Gyllenhall??? are you kidding? Whoever that chick was in Superman returns as Lois??? WTF???

    At least Marvel has had a run of quality movies… IronMan, Hulk, and Thor…. I am looking forward to the Avengers..

  48. Floyd says:

    I am 54 I have seen all the superman movies and smallville and dont know Y they just dont put tom welling in everyone wants him in but who knows

  49. Dizzy D.B. says:

    Don't reinvent Batman, Chis Nolan did that as for Superman in JLA, be smart And get Tom Welling
    for the part.

  50. pessetti says:

    In agreement with Agent Jay. Warner Bros./DC Comics needs to do the individual character movies then tie them together as The Justice League. It seems to be working real well for Warner Bros. / Marvel. I also agree we don't need a retelling of origins over and over again. Most all of the comic book people have grown up with these origins. Its great to see them (once) on the big screen but not every time a movie is released.

  51. Mr Dee says:

    Let the Nolans do the next three Superman and Justice League Movies…please kill Lex Luthor. We need villains like Doomsday, Darkseid, Black Atom, Brainiac…GET WITH IT…SHEESH!

  52. austin says:

    why did they move the movie date to 2013? I thought it was coming out in 2011

  53. rugemistral says:

    The folks who make the movies do not care about being true to the comics, or about giving longtime, diehard JLA fans what we've waited forever to see! They care about what will make them the most money. I think they've realized that most movie-goers don't even know anyone but Superman and Batman, so why not just keep re-hashing those two characters. If they wanted to, they could probably ask Alex Ross for his imput as to who should be included in a JLA movie–and his poster shown above would be a great start–and they could get going on developing the characters individually. (And please, not all of the insignificant characters in the animated series!)If DC had started when Marvel did, instead of creating yet another tired version of Superman and Batman, maybe by now a team-up would seem more reasonable and do-able!

  54. LAQUINZO says:


  55. Baby Tiragon says:

    Were are wonder womans thighs, and red boots!

  56. Baby Tiragon says:

    The character i request for the death of lex luthor in the new superman movie is timothy olyphant!!!!!

  57. Baby Tiragon says:

    If you are looking for an athletic new batman the actor i nominate should be jake gyllenhal, he was very athletic in prince of persia!!

  58. Daniel says:

    Warner Bros. is getting greedy and needs to get a hold on it. Nolan's trilogy of Batman is great and needs to be left alone. Any reboot of it would ruin the integrity of the character and there studio. Might as well start a Saw 7/w batman in it if they continue on like this.

  59. superherofan says:

    The only problem I have is the basic story of Batman and Superman, it's been done way to many times, and why re-invent Batman if it says Nolan is going to be what producing it? Doesn't really make sense to me. Dc hasn't really produced quality hero movies in my opinion to get the fan reaction it deserves when the Avengers comes to play. The only real Dc movie franchise I liked and enjoyed were the films as Batman Begins, the Dark Knight features, Watchmen, was a good team-up movie, but honestly I would be happy with a Hawkman, and Green Arrow movie, I think they are going to wait too long to produce the Justice League movie, and when the Avengers movie comes out all other team up movies will have a huge hype they need to live up too. dc hasn't really delivered as Marvel movies have in my opinion. I really wish they would use a different villain than Lex and Zod in Superman it almost looks like they are going in order of the old Reeves movies in these reboots. It would make the film a lot more enjoyable if there were other well known villains. I think Batman doesn't need re-inventing, and if they do make a reboot make a contuning story line rather than the same boring origin story every one knows. I think it's possible to make a kick ass Justice League Movie, but again, it all depends on who directs it, produces it, and who they get to play opposite each other along with the villain base for the team to assemble and work together. I would love to see a Martian Manhunter movie before the league but that's just me. I hope whatever happens the results are awesome.

  60. Michael says:

    I have thought about it and it would be cool if the following persons were cast in the roles of the Justice League:
    Josh Duhamel as Clark Kent/Superman (see Life as We Know It…he already has the height and build along with box office appeal) or Jared Padelecki as a backup

    Ian Somerhalter or Colin Egglesfield as Bruce Waye/Batman

    Megan Gale or Rosie Whitely-Huntington as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

    Tyrese Gibson as John Stewart/Green Lantern

    Paul Walker or Liam Hemsworth as Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Walker IS the perfect fit for Aquaman)

    Jamal Duff (The Game Plan) as John Jones/Martian Manhunter (his build and film characters make him the perfect fit here) although Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson might be more of a Box office draw

    Ryan Phillippe as Barry Allen/The Flash (a good backup woulrd be recent heartthrob Cam Gigandet or Kelln Lutz).

    Megan Gale or

  61. Jared says:

    Why can't DC make movies as successfully as Marvel…. DC has been making bankable super hero movies long before Marvel even got into the game. Superman was made in the seventies and even though is was camp the batman TV show had a successful run. I mean DC characters may not be as human, flawed and realistic as Marvel characters but story lines could be developed around the larger than life DC characters. Then we could have a Marvel vs DC blockbuster after a good run with both franchise hero movies… Wow just think of the possibilities.

  62. truiz says:

    Why do a live action Justice League?!?! Why? Do a CGI Justice league! Do it right and focus on a good story, rather than showcasing Hollywood stars and starlets du jour, in tights. There have been two superhero CGI parodies (Megamind and The Incredibles), so why can't WB just do a good story with a proven medium for JL?!?! Don't do anymore effing reboots! We are sick of them already! (Hulk, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, X-Men, etc.) We KNOW the characters and their origins, just give us a good story! Make one for the FANS!

  63. troyrr says:

    I'm not wasting my money or my time on the new Superman movie. Why? Here is an SNL quote you might remenber:

    "Check out the unit on THAT guy"

  64. swapnil says:

    dont think that there is any need of reinventing Batman……. christian bale is the best ever batman…. o 1 can display the charisma of bruce wayne better than christian bale…. and for chris nolan, he is best director…. the series should b left away for atleast 12-13 years…. coz the work chris nolan has done is much beyond expectation…. and rebooting will make it tasteless……. so no to reboot or reinvention… not intrested……

  65. Tony says:

    Haven’t seen batman with a robin as side kick yet,he has even used his rope so much.No special effects apart frm the mobil.Stories about batman can always continue with different actors,exept they want to start a story on batman of d future where bruce wayne becomes the boss and young miginis is d employee now d young batman that has a mechanical costume.

  66. myround0 says:

    Drop Hawkman and bring in Hawkgirl. Kids know the story and can Identify with Hawkgirl. She is all about less talking more hitting. And Allison Sweeney for Black canary…

  67. Brenden says:

    Tom Welling should play Superman!

  68. Ken says:

    It would be nice if they would just do a movie based on the
    Justice League Animated series.

  69. ANTOINE MAHAN says:


  70. Preston says:

    How about creating a Wonder Woman, where she has to do some weightloss challenge at the beginning of the movie?

  71. sam lala says:

    I think that they should make a DC universe movie with Christian Bale as batman Ryan Reynolds as as the green lantern and so on, what I am trying to say is that they should make a non animated movie with DC comic Herod

  72. anonymous says:

    Nolan never even touched the batman where was nightwing , batgirl and robin in all this and batman has more than one suit not just the same suit with improvements think of the lego games he had alot of suits for different challenges. As for vehicles where is the batcopter , the bat boat and the bat tank. Re-inventing him might the best idea anyway its to late to add new characters i mean joker has gone he killed batgirl she is out , two face killed dick graysons parents two face dead robin out! night wing can'tstart unless robin is in it . Go Ahead with the reboot!

  73. mike torres says:

    carmine infantino drew barry allen on a flight were the woman serving his plate was about to fall on barry but before she can blink he grabs tea cup from spilling the plate of food is caught leaving her with a question what just didnt happen. theres your flash need more just wait for the movie.

  74. Chris Gross says:

    How about a movie that battles the justice league vs the legion of doom, like the cartoons from the early '80's? That would be super cool!

  75. LDK says:

    Marvel is Destroying DC in movie making!

  76. mryound0 says:

    It looks as if Hal Jordan will be in the film, but who knows the final Battle could include John Stewart as Power ring…

  77. raj says:

    I think the movie is likely not to happen. I just don't think the minds are creative enough to do the movie any justice (no pun). Darkseid is an awesome villain, but if you have ever watched the Justice league cartoons, you rarely see GL in a Darkseid episode. Darkseid is an awesome villain but poses no real threat to any Green Lantern.

    In the case of the Lantern the ring chooses the wearer, so in the enitre universe these are about the 5000-ish most stubborn willed beings period. Coupled with the ring (the most powerful force in the universe, only limited by the wearer's will, is a problem for Darkseid to overcome. While it is not listed as such, Lanterns equals are only other Lantern's. This is why Sinestor and Lex have to be in the movie.

    I think Lex or Grodd, has to be the main Villian, and really it should be Lex, because he can assembly a formidible cast. We know the League cast, I would have added Hawkgirl, and kee the romance between her and John Stewart.

  78. raj says:

    The first thing I would do is gen up the GL movie once more, make it a short 120 movie, and Show Parrallax, and sinestro taking out Hal, only to have John arrive to late to save Hal but in time to save the planet. You have Sinestro at the pointed end of John's raft only to have Hawkgirl talk him out of killing Sinestro.

    You do the Batman movie, and in it you have Wonder Woman aid him in overcoming the Riddler.

    In the Superman movie, we see Flash and supers make a retreet at Batman's orders, and the film closes.

    Which leads to the Justice League movie, and it shows why Batman order the retreet, Because Lex had a new power growing inside him Brainaic. Telepathically, Green Lantern John Stewart had picked up a link from Brainaic Lex, to Bizarro, Sinestro, Clayface, Giganta, Grodd, to read the kryptonite, and a deep freeze for an unexpected guest. Superman and Flash retreat, and the Superman film ends. with a dark screen, you hear Batman say, we have to form a Justice league to battle these villians.

  79. raj says:

    One year later the film happens and it picks up with Green lantern hawkgirl, and superman battling the enitre group, and Latenr and Superman falls. The Legion of doom has set up a planet powered by a red sun takes Superman to this location. Hawkgirl is taken in at Batman's request by Dr. Fate, there she is shielded from Green Lanterns contract. Also, while not in action but in the show are amazo, and the Martian Manhunter. Becaue John's will is so strong and the Green ring, along with a blue power ring and the indigo riings are all hidden in his body. It takes the mental powers of all three to shield her from him.

    Green Lantern is the blame for the three falling. Batman asks himself more than once how does Superman and Green Lantern ever lose a battle. It just doesn't add up, even with Sinestro, Batman knows Green Lantern is full max mode is unmatched, couple with Superman's ever evolving powers and strength he is confused. Until it finally hits him, John and Shayera are to close to ever do missions together.

  80. raj says:

    While all this takes place batman realizes the group must separate and go underground. Flash makes the jump to the speed force, not only will no one ever find him there, no legion member can survive the speed force. Wonder Woman goes back to her homeland.

    Bat's tells the group Atlantis will be under attack soon. Aquaman sees the Group and says he will not attack the surface world, Batman ask Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and Amazon, to be the second line of defense if needed. As the legion prepares to mount their attack in four days. Brainaic Lex, decides to attack tomorrow at 1600 hours. However, Superman and the team begans their attack the same day at high noon…4 hours before Doom attacks Atlantis…

  81. raj says:

    John Stewart is placed under arrest, by the legion. However, he has placed himself under his own arrest, using his indominable will on himself, he has vowed to never use his ring again, unless it meant saving Shayera. as it stands now, in the earliest days of their defeat he used his mental powers to try to find her, on Earth, even while he was in his cell he scanned the entire planet of Thanagar, and the entire universe, with no luck, so he feels the ring has end his love for the last time. This is when the blue and indigo rings enter his body. the guardians don't want to lose John.
    They give him the Blue rign because he had refused to recharge his green ring. Giving him the blue means he will never ever, if he survives the merger, have to charge his ring again. making him the most powerful Lantern to date.

    John is visited by Flash often, and while flash dashes in an out GL never really talks to him. Wally takes this news to Bat's, and Bat's and strong as he is tells John he knows what happen, John says angrily, DO YOU?

  82. raj says:

    While all of this is happening the league is plotting an overthrow on the underwater world of Atlantis. batman knows Aquaman will wash away all land if forced, so he knows he has to act fast, but he has to get John back.

    After an exchage between Batman who reveals Shayera is alive and her locations, he and Flash (flash lends Bats some of his powers) speed off to tell Aquaman. Spare the land. aquaman says his sources tell him in seven days the invasion will begin. Aquaman says he will not wait more then four days. Batman says the battle begins in two.

  83. raj says:

    GL asks the gods to add white rings to Shayera, which gives his protection against any GL blast, however for John the Gods give her additional powers, the ability to retract her wings, additional strength, through the ring, her Mace is buried inside her body, it can onyl be weilded by her, and other members on her command, her hearing and eyesight are keen, her wings can cause nasty winds, and she can become invisible, and phase through objects.

    Wonder woman and Batman are also upgraded. Fitted with the white ring, Wonder woman skin is much like an earth woman until combat mode is required. While her skin remains soft, it is impenetrable. Her tiara can fire laser beams her lasso is much like the Mortal Kombat character Scorpian, it is within her body. The main reason GL asks for the white ring to be planted is it gives life. No longer will he have to worry about killing one of his own in battle.

  84. raj says:

    Batman gets the biggest upgrade because the Guardians ask themselves why the rign has never chosen this guy, and the find out his will is unlikeany other being that has ever existed to this date. While the white ring fits him, in ever category his emotions is the highest they have ever seen, and if corrupted, Batman would become a being that no being could ever match. yet the Guardian feel the need to add strength, speed, to enhance his abilities. He is fitted with infared eyes, only he and Green lantern have the ability to fire beams around objects. Batman's brain is the single greatest thing they have ever seen, and is fitted to unload at levels not even Brainaics can obtain and understand. Basically he knows what a Green lantern knows, but it is all in his head, and not given to him by the rings on board computer. he has telepathy, he to can phase, but Bat's biggest improvement is his mind controls his utility belt, meaning he can weaponize himself with whatever he needs in his belt.

  85. raj says:

    Flash doesn't get the White ring, instead he gets a new suit from Oa, and it allows his to operate at top speed, from the moment he takes off. it aids him in controlling the properties around him and it allows for himto attack a single or multiple targets for numerous directions…

    All this happens and then they rescue Superman who gets a blast Power ring blast from GL, who was fitted with a yellow energy ring, that contained only one blast, not sure why, it comes to him and bats at about the same time once they pick up Superman. After the blast, it takes about 12 hours to return him to full strength, Superman says hes not waiting 12 more minutes, get us to Earth in five minutes or I will see you when you get there. GL hits a few worm holes and in three minutes they arrive undetected and underground at Atlantis.

  86. raj says:

    rough draft, but we need to start production on this project, once we get it up and running it will be easy..

  87. Rodney Leon Potts says:


  89. Guest says:

    How about a Dove and Hawk film that would be pretty cool.

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