One-of-a-kind ‘Tron’ shop to open in Culver City

Nov. 03, 2010 | 11:24 a.m.
tronpopup One of a kind Tron shop to open in Culver City

The "Tron: Legacy" pop-up shop at Royal/T Café. (Disney Consumer Products)

With the opening of “Tron: Legacy” a little more than a month away, the marketing for one of the holiday season’s most anticipated films is in overdrive. As part of the bullish campaign leading to the sci-fi epic’s release, Disney has announced the opening of a “Tron” pop-up shop inside of Culver City’s Royal T Café and gallery.

The shop, which opens Nov. 19 through Dec. 23, is the only one of its kind and will feature a long list of specialty items inspired by the film. But don’t expect flimsy toy Lightcycles or goofy glow-in-the-dark body suits: This pop-up shop is high-end. Just like the aspirations of the new film.

In fact, the sequel to the cult classic film might as well be called “Tron 5.0.” That’s how far removed its cutting-edge CGI is from the original Commodore 64-inspired effects contained in the 1982 original (that computer came out in 1982 as well).  In the same way, Disney’s proposed lineup of new “Tron” products is a far cry from the plastic action figures in blue-and-red suits that Tomy released for the first film (so short-lived were these original “Tron” toys that they are now serious collector’s items).

At the Royal/T pop-up shop, which is designed with sleek lines and cool colors to resemble the safe-house depicted in the film, the well-heeled “Tron” nerd can purchase a pair of $345 sterling silver Lightcycle cufflinks designed by Rotenier. The digitally minded lady can pick up a $195 “grid escape ring,” designed by TomTom to mimic, according to the store’s price and fact sheet, “the interesting angles and colors found in the cyber world” of “Tron.”

In the retail world of “Tron: Legacy,” anything that resembles “the future” goes.  How about a pair of $795, 5-inch, high-heel platform sandals in shiny metallic gloss designed by Jerome Rousseau? Also available, $750 Oakley Pit Boss glasses with a frame featuring graphics from the film; logoed baseball caps for $35; Legacy snowboard boots ($269); and “Tron” belt buckles, board shorts, T-shirts and jackets.

Different themed merchandise will be available from week to week, with the official soundtrack CD composed by Daft Punk hitting shelves Dec. 7. And if you just want to browse you can swing by and enter to win a family four-pack of tickets to see “Tron: Legacy.” Winners are announced every Tuesday.

In addition Royal T, which is a Japanese cosplay café and features French-and Japanese-inspired cuisine delivered by servers in French maid costumes, will feature a special “Tron”-themed menu.  Items include a Reco burger with buffalo sauce, chipotle aioli and fried onion rings;  a Lightcycle salad with endive, caramelized oranges and toasted pecans in yuzu vinaigrette; an Identity Disc cake (white-chocolate lava cake and blueberry sauce); and a “Tron: Legacy” high tea set consisting of sweet and savory canapés and your choice of tea.

I’m not sure if all of this is what Sam and Kevin Flynn were eating and wearing inside the grid. But that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t have been more comfortable if they had been.

— Jessica Gelt


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