‘Pacific Rim’s Guillermo del Toro: Say no to reboots, yes to robots

July 13, 2013 | 1:14 p.m.

There’s been plenty of speculation about how Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” will fare at the box office this weekend, where it’s going up against the Adam Sandler comedy “Grown Ups 2” and the animated family film “Despicable Me 2.”

But should the new film about humanity’s battle against an invading species of monsters called kaiju perform well enough to merit a sequel, the writer-director has got plenty of ideas for future stories set in the elaborately rendered world.

Del Toro shared some of those ideas at a special Hero Complex advance screening of “Pacific Rim” earlier this week, appearing on stage for a Q&A at the Edwards Long Beach Stadium 26 & IMAX in Long Beach. Readers can watch the beginning of the conversation above, but beware, the clip does contain spoilers.

“I think where we would go [in a sequel] is insane,” Del Toro said. “It would make this look like ‘Howard’s End.’ ”

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The members of the sold-out screening gave Del Toro a hero’s welcome, and the filmmaker was in fine form, regaling the crowd with humorous anecdotes and insightful commentary about some of the bigger ideas he hoped to convey with the film. Check back over the next few days to see more video excerpts from the conversation.

For those who have seen the movie, please leave your thoughts and comments below.

— Gina McIntyre | @LATherocomplex


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13 Responses to ‘Pacific Rim’s Guillermo del Toro: Say no to reboots, yes to robots

  1. Saw Pacific Rim at the local IMAX yesterday. Way over-hyped. I'd give it a 4 out of 10 rating. Here's why:

    1. The 3D effects were not very good:
    a. Focus Issues
    b. Substituted a lot of fast moving "garbage filler" in place of fully developing the Jaegers and Kaijus
    c. Came off as C grade Anime

    2. The storyline was not well-developed and jumped around too much. While I appreciated the intense action, I felt like I had ate a can of Pringles when the movie was over…unfullfiled, and one more, or a million more just wouldn't do it.

    3. Weird casting….what's with Ron Perlman playing against his step-dad from Sons? It did give me a chuckle…but the people who saw it with me thought it sucked. So they couldn't kill the step-dad off in Sons…and decided to kill him off in Rim?

    4. Some of the names and titles??? Pacific "RIM"? "Jaeger"…I thought I was in a bar pounding shots looking to do a quickie in the john.

    This is one of those movies you wait to come out on cable, or the $2.00 theater…which is where it will be within six weeks.

  2. Ryan Gonzalez says:

    I liked this movie a lot the use of color and dark tones really makes this a fun movie to watch. I know it’s not a film for everyone but for the “Godzilla” and monster fans out there it is everything I like in an action movie thats on steroids! It is very similar to the aname’ series “Gundam Wing” The only thing I wish I saw more of was the use of martial arts/MMA fighting being employed in the robots themselves. Not one robot through a single kick but other than that love it!

  3. busy bee says:

    must see movie of the summer,best new monster and unbelievable new hero. Hats off to all involved!busy bee

  4. Dan says:

    The most fun I've had at a movie in quite a while. Sheer spectacle & excitement.

  5. Diesel says:

    Great movie , great special effects…a must see.

  6. Ken says:

    JUST saw the movie, and it was good fun. Definitely liked the fight scenes but wish we saw more of the Russians and Chinese fighting… Also wish they had more than just the robots fighting. You know, tanks/artilleries/battleships providing support fire during the fight would've made it even more epic. I know, I know, they mention that conventional fighting took forever to bring the kaiju down but still…

  7. alpavangkanan says:

    Best movie ever

  8. Corey Alvarez says:

    Movie is awesome its like Transformers meet Voltron meets Cloverfield meets Godzilla. This was awesome.

  9. aurens66 says:

    Pacific Rim was great fun, a popcorn movie you can take the family to (kids over 10 because of noise levels and monster munching) it's also got a few twists and turns you don't expect. (I'd put this on par with the Avengers movie) The fact the Jaegars have two human pilots who must synch with each other gives this film a hopeful stance, and heart, rather than really mindless gratuitous violence. (Trek2, 2012, lookin at you) Let's support the films that while paying homage to classic tokusatsu, try to be original and give us more to think on than the ol' tired franchises.

  10. Joe spat says:

    Lack luster Godzilla 1985 was better. The was no human drama. Robots and monsters are supposed to be the secondary element in scifi movies. Do you thism Poltergeist was about Ghosts..no. it was how families need to pull together when times get tough. The matrix was about how we all capable of rising above our stations in life. Empire Stikes back was about friendships, and how real friends would lay thier lives down for each other. That's subtext. all the fancy SXF ,ean nothing if you have no true human story to tell. we don't need more film like this. we need more films that focus of the things we deal with on a day to day level. Films we learn from, can relate to, and want to see again. his is not that film. Much like Sucker Punch was not that film 2 years ago. and it he future creature designers need to focus less on textures and more on personality and shapes. there creatures are a mess. Look how simple a dinosaur is or shard. Both terrifying…. Bluth simple to look at. The creatures are to much for the eyes to take in, and not very scary or cool for that mate. simple is cool. this move was not cool…. Just my opinion. I spent 20 dollars to have one.

  11. love it says:

    Awesome!! This is amazing show.. Will pay for sequel ! Can't wait .. I love DISTRICT 10 too

  12. Joy says:

    I think Pacific Rim was an incredible movie. Exciting, edge of your set entertainment. Guillermo is brilliant! Mako as a child, played by Mana Ashida should be nominated for every award. This little 9 year old is the best child actress I have ever seen. I thought Rinko was good too. Ron Pearlman was a hoot as usual. All the actors were good except Mr. Hunnam. Charlie admitted that this was not his best work and it showed. His SOA swagger at the beginning was corny as ever as was his acting for the rest of the film. He is the only one that needs acting lessons. 9 year old Mana was the best!

  13. Joe Averge says:

    What a breath of fresh air ( Personally its 9/10, but I'm a fan of genre so unbias objectively 8/10)

    +characters were engaging and enough to go by it didn't DRAG ON AND ON, Not a fan of having nails hammer in my skull
    + its an overall positive feeling
    + Pacing was nice
    + Its not a shallow grim dark brooding super serious stale action flick
    + You can actually see the action! Feel the weight of each hit
    + Destruction porn wasn't as over the top as Man of steel
    + NO FORCE ROMANCE, you can see the relationship and they were connected and didn't need to force anything more on to the viewer. My gripe with many movies is the shoehorn sexy scenes.
    + Nice to see a strong female character and everyone had a part not just background character (besides Ron Perlman)

    -I noticed they say things but never emphasis some info (if you critical about it, but its a sci-fi action movie), i had questions but after viewing 2nd time i never noticed they actually answers questions i had.
    – the dialouge and acting can be a bit cheesy but its not a huge problem.
    its like a 80's movie with 1950' super science
    its an action movie not a drama or comedy, its FICTION. Science fiction. Its a good western interpretation of japanese genre.

    Their was no hype (thanks to WB little feud).

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