‘Pirates of the Caribbean’: Johnny Depp can’t see the appeal of 3-D — literally

May 22, 2011 | 8:17 a.m.
johnny depp2 Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny Depp cant see the appeal of 3 D    literally

Johnny Depp at the "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. (Getty)

When it comes to 3-D,  Johnny Depp just can’t see the appeal — literally.

The star of the new 3-D spectacle “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” — as well as last year’s billion-dollar hit “Alice in Wonderland” — says that due to an eyesight defect, the stereoscopic effect of 3-D cinematic images is lost on him.

“I’ve never seen the movies in 3-D,” Depp said. “I actually can’t see in 3-D. I’ve got a bum eye. So I’ve never been able to watch the movies and see what everybody else sees.

“I don’t see things normally, I never have. I wouldn’t know what 3-D was if it hit me in the face. I’m more interested in 4-D and 5-D anyway. I’ll just bypass the 3 and go straight to the 4 and the 5.”

The 47-year-old may have issues with depth perception but he doesn’t lack viewpoints on 3-D. He praised old pal Gore Verbinski director of “Rango” and the first three “Pirates” films as well as the upcoming Lone Ranger project — for resisting the studio pressure to convert the film to 3-D to exploit the box-office benefits.

“We’re in the thick of this kind of 3-D craze, which I guess is all right if it’s necessary, and if it enhances the film in some way,” Depp said. “If it really adds something, then cool, but I thought it was beautiful that Gore resisted it for ‘Rango,’ it would have been the wrong choice for that movie. Gore did ‘Rango,’ watched and basically what he told me was, ‘I just didn’t think it needed 3-D.’ Not everyone is approaching it that way. I thought that was great. I’m sure studios are screaming for it but sometimes you need to resist that.”

— Geoff Boucher


pirates of the caribbean stranger tides2 Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny Depp cant see the appeal of 3 D    literally

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7 Responses to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’: Johnny Depp can’t see the appeal of 3-D — literally

  1. gustav says:

    lol, to Johnny, yeah yeah, utter nonsense, u claim not to watch your own movies anyway, so why would you know the difference between 3d and normal movies? Watched your move today and thanks to you, it was watchable, so at least be greatfull for that. Good job, now try to step out of the pirate gendre and make a good movie again, your last one with Jolie sucked pretty bad, thanks to her. Good luck.

  2. Ralph Jones says:

    I have the same problem as Johnny Depp so it is cool that he's talking about. Most studios don't even think about the people who might not be able to see 3D at all. It feels like another excuse to charge more for a ticket.

  3. Andressa Sparrow says:

    Oh, poor Johnny… I love this man, he's amazing. *-*

  4. fayeandrews says:

    It would be good if Johnny Depp does more dramas and plays more straight and normal characters. http://bit.ly/jSoBhW

  5. mariannejapan says:

    I watched Pirates in 3D… I didn't really think it was all that great (the 3D part). I love "Pirates of the Caribbean" & "Jack" so I'm thinking of going again without 3D. The only other movie I've seen in 3D was Avatar, and that was beautiful, so happy seeing that in 3D. I don't think I would want to see anything too violent in 3D.

  6. Lisa says:

    Why not? Stranger things have happened. If you should chance to read this, John Christopher Depp, please contact me. You need to play Hamlet.

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