Robert Rodriguez and ‘Deadpool’ — are the talks back on target?

Aug. 01, 2010 | 5:45 p.m.

Steven Zeitchik at 24 Frames — our must-read sister blog — checks in on the chatter about a “Deadpool” film. Here’s an excerpt…

It’s been dizzying to follow the will-he-or-won’t-he reports about Robert Rodriguez directing “Deadpool,” the Ryan Reynolds X-Men spinoff.

Reports last month that Rodriguez had been offered the director’s chair on “Deadpool” met with a swirl of speculation and/or denials from the filmmaker’s camp as well as studio Fox. (The most anyone would agree to is that Rodriguez had been sent Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s script.)

But we’re hearing that after a few weeks of dancing, Rodriguez and studio Fox are negotiating…


— Steven Zeitchik


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  1. machete says:

    why not make a captain mexio movie were the super heroes helps illegals over the boarder and kill us booarder agents ordred by our american hating villian in washington

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