An Oscar lesson for Seth MacFarlane: Listen to Captain Kirk

Feb. 25, 2013 | 2:46 p.m.
Oscars 2013 host Seth MacFarlane -- shown here backstage at the Academy Awards ceremony -- earned mixed reviews. What did you think? Tell us in the comments. (Credit: Getty Images)

Oscars 2013 host Seth MacFarlane — shown backstage at the Academy Awards ceremony — earned mixed reviews. What did you think? Tell us in the comments. (Getty Images)

Oscars 2013 host Seth MacFarlane heard it, but he just didn’t listen. Next time, though, he’d do well to obey a direct order from Captain Kirk. Or maybe get some advice from Sulu.

The 85th Academy Awards kicked off with some endearing, self-deprecating jokes by the creator of TV’s “Family Guy” and “American Dad,” as well as the blockbuster movie “Ted.”

And the laughs kept coming as Captain Kirk — a.k.a. “Star Trek” star William Shatner — time traveled from the future in a bid to save MacFarlane, and quite possibly humanity, from what was about to unfold at the Oscars ceremony.

“I’m here to stop you from doing what you’re about to do,” Kirk warned from aboard (presumably) the starship Enterprise. “The show is a disaster.”

Well, that was one way of putting it. George Takei (who played Sulu) put it another way:

Unfortunately for MacFarlane, the jokes seemed to go downhill from his run-in with Captain Kirk, at least according to media critics.

But what did you think about the show? Would you like to see MacFarlane come back again next year? Or do you agree with the media critics who had this to say about  MacFarlane’s comic patter and the night’s stab at comedy, which included jokes about “boobs,” domestic violence, Jews running Hollywood, anorexia, Lincoln’s assassination, foreign accents, orgies, Nazis and more:

— “MacFarlane was occasionally crude and mildly offensive; unfortunately, he wasn’t very funny. Which is a pretty big problem for a comedian…” — The Los Angeles Times

— “Seth MacFarlane and the Oscars’ Hostile, Ugly, Sexist Night” — The New Yorker

— “… the biggest night in film [was] dedicated to alienating, excluding, and debasing women,” according to, in a piece headlined “Why Seth MacFarlane’s Misogyny Matters.”

— USA Today labeled MacFarlane’s act “awash in self-indulgence” as well as “flat and self-conscious.”

“American Dud,” said Time.

Memo to MacFarlane: The next time Captain Kirk speaks, listen. That’s an order.

Rene Lynch


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15 Responses to An Oscar lesson for Seth MacFarlane: Listen to Captain Kirk

  1. janice peters says:

    its quite clear why macfarlane has always been behind the scenes and that is where he should stay, it demeaning and degrading, what an idiot, gee what a surprise he is still single lol

  2. John Smith says:

    Billy Crystal is the best for the Oscars.

  3. d-block says:

    I thought that he was pretty good. Much better than the usual snore fest. Critics are usually dead wrong. Go off the user reviews.

  4. wash says:

    its funny….first they want to attract younger viewers and have someone like Seth host…Then they complain about the tone of the jokes and shtick….Gotta make up your mind!

  5. Steven Groves says:

    Best Oscars in recent memory. All those offended need to lighten up.

  6. susan farr says:

    I thought Seth was a great host. It was a Oscar show that didn’t bore me to tears. Usually I change the channel after 30 min. Maybe he’s single because he hasn’t found that right person.

  7. Nathan says:

    Wow, I loved Seth as the host, and all the jokes (especially the Sound of Music bit), and everyone I watched it with loved it too! Including women!

  8. Cathy says:

    I didn't think he did too bad for a first-timer. You could tell he was beyond nervous. As far as calling him "offensive", what did you honestly expect? He writes offensive comedy. That's his job.

  9. Neal says:

    I don't see what the fuss is about; everyone I've talked to loved Seth's performance. Besides, a few of his jokes had a deeper meaning. The joke about Rhianna and Chris Brown? Greatly placed, a topic more celebrities need to touch upon; hell, RDJ seems to agree with that sentiment.

  10. Big Al says:

    He did good, first time I actually watched most of the ceremony, not the usual boredom. Fresh air.
    Those who got offended, they have the right to be. I liked it.

  11. Charlene says:

    I thought he was great.He also impressed me with his voice and dance.

  12. HUMBLEMAN says:


  13. shelley andrews says:

    He was awesome !! Just wished he wud of spoke as Stewy.. just once..that wud of brought tons of laughs !!!

  14. bjsmith says:

    I think the Oscars should slowly fade away. Although some of Seth 's remarks were not funny or appropriate. He was not the worst host. He was better than that fluffy Ann Hathaway and strange James Francho. I think people want to much perfection. So my solution is not ever have this self serving show on TV ever again.

  15. Connie Smith says:

    The Academy knows Seth's work, Family Guy has been on the Air for a long time and has a large market share. It is very funny, because of how non PC, shocking and "inappropriate Family Guy and Amrican Guy is. Why in the world did the Academy hire him as a host knowing his work. By and large people are tired of having to tip toe around every single person's feelings. People used to laugh at them selves. They still do in whispered tones with their friends. Seth puts it out there. … Maybe the audience was embarased because they were with a new date, but many people laughed. Those of us who are fans of family Guy loved it….. By the way, he is by far one of the best t song and dance men, ever on the show… All I have to say is Get over yourself.. Seth pushes the envelope and we love it… A+ for Seth… Without self deprecation and very general streotypes of others their would be no humor. Have you seen many comedians who are funny, whose stand up routine is completely PC, no sexual inuendo, swear words and no making fun of others and themselves. Not very funny. I liked Seth. Go back to Billy and play it safe,,,

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