Seth Rogen says ‘Green Hornet’ would be ‘too potent’ in tights

Jan. 11, 2011 | 2:42 p.m.

“The Green Hornet,” starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou, has been winning over preview and media crowds lately, and the cast and crew got to show off a bit for the red carpet premiere in Hollywood — covered by The Times’ Amy Kaufman.


cameron Seth Rogen says Green Hornet would be too potent in tights

Cameron Diaz at the "Green Hornet" premiere. (Getty Images)

Over the course of the last year, actor Seth Rogen has gotten a lot of attention for slimming down his once-plump frame. Despite having shed a fair amount of weight, in his new film, “The Green Hornet,” Rogen doesn’t sport any figure-fitting ensembles. Instead of the standard spandex, he’s bundled up in a bulky jacket.

“I went with the loose suit,” he said on the green carpet at the film’s premiere in Hollywood on Monday night. “Me and spandex and 3-D is too potent a combination, I think.”

Despite his reluctance to show off his body, Rogen said he was eager for the film he’s been working on for years to finally hit theaters on Friday. But he said he hasn’t yet had time to contemplate the possibility that the movie could be a box-office hit that spawns a sequel.

“I would definitely be open to [a sequel], but until it makes a lot of money, we haven’t thought about it that much,” he said.

In the film, which Rogen co-wrote, the actor plays Britt Reid, a party playboy whose rich father suddenly dies, leaving him in charge of the family business. As he takes over the media empire, Britt teams up with his father’s mysterious employee, Kato, and the two decide to create a scheme in which they fight crime by pretending to be criminals.

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Kato is played by Jay Chou, a superstar in his native China (our video interview with him garnered nearly 7,000 views overnight, while Rogen’s video had around 300) who is still a newcomer in America. In fact, he says being in the paparazzi capital of the world is relaxing in comparison to being in Asia, where he can barely get any privacy.

“I’m not a huge, huge star. I’m just a music person,” he said, trying to seem modest. “I feel very freedom here. Relaxed. I can go in Venice Beach to play basketball. I can do anything here. But in my country, I just drive [my] car and paparazzi [is] anywhere.”

He paused to say something in Chinese to his translator, who was by his side throughout the night as he spoke to reporters on the green carpet.

“He wants a lot of fans, but not a lot of paparazzi,” she explained.

While Chou’s English has improved greatly since his first Skype meeting with producers, the language barrier was still at times troublesome for him during production of the film – especially when his costar began improvising.

Director Michel Gondry said Rogen would often change the screenplay on the fly.

“He would not say ‘What if we add the line?’ He would add the line all the time and change completely the script all the time. That’s his script, so what you gonna do?” Gondry recalled. “He’s gonna change it all the time, it’s normal. And he likes improvisation. I don’t have to adapt to it — it’s more the other actors who sort of feel unsettled. But it creates a nice tension, because some actors don’t like to improvise, and he does, so you see how people react to this situation, which is good to me. It’s like, people are in a situation they are not prepared for so they become more themselves.”

— Amy Kaufman


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