‘Spider-Man’: First look at Andrew Garfield’s Spidey suit

Jan. 13, 2011 | 12:20 p.m.

The new Spider-Man, looking battered down as only Peter Parker can. What’s your verdict?

garfield5 Spider Man: First look at Andrew Garfields Spidey suit

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man (John Schwartzman)


dunst Spider Man: First look at Andrew Garfields Spidey suit

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15 Responses to ‘Spider-Man’: First look at Andrew Garfield’s Spidey suit

  1. tadeu says:

    i can digg the chest. more blue, instead the other more red. but the gloves…i don´t like at all…i need more time to enjoy all :)
    hope the mask doesen´t have a significant change…

  2. Ironic Energy says:

    Andrew Garfield looks like spider-man more than any actor i have ever seen. not sure about the new costume yet though.

  3. Peter J Mellini says:

    I like it. Still doesn't look like something a high school kid could have made on his aunt sewing machine but it looks a lot cooler then silver wedded one from the Rami movies.

  4. JD Cherof says:

    Andrew gets my thumbs up, hes a great actor and perfect for Spidey. The suit however looks like crap, way too stylized and Tom Hardy-ish, it just doesnt look like something a high school kid would make, it looks like a S&M meets motorcylce outfit, but we'll see how it looks on film.

  5. skoonix says:

    Garfield is a terrific actor – watch BOY A , SOCIAL NETWORK or Part 1 of the RED RIDING TRILOGY and you'll see what a fantastic actor he is.

  6. Andrew Newman says:

    Do we really need the Spidey suits to get gayer and gayer every movie like the Batsuits used to?

  7. test says:

    the guy is puny. hollywood needs some decent males to play action heroes. most males in hollywood seem way too soft/small to play roles like this.

  8. Boss Jock Spydee says:

    As with the previous portrayal & this reboot, BJS wonders how a high school student comes up with these high-tech looking uniforms. Does Parker have a deal with Wayne Tech or has Paul Gambi [http://www.hyperborea.org/flash/gambi.html] gone legit?

  9. Comicsfan says:

    Garfield looks convincing in the photo (at least) but the suit — WTF! This doesn't look at all like any Spidey suit I've ever seen in the comics, or on-screen, and I DON"T mean that as a compliment! Sony should really re-think the suit… or fire the costume designer. Really, really terrible. Ugh!

  10. Jill Roberts says:

    It looks like recycled glossy comic-book covers. Maybe Spidey made his costume outta Spidey webbing?

  11. Elijah says:

    Notice how the wrists have silver discs. It's gonna be mechanical web shooters like the comics.

  12. Flomaster says:

    I know Spiderman isn't the Incredible hulk, but come on, he's so skinny, how are we supposed to take him seriously as a superhero? I just looks silly.

  13. Bibek pokhrel says:

    Ironic web suits. ugh!!

  14. Paul Smith Jr. says:

    How come Spider-man gets a new costume more times than any other super hero. Don't these people realize that fans love the original costume and only the original costume. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

  15. Karen says:

    My son had one when he was small, I had sewed it for him and it was quite fun but it did take a lot of time.

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