Spock vs. Spock: Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto spar in Audi ad

May 07, 2013 | 7:48 p.m.

A new ad from Audi pits classic Spock against new Spock, capitalizing on the hype surrounding “Star Trek Into Darkness,” which opens in theaters May 16.

The car commercial features Leonard Nimoy, who played the pointy-eared Vulcan for two decades in the original series as well as in half a dozen movies (not including his 2009 cameo in J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek”), and newcomer Zachary Quinto, who took the reins in the reboot.

In the ad (watch it above), Nimoy schools Quinto on a game of chess, and Quinto challenges the victor to a round of golf and a race to the country club.

“Whoever gets to the club last buys lunch,” Quinto says.

“Stand by to have your wallet emptied by a tractor beam,” Nimoy retorts.

During the car ride, Nimoy treats fans of “The Lord of the Rings” to a sing-along of his campy tune “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins,” which he released on his second album in the late 1960s. (Check out the full song in the video below.)

When Quinto beats Nimoy to the club, the older Spock actor tries to avoid the shame of his defeat by reprising his oft-quoted final scene in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.”

“I have been and always shall be your friend,” Nimoy coughs, pressing a Vulcan salute against the car window glass.

Eventually Nimoy gets the last laugh, however, downing Quinto with a Vulcan nerve pinch before he can cross the finish line. Nimoy teased Quinto about the ad in a tweet on Tuesday. (For any non-Trekkies out there, “LLAP” stands for “live long and prosper.”

Quinto and Nimoy both reprise their roles in “Star Trek Into Darkness,” out next week. The film also stars Chris Pine as Capt. James T. Kirk and Benedict Cumberbatch as the film’s villain, rumored to be Khan. Check out scenes from the film in the gallery below.

Actors Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto play Kirk and Spock in the new movie "Star Trek Into Darkness." (Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times)

Zachary Quinto, left, as Spock and Chris Pine as Kirk in "Star Trek Into Darkness." (Paramount)

Chris Pine, left, as Kirk, Zoe Saldana as Uhura and Zachary Quinto as Spock in "Star Trek Into Darkness." (Paramount)

Zachary Quinto, left, as Spock and Chris Pine as Kirk in "Star Trek Into Darkness." (Paramount)

Chris Pine, left, Zachary Quinto and director J.J. Abrams on the set of "Star Trek Into Darkness." (Zade Rosenthal/ Paramount)

Chris Pine, left, director J.J. Abrams and Zachary Quinto arrive at the Australian premiere of "Star Trek Into Darkness" in Sydney on April 23. (Marianna Massey/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures International)

Chris Pine, left, and Zachary Quinto play Kirk and Spock, respectively, in the new movie "Star Trek Into Darkness." (Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times)

– Noelene Clark | @NoeleneClark


Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura in a poster for "Star Trek Into Darkness." (Paramount Pictures)

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15 Responses to Spock vs. Spock: Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto spar in Audi ad

  1. That is hysterical; best new car commercial of the year! Love the way Quinto is spread out after the "pinch"!

  2. McCabe says:

    A joy to watch. A must to download and forever enjoy.

  3. jkflickinger says:

    That was friggin awesome!

  4. Maybe, Leonard Nimoy should play Spock's father in the next Star Trek.

    • WFDT says:

      That would be illogical, as Nimoy already plays Spock Prime, and Ben Cross has already played the alternate-timeline Sarek.

  5. Travis says:

    Haven't actually laughed out loud at a video in quite some time. That was definitely funny.

  6. Popeye says:

    One of the few ads I will actually download and keep.

  7. Marilyn says:

    Great great great! I've been a diehard Trekker since 1966. I bought my first Audi last year (2012 Q5, which I LOVE) and am so glad that some of my money went to making this wonderful ad!

  8. Walter says:

    The world needs more Leonard Nimoy. It's never been clearer.

  9. eranamage says:


  10. Spider says:

    Awesome!.. Best new car commercial in years!

  11. John W. says:

    Glad we all enjoyed the ad, but how many of you are now going to go out and buy yourself this $130,000 Audi? Hands?

  12. Perfect article! Well done!

  13. Kapt Blasto says:

    Yes, well technically we're not inside, yet! And gives Zack a vulcan nerve pinch…

    Now that's low down old school! :)

  14. myleslloydwilliams says:


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