Stan Lee explains ‘Thor’ role — and lobbies for ‘Dark Knight Rises’ cameo?

April 03, 2011 | 8:05 a.m.

New footage from the upcoming “Thor” was unveiled to cheers at Las Vegas’ CinemaCon earlier this week — but there was one scene that got the crowd particularly jazzed. It was a cameo by Stan Lee, the longtime Marvel Comics writer, editor and executive who has made cameos in all of the feature films built around characters he created with collaborators such as Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Larry Lieber, Bill Everett and Don Heck.

In “Thor,” which hits theaters May 6, Lee plays a truck driver attempting to pull the Norse god’s hammer from the ground with his vehicle.

“Did I do it well? Did I look like a truck driver? Because I’m a method actor. I bought myself a truck and I rehearsed,” Lee joked on the orange carpet at the Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday. Lee said he was about to film another cameo, for “Captain America: The First Avenger,” which arrives in theaters on July 22,  though he’s unsure who he’ll be playing. “They just tell me what to do,” he said. “I never have anything to say about it. When I show up, I never know what I’m gonna do.”

stan lee office Stan Lee explains Thor role    and lobbies for Dark Knight Rises cameo?

Stan Lee (Barbara Davidson/Los Angeles Times)

Heading into a summer packed with superhero movies, Lee credited the appetite to a collective need for “fairy tales for grown-ups.”

“I think young kids have always loved fairy tales — stories of monsters and giants and witches,” he said. “But as you get older, you can’t read fairy tales anymore. But then along come superhero stories and they fill the same gap. They’re like fairy tales but they’re for older people in the real world, and I think everybody loves things that are bigger than life, you know? And certainly superhero movies are.”

Meanwhile, as for which film he should drop in on next, Lee offered up a suggestion: “I wonder why DC Comics doesn’t have me do a cameo in Batman? Just think how people would come to see that. They wouldn’t believe it.”

— Amy Kaufman


thor poster Stan Lee explains Thor role    and lobbies for Dark Knight Rises cameo?

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12 Responses to Stan Lee explains ‘Thor’ role — and lobbies for ‘Dark Knight Rises’ cameo?

  1. Bill says:

    Always nice to hear from the main architect of the the Marvel Universe

  2. TheSGC says:

    It'd be sort of weird, well known Marvel writer…but it'd be cool, yea.

  3. Tom says:

    As a longtime DC fan, I have to say….with deep admiration…he's earned it!

  4. Mirzelderf says:

    Stan must be having more fun than anyone his age combined!

  5. M.Mitchell says:

    We love Stan Lee for ALL his creations of superheros because withut those comics and the films being made by them the film industry would be dry. Ive been a comic lover since birth and idk what id do withut these heros.

  6. David Scholes says:

    I love these "cameo" appearances by the man.

    Also can't wait to see the Thor movie – which starts screening April 21 here in Canberra Australia.

    As an Aussie science fiction writer:….
    I’ve been a Marvel Thor fan since the original Journey into Mystery of August 1962.

    If you get a chance check out some of my Marvel (mainly Odin and Thor) fan fiction. Just scroll down below my author profile and you will see over 40 fan fiction stories here:

  7. Ron says:

    Definately a no on him making a cameo in Batman. He belongs to Marvel, not DC.

  8. wickedcoffee says:

    I don’t see the point in his need to make an a cameo in every marvel movie ever made.

    Does Mr Lee’s cameo move the story along?….NO. If not, then what’s the point.

    Hugh Heffner (Ironman)
    Radiation victim (HULK)

    I mean really who cares… we know who you are…just stick to what you know best writing comics, and producing great movies( Some work required here).

    People are going to see the Dark Knight Rises because it’s based on a good story….not for the sake of having celebs in the movie….a-la Larry Ellison in Iron man 2 (waste of time)

    I would rather you work on producing better movies Mr Lee…unlike Spiderman 3, Fantastic 4, and IRON Man 2 that have all burned bad memories in my mind.

    I’m getting the impression as a producer…these movies were on par with as something a good as the first Star Wars movie. Mr Lucas I still want my money back.

    How about you just stick to making classic comics and let the experts do their jobs Mr Lee.

  9. jksdhfkjsdhfkj says:

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  10. Animation Geek says:

    Gotta love Stan Lee. How incredible is the Avengers movie going to be next year??!!!!!

  11. aske says:

    He should star practising his british accent because I would pay cash money to see him as Jarvis in the Avengers film. Take off his trademark specs and stick him in a butler suit and you have Jarvis.

  12. Vivian Cruz says:

    “I wonder why DC Comics doesn’t have me do a cameo in Batman? Just think how people would come to see that. They wouldn’t believe it.” —> soooo cute!

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