‘Star Wars’: Michael Arndt signed to write script for Episode VII

Nov. 09, 2012 | 7:10 p.m.
michaelarndtstarwars Star Wars: Michael Arndt signed to write script for Episode VII

Michael Arndt, left, has been recruited to pen the script for the next “Star Wars” film. (Richard Hartog / Los Angeles Times; Lucasfilm)

Michael Arndt, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Toy Story 3,” has been hired to write the script for the next “Star Wars” film, Lucasfilm confirmed today.

The news comes one day after reports surfaced that Arndt had written a lengthy treatment for the next three “Star Wars” movies and was a favorite to land the opportunity to pen the next installment in the landmark space opera.

The upcoming trilogy, the first episode of which is scheduled to reach theaters in 2015, was announced Oct. 30 when the Walt Disney Co. went public with its plans to acquire Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion.

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George Lucas will serve as a “creative consultant” on the three films, but has no plans to write or direct.

Speculation has been rampant about who might take the reins of the franchise behind the camera; currently, fans are buzzing about the possibility that “Kick-Ass” filmmaker Matthew Vaughn could be a favorite to direct, given his recent unexpected departure from the upcoming “X-Men” sequel.

But Vaughn’s participation is only rumored at this point.

— Gina McIntyre

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14 Responses to ‘Star Wars’: Michael Arndt signed to write script for Episode VII

  1. Darius says:

    Something tells me it's going to suck, now. Little Miss Sunshine was popular but not enduring.

    • John W. says:

      "… popular but not enduring"!?! Why is it that there are so many of you zealot fanboys out there who think EVERYTHING written by, produced, directed, or acted by someone different than the original participant will suck? Why are you nerds so angrily defensive before anything ever comes out?

      Did you fanboys think the same thing about Cameron when you read that he was taking the helm of the ALIEN sequel? Did you think Mark Ruffalo would be a terrible Hulk? That Heath Ledger would be a terrible joker because he wasn't Jack Nicholson? Or that Whedon would ruin The Avengers because he didn't direct any of the source movies? In another article one of you bemoaned the fact the superstar Mark Wahlberg was replacing the overplayed Shia La-Poof in the next Transformer movie.

      Why don't you crybabies and whiners reserve judgement until the movie actually comes out?

  2. MrFreeze says:

    If Disney had any brains they would consider doing the continuation novel series Heir to the Empire trilogy which would royally kick and make some serious bank!!!!

    • dg101 says:

      Eh…as much as I liked HTTE, (the entire Thrawn Trilogy, actually) the actors are WAY too old, recasting them would be pretty lame, and I'd rather not know exactly what's going to happen in the next movies.

  3. bill says:

    arndt? really? oh, i can see that. toy story 3 and little miss sunshine have so much in common with star wars. i guess this was george's last "screw you" to the fans.

  4. I'm excited about this news. Finally, someone with Oscar cred to write a Star Wars movie. (Though I haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine, I very much enjoyed Toy Story 3.)

  5. Porkcheek says:

    I think the main draw for Arndt directing is that he can handle a script that calls for an ensemble cast in a movie. Which is what SW7 will most likely have to be.

  6. Nick says:

    The man can write. Toy Story Three was one of the best films in the last 20 years. Little Miss Sunshine is excellent. Bravo Disney.

  7. leland says:

    I hope it does well, looking forward to it.

  8. rob says:

    I think they should do the new jedi order series or the legacy of the force series. both would make awesome movies but how would they adapt the 19 books of that series without missing information? Making these series into movies would also be good because mark carrie and harrison could play the characters since they are alot older in the stories. and it would give the opportunity to introduce all the new characters to the big screen. i have been reading star wars since heir to the empire first came out and I think that either of these series makes the most sense.

  9. redzepp77 says:

    Should of asked me.

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