‘Star Wars’: New feature film set for 2015

Oct. 30, 2012 | 1:21 p.m.
sith Star Wars: New feature film set for 2015

Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith.” (Lucasfilm)

“Star Wars: Episode 7”?

It’s happening according to a news release just issued by the Walt Disney Co., which just announced its acquisition of Lucasfilm.

The new film is targeted  to open in 2015, with Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy serving as executive producer and George Lucas serving as creative consultant, the release said.

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Additional feature films are expected to “continue the ‘Star Wars’ saga and grow the franchise well into the future,” the statement said.

[Updated: Three new movies, Lucas won’t write or direct]

— Gina McIntyre

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46 Responses to ‘Star Wars’: New feature film set for 2015

  1. Will says:

    Hopefully they are able to figure out a way to bring Jar Jar into the future. Maybe he was cryogenicly frozen. In any case, it just will not be a Disney Star Wars without him.

  2. Vader says:

    It starts!!!

  3. mech knight says:


  4. Sherlock says:

    I'm excited. I've been progressively angrier at Lucas since 1997. A comic on the subject: http://www.cinemabums.com/?p=113

  5. ecks says:

    jar jar?
    jar jar was an abomination.
    they should bring back baba fet

  6. @undefined says:

    I've got a bad feeling about this…

  7. Jackson says:

    This best describes how I feel about this, in the tune of Darth Vader:

  8. Darth Mickey says:

    Maybe they'll replace Jar-Jar with Goofy…

  9. ana says:

    No need to punish up any further. We give up!

  10. Doug says:

    I hope Episode 7 is entirely about Jar Jar's zany adventures in the land of the Ewoks.

  11. True Jedi Master says:

    I think you all are nuts! Jar Jar was an idiot. Way too much time spent on him and not on the story line in E1. I stood in line for 3 hours as a kid just to watch E4 in '77. Saw it 32 times in theaters. The real question is who will be the two Sith Lords (remember, there can be only two, a Master and an Apprentice).

  12. tbplayer says:

    i sense a great disturbance in the force, as if a billion souls cried out at once.

  13. kristen says:

    Heck yes! Yeeessss! And make fun of Disney if you please, but they have actually been buying up alot of stuff in the recession, not that Lucas needed the money (he makes us pay absurd amounts of money for star wars toys and memorabilia….just saying.)but they have single handedly brought the comic book industry back! Lets be honest with ourselves on that one! And yeah, pirates of the Caribbean has been mishandled of late, but who cares! It star wars! If youre a true fan, youre going to go see it! And FYI, i freaking love the ewok movie, why? Star wars!enough said!

  14. Marc says:

    To have a new Star Wars movie does not mean it has to be a new trilogy. GL was considering doing a TV series a long time ago.

  15. Kevin says:

    The Mayan's were right!!

  16. @undefined says:

    I admire George Lucas' imagination and gifts and will always be grateful to him for the Star Wars Saga and the happy family memories he gave us.

  17. @undefined says:

    I expect the new movies will lightly refer to Lucas' notes, but will rely on the creativity of the directors and writers to expand the universe.

  18. Holtron says:

    As long as they stick to the time line created by Timothy Zahn, I think these films will be great. The Thrawn trilogy is amazing.

    • @undefined says:

      If Episode 7-9 is based on the Thrawn Trilogy, I will camp out for that – but I am scared to see who they will cast as the iconic figures of Han, Leia, and Luke

  19. ThatGuyWhoCamps says:

    Great! Now I get to see my favorite childhood movies become ruined by Disney, how will they find a Harrison Ford with dark brown hair? how will they make a REALISTIC Star Wars movie that is not on cartoon network afterwords? Where are you going to find all the other actors/actresses?

  20. Fred johnson says:

    Do one on the dreadnaughts and grand admiral thrawn that would be awesome

  21. Jared says:

    no! no! God damn it Disney, leave Star Wars the hell alone.

  22. @undefined says:

    need to do Darth Bane or Darth Plagueis series. Also please don't mess it up Disney.

  23. HulksFury says:

    Hey guys…Disney is just the money behind it. They did not mess Marvel Movies up. Marvel movies have only gotten better and bigger. Just look at Avengers. This is a great step.. and I only speculate. I'm sure Lucas will still have input on every level. Can't wait to see Boba Fett escape the Sarlacc Pit. Can't wait to see Luke the Jedi start training his Sister. Han Solo. It's gonna be great!!!!!!!

  24. Nick says:

    There was a time when I would have been very upset about Disney messing with Star Wars. However, after the rather poor job that was done with the last 3 made I think they have nowhere to go but up.

  25. wendy says:

    YES!!! Use the Force let go of your feelings , I think this is great can't wait

  26. @undefined says:


  27. James says:

    Does anybody realize how the Yuuzhan Vong series would be the best Star Wars movie collection ever!!

  28. Angie says:

    I first saw Star they Wars in 1977 I was nine and loved all the characters no one can replace Harrison, Mark and Carrie -no one I know they may go ahead and do it and a part of my dream has on died and no Scarlett Johanson would not make a good Princess Leia. They could use the Pixar that magic that they used on Tron to make Jeff Bridges look younger. Han and Leia have 3 childern Jania, Jacen and Anakin they could show them as young adult Jedi and Han and Leia as their older parents with Luke as a Jedi master . But they recast the Trek movies everyone loved it . Today I asked my 16 year old daughter if she knew who Harrison Ford was and she said no but my 18 year old son gave me hope he said he is Indiana Jones and Han Solo

  29. Fabio says:

    In the prequels, the Jedis are annihilated. During the original trilogy, they had disappeared as a tradition. One obvious way to start a new trilogy would be to show a recovery of the Jedi arts, an uncertain relationship with the new Republic, some fear and distrust of their power, doubts within their midst about the possibility of some of them turning bad, disputes over how the new "council" is going to work, if it is rebuilt. Luke try to be the leader of the new Jedis, but is too frail or faces dissent. Also the new Republic has to gain credibility with the galaxy. The old order has been destroyed, and the new one is shaky at the beginning. Think of the Arab Spring! They have to reassert their rule, which can be tricky – will it be imposed? Leia may be seen as a potential dictator. And now one of the new Jedis takes over a planet, and becomes a warlord ruler. The Republic is still not strong enough to handle it, but the new Jedi order gives it a shot. Disney, I hope you are reading this.

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