‘Star Wars’: Three new movies, Lucas won’t write or direct

Oct. 30, 2012 | 3:22 p.m.
ilm1 Star Wars: Three new movies, Lucas wont write or direct

George Lucas and ILM visual effects supervisor Dennis Muren (center) on set of “Return of the Jedi” (ILM)

In an interview with The Times in 2008, George Lucas said that his personal connection to the “Star Wars” saga ended with the Ewoks on Endor.

“There really isn’t any story to tell there,” the filmmaker said at the time of prospects for his participation in the movie life of the franchise beyond the tale-concluding events in “Return of the Jedi.”

“I get asked all the time, ‘What happens after “Return of the Jedi”?,’ and there really is no answer for that,” Lucas continued. “The movies were the story of Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker, and when Luke saves the galaxy and redeems his father, that’s where that story ends.”

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The Walt Disney Co. announced today that it’s agreed to acquire Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion, and word quickly followed that there are plans in place for not one but three new “Star Wars” movies, the first of which will arrive in theaters in 2015. Lucas, however, will only serve as a “creative consultant” and will not write or direct.

“It’s true, I’m not going to do any more,” Lucas said today in a video released with the Disney Co. announcement of the deal, which will give Disney ownership of the “Star Wars” franchise and Lucas’ special effects, sound and animation companies.

In the video, Lucas said that he has story treatments for Episodes Seven, Eight and Nine in the space opera and that he was going to hand that “treasure trove” of intellectual property over to Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy, who will serve as executive producer on the upcoming seventh live-action movie in the blockbuster franchise.

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“We are absolutely going to make ‘Star Wars’ movies,” Kennedy said, using the plural, in the video.

c3po Star Wars: Three new movies, Lucas wont write or direct

George Lucas and Anthony Daniels, dressed as C-3PO, on the Tunisia set of “Star Wars” in 1976. (“The Cinema of George Lucas” by Marcus Hearn)

In June, Kennedy was named co-chair of Lucasfilm, which positioned her to take over the legendary San Francisco studio as its founder Lucas looked toward retirement.

Referring to Lucas as her Yoda, Kennedy in the video said she’s sitting down with writers now to talk about what those stories would look like.

Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger said today that the long-range plan would be to release a new “Star Wars” film every two to three years.

“I’m doing this so that the films will have a longer life, so more people can enjoy them in the future,” Lucas said in the video. “I get to be a fan now. I sort of look forward to it.”

So, who should take the creative reins on the “Star Wars” franchise? Leave your writer-director ideas in the comments section.

– Gina McIntyre

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215 Responses to ‘Star Wars’: Three new movies, Lucas won’t write or direct

  1. soundguy says:

    I'm NOT in favor of this but is there any doubt some executive is going to think REBOOT?

    • J. M. Martinson says:

      I'm totally against a reboot. For Batman and such, ok. But Star Wars has a devoted fan base to characters that don't need a reboot.

    • kkkk0 says:

      are you on crack? they won't reboot them.

      • ldldldldldl says:

        I can guarantee that ep 4, 5 and 6 will all be remade in the next decade now that Lucas is not involved. It's good business and regardless of what anyone says….they will all be blockbusters…just like when Lucas did window dressing on 4, 5 and 6 in anticipation of ep 1, 2 and 3.

  2. tanner says:

    Michael Bay

  3. Natty says:

    Guillermo del Toro

  4. Ryan says:

    wow, this sounds like a really bad idea…

  5. Jedi says:

    WTF!?! Disney! Why must you kill my childhood!?! Star Wars was suppose to end at Return of the Jedi! ….I have a bad feeling about this.

    • Vader says:

      YES……………a disturbance in the force……

    • John W. says:

      As a 13-year-old when the first film came out in '77, I read several interviews shortly after the release in which Lucas talked about the first three, then the three prequels (though that non-word term wasn't invented yet) as well as three sequels. Years later, he denied ever talking about sequels… and now we're finding out that he did indeed plan for three sequels.

      • John R says:

        Thank you, I thought I made that up in my head but it was such a clear memory. He said he had 9 movies planned and he was making the middle three first because they were the more interesting ones and he hoped that their success would allow him to make the others. I'm actually kind of glad to hear that he will just be a consultant on future films.

      • Eric W says:

        He was actually toying with 12 movies at one point. He even had a few pages of story for each. It seems that as he realized just how much of a chunk each trilogy took out of his life, he cut back on how much of it he really wanted to do.

        Anyway, Return of the Jedi leaves a lot open. There's no Jedi Order, no new Republic, and the rest of the Empire (AKA the Remnant) is still all over the place. Though the EU covers all that and has some good stories, overall it's pretty chaotic and just plain random. I wouldn't actually mind if these new movies hit the reset button and took the story in another direction, as long as it's actually a dignified, appropriate direction.

  6. lance says:

    JJ Abrams!

  7. @undefined says:

    Joss Whedon, call your agent!

    • Mark says:

      I always thought that bar scene was straight out of a Western. One does wonder, though, if Whedon would accept the limitations involved in a Star Wars film…

  8. val says:

    disney????? oh no!

    • s green says:

      That is what everyone said about Marvel…but iall those movies have turned out great! Disney knows when to bow out and let other creative forces take over.

  9. @undefined says:

    David Fincher. He's become a world-class director and he used to actually work at ILM!

    • Render says:

      No, David USED to be a world-class director, in the early days. Now, unfortunately, he's just a boring director :(

      And who cares if he worked at ILM as the tea boy? :)

  10. Rich says:

    Joss Whedon would make an awesome Star Wars film. (Of course Joss Whedon could make anything awesome.)

  11. good idea here says:

    Woody Allen

    "What's up Boba Fett?"

  12. dave says:

    Christopher Nolan!

  13. Nerdgasm says:

    NO!! Michael Bay should NEVER be allowed to work on Star Wars EVER!!! EVER, I say!! I vote for Joss Whedon or JJ Abrams, maybe Christopher Nolan.

  14. Tiger says:

    Ronald D. Moore

    The Knights of the Old Republic titles have shown that the best way to revive the franchise is to make its themes more complex. Only RDM has the experience of taking an 80s space opera and translate it to a modern audience.

  15. Ken says:

    Not even a contest, you great writing and directing..Joss Whedon

  16. logan says:

    Joss Whedon

  17. jimmy says:

    Lars von Trier!

  18. Ghengis says:

    Joss Whedon, no question

  19. yoo says:

    Make movies based of the old republic!

  20. Doug says:

    Have none oh u people heard of Kevin Smith!? He would do the series the justice it deserves.

    • Render says:

      Not unless you want a film about Jedi teen angst …
      In a kevin smith star wars movie, would he have the characters having long dialogue arguing about the merits of Clerks.. or Chasing Amy? :)

  21. dddccchhh says:

    Christopher Nolan. That's a no-brainer.

  22. @undefined says:

    Kevin Smith should have something to do with them. He has the passion.

    • Teo says:

      I wish there were a million thumbs up buttons lol. Good call.

      • Luminari says:

        Had a conversation with Smith following a Q&A he was at while he had a cigarette away from everyone and asked him about the (then) rumored TV/Clone Wars contribution. He said to me he'd love to, but he'd really want to do something "everyone else would think was weird like an all IG-88 episode or story or something…" I told him I and others would naturally love it. Maybe someday…

  23. Atlas levon says:

    Lucas can''t write dialogue worth a flip. star Wars could have been great.

  24. undefined says:

    Uwe Boll

  25. J. M. Martinson says:

    My vote is for Peter Jackson. Hands down.

  26. Alek says:

    Harrison Ford should be director :)

  27. darth al says:

    Joe Johnson. Created Boba Fett. Lucas sent him through film school.

  28. Fred W. says:

    No great director in his/her right mind would touch this due to the fact that any creative input will be very tightly controlled. In my opinion, such a high profile project like this will be developed via executive committee. Disney will suck the life out of the final product. This is a disappointment in my view.

  29. Rhettro says:

    Joss Whedon, David Fincher or J.J. Abrams would be great. Even better if Timothy Zahn has some creative input.

    • mace windu says:

      YES!!! Completely agree (about Zahn)! Unfortunately, I have a sinking feeling that the movies will be geared toward a younger audience, rather than the more mature demographic that would value good writing over a barrage of special effects.

  30. Karen says:

    I choose you, Christopher Nolan.

  31. StarWarsisOverRated says:

    after the pre-quels, there are no bad ideas regarding star wars. And please no Kevin Smith, he hasn't made anything good since the original Clerks

  32. Bill says:

    @jamesstewart3D and they should be shot in 3D!

  33. Shane says:

    It would be cool to have the original cast tell the story for the next 3 films. Keeping it real! Oh, and no Jar-Jar fruitfulness!

  34. Shiny says:

    Joss Whedon is capable of bringing back the "used universe," humor, and heroism that made Episodes IV, V, and VI the epic creations we remember. Browncoats: Unite!

  35. SithLord2012 says:

    Peter Jackson

  36. truth serum says:

    Joss Whedon
    Kenneth Branagh
    JJ Abrams
    Brian Singer
    The Hughes Brothers

  37. Charles Cossel says:

    Now that Disney is involved, it's all about profit and greed. Out the window with visionary creativeness and the hero's journey.

    • S Welter says:

      Are you honestly telling me that George Lucas wasn't about profit and greed???? HOW many times has he re-released 4-6 and made it crappier every time?

  38. Steve says:

    Please please please use Timothy Zahn's novels from the expanded universe! Don't create a new storyline outside the novels. You'll already have the stories written (mostly good ones) and will just have to adapt them to screenplays. If you make the novels non-canon it'll kill the expanded universe for so many people.

    • Rancho TP says:

      This is the only comment that makes sense, so far. I completely agree that the ONLY plan that makes sense it to use the only authorized continuation of the story. Screenplays based on these novels, with JJ Abrams directing would be awesome. And if they casted that bald guy from Lost (now 666 Park Ave) as Thrawn – OMG. Tell me I'm wrong.

  39. JohnEncinitas says:

    I like Jack Black…he can guest appear as a Ewok!

  40. Kevin Larrowe. says:

    Lawrence Kasdan, please, for historical continuity. He wrote SW V-The Empire Strikes Back, considered the best of the saga, and he directed some large cast efforts that turned out well.

  41. C3PO says:

    David Lynch. ;)

  42. Randy says:

    Is there nothing that is not forsale to disney? guess not!!!

  43. Richard says:

    Pirates of the Carribean IV meets Star Wars. Starring Johnny Depp as Luke Skywalker (aging). Main theme by Elton John or Phil Collins.

  44. Frodo Skywalker says:

    Pete Jackson…. who unfortunately has his hands full with some work in the Shire. :(

  45. Teo says:

    I am against continuing the series. I agree with Lucas saying there is no more story to tell. Disney – You don't try to fix what isn't broken and you don't beat a dean horse.

  46. Marius says:

    Michael Mann!!!

  47. erinsinclairwriter says:

    Joss Whedon, definitely. Finally, quality dialogue AND storytelling. Lucas sucked at both.

  48. Darth says:

    peter jackson? hobbits vs ewoks

  49. Susan says:

    Carrie Fisher!

  50. Nathan says:

    I seem to remember Stephen Speilberg expressing an interest in directing a Star Wars sequel. That would be something interesting anyways..

  51. B says:

    !!! Wow !!! Really…Disney??? Umm yeah episodes 1,2and ,3 were not nessisary, not to mention dreadfull!!! New person takes the reigns..and bang its a Disney franchise now…. huh. As for directors.. an unknown, not Wheedon( not a part of the Whedon verse) or Abrams (uh Star Trek ). Im excited and fearfull..could destroy the Star Wars universe more than Jar Jar Binks!!!! Defintaly dont need a reboot, continue with events after RTJ, considering the age of original cast, would have to be set in the future, lets see what the Skywalker and Solo kids do. Be great to see old master Skywalker teaching the new Jedi order to deal with a new threat to the galaxy.. I dont know may the true force be with us.

  52. victor says:

    I think it's exciting that Star Wars will be able to be revisited by someone other than George Lucas and his very narrow vision. I really hope that they will not to a reboot, although everybody's having a lot of success with those right now. My only other comment, it's too bad they didn't get to this sooner, it would have been fun to have seen the Zahn novels made to film with the original cast.

  53. undefined says:

    Ridley Scott

  54. TechW says:

    I'll have to go with JJ Abrams. Joss Whedon is my favorite, but I'd like him to stick with Marvel for now.

  55. Joe says:

    Peter Jackson anyone?

  56. meh says:

    hmm maybe ridley scott he is a bit on the old side tho

  57. David says:

    Brad Bird

  58. glenn says:

    Tim Burton!

  59. kevin says:

    nolan would take all the childhood fun out of the franchise (no i'm not talking about ewoks and jarjar). I don't want a depressingly serious star wars film. u need the child market for all th toys and tie-ins that were the biggest moneymaker for lucas and what disney has always been about.

  60. Jimmy says:


  61. frida says:

    my comment will not be published, even though it was way more intelligent than the other garbage

  62. bruinbez says:

    Possibilities are endless for movies. There can be movies dedicated to Boba Fett and his odyssey as a galactic bounty hunter. The universe is vast and the stories are endless with the correct writers. Ridley Scott would be a good fit for a movie or two.

  63. Larry says:

    Damon Lindelof or J.J. Abrams

  64. mirrorballdc says:

    Duncan Jones could be an interesting choice. I like what he did with Moon and Source Code. But he may not be quite right for this. Otherwise I'd default to Joss Whedon

  65. David F Pawlowski says:

    Fantastic! Kathleen Kennedy has made great movies and deserves her reputation for making Lucas and Speilberg movies very profitable and a hoot to watch. Star Wars has become an empire in its own right with the authors who created the books that have taken the Skywalker family lineage to successive generations. The Star Wars franchise should be no different that the industry and take advantage of those flourishing story lines. It is a shame that more of the Wizard of Oz series or the Mary Poppins series didn't get made or at least turned into Broadway smash hits. While I have no interest in seeing Star Wars the musical or space opera, I would pay to see more of how the Jeddi and Sith came to be, or how evil reconstitutes itself in the perpetual conflict between good and evil. It is a good that Disney recognizes the Star Wars potential and now the Oz potential many years after J.K. Rowling essentially reinvented both in the form of the wizard potter. Disney can and has made risky movies that raked in dough (e.g. Verbinski's work with Johnie Depp), so let's hope they are willing to roll the dice with Kathleen Kennedy at the helm. It should be great.

  66. Zhead says:

    Joss Whedon is my master now.

  67. M Roberts says:

    All the giants pitching staff !! Than you will have a winner …… Go SF and congrats from your biggest fan who lives in Ventura CA, Mark the shark

  68. John says:

    You need someone with an epic vision. JJ Abrams and Christopher Nolan are too small scale. Peter Jackson would be perfect.

  69. Ian says:

    Nicholas Meyer. He does a great job with continuing a series he didn't create (Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes).

    • Gene H. says:

      An interesting and less obvious choice, but I don’t know if Meyer has the visual style to pull it off. He is really good with others material though. I just watched “The 7% Solution” last night for the umpteenth time and as dated as the visual style of the film is now, the writing still holds up. That Meyer arguably did the best of the old school Trek films with “Wrath of Khan” is without question.

  70. S Green says:

    Sounds great! Agree with either JJ or Joss!

  71. Mario J. Novoa says:

    Steven Spielberg

  72. Deborah says:

    Peter Jackson, JJ Abrams, Joss Whedon or Christopher Nolan.

  73. CHUCK NORRIS!!! says:

    Chuck Norris

  74. James Cameron says:

    Rocco Siffredi

  75. Zomb says:

    Geez Disney, couldn’t leave starwars as it is could ya? I guess if I had to choose a director I’d say Ridley Scott is the man for the job

  76. Nancy says:

    I'll pick JJ Abrams or Chris Nolan their best directors or Joss Whedon he did great being a director.

  77. Tyler says:

    Ridley Scott should direct the next series. Hope Disney has the sense to not screw this up.

  78. Numoo says:

    Give Clint a shot!

  79. unhappyjedu says:

    There is a great disturbance in the force, Disney will ruin the saga,

  80. Clay says:

    Joss Whedon, period.

  81. steve says:

    Joss Whedon without question. Also without question NOT that M. Knight guy who completely destroyed Avatar (The Last Airbender).

  82. Kyle says:

    They should continue with the game series of Knights of the Old Republic

  83. moviefan says:

    Good, the last three SUCKED

  84. joeB says:

    David Lynch! Use the hotpants, Luke….

  85. Rob says:

    Who directed Krull? That guy.

  86. Itsame says:

    Excuse me, excuse me, has anyone said "I've got a bad feeling about this?"

  87. Jimmy the Jedi says:

    Directing with the ability to develop characters is going to have to be the main priority. Since there is no way they can do a direct sequal to Return of the Jedi, they should do the same as all of the recent rebirth films like the Batman Returns series and Man of Steel. Having a young decendent of Luke, not wanting to following the Jedi path or something. They should see what Christopher Nolan is doing.

  88. Miles says:

    I think James Cameron would be the dream director of the franchise today.

  89. Michael says:

    How about James Cameron? He did a good job with Avatar.

  90. jon says:

    the guy who made avatar

  91. Brandon says:

    The Coen brothers

  92. jon says:

    Guys ,

    wat About tyga


  93. CLV says:

    joss whedon

  94. Earthsea says:

    Peter Jackson.

  95. Charlie says:

    Quentin Tarantino
    Star Wars needs good dialogue and a pool of blood

  96. Kevin says:

    Christopher Nolan

  97. copilotdog says:

    Duncan Jones.

  98. ButteredFilm says:

    Peter Jackson

  99. Steve says:

    Roland Emmerich of Stargate / The Patriot / Day after Tomorrow / 2012 / Independance Day fame

  100. Charlie says:

    Quentin Tarantino… Star Wars needs more cool dialogue and a pool of blood. Also kinda locks Sam Jackson in the story

  101. Kevin says:

    Michael Arndt or Christopher Nolan would be my call. Especially Chris Nolan because he did a fantastic job with the batman films. (Maybe dark night rises wasn't as good.) In addition Inception shows he CLEARLY knows how to handle a Si-Fi movie.

  102. George K says:

    Timothy Zahn. His first trilogy of novels was excellent, and I considered them the 7, 8 and 9 for a long time now.

  103. Yorg says:

    Character, character, character!!!!! It literally has to be about the actors first and the action and Special effects should be 2nd! But, at the same time, the action and special effects has to be the BEST that ever happened on film! Lol.

  104. JJU says:

    Roman Polanski

  105. @undefined says:

    For those keeping score, Timothy Zahn is a master of military fiction. About twenty years ago, he wrote books 7, 8, and 9; starting with Heir to the Empire. The storytelling was in a league that Lucas, for all his vision, couldn't approach. The books are a fitting end to the story started in the movies and a wonderful segue into what should be a treasure trove of television & interactive titles.

    When Disney says "chapter 7" – that's exactly what they mean.

  106. Anthony says:

    Peter Jackson would be my first choice, followed closely by Joss Whedon. I love Nolan but would he make it too dark? Very intriguing for sure..

  107. Eric says:

    Uwe Boll!

  108. Rob says:

    Peter Jackson!

  109. Tony V says:

    George – I can’t truly say thank you very kindly

    For the greatest gift. Your movies –

    I grew up with them as a child – now my child’s

    Children will share the magic –

    From all of your fans worldwide


  110. Brett B says:

    Terry Gilliam…Fear and Loathing style!

  111. John says:

    Only one choice for Episode 7… and no it's not Kevin Smith, David Fincher, Michael Bay or Joss Whedon… Matthew Vaughn.

  112. Docbrody says:

    How about Pee Wee Herman?

  113. emarkaywinnet says:

    Director? Let the Fans decide!
    Consider the possibilities then, of a contest, to vote for approved director.
    Add with that an opportunity for both popular fantake composers and artists to have a consultant role in production; scene, sound and scale.
    Finally, have a contest for fun to have ideas on how to celebrate 75 years of "SciF – have enthusiasts suggest digital insertions of clips on the side, add sly relevant references to, and feature updated near-parodies of favourite scenes from the best of the galaxy integrated in a Serenity-like wit and professionalism…
    Just please, no Lego characters, cute toys-for-characters and teen-age heartthrob romance to muddle the stories!

  114. Seth says:

    I think it would have to be a collaborative venture. With Disney, you think they would want Bruckheimer…eh, and I think JJ would be too hard to follow. Definitely don't want Star Wars to turn into Lost. It needs to stay within the traditional "hero's journey" with the traditional archetypes, etc. I think Peter Jackson would do a great job with that, while at the same time giving it the "epicness" it deserves. But he would need someone like Whedon to keep him from going overboard. Either way, it's too large of a task for one film genius to handle alone.

  115. Jason says:

    In terms of a writer, I think that Tom Stoppard would be a great choice. The guy can write great dialogue. In terms of a director, I think that Joss Whedon would be good. His experience with firefly would come in very handy.

  116. Kyle says:

    Kevin Smith!!! JJ Abrams

  117. acer says:

    Joss Whedon. /obvious

  118. Jack Burian says:

    I say either Spielberg, Nolan or James Cameron. Preferably James Cameron, as he is wonderful with science fiction

  119. verseomega says:

    i vote for Tarsem singh…make it like "the fall"…

  120. Ju-berz says:

    “R2 says the chances of Disney making a homerun with this is somewhere in the range of 745 to 1. Actually, he has been known to make mistakes… from time to time.” -C3PO

    What made the originals so good was how everybody was constantly yelling at eachother, blowing stuff up, welding, or behaving like absolute scoundrels.

  121. Mike J Chillen says:

    These 3 new movies need to take place before The Phantom Menace! Not after! Everyone wants to see a combination of the old Sith days and the days when the Jedi population was as high as seen in Episodes 1, 2, and part of 3. OLD REPUBLIC FTW

  122. hirtho says:


  123. asdf says:

    Thrawn trilogy please.

  124. TheDailyVinyl says:

    Lars Von Trier? LOL! The Princess will suffer a long-arduous journey and just when things couldn't get worse, she will be killed. Roll credits. I thought the "Heir To The Empire" books were pretty awesome. Wouldn't mind seeing those in film.

  125. david burtzo says:

    the coen brothers– they could bring some humor as well as darkness to the characters that might make them more realistic to the mature audience . Always wanted to see what a sci-fi would look like with their influence

  126. Rodian Bounty Hunter says:

    Christopher Nolan. Period.

  127. Ryan says:

    Luc Besson!!!!

  128. Han Solo says:

    I've got a bad feeling about this.

  129. JadedStarWarsFan says:

    Ridley Scott!
    Frank Darabont!

    And Leonardo DiCaprio should def be in it.

  130. Joe says:

    I would like to see some of the people from PIXAR involved.

  131. Dean Hacker says:

    Lawrence Kasdan is the only person with experience other than Lucas. Maybe he could write and his son could direct. It would fit the themes.

  132. FiloniFan says:

    Dave Filoni. Without question has his finger on the pulse of the Star Wars saga. He understands this world better than anyone.
    He already has over 48 hours of story telling experience in the Clone Wars which is brilliant.

  133. Ryan P says:

    Larry Kasdan

  134. Tierra_T says:

    I want to see how Quentin Tarantino or Tim Burton would make Star Wars that would be interesting, lol.

  135. Mikes says:

    David Yates. He did it right for the last few Harry Potter movies.

  136. @undefined says:

    Gore Verinski folks, know to the Mouse, already done a fantasy trilogy that was huge. He's available.

  137. mace windu says:

    This could be alright if they borrowed the storylines from, say, Timothy Zahn, but of course they're not going to do that. In the right hands, more star wars movies could be a great thing. Unfortunately, I don't think it actually will be. Disney is going to try to do too much with it. I'm terrified that they'll go the route of the clone wars tv show.

  138. Bob says:

    M. Knight

  139. @undefined says:

    JJ Abrams, of course!

  140. James says:

    It is almost a shame to invest so heavely in continuing the star wars saga…the expanded universe is so rich and fulfilling that you can only ruin the story as a whole by trying to retell something as complete as that…at least the clone wars series fills in the gaps between stories and builds on currant lore not continues the story already told

  141. Matt says:

    How about we drop JJ Abrams and Whedon from the list. Both would be horrible for the franchise. My vote's for Ron Howard or Steven Spielberg to take it from here.

  142. Jondon24 says:

    Why no Tim Burton? And Disney has put out some really cool stuff the last 10 years.

  143. Jondon24 says:

    Tim Burton directs. Johnny depp as c3p0.

  144. Jondon24 says:

    If Kubrick was around though it would be a no brainer. Spielberg ruined the second half of “A.I.”

  145. Dee says:

    Jerry Bruckheimer

  146. impact2 says:

    joss whedon or christopher nolan

  147. Derek Togerson says:

    I love the Zahn trilogy as well, but that story followed the lives of Luke, Han and Leia. If anyone other than Mark, Harrison or Carrie plays those roles there will be a mutiny, so that idea is out.

    As for the director, here's a complete Wild Card:

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

    They're massive fans of Star Wars and, with the success of The Book Of Mormon, they can obviously handle a huge project. They have all the same critiques us fans have, so they'd make sure the new films live up to our standards.

  148. Darth Me says:

    I agree on Joss Whedon mostly cause he seems to respect what he works with and what already exists about it, he doesn't come in and do it all as he wants. Plus he's proven to have great creativity, so I guess why not!

  149. MsSevilla says:

    Now let's hope they do the ORIGINAL 3 justice with all the new ones. Mickey, you may do all the prequels and sequels you want, but you may NOT "reboot" the originals.

  150. ReDoEp123 says:

    I wish Disney would create their own versions of Episodes 1, 2, 3. The writing and directing made it difficult to watch at times. Although I still enjoy the original trilogy (4, 5, and 6), the prequels really need to be re-made. When the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network are actually better than the movies, somebody then needs to re-do the movies.

  151. Gonzo says:

    Star Wars died many, many years ago. By doing this you’re just digging up a rotting corpse.

  152. Mach says:

    Peter Jackson for sure. No one does epic like jackson. The LOTR movies had all the elements needed in a SW trilogy.

  153. Guest says:

    I agree Kevin Smith would love to direct Star Wars, but unless you think cursing and smoking pot are all you need to tell a story, then he doesn't get my vote. Abrams is tied to the Star Trek franchise, so that probably will never be an option. Whedon is tied up with the avengers, so he is probably out as well. Nolan might be a good candidate, but as much as I liked the Batman series, I question whether he would make it too dark and too adult themed. As much as we love it as adults, we fell in love with it as kids, and it needs to be a kid friendly franchise – without going the Jar Jar/Ewok route. James Cameron is all up into dowing another lame-oh Avatar snooze fest. Peter Jackson is in the muiddle of Lord of the Rings. Del Toro would make it too fantasy-laden. I am thinking maybe John Favreau. Not my first choice, but maybe the most realistic.

  154. JesseBay says:

    I have a bad feeling about this.

  155. Jordan says:

    Quentin Tarantino. Probability of that happening: 0%; probability of it being awesome if he did do it: 100%.

  156. N3uro says:

    Tyler Perry will direct the next trilogy: Ma-Jar Jar a fun family comedy and Madeas Big Family Rebellion

  157. tomspeelman says:

    Whedon or Brad Bird. I would like to say Andrew Stanton, but he's making Finding Nemo 2 now…

  158. Yetti says:

    Dear Disney and LucasFilm,

    Congratulations! You now possess the power of the force and with it comes a great deal of responsibility. So here’s what you’re going to do:

    STEP 1 – you’re going to set the new films (Episode 7, 8 and 9) 30 years after episode 6 (Jedi) and you’re going to have the FULL original cast back playing themselves as older people. DID YOU HEAR ME? You are going to cast Harrison Ford as Han Freaking solo, Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher as Leia, Billy Dee Williams as Lando and even Denis Lawson back as Wedge Antilles. HERE’S THE CATCH: THEY DON’T HAVE TO BE THE MAIN CHARACTERS. They are older now and you can use them as side characters revolving around NEW lead characters. We don’t care what new characters take over leading roles but you HAVE to bring back the old cast for this all to be LEGIT and to come FULL circle. PLEASE don’t cast new actors in these roles and don’t CGI faces to make them look like the actors 30 years ago (Like in Tron Legacy) PLEASE!!! You can even kill them off in the first scene, just don’t replace them.

    STEP 2 – DON’T LISTEN TO ANYTHING GEORGE LUCAS SAYS! You paid him $4 Billion so tell him to shut up take his money and go make Radioland Murders Part 2! Put somebody in charge of directing who knows what we want. WE WANT EMPIRE STRIKES BACK ON CRACK. That means ACTING, ACTING, ACTING, ACTING, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, DRAMA, DEATH!!!!!

    STEP 3 – Whatever you did to make AVENGERS as good as it was, do the same for STAR WARS! I feel the force is strong with you and your company can pull this off. The prequels were the worst films EVER MADE! They showed us just how evil the dark side of the force can be when it seduced George Lucas and took over his ability to distinguish right from wrong! Please redeem the Star Wars Universe. DO OR DO NOT…THERE IS NO TRY



    • joeshmoe says:

      However, i think it would be interesting to see what might have gone down before the saga; during the old republic, like the KOTOR games from the xbox.

  159. M_Knight says:

    I'm not a fan of Disney at all, but if that is what is going to happen, I vote for Joss Whedon, JJ Abrams, Peter Jackson, Guillermo del Toro, Kevin Smith or Christopher Nolan. Any of these or maybe a combination of them. Get someone who knows how to write intelligent dialogue, not dated, corny, redundant ("not this ship sister", "this is where the fun begins") dialogue!! A reboot might be OK, if done right.

  160. OT FAN says:

    I want to see the story of Luke Skywalker not before the original trilogy

  161. GERALD says:

    so i wonder if they going to use some material from the books and my vote is J J ABRAMS

  162. Gene H. says:

    Honestly? I am so over Star Wars and have been since Ewoks. George is a passable director and a brilliant businessman and toy seller, but the last truly interesting SF film he made was THX1138. If some new blood can revive the franchise? More power to them but I really expect more of the same from the post Empire Strikes Back saga under Disney: more two hour toy commercials with mediocre (to terrible) writing.

  163. Rob Bates says:

    PLEASE,PLEASE…….. Leave it alone!!!!!! This is just going to be a desaster,!!! A new actor for Luke,Lea and HAN????? NOOOOOOOOO! It ended with ROTJ That's IT!! HEY Just do Shadows of the Empire in GREAT CG at least Luke,Lea and Lando could look like the original actors….

  164. Paula Freda says:

    Harrison Ford says he is willing to reprise Han Solo role, on one condition, he dies. Okay, as long as he comes back to life before the movie ends. Doesn't he realize if the character dies, his fans will hate him. Not to mention, he won't make any money from the sequels that might spawn from another Star Wars movie set after the three original ones that started it all. Hope Disney has more sense than Ford has on this topic. And believe me, I love all his movies and have always been a Harrison Ford Fan.

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    The Pink Chameleon – http://www.thepinkchameleon.com/

  165. Matt Stokes says:

    Peter Jackson
    Peter Jackson
    Peter Jackson

  166. hans says:

    admiral thrawn

  167. nick fanford says:

    what? lost

  168. nick fanford says:

    why is George not doing his part?

  169. Bobby says:

    Please give us a prequel where the sith are in charge

  170. Fullmovies says:

    Awesome movie, can't wait to see the finish product!

  171. dartvader says:

    stephen sommers is the best director or guillermo del torro great effects on hellboy 2 same effects on star wars

  172. Logan Campbell says:

    James cameron?

  173. allword says:

    Let the story end.

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