‘Star Wars’ video shows off Millennium Falcon with a Bat-surprise

Sept. 18, 2014 | 12:17 p.m.

The Batmobile hitches a ride with the Millennium Falcon in a new video released by “Star Wars: Episode VII” director J.J. Abrams’ production company Bad Robot.

The 36-second clip was posted quietly to YouTube Thursday morning under the title “Hunka Junk” — a nice nod to Lando Calrissian. The video pans across Han Solo’s iconic space freighter before ending with a shot of the “Dark Knight” trilogy’s Batmobile tumbler clinging to the Falcon’s underside.

The genre mashup is the latest jab in an online battle between Abrams and “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” director Zack Snyder, who instigated the back-and-forth by tweeting an image of “Man of Steel” star Henry Cavill dressed in Jedi robes and wielding a light saber.

Last month, Bad Robot responded with an image of C-3PO donning Batman’s cape atop a skyscraper, with the Rebel Alliance symbol projected in the sky like the bat signal.

Snyder followed with a picture of a storm trooper being arrested by Gotham police.

Abrams, who is usually secretive about his productions, has been more forthcoming about the highly anticipated “Star Wars” sequel, offering a glimpse of the X-Wing starfighter while trying to raise money for charity and hinting at a possible Death Star in a tweet about the Apple Watch.

And Snyder, who took over DC Entertainment’s hallmark franchise from the notoriously tight-lipped Christopher Nolan, also has been teasing fans with photos of the new Batmobile as well as Batman actor Ben Affleck and Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot in costume.

“Episode VII” is due in theaters Dec. 18, 2015, with production expected to wrap this fall. “Batman V. Superman” will open March 25, 2016.

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One Response to ‘Star Wars’ video shows off Millennium Falcon with a Bat-surprise

  1. SoilsEngineer says:

    JJ Abram's track record for believable physics and attention to detail are rather poor. Note Bad Robot's shoddy VFX in "Lost",

    It seems this director was a bad choice, he's more fanboi than capable director just judging by the results so far.

    Maybe he thinks "Batman" is a potential crossover element to "Star Wars" but people who prefer the production secrecy look at it as babyshyt. Please stop with all the babyshyt JJ. You have serious work to be doing instead of running around with a videocamera/phone like a kiddie taking pictures of your static sets adorned with toys. Most people don't really care either way but now he's essentially ruining and bastardizing as most people predicted once "Disney" got involved.

    Upon release if this isn't a success JJ and his lil batman cup have only themselves to blame.

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