‘Stargate’: Roland Emmerich will direct first film in new trilogy

May 30, 2014 | 6:48 a.m.
stargate 1 Stargate: Roland Emmerich will direct first film in new trilogy

James Spader, left, Kurt Russell and John Diehl in the 1994 sci-fi adventure "Stargate." (Claudette Barius / NBC)

stargate 2 Stargate: Roland Emmerich will direct first film in new trilogy

James Spader, left, and Kurt Russell team up in the 1994 sci-fi adventure "Stargate." (Claudette Barius / NBC)

sg 1 3 Stargate: Roland Emmerich will direct first film in new trilogy

Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks in "Stargate SG–1." (Showtime)

sg 1 2 Stargate: Roland Emmerich will direct first film in new trilogy

Richard Dean Anderson as Col. Jack O'Neill and Amanda Tapping as Maj. Samantha Carter in "Stargate SG-1." (MGM Studios)

atlantis 2 Stargate: Roland Emmerich will direct first film in new trilogy

Jason Momoa as Ronon Dex, David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay, Rachel Luttrell as Teyla Emmagan and Joe Flanigan as Lt. Col. John Sheppard in "Stargate: Atlantis." (Eike Schroter / Sci Fi Channel)

atlantis 1 Stargate: Roland Emmerich will direct first film in new trilogy

Amanda Tapping as Col. Samantha Carter and Colin Cunningham as Paul Davis in "Stargate: Atlantis." (Eike Schroter / Sci Fi Channel)

sgu 1 Stargate: Roland Emmerich will direct first film in new trilogy

Jamil Walker Smith as Msgt. Ronald Greer, Alaina Huffman as Msgt. Tamara Johansen, Louis Ferreira as Col. Everett Young, Ming–Na Wen as Camile Wray, Robert Carlyle as Dr. Nicholas Rush, Brian J Smith as Lt. Matthew Scott, Elyse Levesque as Chloe Armstrong, David Blue as Eli Wallace and Lou Diamond Phillips as Col. Telford in "Stargate Universe." (Art Streiber / Syfy)

sgu 2 Stargate: Roland Emmerich will direct first film in new trilogy

Tygh Runyan as Dr. Caine and Patrick Gilmore as Dale Volker in "Stargate Universe." (Eike Schroter / Syfy)

Roland Emmerich is ready to revisit one of his chief successes.

The popcorn filmmaker is partnering with longtime collaborator Dean Devlin to launch a new trilogy of films that will reimagine 1994’s “Stargate,” the Kurt Russell/James Spader vehicle that spawned three spinoff TV series, as well as comics, video games and even a cartoon.

Emmerich, who directed and co-wrote the original film with Devlin, is confirmed to direct, while Devlin is set to produce the new movies for MGM and Warner Bros., the studios announced Thursday.

The project is one that Emmerich had expressed interest in pursuing last year. At an appearance at the 2013 Hero Complex Film Festival, the filmmaker said, “It doesn’t go to me unnoticed that most movies are sequels, the successful ones are all sequels or superhero movies. [‘Stargate’ is] such a beloved film and you could do it so much better now as such a bigger idea… I have really a great idea how to redo this and in this first part plan certain ideas and things which kind of point to number two and three. It would be a great trilogy.”

Roland Emmerich has an eye for the mainstream hit. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

Roland Emmerich has an eye for the mainstream hit. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

“Stargate” posits the discovery of a strange artifact that Spader’s oddball Egyptologist determines is actually a map of the heavens that can offer a means of traveling to distant corners of the universe. Before long Spader’s Daniel Jackson and Russell’s strait-laced military man find themselves across the galaxy in a desert world.

The film became a breakout hit and spawned the TV series “Stargate SG-1,” but Emmerich said that the advances in moviemaking technology could make a new “Stargate” movie series much more visually spectacular.

“Technology got so much better, it’s so much more impressive what you can do these days,” Emmerich said at the time.

“Stargate” isn’t Emmerich’s only visit to memory lane, however. The filmmaker, who is shooting “Stonewall,” a politically charged dramatic account of the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York, also is working on two sequels to his 1996 blockbuster, “Independence Day.”

What do you think about a “Stargate” reboot? Who should replace Spader and Russell in the cast lineup? Let us know in the comments.

– Gina McIntyre


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30 Responses to ‘Stargate’: Roland Emmerich will direct first film in new trilogy

  1. I don't enjoy reboots. Just do a sequel to the one you already have and make it work. Then we end up with two movies instead of two separate movies we have to split love for.

  2. Guest says:

    I think someone ought to reboot Roland Emmerich

  3. Leanna says:

    It's hard to imagine a sequel to the movie since the tv series were already a sequel and have millions of fans world wide. If this is going to completely ignore the tv franchises, then I am not going to be happy. I have come to love the Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks version much better than Kurt Russel and James Spader.

    I am tentatively excited, but a little nervous that they will ignore how big the tv shows made the Stargate Franchise.

  4. BobS says:

    It is well known that even though he created Stargate he hated the TV series, which BTW were a superb extension of his original concept. If he ignores the 15 years of television he has little hope of bringing in the fan base (Let's face it there WAS no fan base for the original film until after the TV show came out.) The only reason anyone is even considering paying for a Stargate reboot is because of the fan base created by Richard Dean Anderson and the gang in Vancouver.

  5. hayden says:

    i think richard dean anderson should come back and Michael Shanks they should came back they were better

  6. @hwilson2009 says:

    Chevron 8 has been locked.

  7. David says:

    I really miss the tv series, all of them! I think doing movies is great and hope that they are done well. A decent story line and cast, not just special effects please.

  8. Eddie Estes says:

    They should not ignore the series. SG-1 was much better than the movies and so were the other two series. Atlantis and Stargate Universe. Bring back Richard Dean Anderson and the rest!

  9. Red says:

    The movie was good, but is only a classic because of the TV series. Unless they bring in cast members from SG1 or Atlantis, I won't be going to see it. Not even Kurtz Russell or James Spader would be good enough for me.

  10. Jay Way says:

    Just please *NO* effen hollow Ori!

  11. tim says:

    I think that its about time they revisit a classic like Stargate. It is my opinion they should bring back the original SG-1 team in this trilogy as main cast members. I feel it would not be the same without them.

  12. phillip says:

    Let the poor man make his movie, then watch it! afterward love or hate it, the new films can further interest in the franchise. I myself own The Film and every episode of all 3 series spin offs. while i love the t.v. shows better, I must admit to several ideas within the film to be far superior. Perhaps in the long run these new fims will inspire 17 more seasons of various stargate spinoffs.

  13. phillip says:

    As for the television series: S.G.1, Atlantis, and Universe…One must admit near the end they became somewhat rehashes of previous episodes. The actors and actressess were all superb, and better than the films stars. However the show runners and writers had very little to offer in the way of new ideas to further the show (except maybe universes discovery) would have liked a season 3 minus the space porn m.t.v. real world flavor.

  14. Jackson says:

    "find themselves across the galaxy in a desert world."

    WRONG. In the film they have left our galaxy completely. It is in SG-1 that they travel around the milky way galaxy

    • Micheal Jackson says:

      Actually Abydos is within the Milky Way, they were incorrect in believing that they had entered the Kaliem in the film it was later established that Abydos is in the milky way. They would have needed to dial an 8 chevron address to get to another galaxy in the film and they dialed a 7 chevron address.

  15. silveraged says:

    Why are there no original ideas in Hollywood? Not even original ideas, there are thousands of science fiction novels out there that could be made into films these days! Why do remakes and reboots?

    • SSS says:

      Original ideas are riskier in terms of $$$. Whereas if you take a story with an existing fanbase…much more likely to see $$$. It's about the $$$, not the "art"

  16. Chris says:

    puppets is the way to go.

  17. Nerded says:

    Jackson… yes they stated in the movie that Abydos was located in the Kaliam galaxy across the universe but once the series started they explained it was in our milky way galaxy. Dialing another galaxy requires the use the 8th chevron, which is for extra galactic travel outside of our own universe…. I guess it really is how you look at it, but since the tv show picked up where the movie left off that's how I take it.

  18. chris says:

    The stargate story worked so much better as a tv series. Im afraid that I just wouldnt be interested in movies. Bring me a new series and I will watch loyally !

  19. Mitch says:

    I am so pumped about this. I am watching Stargate, the movie, and I thought I would read all the threads and posts about bringing Stargate back, regardless of how old they were. Then I saw this article, noticed the date and said Yes!! I have seen all the movies multiple times, and own all of the TV series. Stargate is my genre of sci-fi. SG1, Atlantis, SGU, ahh, I'm so excited! I am just happy to see Stargate being brought back to life, in any form.

  20. Guest says:

    Is the new movie going to be something that follows the original three books? The original author had a great story line, but the TV series took it in a direction that was rather whimsical. Reality did not hit again until stargate Universe. At least that series was as Original as Firefly. (I notice Hollywood tends to scrap any 'art' that shows how the modern social structure will completely collapse when separated from direct authoritarian control, yet leave everyone with a greater sense of accomplishment as individuals) As a unique, and I feel true fan of the Original Movie, I say go for it, remake it, but try to keep the series in line with the books that started it all off. The potential TV series that can follow it would be unyielding in its growth. There truly are limitless possibilities with a well done Movie series. The books left you with a sense of wonder when it was finished, even if it did wrap up the loose ends. I still sit back and wonder, how can we do that? Does it HAVE TO HAVE a working gate at the other end? Or can it just open into space? Can a "Gate" be created that generates a wormhole outside the device, large enough to move a space station, 'pyramid', aircraft carrier (Like the one depicted in Ironman and the avengers series). The potential is incredible. But I am pretty sure, in the end, it will be a semi decently blended version of the Original Movie, The sorry plot line of All alien cultures speaking English (Just to make it easier to get the storyline moving I suppose), And the continuous court martial-able offensives that allowed insignificant teams to overcome impossible odds. No telling where it could lead, but it should be a fun trip no matter what. I say do it, make the reboot. But try to make it realistic. Make it follow real life practicality. Show just how much potential we have as a species, but also how much we could not hope to overcome without a worldwide effort and a true end to 'National Security Secrets' that would force the Governments to treat everyone as an enemy. No back room alien secrets that need to be kept out of the hands of the public. Stargate has potential.Both as a Money maker, and a dream maker.

  21. Kevin says:

    They can easily handle this by doing the movies as prequels. The Five Races, The Ancients, how the Goa'uld dominated the Galaxy – just like the Star Wars Trilogy.

  22. Sten says:

    Hoe bout restarting universe that was a good series

  23. josh says:

    they only want to change it cause they are tired of hearing about universe we want universe if you change the story back to the old movie i wont watch it if you bring back on of the three ill be first in line to watch it

  24. DB1 says:

    I would welcome a reboot even if it ignores the t.v. series and changes a bit of the original movie. I loved both the movie and the made for television series so why wouldn't I give a new re-imagining a shot? In the end having Stargate back is better than no Stargate. As for the books, I did not know there were books the movie was based on. I'll have to check those out.

  25. sally says:

    there is no need to reboot stargate, since the television franchise did a FANTASTIC job of continuing the stargate saga.

    3 series and two dvd movies equals 17 years of stories: what could emmerich and devlin possibly come up with that sg1/atlantis/universe didn't already do?

    as awe-inspiring and fun as it was to watch the stargate in action,, it was the beloved characters that made stargate so loved…

    bring back the TV franchise.

  26. Nico says:

    First off I’m just excited that there might be new Stargate coming out….whether or not it will be as displeasing as universe remains to be seen. What made sg-1 so good were the characters and how natural their interactions seemed. As far as “original storylines” go, none of that matters if the acting is as bad as universes cast, not to mention the terrible MTV esque drama that made most Stargate fans cringe in disbelief at universe. The best thing for the Stargate franchise would be for them to get Atlantis back to pegasus and continue down that storyline….the actors are still young enough, the story was just getting fresh, and the characters were finally attaining a stable cohesion.

  27. alexis says:

    I have to say that I am pumped about the reboot. I loved the original, sg1, atlantis, didn't get into universe, but I am geeked about this! The only think I hope for is they don't make a mockery. I loved the reboot for startrek, so yeah I am excited about this!

  28. XNXX says:

    I am tentatively excited, but a little nervous that they will ignore how big the tv shows made the Stargate Franchise.

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