‘Stargate’ to get movie trilogy? Roland Emmerich plans a reboot

Sept. 06, 2013 | 4:06 p.m.
stargate 1 Stargate to get movie trilogy? Roland Emmerich plans a reboot

James Spader, left, Kurt Russell and John Diehl in the 1994 sci-fi adventure "Stargate." (Claudette Barius / NBC)

stargate 2 Stargate to get movie trilogy? Roland Emmerich plans a reboot

James Spader, left, and Kurt Russell team up in the 1994 sci-fi adventure "Stargate." (Claudette Barius / NBC)

sg 1 3 Stargate to get movie trilogy? Roland Emmerich plans a reboot

Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks in "Stargate SG–1." (Showtime)

sg 1 2 Stargate to get movie trilogy? Roland Emmerich plans a reboot

Richard Dean Anderson as Col. Jack O'Neill and Amanda Tapping as Maj. Samantha Carter in "Stargate SG-1." (MGM Studios)

atlantis 2 Stargate to get movie trilogy? Roland Emmerich plans a reboot

Jason Momoa as Ronon Dex, David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay, Rachel Luttrell as Teyla Emmagan and Joe Flanigan as Lt. Col. John Sheppard in "Stargate: Atlantis." (Eike Schroter / Sci Fi Channel)

atlantis 1 Stargate to get movie trilogy? Roland Emmerich plans a reboot

Amanda Tapping as Col. Samantha Carter and Colin Cunningham as Paul Davis in "Stargate: Atlantis." (Eike Schroter / Sci Fi Channel)

sgu 1 Stargate to get movie trilogy? Roland Emmerich plans a reboot

Jamil Walker Smith as Msgt. Ronald Greer, Alaina Huffman as Msgt. Tamara Johansen, Louis Ferreira as Col. Everett Young, Ming–Na Wen as Camile Wray, Robert Carlyle as Dr. Nicholas Rush, Brian J Smith as Lt. Matthew Scott, Elyse Levesque as Chloe Armstrong, David Blue as Eli Wallace and Lou Diamond Phillips as Col. Telford in "Stargate Universe." (Art Streiber / Syfy)

sgu 2 Stargate to get movie trilogy? Roland Emmerich plans a reboot

Tygh Runyan as Dr. Caine and Patrick Gilmore as Dale Volker in "Stargate Universe." (Eike Schroter / Syfy)

“Stargate” may be getting a reboot.

Director Roland Emmerich, who co-created “Stargate” with Dean Devlin, says he wants to remake “Stargate” as a film trilogy.

“We went to MGM, who has the rights, and proposed to them to do a sequel, but as a reboot … and reboot it as a movie and then do three parts,” Emmerich told Digital Spy. “Pretty soon we’ll have to look for a writer and start.”

Director Roland Emmerich at his Los Angeles home on May 28, 2013. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

Director Roland Emmerich at his Los Angeles home on May 28, 2013. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

But don’t expect James Spader, recently cast in Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and Kurt Russell to reprise their roles from the 1994 sci-fi flick.

“The actors look totally different,” Emmerich told Digital Spy. “It would not work.”

The film, which Emmerich co-wrote with longtime collaborator Dean Devlin, spawned three spinoff TV series, as well as comics, video games and even a cartoon. “Stargate Universe,” the most recent TV series, was canceled during its second season and ended on a cliffhanger. A planned follow-up film never materialized.

“Stargate” isn’t Emmerich’s only visit to memory lane. The filmmaker is working on “Independence Day 2,” due in theaters July 3, 2015, nearly two decades after the original broke records at the box office.

“There are those people who make mainstream commercial films in order to further their career so that they can one day get to make the movie they’ve always dreamed of making,” Devlin told Hero Complex earlier this year.  “And then there’s those people who really, really love mainstream movies, and Roland’s one of those people. He approaches these films with the same amount of love and passion as Scorsese does when he does an art picture.”

What do you think about a “Stargate” reboot? Who should replace Spader and Russell in the cast lineup? Let us know in the comments.

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89 Responses to ‘Stargate’ to get movie trilogy? Roland Emmerich plans a reboot

  1. Ginger says:

    Who could possibly replace Jaye Davidson?

  2. Joe.S says:

    Michael Shanks was great but how about Leonardo Dicaprio as Daniel Jackson and if possible SOME HOW INCLUDE MCKAY [DAVID HEWLETT] in a cameo appearance. ASK ANYONE, RODNEY MCKAYS GREAT and the characters appearance would only enhance the Stargate Movie reboot

    • jeffreydahn says:

      And then kill off that smarmy SOB in the first scene. Even better, kill him during the opening credits. I'd pay to see that.

    • buzzimij says:

      Completely agree. These are two of the best characters in the stargate franchise. Rodney Mckay is by far my favorite character. Jackson is second, possibly. I'm not sure why the article is discussing james spader. Everyone knows that Shanks is the real Daniel Jackson. lol

    • Angel says:

      Leo as Daniel Jackson are you serious? I don't think so. He doesn't look like he could be a Daniel Jackson. Just because Leo is in pretty much every other movie now doesn't mean he needs to be in Stargate. He ma be a high end actor but he doesn't fit the stargate look.

  3. Teresa Patri says:

    SG1 should only be done if the actors from from the best series are doing it. There is only one Daniel Jackson to me, Michael Shanks Nd Amanda Tapping. Def only one Jack ONeill. Richard Dean Anderson…

  4. Iggy says:

    Leonardo Dicaprio would be great as Daniel Jackson, but as for Kurt Russels role I think the only one who could fill that position is David Waggoner from Los Banos Ca

  5. Stu says:

    Great news!

    Roland Emmerich STARTED the Stargate story and universe that "supposedly" all us fan love. So who better to kickstart the next chapter?

    New stories and adventures and characters to fill and propel the Stargate Universe will always be a good thing in my mind.

    So bring it on…we have a Universe to explore!!!

    • AgentExeider says:

      The issue with that is Roland Emmerich has always said if he ever got a chance to do Stargate again, he was going to ignore SG1 and continue from there, He has said this time and time again, I love SG1 but if Emmerich remakes Stargate it’s NOT going to be what you think it is.

  6. There is no reason to remake 'Stargate'. Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis were actually much better than the film that spawned them and took the story a long way. I'd rather see an SG-1/Atlantis feature film.

    • candice says:

      i whole heartily agree. SG-1 was way better than the original movie. The 2 t.v. movies they did with the SG-1 cast were awesome. I would love to see a movie that brought back the SG-1 cast and the stargate atlantis cast. I dont usually go to theaters to see movies because of the cost but i would go for that.

    • paul says:

      yer they should really tie up atlantis and universe rather than starting anew

    • Samantha R. says:

      I agree. I watched the film (did not know it existed) after watching season 4 of SG-1. I was not very impressed by the movie. Yes it was good entertainment but no question about it the three tv series it led to were far superior. I hope this does not come to fruition and instead they give us another movie with the SG-1 team with additions from the Atlantis team.

    • Lizzy says:

      I think that SG-1 had a good run, but any more would have been overdoing it. SGA however, could go a long way still. And if they incorporated more characters and plot from SG-1, all the better.

  7. Levy says:

    I wish they could continue SGU. I loved it.

    • john says:

      same here.

    • Chad says:

      How's this: Season 3 starts with the crew awakening from cold storage to a much changed and lit vessel but no Eli… crisis of some sort occurs with an antagonist who is capable of countering a fully operation Ancient research vessel – crew struggles against the new antagonists and at the crisis moment Eli returns using stolen alien tech and has bootlegged his way across the expanse to the other galaxy (having many adventures – possible web series or novellas) to save his chosen family from enemies he's made who want something that is on the ship

  8. franks says:

    I would say the Wraith are coming to a galaxy near you!

  9. Joel says:

    A stargate reboot would be AWESOME!

  10. phillip says:

    to all the stargate t.v. fans M.G.M. cancelled the television show, and while i too own every episode i must also admit it was becoming repetative. That said, Let us look tword the future. the original film launched 17 seasons, Let Emmerich have his trilogy! then let us enjoy 17 more seasons

  11. Jamie says:

    Loved the original film, loved SG-1 till I lost interest in the 6th season or so and only watched occasionally after that, loved SGA until I got married and couldn't watch SciFi all the time. I'm excited about a reboot- hope it doesn't suck!

  12. Sam says:

    As a Daniel Jackson fan I will be completely PISSED if Leonardo DiCaprio plays that role. No offense to Leo but no, no, no. Also, I do hope they make an Atlantis movie! I can’t wait for the day when all children fear the Wraith!!

    • candice says:

      bring on the Atlantis movie. I hated how they just stopped the show and you never got to see how it all turned out. It is way past time to give the fans an Atlantis movie

  13. Sam says:

    I think Aaron Taylor Johnson (kick ass) would be a great contender for Daniel Jackson 1.) he’s still not very well known 2.) he already can play the geeky/nerdy role 3.) he can pull off the round glasses like Spader.

    • GLOOB says:

      If this is about round glasses and nerds, why not old dude who played harry potter? I'm sorry, but there will never be anyone good enough to play Daniel Jackson except Shanks! Sorry guys… It's just how I feel. I wish they would finish Atlantis and Universe before "starting anew"…. seems to me they should freaking finish what they start

  14. nox1300 says:

    I think it worth a shoot! As the matter of fact it will be usefull sort of continuation of all series in an epic big movie! Let's remember that a lot of civilizations was let in shadows in all series!

  15. Se. says:

    Well, I think it will not work. Emmerich didn't like the franchise of the series… and Stargate isn't "Stargate the Movie of 1994" anymore. Stargate IS the series franchise. And someone who doesn't love the series, shouldn't touch anything connected to SG… he will create a decent popcorn-movie at best… and ruin the franchise at worst…

  16. Topazowl says:

    Daniel – Michael Shanks of course
    O'Neill – is RDA but he is a bit old for the action stuff now but what about David Boreanaz? or Hugh Jackman?

  17. Simon says:

    reboot reboot reboot comics movies comics movies comics movies

    i guess its all about the bottom line resulting in insane budgets for movies with a lot of bang but no story and or series axed after a season or two. I know money had a great say in the olden days but come on its starting to be painful to look at.

    • Aaron says:

      It's partly the bottom line…but more about the fact that there are infinite ways to make a light-bulb, but only a tiny fraction of a fraction actually work.

      Movies, games, books, music, art…it's all a dry well thanks to a culture obsessed with "newness". All the good ideas are used up, period. All that's left is crap ideas that end up being "good enough" solely because the bunch of newness crackheads in the world just want another fix even if it's crap.

      But even the crap new ideas now don't make enough money because they're still just too crappy. So we get reboots and comic bock movies and movies based on older works, out the wahzoo. That's the world you people have made. Suck it up.

  18. General Hammond says:

    No true fan of the SG-1 or Atlantis is going to want to see anyone other than the cast of the shows. Cast anyone else and you've lost all of those who loved it, along with their recommendations, word of mouth, networking…. And then, good luck trying to get others who never cared for it before. Make the only RIGHT move, and you have a fan base with tremendous promotion and advertising potential.

    • General Hammond says:

      And PLEASE leave out the SGU debacle entirely. Everything about it sucked! From the storyline to the cast to the absolutely horrid teeny-bopper dramatic child-like acting. It was one of the worst attempts of trying to adapt something great and intelligent into a modern-day dumbed-down version with no substance for a 'new generation'. It was worse than the wanna-be soap opera BSG.

    • nard100 says:

      People said the same thing about Star Trek and viola, successful reboot

  19. Sean says:

    Film was bad, shows were worse. Tired of Aliens Secret History concept, especially when it is not well executed

  20. Anon says:

    I think Leo might have priced himself out of the running. Need to look farther afield and find some bright new faces (unless the powers that be listen to SG-1 fans and use the TV cast)…

  21. Gisele La Roche says:

    David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan should be in the movie. Heck, the whole cast of Stargate Atlantis should be in it. They could have Amanda Tapping and Micheal Shanks as well. I'd love Richard Dean Anderson too. I miss all of these actors. I'd rather not see anyone from the Universe series as that one was really bad.

  22. GooGooMuck says:

    A stargate reboot is going to be problematic, for fans at least. The series took on an entirely different mood than the original feature film. I would hope that in the reboot Roland Emmerich will draw more from the series than his original film when establishing his characters. If he did this, incorporating Samantha Carter or Rodney McCay into the film would be a no brainer. In fact, I don't see series fans being very interested if they didn't. As far as I know, Emmerich had nothing to do with the series so this is unlikely.

    On the subject of actors, David Hewlett seems to be in good shape and Chris Judge is still a hulking beast of a man. However, Richard Dean Anderson is not the Jack O'Neil of SG1 by any stretch of the imagination (no offense to RDA, I think he was awesome). I wasn't even going to write this until someone mentioned David Boreanaz. If he was O'Neil, I would pay to see this movie…period. That is the best idea I've heard yet. I would also like to put forward Colin Hanks for Daniel Jackson.

    My 2 cents anyway,


  23. alan says:

    Maybe the sg1 crew could be behind the launch of a new team, appearing in first only just to kick it off like RDA did with stargate universe.

  24. Jewpacabra says:

    I think we're overlooking other elements that made 'Stargate' such an immersive film.

    The score— Not only did it propel the story into a romantic adventure, but it was used in trailers for every other movie it seemed. Please have David Arnold score the reboot. If not the exact same score, then with elements from the original Stargate theme,

    Environment. The art direction from the original film was beautiful. Stargate's look and feel was alien, yet elegant. This is another element I want to see return to the reboot.

    As for casting, Taylor Johnson is a great suggestion for Daniel. As for O'Neill, what about Eric Bana? He plays the dark/hurt hero very well. Sha'uri? Noomi Rapace!

    You're welcome.

  25. lenny butcher says:

    I think that SG-1 & SGA Had comic adventures and moments where aw crap was what you would have said yourself. I cannot remember samantha carter saying it though which would have been another highlight. SGU seemed Quite dark and boring without humor. Any reworking would need less boring dark bits less clothing on samantha and lots of aw crap moments

    • @Nightsong says:

      The actress who plays Samantha Carter is 50 years old, little buddy. Your suggestion for "less clothing" on her would be a hit with the geriatric, nursing home crowd, and the movie would make about $4 million at the box office, which is why SG-1 and Atlantis movies are relegated to direct-to-video. Absurd.

      SGU was "dark and boring"? Maybe you think that because the characters act like real people and not "Aw, shucks!" cardboard cut-outs like the previous Stargate shows. SGU deserved a lot more than to end on a cliffhanger because people like you boycotted it out of misguided loyalty to Atlantis.

  26. candice says:

    Stargate Universe was cancelled after 2 seasons. Stargate SG-1 ran for 10 years and 2 made for T.V. movies. Stargate Atlantis ran for 5 seasons. This franchise is brillant and should be given another chance as long as they continue it from where the series left off and not go in and try to change everything that happened on t.v. series. It would suck if they just redid the 1st movie and continued on a different story line than the t.v show like it never happened. If they do it that way i will not be interested.

    as for the cast i would love to see the original SG-1 and atlantis cast. however i know that is probably not going to happen so i do hope they are wise about their choices. NO TO LEO DICAPRIO FOR DANIEL HE WOULD RUIN THAT CHARACTER>

  27. lenny butcher says:

    Jack Black = General Hammond The Rock = T’ealk, Ricky Gervais = Daniel Jackson Jessica Simpson = Samantha Carter Mr Bean = Jack O’Neill

  28. necr0sys says:

    I loved the original film, it is a cult classic to me. Never really had the chance to watch the series, up until last year, we began SG-1 from the beginning. We are ending season 8 now and it has been epic all the way. I got my fiancee, who didn't really enjoy sc-fi to watch and now she is hooked. If they make another movie, they need to do it right, Avengers style.

  29. Rmanns says:

    I am so excited about the posability of a reboot!! I also wish they would continue SGU or finish with a movie. Loved it and love SG! and SGA! Stargate is just a great franchise. Can't get enough.

  30. wtaylor says:

    shame they are doing it just for money and not for fans of the 3 series who have been deprived of an ending to universe

  31. Aaron says:

    You know, I loved the show, but I loved the original movie's vision too. I was a fan of the movie before I saw any SG-1, so yeah, bring it on!

  32. Bob says:

    Other articles I have read out there say Emmerich is going to REBOOT Stargate …. REBOOT being the key word. Tthey say the new trilogy will have absolutely no reference to any of the previous Stargate characters or storylines. It will be it's own animal. The only returning character will be the Stargate itself.

  33. Gene says:

    I loved Stargate. Stargate Universe was a bust, dull, not interesting, people arguing all the time, trapped in a tin can. What a stupid plot and the show didn't last. The best sci fi is where a team works together to either explore (it doens't have to be violent) and discover new strange things or if you want action the team battles some deviant alien force. Please limit the number of virus movies. And please make the aliens intelligent, not some wild beasts. With our firepower we would have no trouble knocking off just about any kind of beast with a single blast. Im looking forward to seeing the new Stargate films.

  34. Laurence says:

    Absolutely fed up with remakes of remakes and the so called reboots. What I hate about the big corporations and networks is the inability to finish a storyline, because its not cost effective. I'm better off reading a book and getting a finished product.

    Speaking of books; there are an amazing amount of original stories to use instead of rehashing or flogging the same old horses, e.g. Batman, Superman, battlestar, Star trek, etc, etc.

  35. stephen ellison says:

    after my partner was in hospital for a long period of time i stared watching sg1 from series 5 became totally hooked.just watch last episode on pick tv best story ever seen.please bring back old team to start with they made the show.come on mgm you got it rite 1st time you can do it again thousands of fans are waiting for you to give us something to look forward to rda,at,cj and ms should all be there.look forward to you getting of your arses and doing the rite thing yours in hope stephen ellison.please

  36. D-RUFF says:

    More sg-1 more sg-1 more sg-1 more sg-1

    More sg-Atlantis more sg-atlantis more sg-Atlantis

    More more more more for Gods sake MORE.


  37. Stefan says:

    Reboot is NOT gonna happen ….. Absolutely NEVER

    Stargate is still a HUGE cash cow for MGM, and they are NOT gonna write off 17 seasons of canon as though it didnt happen — and thats what Emmerich will do

    MGM are fully aware that Stargate fans want films continuiny the SG1, Atlantis, Universe stories
    .. they know that THIS will be the biggest movie earner

    Devlin and Emmerich have been asking MGM for years to do a reboot and MGM turn them down every time — this one will be NO different ….

    reboot will NOT happen

  38. Chris says:

    I hear Daniel Jackson will be a woman in the reboot..that makes it interesting indeed.

  39. pegasus says:

    Anson Mount (Cullen Bohannon) from Hell on wheels would make a great jack O'neil

  40. aaaaah says:

    Dont let that happen this happen !!
    This Emmerich reboot would be the worst thing to happen to the Stargate franchise sinse SGU

    Please MGM don't let Herr Emmerich tell his story because the story has already been told …( with Shanks and DiCaprio…)

    go home to germany Herr Emmerich

  41. TG_Nate says:

    Karl Urban or for O'Neil! Ryan Gosling for Daniel Jackson (it's just a thought). I love SG-1 and SGU but I think a reboot would be good. Look at Star Trek. As much as I miss SGU, I think it is time for us to move on. Look to the future!

  42. Dan says:

    Jesse Eisenberg = Daniel Jackson
    Vin Diesel = Colonel Jack O'Neil


  43. kelly says:

    omg… the only possiblilty for Daniel Jackson is MICHAEL SHANKS !!!! and i would love to see Richard Dean Anderson return as Jack O'neill, with 2 l's..lol

  44. Julia Murray says:

    Rebooting the original Stargate mythos with a new cast is akin to turning Buffy the Vampire Slayer back into a movie with a Buffy other than Sarah Michelle Gellar. Far better to take a page from Rob Thomas's book – he knew that Veronica Mars WAS Kristen Bell and he planned his Veronica Mars movie accordingly. And that's why the fans responded with both open arms and open wallets.

  45. Mix says:

    The only way not alienate (no pun :)) fans is to treat it like another spin off. The only way I see it working is a distant future revisit. Like the stargate was a big deal but when we got interstellar ships it became less efficient and was eventually severely downsized or abandoned. Now a new threat makes it a good idea again so they have to reboot the old stargate program and bring it back to life. Or something like that…. :)

  46. Tina says:

    SG1 Made the franchise and there is only one Jack=RDA. Daniel= Michael Sam= Amanda Teal’c =Chris maybe their children can carry on the torch!?

  47. Gordon says:

    Karl Urban / Joseph Gordon-Levitt / Chris Pine – Jack O'Neill
    Michael Cera / Daniel Radcliffe / Tom Hardy – Daniel Jackson

  48. Fred says:

    For all the hate that Universe gets, if there is a reboot they should find some way to wrap it or at least bring some closure. It doesn't have to be a major part of a film at all – something like having an Earthship waiting for them at the next universe, the ability to reliably establish a wormhole with them, or something simple like that.

  49. jan says:

    I’d like to see an end to stargate universe. If another series was made, I’d like to see one about the ancients. I do not want to have the series remade. The original actors are iconic to the series.

  50. Joe says:

    They need to finish SGU!…I used to watch it Netflix till they took if off!…best show ever!

  51. SGUfan says:

    I think they should include the SGU cast somehow. Tie it in. SGU was awesome. I didnt like SG1. I did like SGA but was to much of a cowboy sees trouble cowboy saves the day. SGU was grittier and far more interesting. Characters were far more interesting. IMO. A reboot SG is good but it would be way more of a money maker if they brought SG1 SGA and SGU all together somehow for a movie trilogy.

  52. steve says:

    lets hope sense prevails at mgm and pushes emmerichs trilogy into the long grass and buries it i really think mgm does not know what a goldmine it has as ive said before richard dean andersons jack oneal is to stargate what william shatners jim kirk was to startrek and david hewletts dr mckay is mr spock and leonard mc coy rolled in one i think if mgm throws away all that went before i think their making a huge mistake of epic proportions

  53. Guy says:

    I would really like to see SPADER and RUSSELL stay with Stargate. It's very natural that they have aged, I think it works perfect for a visit 20 years later….. Simply work in a plausible explanation of some kind as to why the reunion took so long.

  54. Carlleigh says:

    I'd like the TV series to be revived or after more movies to come back with more SG-1 and Atlantis. I would like to see: SG-1 The Earth and other humans accept the mantel of/as the Fifth race, see the problems: Unfinished work of Atlantis and the other Galaxy. What happens to the remaining Goa'uld do they eventually cooperate with the rest of the Galaxy but remain clearly not Tok'ra. Do Replicator's come to the realization they will be ALLOWED to remain as long as they give up on universal destruction of everything else. The Wraith as successful traders. Half of the first season of SG-1 could be getting Atlantis back to its task.

    New movies based on the old franchise. NOT EVEN INTERESTED. Will not go to see because it may decrease the chance for continuing the TV franchise. Sorry!

  55. ratpack66 says:

    I love stargate and would love to see a new season or/and another movie and i think every othet sg fan would agree

  56. grant says:

    A reboot would be so stupid to do. stargate is amazing no doubt about that!! But brad wright did an amazing job making it into a tv serieres that making a reboot of the original would be sorry to say STUPID!!! Bring Atlantis Back!!! and SG1!!! Sorry to the fans of Universe but i hated that one but of course i watched every episode cause this franchise is amazing!!! Thank Yu Brad Wright!!!

  57. AllHailtheOri says:

    Reboots are tricky. I don't see it happening. However, I think a Stargate Origins series could be interesting. It would be about the ancients and how they went their separate ways as well as the G'oauld and all the other races came to be.

  58. joda says:

    More stargate please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find actors compatible if you can't get new ones.
    You can always start from scratch and have the next movie start after Atlantis gets back to Earth. Incorporate all Stargates find the Destiny and what ever acts can't do it i guess died in stasis. Add more aliens, and make it better than ever with more eye candy .

  59. guest says:

    Well, I am assuming a reboot means a remake of the original MOVIE. I love the series and wish they were still on, but they aren't and they were a series. A trilogy with todays standard of special effects and extra plot would be fantastic…Josh Duhamel for Jack and I am really stuck on Ewen McGregor for Daniel. Don't add any series characters..keep Skara…he always looks remarkably young.

  60. @DawgGoneDC says:

    Roland Emmerich..seriously people..movie revival by one of the greatest with access to the best actors out there. I love all of the Stargate series, but if I can't have them I will definitely take a gigantic budget syfi trilogy reboot! Think big and then go BIGGER! Russel Crowe, Channing Tatum, Hugh Jackman etc..sky is the limit.

  61. Eraclio says:

    Seems to me Kurt russell & James Spader arent the ones who have to be recast. But Richard Dean Anderson & Michael Shanks played the roles for a very long time. So it would be them it would seem to me. That said so much mythology was created that if the movies do not live up to the series it could fail miserably

  62. Jesse says:

    I don't see how they can remake the movie and then have 2 sequels. How will it fit in with the timeline. Sg-1 was the sequel to the original movie as it continued right where the movie left off. There is no where to put a sequel in between that and Sg-1. Are we supposed to just pretend they don't exist when watching this reboot? Then it will annoy me all the newbies watching this reboot that have never seen the originals and know nothing about it. I'm interested in anything stargate they will do though. I can never get enough of it and I am actually late to the party as I am still watching it for my first time. I am on season 8 of Sg-1 / Season 1 of atlantis and I watched SGU first for some reason.

  63. mgent says:

    A second team returns from Abydose as a solar flair occurs, sending them 20 years into the future…

  64. ZACH says:

    i like them all thy have plot story and most who are fan get it becuse have to be a sci fi geek to get some of the termanalgy and lots of star trek to get alot of the references if you think is booring you loss mcgiver aka richerd deen anderson played a good for the role if you ARE BOORD YOU WILL NOT LIKE SHOWS THAT EXCERSIZE YOUR BRANE YOU WILL NOT LIKE THE REMAKE EATER

  65. James says:

    If were only talking about a brand new cast for an SG1 reboot how about Josh Holloway as Jack O'Neil, Jensen Ackles as Daniel Jackson (picture him with longer hair and glasses) Samantha Carter – Erica Durance, General Hammond – Dennis Haysbert, and lastly Tea'lc- There's only one guy for this character, and you know who, C.J.

  66. mgent says:

    Liam Neeson as Jack O'Neill, Bradley Cooper as Dr. Daniel Jackson, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson as Teal'c and Jessica Biel as Samantha Carter.

  67. No questions about it, and all SG-1 fans will agree:

    Bring back M . Shanks and Amanda and as much

    cast AND writers from SG-1 as possible;

    Unfortunately RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON changed

    too much as opposed to how he was until he left

    SG-1. Some bigger name actor for that role, like AARON

    ECKHART… I’m sure they wouldn’t , but just as a little rant… ;) … Leave VALA out!! Gotta be one of the most stupid annoying character in TV history!

  68. Paula Hoffman says:

    Jake Gyllenhaal would be awsome as dr jackson!

  69. Trevor says:

    Jason Clarke – Jack / Ewan McGregor – Daniel

    I think a reboot is just what the sci-fi genre needs.

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