Steven Spielberg on ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’: ‘It does not seem like 30 years ago’

May 29, 2011 | 8:09 a.m.
raiders of the lost ark harrison ford spielberg Steven Spielberg on Raiders of the Lost Ark: It does not seem like 30 years ago

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" (Lucasfilm)

Steven Spielberg got on the phone on Friday to talk about “Super 8” but I had to ask him about the big anniversary next month — it was June 12, 1981, that “Raiders of the Lost Ark” — with Harrison Ford as the whip-cracking Indiana Jones — arrived in the public imagination. If that’s hard for you to believe, you’re not alone.

“It’s really startling,” Spielberg said. “Number one, it seems like it was only five years ago, it does not seem like 30 years ago. And the other great thing is I’m still close to everybody that made the movie. We’ve all watched each other grow up and olderolder [not old] — and I love how that ‘Raiders’ family has stayed together for 30 years. We’re all still the closest of friends. ‘Raiders’ was the first movie where I actually shot the movie without thinking. I like to say that the line in ‘Raiders’ that most typifies the production of that movie was when Harrison says, ‘I’m making this up as I go along.'”

— Geoff Boucher


harrison ford Steven Spielberg on Raiders of the Lost Ark: It does not seem like 30 years ago

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17 Responses to Steven Spielberg on ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’: ‘It does not seem like 30 years ago’

  1. Horace Austin says:

    Loved this film in ’81. Love it now.

  2. A Fan says:

    Steven, make another Raiders (we'll all be there) …. to make up for the last one. Please.

  3. Artemis says:

    "Raiders" came out on my 21st birthday. It seems like yesterday. What a truly great film. One of the best ever made. It's what story telling and film making is all about. I never get tired of watching it. I'll still be watching it in another 30 years. It's just a wonderful, great adventure for all time. Thanks Steven, and thanks to the cast and crew, for lighting our imaginations and giving us such a wonderful gift.

  4. Max Jackson says:

    I love the pic of Harrison Ford…in Jackson Hole WY, my home town…Awww yeah!

  5. Harriet Bee says:

    Up till now I have only told a few people – my sister and my best friend Beverly, to be exact – but I've decided to come clean at this time and reveal that I lost my sweet virginity while watching 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' for the first time. Not in the drive-in – I'm not that old – but on VHS tape. On the smelly couch in my parent's Hoboken basement. I remember it like it was only yesterday. Now, every time I watch 'Raiders' – or its subsequent sequels – I can't help but think of that smelly couch and those fumbling fingers. But mostly I remember the part where the money eats the poison date and dies.

  6. Ericka says:

    That picture of Harrison Ford is smokin’ hot. Who loves you baby? You know it’s me big daddy ; )

    • john says:

      If I could step into the world of a movie franchise it would be Indiana Jones, all 4 of them. I know All the characters, all the Artifacts he has found. I even have a nice collection of INDY Merchandise. Steven and George, you are the Men that brought the greatest movie hero ever in the history of Cinema and beyond. Could I just get a taste of Skywalker Ranch. lol. Thanks Guys.

  7. Fifi LaMont says:

    Spielberg doing anything at all without thinking is ridiculous. This guy thinks before he pisses…

  8. Fifi LaMont says:

    Spielberg not thinking before doing anything is laughable. This guy thinks before peeing, before coughing. As for Harrison Ford, he's become something of a parody of himself in the movies. Too rich, too famous to matter, anymore. Hopefully, both these wealthy, well-known celebrities are helping the less fortunate, the less self-obsessive, as they grow "older."

  9. Pat says:

    It doesn't seem like 30 years ago that "Raiders of the Lost Ark" debuted in the movie theaters? Huh, it seems that long to me, maybe even longer.

  10. Jukka says:

    "Raiders" is the one film I'd choose from all the discs I have on my shelf if I was forced to choose only one. "Raiders" is everything that is good and cool about movies.

  11. Scott Owens says:

    "Raiders of the Lost Ark" WAS and STILL IS THE BEST THERE IS in its Class!! This film is and always will be my #1 movie of all time! IT is what movies are all about!! Thank you Steven Spielberg and George Lucas For THE ONE that started my LOVE of Movies!

  12. Robert Szekely says:

    "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is definitely my favorite action film of all time. But, it's more than just an action film. There is drama, mystery, humor,and overall great film making that grabs you in this film. I was12 years old when I first saw this movie in 1981, and now seeing more than 50 times, I still love love it.

  13. Howie says:

    Spielberg does and gives sooooooo much to charity. Let's talk about that, for a change.
    The planet gets the LIGHT and insight, he spreads. How many people would like to meet
    STEVEN?? Many!!!

  14. Howie Slater says:

    Spielberg has and gives tremendous time and money to charities. Let's talk about projects he oversees and helps direct. He gives to children, needy adults and keeps the holocaust vision alive. Yes, he is wealthy, but he shares alot of his wealth.

  15. I am Anna says:

    You are great Anna Hazare. I am very proud of u atleast one person has taken a step to make India clean.I respect you as Real Hero who can change Indian are the idol to the youth. I give my full support to your campaign.I hope that Lokpal Bill gets passed with the required changes….he is real HERO of india and next gandhi ji.

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