New trailer for ‘Sucker Punch,’ the most audacious movie at Comic-Con

July 27, 2010 | 1:03 a.m.

At Comic-Con International, I moderated nine panels — yes, that is excessive moderation — and none of them had me more intrigued than “Sucker Punch.” As I told the crowd in Hall H, the convention is the place where fuses are lit for certain cinematic firecrackers — Iron Man,” 300 and District 9 spring to mind — and if I had to predict which “unknown quantity” might fall into that category this year, I’d say “Sucker Punch.” It arrived in San Diego as a wild card and now, with this trailer, it’s positioned as one of the most audacious films of 2011. Some people will find the trailer below dizzying and confusing; others will see it as the promise of a vivid brand of liquid calamity of video games, anime and sci-fi adventures.

— Geoff Boucher


Sucker Punch

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