Super Bowl XLVII ad spotlight: ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Lone Ranger’

Feb. 01, 2013 | 3:47 p.m.
superbowlteasers Super Bowl XLVII ad spotlight: Star Trek, Iron Man, Lone Ranger

More than half of the grown-ups who tune in to the Super Bowl on Sunday will be watching not for the game, but for the ads. Click through the gallery for a look at some of the films that will get some Super Bowl love. (Marvel; Disney; Summit Entertainment)

oz Super Bowl XLVII ad spotlight: Star Trek, Iron Man, Lone Ranger

Mila Kunis, left, and James Franco in a scene from "Oz the Great and Powerful." (Disney)

startrek Super Bowl XLVII ad spotlight: Star Trek, Iron Man, Lone Ranger

Zachary Quinto, left, Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pine in a scene from "Star Trek Into Darkness." (Zade Rosenthal / Paramount Pictures)

Forget the Ravens vs. the 49ers. How does “Star Trek” stack up against “Iron Man 3”?

More than half of the grown-ups who tune in to the Super Bowl on Sunday will be watching not for the game, but for the ads, according to a recent poll by Harris Interactive. And movie fans in particular have a reason to stay put on the sofa during commercial breaks, with new spots expected for “Fast Six,” “Iron Man 3,” The Lone Ranger,” “Snitch,” “Star Trek Into Darkness,” “Oz the Great and Powerful” and “World War Z.”

All in all, it’s a movie marketing bacchanal. Some studios have started teasing their Super Bowl ads early — an ad for an ad, if you will– and one is using the event as an occasion to debut its own app. So before you whip up the guacamole or Google what a Harbaugh is (hint: it’s sort like a Manning), help yourself be truly prepared on game day, and read Hero Complex’s Official Movie Guide to Super Bowl XLVII. Now pass the chips.

“Fast and Furious Six”

Michelle Rodriguez in Fast Six. Credit: Diesel's Facebook page.

Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel in “Fast Six.” (Diesel’s Facebook page)

Kickoff: Note to self: Never tell Vin Diesel anything. He’ll blab it all over Facebook. Like the time he told everybody the first trailer for the next installment in this street racing series would premiere during the Super Bowl. And posted this picture of himself and Michelle Rodriguez, a.k.a. the series’ Letty Ortiz, who died two movies ago but is evidently resurrected in the new film. Director Justin Lin is back, too, for a story that finds Dom, Diesel’s professional criminal, and his crew living on the lam until Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) tries to enlist them to fight an organization of mercenary drivers.

Extra Point:  We know there will be cars. We know there will be muscles.  We know there will be muscle cars. What we don’t know is what this movie is actually going to be called. “Fast Six”? “Furious Six”? “Fast & Fixy Super Sixy”?

Game Day: Hits theaters May 24

“Iron Man 3”

Kickoff: “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” director Shane Black’s first entry in the Marvel series, “Iron Man 3” looks heavy on the action — and darkness. In the first  trailer, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark appears to be suffering from PTSD after the third-act battle scene in “The Avengers.” “Nothing’s been the same since New York,” he says in voice-over. “I can’t sleep, and when I do, I have nightmares.” Even Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) can’t snuggle the sad out of  him. Now Stark has a new reason to be grim — the  supervillain the Mandarin (a menacing Ben Kingsley, wearing a lot of rings) is blowing up Iron Man’s suit collection, bombing his cliffside mancave and generally harshing society’s mellow. An early tease of the spot airing during the game adds a little detail — a peek at Iron Man’s sidekick Rhody Rhodes (Don Cheadle) sporting a spiffy, red-white-and-blue suit as Iron Patriot.

Extra Point: Will this movie crack a smile? So far the marketing has showed the serious side of Iron Man, but the Super Bowl might be the time to give audiences a taste of Downey’s trademark dry wit. It’s not like it’s the end of the world … we think.

Game Day: Hits theaters May 3

“The Lone Ranger”

Kickoff: Charging horses, chugging trains, wide-open vistas, silver bullets — Gore Verbinski’s “The Lone Ranger” has all the hallmarks of the Old West adventure series, plus a couple of very modern updates: Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the masked Texas ranger. The first trailer revealed Depp’s spirit-warrior take on Tonto, complete with white face paint, blackbird hat and a few lines of Kemosabe-style dialogue, and a second trailer showed Tonto chatting with Silver — the Lone Ranger’s white stallion — to the wounded ranger’s bemusement. A tease of the Super Bowl spot, which will air during the pre-show, gives Hammer equal time — and shows the genesis of the crime-fighting duo.

Extra Point: Is it too much to get a “Hi-yo, Silver!” up in here? “The Lone Ranger’s” marketers are no doubt eager to woo a new generation, but, for old-school fans, a few more of the series’ trademark catchphrases would be nice.

Game Day: Hits theaters July 3

“Oz the Great and Powerful”

Kickoff: James Franco is would-be wizard Oscar Diggs in Sam Raimi’s quasi-prequel to the 1939 classic, where he travels from dusty Kansas to vibrant Oz. So far, the ads and trailers have emphasized the land’s fantastical creatures and comely witches, Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz) and Glinda (Michelle Williams).

Extra Point: The munchkins are getting short shrift in these promos. Here’s hoping the Super Bowl spot has more little people.

Game Day: Hits theaters March 8


Kickoff: Johnson is part of not one but two Super Bowl spots, this one airing during the pre- and post-game, in which the beefy star plays a dad who goes undercover for the DEA in order to free his son who was imprisoned after being set up in a drug deal. Directed by former stunt man Ric Roman Waugh (“Felon”), the movie also stars Susan Sarandon, Jon Bernthal, Benjamin Bratt and Michael K. Williams.

Extra Point: While most of the movies being promoted on Sunday are heavy on CGI, this teaser emphasizes the practical action. Keep your eyes peeled for the tumbling 18-wheeler.

Game Day: Hits theaters Feb. 22

“Star Trek Into Darkness”

Kickoff: Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Uhura (Zoe Saldana) and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise are on their way back to Earth, when a villain named John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) crosses their path. Director J.J. Abrams’ second and possibly final directing foray into the “Trek” franchise before he departs to direct “Star Wars,” “Into Darkness” looks to take the crew to new, visually lush places, with an early teaser showing a footrace through a mysterious red forest and shots of the Enterprise plunging into the sea. A new, extended trailer will premiere during the second quarter of the Super Bowl, and the spot will also highlight the film’s new app.

Extra Point: Cumberbatch’s character has so far been veiled in mystery. A few more clues to the movie’s villain would be welcome.

Game Day: Hits theaters May 17

“World War Z”

Kickoff: “We’ve lost the East Coast.” “China’s dark.” Things don’t look promising for the human race in the new teaser trailer for the Super Bowl spot for Paramount’s Brad Pitt zombie movie, “World War Z,” the Marc Forster-directed adaptation of Max Brooks’ acclaimed novel. “World War Z” stars Pitt as Gerry Lane, a United Nations fact-finder and family man who desperately races around the globe to determine the origins of a zombie pandemic that has toppled civilization in short order. Mireille Enos  (“The Killing”) plays his wife.

Extra Point: Perhaps the teaser’s most intriguing shot is a massive pile of zombies trying to scale a wall with surprising athleticism — does eating brains helped with cardio? A super-fit zombie close-up is in order.

Game Day: Hits theaters June 21

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  1. alekesam says:

    Man, that zombie movie looks like a kick@$$ zombie flick…it just doesn’t feel like WWZ, the biggest difference being that WWZ had the slow zombies, something Max Brooks worked really hard to make scary and was.

    I guess for a visual medium it helps the intensity to have them be able to move fast. Be nice if the initial zombies are fast but by the end of the movie, they’re slower moving for the inevitable sequel. I’d be okay with that. Even in the book they start to get slower so this way you can have the million zombie herd from the books and legitimately believe they could spread that fast.

    RE: FnF 6 title. Faster n Furious still. :)

  2. nobody says:

    hurray now that they destroyed the enterprise they can bring back the orginal

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