‘Superman/Batman’: Who should play Dark Knight in ‘Man of Steel’ sequel?

Aug. 01, 2013 | 3:16 p.m.
batman actors b Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Who should be the next actor to don the bat-cape? Click through the gallery for a peek at some potential Batman actors.
(Associated Press; Los Angeles Times; Associated Press; EPA)

vindiesel Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Vin Diesel: A "Fast & Furious" take on the Dark Knight? Diesel could put some serious muscle into battering bad guys while wearing the cowl, and he’d certainly have no trouble piloting the Batmobile through the streets of Gotham. (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

ryangosling Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Ryan Gosling: Bruce Wayne is a dashing loner who can wear a suit better than anyone else in the room, and his alter ego can fiercely bloody almost any opponent. In Gosling’s latest, “Only God Forgives,” he plays a dashing loner who can wear a suit better than anyone else in the room, and he can take a serious beating. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

zacharyquinto Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Zachary Quinto: It’s hard to quibble with Quinto’s genre bonafides (“Star Trek,” “Heroes”). He’s already demonstrated his cool, cerebral demeanor as everyone’s favorite Vulcan and as a young banker in the drama “Margin Call.” The cowl might cover his trademark brows, but there’s no question he could pull off a different set of pointy ears. (Chris Pizzello / Associated Press)

bradleycooper Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Bradley Cooper: The Oscar-nominated actor has joked about his failed audition for the lead role in “Green Lantern,” but he seems more Bruce Wayne than Hal Jordan in any case. Cooper can next be seen opposite retiring Batman Christian Bale in David O. Russell’s new movie, inspired by the Abscam sting operation of the 1970s. Perhaps the duo had a chance to banter about the character between scenes? (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

danieldaekim Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Daniel Dae Kim: Kim has proven his acting chops as the multi-faceted Jin Soo Kwon in "Lost" and his action chops as a detective in "Hawaii Five-0." We think he could bring new depths to the Caped Crusader, plus his chiseled face would look perfect beneath the bat cowl. (Peter Foley / EPA)

josephgordonlevitt Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Considering the events of "The Dark Knight Rises," Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a natural choice to take on the title of Batman and continue the work of Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

kitharington Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Kit Harington: Harington knows how to play a guy with a chip on his shoulder. If there's one thing that Harington's "Game of Thrones" character Jon Snow has mastered, it's brooding -- something that's essential for a believable Dark Knight. (Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times)

robertkazinksy Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Robert Kazinsky: Batman is all about brains and brawn -- no superpowers, no fancy alien tech. Kazinsky, most recently known for his roles in "True Blood" and "Pacific Rim," has the bod to pull it off. (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

simonpeggnickfrost Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Simon Pegg: Simon Pegg as Batman? Yep. It would be awesome. Need we even say who should play Robin? (Chris Pizzello / Associated Press)

idriselba Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Idris Elba: The man has already declared the apocalypse canceled in “Pacific Rim” and served as the sentry for the magical world of Asgard in “Thor.” He easily has the sort of bad-ass gravitas required for Batman. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

richardmadden Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Richard Madden: Perhaps the King of the North will have better luck keeping his head as the Dark Knight? The "Game of Thrones" actor can handle a sword, so batarangs shouldn't be too difficult. (Matt Sayles / Associated Press)

taylorkitsch Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Taylor Kitsch: With "Battleship" and "John Carter" in the rearview mirror, maybe it's time for Kitsch to take on a role worthy of the acting abilities he showed in "Friday Night Lights." (Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)

jensenackles Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Jensen Ackles: In "Supernatural," Ackles plays a demon-hunter adept at firearms, martial arts, knife fighting, lock-picking and anything involving stealth. Sounds like this cape-wearing guy we know... Plus, he named his baby daughter "Justice," which would suggest his head is in the right place for the role. (Taylor Hill / FilmMagic)

andrewlincoln Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Andrew Lincoln: As the star of “The Walking Dead,” Lincoln has mastered the haunted heroic look of a man who stares down the bleakest of futures with grim, steely resolve, determined to restore hope to a disillusioned people. If that doesn’t say Batman, what does. Maybe his incarnation of Bob Kane’s vigilante could sport a cowboy hat? (Kirk McCoy / Los Angeles Times)

benwhishaw Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Ben Whishaw: Whishaw, who stars in the BBC espionage thriller "The Hour," is perhaps best known stateside as the new Q, James Bond's gadget guy in "Skyfall." Sure, he'd have to bulk up a bit, but a Ben Whishaw Batman might make a great foil for Henry Cavill's Superman. (Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images)

channingtatum Superman/Batman: Who should play Dark Knight in Man of Steel sequel?

Channing Tatum: The popular actor is a believable action star and he’s even set to give voice to Superman in the upcoming “The Lego Movie,” marking his first foray into the DC Universe. And besides, if that “Man of Steel” sequel screenplay happens to feature a male exotic dancing sequence, Tatum’s got enough moxie to handle a breakaway Batsuit. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

In Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman/Batman movie, Henry Cavill is reprising his “Man of Steel” role. But who will play the Dark Knight?

The new Batman has yet to be cast. The film, which is still being written, is slated for a summer 2015 release, with production expected to begin next year.

Snyder is directing as well as co-writing the story with David S. Goyer, who co-wrote “The Dark Knight” trilogy with Jonathan and Christopher Nolan.

“Whilst our ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy is complete, we have every confidence that Zack’s fresh interpretation will take the character in a new and exciting direction,” Christopher Nolan said in a Warner Bros. news release. “His vision for Superman opened the door to a whole new universe, and we can’t wait to see what Zack does with these characters.”

FULL COVERAGE: “Man of Steel”

With Nolan’s Batman — Christian Bale — out of the running, who will move into the Batcave? Hero Complex offers up some suggestions.

Click through the gallery above for a peek at 16 possible Batman candidates, and vote for your favorite in the poll below.

Did we miss someone? Let us know in the comments.

— Noelene Clark and Gina McIntyre | @LATHeroComplex


In 1956, Infantino and  Kanigher was assigned to revive and update the Flash after a lull in the popularity of superheroes. "Showcase" No. 4, featuring the speedy hero, was a success and the Silver Age of comics began. (DC Entertainment)Flash may get his own show on CW

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273 Responses to ‘Superman/Batman’: Who should play Dark Knight in ‘Man of Steel’ sequel?

  1. Ash says:

    Of all the Star Trek alumni to choose from for this poll, you over looked the most obvious one: Karl urban would be impeccable as batman, from the gruff inflection, scowly lip, and hard jawline, he's superbly crafted for a shot at the caped crusader. Not to mention the fact that hes been in more action flicks than i can count on my fingers. Plus, he's used to acting with a mask on: he went through the entire Dredd movie without ever taking that helmet off!

    • noelenecy says:

      Oooh, good one! He would be fantastic. Thanks for commenting!

    • John W. says:

      Excellent pick, Ash!

    • Arising says:

      Karl Urban would be so perfect!
      He was pretty Batsy-badass on Dredd, don't you think?

      • Ash says:

        He really was an excellent Dredd. There's a grassroots internet campaign going around to do a sequel, because I guess video/digital sales are doing so well? crazy!

    • Maggie says:

      The guy is winning Jensen Ackles, he already did a Batman movie (anime) he did the voice in "Batman under the red hood" so I think he is a good candidate for Batman, and he had a lot of compliments for his job there, besides he was too in Smallville too

      • chels says:

        you forgot that he kicks ass in supernatural. he is perfect for this roll and has said himself that he would like to play either batman or superman someday

      • feravai says:

        He's also the star of Supernatural, a programme I love…so I'm a bit concerned he'd quit that to do the movie…(yes I'm selfish lol) But Karl Urban, hands down is my choice.

    • James says:

      Bale should come back for this one off movie.

      As for Justice League:

      Superman – Cavil obviously
      Karl Urban – Green Lantern
      Jessica Biel – Wonder Woman
      Flash – Ryan Reynolds (yep pull a Marvel and reboot him as Flash. He sucked at GL).
      Aquaman – Chris Pine (he literally looks like AM)
      Batman – no idea.

      • Ash says:

        Bale won't come back as batman. the entire premise of the last Dark Knight film was based around 'how old' he was getting. If they're sticking with the canon of Nolan's Batman, Levitt will be the next Batman. I don't think they will, though.

        My Justice League picks:

        Superman – Cavill can stay, I suppose.
        Batman – Karl Urban
        Wonder Woman – Eliza Dushku
        Flash – I think Ryan Reynolds would have been a top shelf Flash, but I don't think they'll do it. Let's go with the other Ryan, instead: Gosling.
        Green Lantern: The won't bring Ryan back. I would LOVE to see Idris Elba fill this role.
        Aquaman: Sam Claflin. I keep seeing shots of him around the internet as Finnick on the new Hunger Games film, and it's literally all I see when I think of him now.

      • diana prince says:

        Eliza Dushku is NO WAY…can't act her way out of a paperbag. An Unknown for that role is needed.

    • ghost says:

      Yes! Karl Urban is perfect! … I want this idea to go viral! The fans should have the biggest influence in this choice!

    • feravai says:

      Karl Urban would be brilliant, I would definitely pay money to see him don the bat suit. As much as I love Jensen, I'm too selfish, I'm concerned he might have to leave Supernatural to do Batman. My other choice was Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but still he's not quite the dark knight to me. __Definitely Karl Urban, I agree. I'm amazed no one posted him in this contest.

    • Gabe says:

      I agree… Carl Urban has the right mood set I think with a little sarcasm.

    • beersnob says:

      Yes Karl or Anson Mount would be the best choices

  2. @heathater says:

    Congratulations, this is the single worst collection of actors I've ever seen offered up to be the next Batman. Only Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have a shred of possibility and Gordon-Levitt ain't getting the part, because Warners isn't continuing The Dark Knight trilogy's continuity.

    • noelenecy says:

      Who do you think they should cast? We'd love to hear your suggestions!

      • John says:

        They are already considering Tyler Hoechlin which isn't a bad choice in my opinion, he looks the part. If we are aiming at a slightly older Bruce Wayne, I'd go with Richard Armitage.

      • Thea says:

        Oh I did not think of him as batman….but now that you mention it… <3

    • abcd says:

      When I saw Vin Diesel…I laughed myself out of the chair. A bald Batman! That would be fantastic…haha :-)

      "this is the single worst collection of actors "….couldn't agree with you more.

      Tyler Hoechlin is being considered for Batman role. I saw 'Teen Wolf' on TV and he is not bad in it. May be he needs to put on 25 lbs of more muscle but his facial outline reflects seriousness and he can look good as Bruce Wayne.

    • John W. says:

      The worst actors, drama queen? You're saying Gordon-Levitt and Gosling are in the category of "single worst collection of actors"? They may not be right for Batman, but they are undoubtedly excellent actors. The one thing that is certain, though, is you're a bonafide idiot.

      • eosfilms says:

        I think ( and agree) that he was stating that these actors are poor choices for the caped crusader. I am in no way being racist when I say that it should be a caucasian actor as opposed to a black or asian actor. Bruce Wayne comes from a family steeped in wealth and for the most part, dating back, these would be white americans. this rules Elba and Kim out. Simon pegg and nick frost as batman and robin? that's a joke right? Channing Tatum is an overrated stiff actor who should never ever be put in a list of potential batman actors (and will hopefully fade away now that his GI Joe career is over). Vin Diesel just doesn't look the part at all, and then Cooper, Quinto, Gosling, Lincoln, etc while all really good actors in their own rights, haven't got the look for the caped crusader. JGL is a big no no because that's an immediate tie into the Nolan universe and will just confuse everyone if they start referring to him as Bruce Wayne, or just annoy everyone if it's not a Bruce Wayne batman. Whishaw, Madden and Harrington are all too young and don't have the build for batman (nor do they look like they could fill out to that size properly). A better list would comprise of John Hamm (looks the part of bruce wayne in a suit and could definitely pull of batman), josh brolin (for the older battle hardened Batman if that's the route they are going) Karl Urban (of all the star trek actors not to pic, they forgot the man who was one of the only good parts of the Dredd movie. he has proven himself in a mask, and outside of one as well) Christian Bale (it's the ultimate long shot but imagine it. he gets announced as batman, the media frenzy would be insane, and the movie would surpass even the mighty james cameron's juggernauts. Avengers 2 would never stand a chance against the return of the dark knight). there are others suitable for the role as well, but that list is a fairly poor choice when you think of who is out there that would be perfect for the roll.

    • stacey says:

      You are insane! Jensen Ackles would be fantastic! Bradley Cooper would be great! Ryan Gosling is fabulous! Simon Peg….LMFAO! Vin Diesel…Dark Knight isn’t gay the last I knew.

    • Martina says:

      I think Jensen Ackles is a great actor that has been listed. I'm not sure if you've ever seen his acting, but even when he's improvising he can be 100% in character. His facial expressions are brilliant and he would be a great Batman.

    • Kendra says:

      Que te pasa no sabes que Jensen Ackles es uno de lo mejores actores por favor no hables si no sabes

    • bree says:

      its a poll dont like it well tough luck and i think that jensen ackles and some of the other actors would be good at playing batman

  3. Socially Honest says:

    Batman is white. The end.

    • Picks says:

      Exactly Right!

    • Michael ortiz says:

      michael bay is making a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and he cast a WHITE actor to play the Shredder, the shredder is suppose to be a Japanese samurai from Tokyo named Oroku Saki, ,,,,, So if they can get a white guy to play the shredder, then they can get an asian guy to play batman!!!!! stop being a HYPOCRITE!! its really unfair to the rest of us that arnt white

    • Evan Silver says:

      There is no real narrative reason why Batman needs to be white. Being white doesn't make Batman, seeing his parents get killed in the back alley of Gotham does.

    • Alica says:

      Batman is fictional. He can be any race. And since I highly doubt you're annoyed when characters who were of color in their comics and movies are cast as white, you're full of it.

      • Claus Talon says:

        That's correct. He is FICTIONAL. Just like GOLDI(REDI or Brunettee)LOCKS and the Three (NOT on not two not ten) bears! So KEEP story as it was originally written and STOP trying to drag EVERYTHING down the "Politically Correct" aisle. And to your second comment-NO he CAN NOT be of any race IF you 've researched the origins of the Wayne family.

  4. Michael Tellez says:

    You forgot Michael Fassbender

  5. @heathater says:

    Here's some better candidates: Armie Hammer (he was cast as Batman in the failed Justice League project), Jake Gyllenhaal (he was runner-up to Bale for the Nolan films), Lee Pace, and Wes Bentley.

  6. Batweb says:

    Come on! Surely benedict Cumberbatch should get this. He’s already proven he can helm a MAJOR TV series and hold his own in blockbuster feature films.

    I think he’d be the perfect choice. Watch him put everything into this role – get buff, get the voice down, nail Bruce Wayne. He’d be an awesome Batman.

    I can’t believe he’s not even on this list.

  7. Andy says:

    I could see Joe Manganiello or Ryan Gosling. Michael Fassbender or Hugh Jackman could be great but they already play superheroes in other franchises. Tyler Hoechin has been suggested (rumour is he's already getting a screen test) and he looks OK (from pictures, I've never seen 'Teen Wolf').

  8. edwardshiro says:

    None of them. The perfect person to play Batman is Edgar Ramirez.

  9. James Donahue says:

    Where is Matt Bomer on this poll?

    Matt Bomer would make an amazing Batman

  10. Christian Bale or bust. Seriously. Get him back. Don't confuse audiences. Connect TDKR events to MoS somehow. #BringBackBale

    • John W. says:

      The whole concept is ridiculous, even cartoony, so why would Bale lower himself to include himself in this joke? Besides, expand your imagination and understand that no single person is the only person who could do an excellent job in an iconic role. Nobody thought Sean Connery could be replaced in his Bond role, then came several awesome replacements including arguably the best Bond yet, Daniel Craig.

    • Boby-Wan says:

      I agree whole heartedly CHV and there are planty of good ways of bridging the series'.

    • Brad says:

      I respectfully disagree. I was never a Batman fan but really connected with Nolans version and this purely because of the cast. In particular Christian Bale. I love the idea of them making this movie but to me it will feel a little empty without Bale. Don't confuse the audience after rebooting a character with something completely different. I'm not saying others wouldn't do a great job in the role. Selfishly speaking I would love nothing more than to see the same people involved that helped draw a new audience like myself in.

    • Ralica Nacheva says:

      Totally agree, only Christian Bale is too good of an actor to rub shoulders with Cavill, so he'll say no

    • @eckeell says:

      yeah.. that's right.. Bale the best actor of Batman..!!

  11. emgee says:

    Was Ben Wishaw meant to be a joke? Why not just cast any random passerby then? Jesus.

  12. mwc says:

    I would love to see them do an older take on batman and cast Daniel Day Lewis he would make a perfect Bruce Wayne/Batman

  13. gberz says:

    Jon Hamm anyone for the part?

  14. IRONMAN68 says:

    None of this people should even be considered to play The Dark Knight. The absolute perfect choice would be Armie Hammer.

    • Boby_Wan says:

      If not Bale than the only other contender I'll say yes to is Hammer. He'd actually play off very well against Cavill IMO.

  15. Kap Hop says:

    Anson Mount

  16. spoynter says:

    Gabriel Macht from Suits would make a good Batman.

  17. philip holme says:

    i think christian bale is the only person who can play that fantastic role

    • nashty62 says:

      the perfect batman was the first…Michael Keaton…the right mix of edginess with humor…don't want no robot

    • Nightwing21 says:

      Yes I agree but Jensen ackles wouldn't be a bad batman because he's been in most batman comic cons and voices of batman movies

  18. Paul says:

    I think Matt Bomer is the one 100%.

    Like Keanu Reeves was for Matrix.

    Bomer can make a new era of batman ,a trilogy or 4,5,and 6 success batman for all the fans.

  19. Joe says:

    I remember Armor Hammer being cast at one time. I think he would be a good Batman

  20. Joe Kerr says:

    Armie Hammer should never play Batman. Every time I see that guy on screen I think Winklevoss.

    • Boby-Wan says:

      Exactly the reason why he should play it. Ivy league playboy, athletic, very intelligent with a grandiose physical presence.

      The only other actor beside Bale that can do it…IMO

      And he already sports a good mask in The Lone Ranger.

  21. smasters says:

    Jason Momoa, dude has got the jaw line, he is buffed which batman is and the dude knows martial arts just like batman. And i have to agree on that stupid list

  22. rhuerta says:

    None of these actors should play the role of Batman. I just cant picture it

  23. PeteK says:

    Jensen Ackles. I never thought about it before but this guy could pull it off and he's earned a big break like this.

    • texasnaomi says:

      I totally agree. He's already got the build and the deep voice. His performances on Supernatural should have earned him an Emmy-and he wants the role.

    • MikeD says:

      Ackles would be great for the part. He can convincingly kick ass and he's a classy guy. It would be wonderful if he could be given this kind of chance to shine.

    • Candie M says:

      Jensen Ackles would be good at just about anything! With the tough guy he plays on Supernatural, he would be a natural as Batman. I agree with texasnaomi that he has the voice and the build, but he also has the charm.

    • deanwantshispie says:

      i was going to thumbs up your comment but right now it has 69 likes and i cant

    • nashty62 says:

      should definitely give it to Jensen Ackles…he's amazing on Supernatural and should get more recognition for his outstanding acting…this would be excellent opportunity for him to show people what he can do….

    • Laurie says:

      Yeah!!!! 100% agree!!!

    • Liz says:

      Jensen would totally own that role. Problem is, he would steal the show from Henry Cavill! I would seriously love to see him on the big screen in something worthy. He is Hollywood's hidden diamond of talent as far as I'm concerned. Wake up, casting directors!

    • Liz says:

      And looking at the voting results, a lot of people want Jensen in that role! :)

    • yaah Jensen Ackles is a great actor and he deserve this role.

    • @nmravlja says:

      Not to mention he looks AMAZING in a suit. But, yeah, what everyone else said :)

    • Candace Taylor says:

      I totally agree that Jensen Ackles should play Batman, he is perfect for the role!

    • deanism says:

      but .. but i love to see him in this role but we dont even know if he wants it or not…

  24. crixacus says:

    Liam McIntyre, aka Spartacus from the amazing Starz series. He did damn well during season 2, but really came into his own in season 3 – and if you are not moved by his performances in the last three episodes specifically, you're wrong. His 'Spartacus dying' scene in particular is by far some of the best television in the last decade. #LiamForBatman, the #BringerOfWayne!!

    • Ryan says:

      While I liked Liam McIntyre as Spartacus I seriously don't think he would pull off the dark knight, why not bring back George clooney while we are at it. Lol

  25. Skye says:

    Jake Gylly. End of story.

  26. Fates3 says:

    Jensen Ackles. All the way. He's already been playing a Batman/Bruce Wayne like character, and he voiced a Batman character in "Under The Red Hood." He'd be PERFECT!

  27. CJames says:

    Ackles or Levitt from this list.

  28. B.V. Wolfentron says:

    karl urban???

  29. ricardo says:

    this has to be the dumbest/most unrealistic list for the new batman . seriously im glad you guys are not in the casting process. u suck

  30. DamnTrolls says:

    Worst list of candidates I have EVER seen. I'm convinced it was created just to bait nerds into angry conversation. Simon Pegg? Idris Elba? Daniel Day Kim? People, let's not reward them for it.

  31. PoojaEsabella says:

    As Christian Bale is not in the list,according to me,Jensen Ackles is the one to b the next batman.Jensen’s a natural actor.His acting skill,whether it’s action,daring,don’t care type,emotional or comedy,he’s perfect.Even his voice is perfect for this role.We already have seen him in SPN & we knw he’s capable of to give justice to this great character.He may give the character ‘Batman’ a new identity & I’m sure everybody would love that.That’s why,I’ll go for Jensen :)

  32. PSS says:

    You forgot Jim Caviezel! He would be a great batman. Needless to say his badassness is the perfect for this role. Otherwise from this thread, Ackles or Levitt.

  33. Mags says:

    Jensen Ackles would be perfect. He's got the physicality, range and depth. He was great as the voice of Red Hood and would give the characters of Batman and Bruce Wayne the appropriate gravitas too. Plus, in a live action movie, Jensen will be able to utilize one of acting strengths – his facial expressions. He can say so much without any dialogue.

  34. Joe says:

    Tom Welling would be an inspired choice. I wish people would stop mentioning Joseph Gordon Levit. No amount of exercise will ever make him big enough.

  35. Faye says:

    "-I'm Batman!"
    "- Yeh, you're Batman."
    No need to say more honestly. :D

  36. chriscross says:

    JENSEN ACKLES! He's way too talented for Batman… but cast him anyway!

  37. Vic says:

    If they're looking for an older, grizzled Batman to school a younger Superman…then I nominate Josh Brolin.

  38. Maru says:

    Where is Richard Armitage in this poll???

  39. pisher says:

    Nice try, Supernatural fans–I see you got organized, and all voted as many times as you could until your fingers stopped working.

    Jensen Ackles will never be Batman.


    • Defending Mr. Ackles says:

      I am so very sorry for your disabilities… how I wish I could help heal you! Is there anything.. anything at all I can do?? You obviously are both blind and deaf.. that must be very hard to live with… from all of us here with Supernatural, we would like to say, from the bottom of our hearts… we're sorry. Hopefully you will one day grow and understand what true Oscar material Mr. Jensen Ackles is, always has been, and always will be.

    • Jess says:

      lol Come on! If Bale doesn't get the part, Ackles would be perfect for it.

    • Priya says:

      So what if we fans are rooting for him – we are his fans because he is a great actor. He would be perfect batman and my daughter would have her dreams come true about Jenson in a movie..

  40. jussiecup says:

    Quinto. Yes please.

  41. PoojaEsabella says:

    As Christian Bale is not in the list,according to me,Jensen Ackles is the one to b the nxt Batman.He’s a natural actor.His acting skill,whethr it’s about action,daring,don’t care type,emotional or comedy,he’s perfct.Evn his voice is perfct for this role.We already have seen him in SPN & we knw he’s capable of to do justice with this character.He may giv Batman a new identity & I’m sure evrybdy would love dt.So I’ll go for Jensen :)

  42. Cindy says:

    Anson Mount

  43. Tyler says:

    Jensen Ackles would make an amazing Batman. He's basically been auditioning for the role for years as Dean Winchester on Supernatural. Plus he was in the short-lived television series Dark Angel and also made a year long appearance on Smallville. Not to mention he voiced Jason Todd in the anime movie Under the Red Hood, in which he did a spectacular job. He's also done voice acting for video games such as Tron: Evolution, Tron: Evolution Battle Grids and The 3rd Birthday. He's more than qualified to take on the role of Batman.

  44. Pepe says:

    Whoever they cast has to look the part, have the acting chops but mist of all has to be convincing in the role, has to lose themselves in it the way Ledger played Joker. Batman is just this side of sane himself, that has to come across in the portrayal of the character. Batmans’ threat to Superman has to be believable or people won’t buy it.

    I like Jensen Ackles from this list, and Anson Mount from others, but Jon Hamm is the right pick, that dude can pull off suave, handsome, and crazy.

  45. Alison Phillips says:

    Jensen would make a perfect batman no better

    Man to play the part it meant to be thanks Alison

  46. constantine says:

    karl urban might be better as batman but he might suck as a playboy billionaire. nevertheless i vote for him. next is vin diesel.

  47. Elena says:

    Jensen Ackles best choice!

  48. @nesielena says:

    Jensen Ackles should play the role of Batman!

  49. stacey says:

    What about Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammel, Alexander Skarsgaard, Jared Padelecki, Joe Manganiello, Todd Lowe, etc…..


  50. cyndy says:

    Jensen Ackles has the ability to be very brooding and dark. He is already athletic and built with the right amount of muscle. He has a quirky funny side and could EASILY pull off batman. He has the right kind of face as well. As I personally always thought Micheal Keaton was a WONDERFUL batman.

    • nashty62 says:

      I couldn't have said it better Cyndy! …Michael Keaton was the perfect Batman, the others that came after him just couldn't cut it (especially Val Kilmer). As odd as it sounds (and i can already hear the comments of 'stupid female'), but his mouth looked perfect under the mask…just the right amount of smirk with the attitude and humor to go with it. Jensen would be able to pull off it off perfectly.

  51. stacey says:

    Allen Hyde would also be great! We’d just have to make him a little taller! Also, Rob Kazinski!

  52. stacey says:

    My 3 top votes are Jensen Ackles, Joe Manganiello, and Alexander Skarsgaard!!! Maybe even Steven Moyer!!!!

  53. stacey says:

    Totally forgot about Josh Duhamel!!!!!

  54. Nar says:

    Only Jensen Ackles. This is indisputable truth…

  55. stacey says:

    James Scott, James Franco, Galen Gering.

  56. bdc21603 says:

    Tom Hardy, He did an awesome job as Bane give him a shot as Batman

  57. TomFox says:

    Daniel Dae Kim is the best actor on the list.

  58. maria says:

    Jensen Ackles!! He's very talented and he wants it very much!! :D

  59. maria says:

    Jensen Ackles!! He's gonna be a great Batman!!

  60. Flávia Danielli says:

    Yes Jensen Batman

  61. Jasmine says:

    Jensen Ackles of course

  62. Lindy says:

    Jensen Ackles would be awesome…. and Ironic considering how Dean always says "I'm Batman!" But really, he's got the looks and the voice for it. He deserves it!

  63. Lexie ackles says:

    jensen ackles in the best choice for batman he's got the whole package <3 #JensenForBatman

  64. Cas says:

    My baby Jensen is gonna win >w>

    Supernatural fandom is gonna make this happen for you Jensen, don’t you worry

  65. Kendra says:

    Though I really dont like DC characters at all and find superman and batman incredibly cheesy, if Jensen Ackles were to star as one of them, there would be an acception! <3

  66. BoomTube77 says:

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka Jaime Lannister-Game Of Thrones) or Micheal Fassbender. But, Fassbender is a little short though. They both have the acting chops. I'm leaning toward Nikolaj though. We have already seen that he can be smooth as Bruce Wayne and as physical as Batman.

  67. Jensen should get the role i had a huge long reason why but stupid website deleted it all cause had to sign in to twitter.

  68. tracy spillman says:


  69. Alex says:

    Jensen Ackles is the right height (6'1"-6'2"), he's pretty built already just needs to bulk up a bit more, and he already has the voice down and it doesn't sound ridiculous! He's displayed time and again that he can play both the playboy and the brooding hero AND he's done Batman work before, so why is he not the definite choice?

  70. George MacEwan says:

    I don't care !!! I want this to be about SUPERMAN, you know …. the MAN OF STEEL… ? !!!!!!

  71. Kev says:

    This is the single worst list I have ever seen. Don't bring Bale back, appreciate the trilogy for what it was, but THAT Batman could never exist in the MOS universe. Don't do Armie Hammer, the guy should never play Batman. His recent interview on why he doesn't want to play a superhero seels it. He basically says that superheroes have no vulnerabilities so whats the point of playing them? Batman needs to be big, the pinnacle of human perfection. So you go with someone like Jason Momoa. Or pick someone that Henry could be comfortable with, or has acted with before, and you go with Luke Evans.

  72. Chael Sonnen. When you're the greatest superhero on the planet they've got a name for you. They don't call you The Man of Steel, they call you Chael Sonnen. Beat him, if you can.

  73. John says:

    The worst list of actors ever.

    Either the alpha male wolf from Teen Wolf plays him or the runner-up for Man of Steel plays him.

    Otherwise, the movie will fail.

  74. Michael Chatterton says:

    I hope they make a strong fit batman and not a short man that plays a batman / James Bond gadget man ,batman was tough and strong I hope the next one will be as the artist pictured him in the comics to be for 60+ years!

  75. sean says:

    Get a ripped kind of buff not to buff actor that’s fast and knows real martial arts and does gymnastics so he can do lots of flips and kicks like batman would….

  76. Kiersten says:

    Jensen Ackles is perfect for batman!!!!! <3

  77. John Roxey says:

    My top two picks for Batman are Jim Caviezel and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Either one would make a fantastic Batman!! Both seem like they would have a good dynamic with Cavill too.

  78. Sabrina says:

    Jensen Ackles has even said that he is Batman in Supernatural! Plus he's winning! Clearly… Jensen needs to win!

  79. Thea says:

    I would love to see Karl Urban as batman. If not him then Jensen Ackles.

  80. Mark says:

    Henry Cavill!

    Seriously though, I like the Cumberbatch suggestion. His voice is already Batman-worthy. Bale had to drop about four octaves to hit it. Plus, Cumberbatch is a smooth dude. Do it!

    This list sucks. An Asian or black Batman? No. I am all for equal opportunity, but don't change an iconic character's ethnicity.

  81. Blah says:

    …..really? Why isn’t Karl Urban on the list? And anybody on this list would have to Joseph Gordon Levit , but seriously..

  82. Aysia says:

    Jensen Ackles is an amazing actor, and I think he'd make a great batman.

  83. Jerry says:

    Jensen !!! He’s Batman…..

  84. Jenny Sharp says:

    Jensen Ackles of course!!!!!!

  85. Bruce Wayne says:

    I’m not being racist here but why are Idris Elba and Daniel Dae Kim on this list??? You can’t drastically change an iconic superhero’s appearance just like that. I’ve always coincidentally dreamed of seeing Jensen Ackles succeed Chris Bale as the Dark Knight, and to see that happen would be AMAZING. I hope WB feels the same way

  86. Rachel says:

    Definitely Jensen Ackles. From what I hear, he's already expressed interest in the role, and he's got the perfect voice. He's also..umm how do i put this…COMPLETELY RIPPED and is a simply amazing actor. I think he can really pull off the tragic backstory like he does in Supernatural. And above all that, he really deserves a huge break like this as people said in other comments. I honestly think he should get the part and if he doesn't, they better have a pretty darn good reason for casting a different actor

  87. Bruce Wayne says:

    May I add that I would love to see Johnny Depp cameo as the Joker, perhaps in a post-credits scene to set up for a Batman reboot.

  88. Jenny says:

    Jensen……he will definitely make awwwwsome batman

  89. Dick Grayson says:

    Idris Elba, Daniel Dae Kim, Vin Diesel… serously? Did you forget to add Neil Patrick Harris and Angelina Jolie to the list? Maybe Rosie O’Donell should be considered for the role too. She has a deep voice. I vote for Jensen Ackles.

  90. Nevey Berry says:

    Jensen Ackles would be perfect batman.

  91. Carrie says:

    Jensen Ackles would be perfect!!!!!

  92. @vickky1319 says:

    Jensen Ackles would do n awesome job at this role. Have you seen him in Supernatural on the CW, Or the reruns that come on TNT? He's amazing at transitioning for any role. He's got my vote 100%

  93. shawn says:

    I'm Asian
    but really? I'll agree with mark to not change the iconic batman to either Asian or black keep the pace intact
    and honestly I was expecting for the movie
    but this roster of actors ain't a percent worthy to be batman and really Vin diesel? come on give us a break, he's a great actor but never to become the next batman
    and if I may, I really thought that CHRISTIAN BALE would still be batman but knowing that he is not, is kinda of a bummer
    still I'll be expecting the movie, only difference is that I already know that this will SUCK >:(

  94. Ryan says:

    I would love to see Christian bale reprise his role as the dark knight . He is perfect as the caped crusader so why mess with a formula that obviously delivers. BALE OR BUST!!!

  95. Brianna says:

    Definitely Jensen! He's the only one in this list, personally, that I can see as Batman/Bruce Wayne. He's got the physique, and the voice, and I think he would bring a lot of depth to the character. Plus, you know, he's got the perfect voice for it.

  96. Rahaf says:

    I defentily think that Jensen should get the roll he is a fascinating actor, i'v been supernatural for years now and i know Jensen acting skills and his ability to speak volumes with the expretion on his face and he would be perfect for the Batman

  97. Kevin says:

    What about Scott Adkins? He'd be perfect.

  98. Memorie says:

    Jensen Ackles for sure. He has proved he has the talent from Dark Angel and Supernatural. He has the voice and broodiness down, only needs a little bulking up. Will only work if SPN fans are willing to wait a little bit though :)

  99. Roxy says:

    You missed Tyler Hoechlin!

  100. anon says:

    jon. hamm.

  101. MaryCruz says:

    JENSEN ACKLES! <3 I want Jensen to win because he's extremely sexy. And very talented. He WILL win!

  102. Trina says:

    Anyone saying Jensen Ackles wouldnt be perfect for the role obviously have never seen him in anything! He is such an excellent actor! The emotions that man can bring out are just brilliant! He becomes the character and im sure with Batman he would do an amazing job.He has a huge fan following so the movie would be a big hit! I would love to see him in it!

  103. Jenna says:

    Omg. Who wrote Matt Bomer?! Do you know how confusing that would be beside Henry Cavill, since they look like they could be family!!

  104. Mirtha says:

    Jensen Ackles he is amazing, and would be a big break fro him!!!!

  105. Marina says:

    Jensen Ackles. He IS Batman.

  106. tracey anfinson says:

    I think Eric Johnson from Rookie Blue would bre good choice ;)

  107. kady says:

    Jensen Ackles, hands down. Anyone else and it'd be a waste of time, money and film.

  108. Danielle says:

    I think Tom Hardy would be a good Batman. that’s my opinion.

  109. Rayna says:

    Benedict Cumberbatch has an incredible emotional and physical range in regards to his acting.

  110. isabella says:

    Jensen Ackles says it all

  111. john says:


  112. Amanda says:

    JENSEN ACKLES! THIS MAN IS OSCR MATERIAL. He would be the best batman this world has ever seen. Period. No question.

  113. Elena says:

    I think Benedict Cumberbatch would be a good Joker, not Batman! Jensen Ackles he is amazing Batman

  114. maria says:

    Jensen Ackles all the way!! He's awesome for this role!!

  115. @shackalien says:

    Jensen Ackles,my friends!!!

  116. Blockworld says:

    Russ Russo.

    Indie actor who looks like Christian Bale.

    Played Batman in a YouTube video that got 1.5 million hits.

    Very intense and very good.

    Look him up on imdb or go to russrusso.com

  117. BrM says:

    Patrick Wilson. Was good as Nite Owl in Watchmen… he fits it

  118. al morgan says:

    how about liev schreiber has the size and the personality

  119. raana says:

    jensen ackels pleaaaas he is the right choice for sure! he can do this!

  120. RRR says:

    Michael Fassbender.

  121. Liz says:

    As far as I'm concerned, Jensen Ackles is the ONLY contender on this list. So many of the choices border on the wimpy! I almost started thinking it was a joke–I mean, Simon Pegg? I love the guy, but come on!

  122. deansfangirl says:

    jensen ackles would blow this competition away… but I much prefer him right where he is. Making this movie would surely require him leaving his tv show, which would be tragic. Plus, I doubt he’d want the mega-celebrity that would come with the role.

  123. Devyn says:

    Jensen even looks like Bruce Wayne, and he can keep his beard because it goes with Batman. Besides Jensen loves that beard lmao! He would play a perfect Batman. From being the Red Hood, being a coach in Smallville, and being a demon hunter who quotes Batman all the time, I think he would do an amazing job, as always. He said it himself "It would be a dream job"!

  124. allan says:

    its cool to see jensen as the new batman … if he's batman we will see a new version of batman using a silver knife and a caliber 45 pistol and driving his cool car

  125. diana prince says:

    What about Josh Brolin? When the next movie takes place, in the comics, Batman is a bit older and should have a bit more gravitas about him. Not a twin of Superman.
    So my Batman pics:
    -Josh Brolin
    -Joe Manganiello
    -Michael Fassbender
    -Jon Hamm
    -Mark Strong
    -Joel Edgerton (in movie "Warrior" with Tom Hardy)
    -Tom Hardy (why not? you never saw his face!)
    -Chris Pratt (Parks&Rec and zero dark 30 — funny guy – remember Michael Keaton?)
    -Phillip Winchester ("Strike Back" showtime)
    -Sullivan Stapleton ("Strike Back" showtime) watch one episode and you'll see why.

  126. diana prince says:

    No Way to Ryan Gosling. …..he's also loosing in the poll. He's so wrong. I could see Jensen Ackles. I think it should be less of a "star" , like Cavill was.

  127. Batbat29640 says:

    Wow. This list is atrocious. The only two possible, workable candidates here are Andrew Lincoln and Jensen Ackles. Please do not EVER try to cast Batman again. EVER!

  128. Since The Auidence Is used to christian bale playing the role of batman ,it'll be best to continue casting him only. However another suitable replica could be tom cruise as he and bale have some uncanny resemblance .

  129. Nomi says:

    Jensen Ackles all the way :) He's just perfect for Batman, infact he is!

  130. No-one says:

    Yes go Jensen!!!!!!! I really hope he does he does a great job in the show Supernatural and I would kill to see this movie! :)

  131. Jelena says:

    Jensen Ackles – Perfect Choice …

  132. cassandra says:

    looking at this list the only one who suits the part is jensen ackles, he could pull a bruce wayne, both the womanizer & his troubled psyche, based on what he did with dean (+ he looks hot in tux) & at the same time being a badass batman both inventive & kicking ass (again just like dean) but unfortunately given his contract with the show doubt they will let him do it if he was offered the part, even if the ptb keep ignoring his character in last seasons giving him nothing to do story wise which is unacceptable & totally disrespectful towards him as an actor

  133. amy says:

    well jensen ackles is the best!!

  134. mellissa says:

    If Jensen isn’t going to play Christian Gray in the fifty shades movies, which he should have been offered, then batman is the next best thing for this guy.not only is he gorgeous, but he’s funny, able to pull off cynicism without sounding like a douche and he has proven that he can do action in supernatural.i love this guy and he deserves to be in the big screen in a big role!

  135. Anna says:

    Jensen Ackles rules !!!!!!

  136. ashley hale says:

    Jensen Ackles

  137. Shara says:

    The list of who should play Batman is just…just no. Ryan Gosling just doesn't have that whole thing about him that makes me think of him as being Batman. And, plus, I think Batman should be a little more in the seasoned area – you know, where someone has ACTUALLY played a superhero or someone in a close-to-hero film and they've got not only the Batman part down, but also can play as Bruce Wayne as well. People should give a look at Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter on Suits). He's a pretty great actor, and he has played a superhero before in the cult favorite 'The Spirit', while it didn't get that much box-office based on the fact that only a few have read the comic and knew of the series, it had an all-star cast and he sure knew how to portray a Batman-like hero. As Harvey Specter, he portrays something of a Bruce Wayne persona, a well-payed managing partner in a firm who aspires to be the best at his job, as well as being cocky and well with the ladies. This guy would be PERFECT for the role, so people should give him a lookout as well!

  138. hanknada says:

    they should at least consider unknowns.

    if they want a copy of Bale who will cost them less money, they can go with Russ Russo, an indie actor who played Batman in a YouTube video that went viral and got 1.7 million hits.

    look him up on imdb or russrusso.com.

  139. GodsAdvised says:

    Karl Urban. The End.

  140. Neo says:

    Richard Armitage.

  141. Asha says:

    I think for people who don't know Jensen Ackles will judge him on that picture and say they can't see him as Batman, however personally I think he would be a brilliant Batman because he has this really dark side to him, he is very well built and trained in fighting (especially with all the stunts in Supernatural) and he has that sexy, mysteriousness that Batman needs. I will be sad to see Christian Bale go, but Jensen would make a great one too.

  142. Rebecca says:

    Anson Mount !!!! That's all… the end!!!!!!!!

  143. BTigz says:

    This is the worst list of potential batman i've ever seen!!

  144. @LewisNight says:

    Josh Hartnett ,I believe, would be a great choice. Whoever they choose to play Batman, I just hope he'll give the character the respect he deserves.

  145. Jensen Ackles is the best to play this part. He has a perfect acting as Dean Winchester and he's barely recognized, what is a shame. If he gets to play batman I'm sure it will be excelent not only for his career but to batman series too, as he'll bring a bunch of fans with him.

  146. caryl thurber says:

    jensen ackles it is definitely his time. Hollywood needs to get with it and pay attention to fans!

  147. ForeverSpn says:

    Make it Jensen! Make it Jensen! Oh plz choose Jensen! I think Jensen would be a great Batman! He didn’t get a chance in Captain America, its only fair he gets a chance now!!

  148. parisa says:

    Jensen Ackles , he deserves it , just give him a chance and you'll see how wonderful he is

  149. Amber Mac says:

    Jensen Ackles is an amazing actor. Everything he does comes so naturally. He is extremely versatile and convincing. He has the looks, the voice and the attitude to be Batman. He’s been acting since he was young, its just that they were on a lot of shows guys dont really watch. My husband is an intelligent person and a huge movie buff and thinks Ackles has amazing talent. Give him a chance, Hollywood. He deserves it and will not disappoint you!

  150. Ashley says:

    My first pick is Jensen Ackles….but…. Oliver Jackson Cohen????? He's got that Bruce Wayne look

  151. Rob says:

    Scott Adkins, hands down, Got the look, Definitely the Martial Arts Skill( disciplined in Several styles just like Batman ), is somewhat an Unknown like Cavill was, and would match up Real Well to Henry Cavill's Superman. If Cavill can be given a Huge chance so can Adkins. Seeing Adkins as the Bat laying Supes out with some Kryptonite laced gloves would be ABSOLUTELY EPIC

  152. Nikki says:

    Where The Hell Is Shane West @ On This List?

  153. fatma says:

    jensen ackles i love you

  154. Michelle Ess says:

    Matt Bomer, Jensen Ackles, or Karl Urban would be so perfect for the role.

  155. Nik B says:

    Paul Walker would be epic in this role. There is no question about it, he should have it.

  156. Karin says:

    I'd actually watch it if Jensen Ackles was cast

  157. Karin says:

    Never cared for Michael Keaton but I can definitely see Jensen in the role. He would be perfect.

  158. Jensen Ackles all the way ,,

  159. Calixto says:

    Jensen ackles would be perfect to play batman!! I would definitely watch it if he was in it hands down hes gotta play batman hes amazing at everything he does and hes clearly what the people want you wouldnt want to disappoint would you. Hes an amazing actor you wouldn’t regret it.

  160. Amy says:

    Jensen Ackles is the best person to play Batman, Perfect even… #JensenForBatman

  161. castiel says:

    I have not forgiven JGL for Looper…

  162. Jackson Kelley says:

    Eddie Cahill, aka Det. Don Flack on CSI: NY!

  163. Priya says:

    Jenson Ackles would be great

  164. Trisha says:

    As much as I like Jensen Ackles it would have to be Karl Urban for me. He has the looks, the film experience and the physicality. I don’t think the studio would take the risk of putting another movie unknown alongside HC.

  165. @AAWAH3 says:

    He definitely has the voice, and he's an awesome actor. He is so Dean Winchester to me though, always. He could finally prove Sam wrong, He's Amazing. He's Batman!

  166. Val says:

    I’d like for them to go out of left field and ask Paul Rudd to be batman. Haha I mean Michael Keaton was a great batman an an okay Bruce Wayne.

    Justice league :

    Superman – Henry C

    Flash – Neil Patrick Harris

    Aquaman – Ryan gosling

    GL- idris or however u spell his name.

    Wonder Woman – Olivia Wilde.

    Batman – Paul Rudd!!! Haha just give it a thought before you dismiss it.

  167. Matt says:

    Sharlto Copley. The guy has talent in bounds, can play any character well and is an all around badass.

  168. Gemma says:

    I really do think Jensen Ackles for Batman!

    If you look past the Bow-legs he is perfect for the role, and considering that he voiced Batman in Under The Red hood It would be rather fitting. He is an amazing actor and he has the most perfect voice for Batman!

    He kicks ass in Supernatural and Is unbelievably perfect for the role and it would be rather stupid not to cast him!

  169. Cecilia says:

    I would love to see Jensen Ackles as batman. He is a talented actor, and from what I’ve seen on Supernatural he can totally pull off the brooding hero, and the hamsome play boy, and he has a very expressive face that can go a long way when playing the caped crusader. I loved Christian Bale as the Batman, but I feel that Ackels can make a spectacular job in this role also.

  170. Eric says:


  171. Tiffany Wall says:

    Well for one all those actors are great and batman can be black or white or bald who cares stop hating on what people look like. I rest my case still I voted for Jensen Ackles I think he should win

    • Claus Talon says:

      No, he CAN'T be black or bald because BruceBat is NOT EITHER. Hercules was a GREEK Demi-god. Isis was and EGYPTIAN Goddess. Bob Kane's original concept of Wayne was inspired by a young Robert Wagner. So cast to type and leave it alone!

  172. Hunain Ahmad says:

    I would love to see Jensen Ackles he is a superb and lovely actor I always wanted to see him in movies after all he is Dean Winchester

  173. feravai says:

    How about Karl Urban. I mean honestly, that list…except for Jensen Ackles, what are you people smokin'? Those are horrible choices for Batman._

  174. joslocombe87 says:

    Joseph Gordon Levitt for the first act, Jim Cavaziel acts two and three. Joker kills (being employed by Lex) Levitt Batman in the first act "you're not my batman". Thus bringing Nolan continuity Batman out of retirement. Jim Cavaziel has got the action chops from Person of interest. His character basically acts like Batman without the costume and he has the Bruce Wayne look.
    Even allows for Robin. Dick Grayson recently orphaned now turns up at the joker destroyed Wayne Manor MK2 to find Bruce. Bruce adopts him as his ward feeling responsible. Young Grayson takes the name Robin in honour of John Robin Blake. Batfans, tell me that doesn't sound good? Happy to write the script and junk, y'know if I have to. If any of this turns up in the film just remember who they stole the ideas off.

  175. ForeverSpn says:

    Jensen Jensen Jensen!!!
    I mean, Ackles, JENSEN ACKLES!

  176. Typ33 says:

    I loved Christopher Bale as Batman in the Nolan series, would rather see Bale then Ben.

  177. ryan says:

    Richard Madden nuff said. He looks like bruce wayne. And is a great actor

  178. Lincoln says:

    Please God! NOT Vin Diesel!!!

  179. Jlefrancois says:

    somebody tell me why Jensen ackles got the most votes for Batman/Bruce Wayne?…. Really? I don't think so at ALL!!! Bradley Cooper on the other hand could be as Tony the tiger says GGRREAT!!

  180. aaa says:

    Supernatural fans don't lose online polls

  181. wnglast says:

    Get christian bale back. He is the ultimate barman.

  182. Vue says:

    Daniel Dae Kim as batman? Interesting. I would love to see an Asian Batman, or should I say………………………………………..Bruce Wang :D

  183. Nightwing21 says:

    Ether have Christian Bale be bats or Jensen Ackles

  184. Clint says:

    Ben affleck is not only wrong but is looking a little old to star along side Henry cavill. Jensen ackles really would be great as batman. I also think that Hayden Christensen has more potential in a role like batman than many May realise.

  185. Christina says:

    I think there's one question that really hasn't been explored as a qualifier for playing Batman. If this person was mad at you, would you be scared sh!tless? Bale, quite frankly yes, he exudes intensity even at baseline zero. I agree with a lot of the importance on looks but it's about what feelings those looks evoke. Mr. Afleck exudes none of the qualities I associate with Batman, no matter how stubbly he is or how rich the suit gets. A lot of these people are just too beautiful and they wouldn't be able to be scary without effort. If an actor can be terrifying, alluring, mysterious, cold, and still seductive while being completely silent and still, we would have a winner for Batman.

  186. Kaylee says:

    Jensen Ackles, in my opinion would be the best Batman. Have you seen him play Dean Winchester in Supernatural?! Jensen's character is almost exactly like Bruce Wayne/Batman! Jensen's character Dean is a lady's man, he fights evil, saves people lives, doesn't really ask anything in return, has a rough life, feels guilty a lot, and he's willing to die protecting innocent people! There are a few things that aren't similar like Bruce is rich, no one really knows his identity, and a couple of other things. I've seen a lot of Jensen's acting and I think he is perfect for the part. He knows about Batman's character to because he's a fan! Jensen is perfect for this!

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