Teresa Palmer on ‘I Am Number Four’ sequel and ‘Warm Bodies’ zombie love

May 24, 2011 | 1:23 p.m.
palmer1 Teresa Palmer on I Am Number Four sequel and Warm Bodies zombie love

Teresa Palmer is Number Six in "I Am Number Four" (John Bramley / DreamWorks)

Teresa Palmer may have gotten her face on the DVD box cover for “I Am Number Four,” but the Australian actress has surprisingly little screen time in this sci-fi release from February that hits home video Tuesday. She talked recently about writer James Frey, her lack of knowledge about Mogadorians and her hopes for a sequel. Apparently, her character — Number Six — will be around a whole lot more in the sequel, as you might have expected from the ending of the first film.

hcffteaser1 Teresa Palmer on I Am Number Four sequel and Warm Bodies zombie lovePKD: Does “I Am Number Four” have a fan base? Have you heard from them?

TP: Oh yeah! I mean the whole reason I started on Twitter [was that] I was meeting so many people who were fans of the movie and the books and they wanted to ask questions. Then someone suggested I get on Twitter. So what I’ve been doing is that every now and then I’ll do a Q&A on Twitter. But the majority of the questions are about the film and Number Six and the sequels. People have really embraced the movie, which is exciting.

PKD: Do you get lots of questions about the mythology behind “I Am Number Four”?

TP: About the Mogadorians? Yes, I get those kind of questions on Twitter, which are really scary. They’re these people who have read the book five or six times, and they’re so in the know. They know more about it than I do, and they ask very, very specific questions. You don’t want to give them the wrong answers, so it can be daunting as well. It’s really nice to have that interaction with the fans and hear how passionate how they are.

PKD: So no one ever sat you down and gave you a primer on the Mogadorians?

TP: No, we were never really given a huge lecture on where we come from or what the planet’s about. We were just given a book and told “Read this. You guys can figure it out.” I didn’t want to be swayed by the book in any way, since I knew there some difference between the book and the script. So I decided to not read the book until after I’d finished shooting the movie. So it’s only been recently that I learned more about Number Six after I’d already completed doing the movie.

PKD: You signed on for three of these movies?

TP: I think that’s standard procedure in Hollywood. You sign on for three in case the first one makes money. For us, I think the film was relatively successful, and people seem to like it. The fans on Twitter have been asking for a sequel, and I don’t know if there is a sequel planned. But if there is, I’d certainly love to play this character again. There’s so much more I’d love to explore with her. She’s very enigmatic and mysterious in this film. You don’t really know if she’s one of the good guys or the bad guys. It would almost be a tragedy to leave it unfinished. So I hope they get it together and make a sequel.

PKD: Can’t you call Michael Bay and ask him about the sequel?

TP: Yeah, I’ve got Michael Bay on the speed dial. [Laughs] No, I don’t. I don’t know how much input Michael will have in whether or not this goes to a sequel. It just depends on if it makes money on DVD sales and the accumulation of people’s interest. If there’s enough, then I’m sure there will be a sequel. But either way, I had such an amazing time making this movie. And if it’s just the one, I’m so blessed to be a part of it.

james frey1 Teresa Palmer on I Am Number Four sequel and Warm Bodies zombie love

James Frey co-wrote the book "I Am Number Four" under a pseudonym. (Vroman's Bookstore)

PKD: There were a lot of bigwigs behind this movie: Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, James Frey. Were they all hanging around during the making of the movie?

TP: I met Spielberg for the first time at the premiere. He was calling me Number Six. He was very sweet and very humble and down to earth. Unaffected by his great level of fame and success. Michael Bay I’ve known for a couple of years now. He was shooting his own movie while we were shooting “Number Four.” He was making the latest “Transformers,” so he wasn’t around. But James came to set. And he hung out and he pitched us the idea for the second book and definitely had a say in the film. He’s obviously seriously talented.

PKD: Did you talk to him about the “Million Little Pieces” controversy? Was he open about it?

TP: Yeah, he was open about it. He certainly didn’t try to brush it under the carpet. He’s a really good guy and did an amazing job on the film. It was a pleasure to work with him.

PKD: Do you still live in Australia and commute to Hollywood?

TP: No, I’m based in Los Angeles now. I try to get back to Australia as much as possible. It’s not really a commute that makes sense for me.

PKD: Did you try to make it work for a while?

TP: Yeah, 2006, 2007 I tried to live there and fly back and forth for auditions. It didn’t make sense financially and also logistically it’s so far away. I made that transition, which was scary at first. But now I’ve embraced it. And it’s my second home and there’s such beauty to this place. I love living in California.

PKD: Tell me about the zombie movie “Warm Bodies”? Are you going to be in that?

TP: I am! Well, it’s in negotiations at the moment. I am so excited about that. I love Nicholas Hoult. I think he’s a super talent. “The Wackness” is one of my favorite movies. And Jonathan Levine is directing. If all goes to plan, I’ll be shooting that in the fall.

PKD: Is it a disgusting zombie movie or a sweet zombie movie?

TP: It’s a sweet zombie movie. There’s a lot of heart in the story. It’s not your typical zombie film, even though it’s set in that post-apocalyptic era. It’s a real love story. It’s a drama. The heart of the story is this strange love story between these two people: one’s a human and one’s a zombie battling with his nature. I really liked the script. It was different from things I’d read before. Now that I’ve had a bit of downtime, I’m antsy to get back to work.

— Patrick Kevin Day


number 4 17 Teresa Palmer on I Am Number Four sequel and Warm Bodies zombie love

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121 Responses to Teresa Palmer on ‘I Am Number Four’ sequel and ‘Warm Bodies’ zombie love

  1. Odessa Black says:

    I am a huge fan of this movie. We need a sequel. It was better than any series of books brought to movie I've ever seen. I saw this movie four times in theater and will be buying the blu-ray. Great job everyone on this piece of art on the screen…

    • Nate K says:

      I also really enjoyed the movie, I think a lot of the problem was the previews for the movie didn't hardly do it justice. They only gave a small glyphs of the plot, they should have showed more of the action in it. I think this storyline has the potential to be very successful if they do a better job with marketing. I think if they really did a great job with the sequel to this it would more than pay for itself this time around, most of the fan base watched this movie on DVD not in theaters. I would really be disappointed if they didn't decide to make a sequel to this at some point. It really was better than what I expected, it had a great cast, romance, action, special powers, and it vaguely reminded me of smallville.

    • HalfandHalf says:

      It was a great movie, but the greatest book to movie of all times would be Harry Potter.

    • Goncalo Vicente says:

      yes this movie was amazing i hope it comes out part 2 :D

      i think it was very interesting and i loved Teresa Palmer, "number six", abilities . waw lovely movie :D

      gratz to the whole casting and participants on the makin of the movie.

    • Lothar says:

      I could actually see this being a series or even a mini series on Syfy channel.

    • Sheri says:

      Please oh please say there is a sequel to this movie!!!!!!!!

    • Ashlee says:

      four times? i love this movie it would be fantastic if there was a sequel. i love the book to i am waiting waiting for the power of six book it is checked out at the library. i also think that the actors did great. i have read that if there is a sequel then it won't be to soon because the book just came out so i am crossing my fingers for that sequel.

    • Karly says:

      Have you not seen Harry Potter? Ignorant!

    • Luc says:

      From Canada Gatineau Quebec

      Yes I agree a sequel is a must ….. I also saw this movie several times . Every actor performed very well . Great job great movie please make a sequel to this..
      this I could easily be a series or even a mini series .


  2. Harriet Bee says:

    If my grandfather was half Mogadorian, what does that make me? Percentage wise. I'm not saying he was half Mogadorian, I'm just asking a simple question.

    • Taylor says:

      Think of it this way, you get 50% of your genes from each parent which splits up to 25% between each grandparent. One of these grandparents has two parents, I guess we'll say one human and one Mogadorian. If there are no Mogadorians in any other part of the family tree then that would make you 12.5% Mogadorian (half of 25%).

    • Logan says:

      Why would you want to be half Mogadorian? The good characters are from Lorien, and are called Lorics. Mogadorians are the enemy….

  3. Cameron Gaffney says:

    It is unfortunate that "I Am Number Four" was not as successful as i would have hoped. This movie was Very entertaining. I hope the money this movie made internationally will give the producers reason to make a sequel. D.J. Caruso is a fantastic director and i look forward to him coming back to finish off the series.

    • James Clark says:

      This film should be followed up with sequels without a doubt, a very very good watch with so much more to come from all aspects of the story. We hope that the people that matter make these follow up films as the public are still just begining to get hooked on this brilliant film.

  4. Philas Griffin says:

    I don't watch TV at all, too much nonsense, so i refuse to be a part of it. Been that way for
    over 12 years. I do watch movies though, and this one was full of surprises. I think it's a
    good sign when someone can up with something original, and i had not seen such a
    wonderful blend put together in a while. It was quite a colorful experience and i was
    glad to see the director as well as the writer took the time to add the sensitive elements
    of a range of emotions. There were also highlights in terms of music and lighting that
    helped illuminate the imagination in terms of the wonder of this film.

    Do i think it could improve, well, i thought the aliens were a little too much comic-book,
    but hey i have not read one in a while. If i were to put those same aliens in the story
    i would think outside the box in terms of the uniforms. Maybe their uniforms could be
    darkness, and the light would show out ugly they are in more subtle manners.

    The girl on the motorcycle was kind of cute.

  5. Kenny H. says:

    I really enjoyed this movie as well. Watched it in the theater, and just finished watching the blu-ray. It's one of those movies that if people watch it, they enjoy it. The problem is, it didn't catch on as it really could have. My honest opinion why is the name. Seriously, that's what I told my friends when it came out, "great movie, dumb name". I'm sorry, but the title just doesn't represent what the movie is, nor does it peak an individual interest to find out just what the movie is about. It's very unfortunate, and I hope beyond hope that they do make at least a sequel if not more, but they better choose more interesting title(s)….

  6. Jason says:

    Outstanding movie in regards to simple storytelling, genuine characters, and the understood suspension of disbelief in a sci-fi/super hero movie. It laid the groundwork for a lot of imagination and depth to be unfolded I’m a couple more films!

    That’s the problem though, it seemed to try to create a believable character with focus on who he is not what he is, much like the highly acclaimed first Spiderman. Unfortunately it seems the negative reviewers didn’t like that and wanted more over the top summer-blockbuster-dness out of this. Not me! It just oozed the perfect mix, leaving me wanting MORE!

    …especially Teresa Palmer – she stole the show!!

    • James Clark says:

      I agree that this movie has the lot in every aspect of what people want to see in film making. Building people into the story with characters that you want to see more of and not over doing the enphasis on over the top effects but enough to catch the eye and want more.
      The film needs people who have missed it so far to get on board and watch a brilliant sci-fi.

  7. Jason says:

    PS – I’m poor and a cheapskate, but after reading this news I’m headed out to buy the blu-ray AND the book with hopes of both more enjoyment and support of multiple sequels! No joke, its payday!

  8. fay says:

    I love the movie!! There a lot if unanswered question so I hope there’s a part 2..

  9. Sarah Rich says:

    I bought the novel "I am number 4" a couple of months before the movie came out. It was instantly one of my favorite, I just could'nt put it down. I was so excited when I found out they were making into a movie. I saw it four times in theatures and loved every minuted of it. I believe that this is a great story and I would be very dissapointed if there was'nt a sequal.

  10. Robert says:

    I am Number Four was an amazing movie! There better be a sequal…

  11. Kelsey says:

    I loved this movie and I am totally rooting for a sequal!!!!

  12. Dayna says:

    I loved this movie and am also hoping for a sequel. I really believe the sequel would probably do better in theaters than the first because more people now know it’s an awesome movie. I agree that the title was a turn off. I wouldn’t have watched if someone hadn’t told me how great the movie was an assured me that I would like it.

  13. Terrance says:

    I thought the movie was awesome. It really does deserve a sequel because the way it ends leaves it open for another one. Besides, they mention 'Number Five' but they jump right to 'Number Six', which I think a few people will agree with is pretty odd. they still have to go through all the 'Numbers' and let the fans know what's happening to the rest of them. I think if a sequel does come out, the fans will be in awe. i know I will!

  14. Brandy says:

    I just watched this movie and I loved it!!!

    I had no idea what to except —and I was so surprised!!! Keep these movies coming!’

  15. Kal says:

    I’m a sci-fi and superhero nut. I thought this was a very good movie. I hope they do make a sequel. You can’t just leave us hanging like that. I hate it when they do that with movies,leave an open ending making you think there will be more so you keep waiting to hear when the next one is coming out and it never does.

  16. Shem says:

    Great movie… As other have stated, bad name, poor marketing. How do you sequel that name, "I am Still Number Four"? There is enough meat to the storyline that even people that are not huge sci-fi fans can enjoy it… I too believe with things like Redbox, Netflix etc, that more people will actually watch it now, not to mention all of us who have watched it several times. I just watched it again with the fam tonight, hence why I stopped by to find out if there was any news… Here is another vote for the sequel.

    • Jonathan says:

      The sequel is called the Power of Six, and it's about Six and her history, then meeting John and then splitting up to find the others. She goes to Spain where she finds a huge surprise.. Ok, that's all I can say without spoiling the books for someone who hasn't read them. The movie was going to be made but has been shelved for now, indefinitely.

  17. Jerald says:

    Teresa Palmer was hot in that movie.

  18. I’m honestly not too familiar with this subject matter but I do wish to check out blogs for layout suggestions and fascinating topics. You absolutely described a matter that I more often than not really do not care quite a bit about and designed it pretty fascinating. This can be a wonderful weblog that I’ll pay attention to. I currently bookmarked it for long term reference. Lung Cancer Symptoms

  19. Daniel says:

    I did see this movie in movie theaters only because it was the only movie left to see there. The marketing of this movie left me guessing if it was even going to be good. After watching it I had to see it again on DVD and then buy it. I believe if they marketed this movie like the industries did with Transformer or Harry Potter the movie company would make it worth their wild to make a sequel. I hope they do!!

  20. Michael says:

    Bought the DVD over the weekend and really enojoyed this movie. I too hope there is a sequel.

  21. Ter05 says:

    I am a huge fan of the movie and she was great in it! All of my family, (three generations) loved this film and want a sequel

  22. Max says:

    I haven’t read the book yet because our Borders just closed down for good, so now I have to wait on the library, but I’ve always been a fan of alien/mythlogical movies with kids with powers and things like that. At first, I was thinking, I can’t wait for the sequel, because that’s where you basically find out more about Number Six, and she’s my favorite character. I’m still waiting to see when the trailers and movie will come out.

  23. Kari says:

    I had no interest in seeing this movie and I didn't really get what it was about from the previews. Also, the book display at Barnes And Nobles made the book look super boring and the cover art didn't help. (Yes, cover art matters to a certain degree, that and title initially pull me in)
    I went to see the movie because I had four hours to kill and there was nowhere to go so I watched that and Big Mommas House 3 b/c there was nothing else in the theater I would pay money to see. Needless to say, I LOVED IT!!!!!! It was amazing. There was action, romance, heart, basic human bonds. It was soooo good and left me craving more and more. It makes me sad to think how many people might not have seen it because it had bad previews or marketing. It really is an excellent movie and while not something for all types (my mom would be bored) I think it reaches out to a very broad spectrum of people and I hope they make a sequel or two soon.
    Plus, Alex (#4) is hot! haha

  24. Kari says:

    I'm also thinking they might wait until the next book comes out to see how it does before they start thinking about a second movie. I feel like with new book series/movie, people pretty much expect it to be harder to get an audience when it's competing with other more popular series. But this book has been on display for a while at my B&N and my library had over 200 holds which is a lot for a book. Usually only Harry Potter and such get that many. So my hope is more people buy the 2nd book and it gains popularity like all the other movies we love.

  25. AmmmmB says:

    The movie was very different of the book, but not essencially. They made a lot of changes, but I still loved it…I got to see it before the release date and I got the Blu-Ray at the very release date as well…I don't live in the USA but I hope I can get the next book as soon as I can and that the "business" works for us to get a sequel film…I'd really love that :)

  26. Shane says:

    We ABSOLUTLEY need a SEQUEL !! My whole family enjoyed this film and are really looking forward to a sequel!! my kids would be upset about not getting another movie. They are still wanting an eragon sequel.

  27. Alex says:

    Oh my goodness!!!!! I absolutely LOVED this movie!! It didn’t look too great, and we only watched it because it was one of the only movies that seemed semi-okay on the on demand thing, and the second it was done I went on to check if there was a sequel coming (do or die situation!!!!) and if there were books. I’m a book nut and could automatically tell that it must’ve started out as a book :) an odd talent I’ve developed over time and crappy remakes. Anyway, back to the original reason I started this – there NEEDS to be a sequel. I don’t think I can handle this being the only installment because then I’d be disappointed every time I tried to watch the movie again. Pretty, pretty please?!?!

  28. Neta E. says:

    This movie was very cool! Way better than I expected. It left me wanting to know more, so I hope there's a sequel soon!! Going to buy the book now.

  29. Scott says:

    I know what I like, am sensative to durable stories and believe this is one. The movie was a good start and will be viewed as great once the series continues. There will need to be another movie to build the loyalty. I am awaiting the next book.

  30. Kim says:

    Please do a sequel! Just watched the movie on DVD. How can we not get more of number four? Bring it on!

  31. amber says:

    I loved the movie …I don’t like books but I mite buy it if it will help bring the sequel …please ..I’m a big fan .everyone follow… i am number 4 on Twitter

  32. Chas says:

    This was a great movie. The whole family really enjoyed it. Excellent plot, superb acting, brilliant special effects. Sort of stumbled on to it. I loved the name, before I knew anything about the movie.

  33. raven iandiorio says:

    just watched the movie i am number was awesome i am really hoping for a sequel the ending totally leaves u hoping for a sequel all the characters are great in this movie its a great movie and i hope others will come

  34. Jake says:

    Honestly, I was super bummed out when this movie came out in theaters. I was overseas and knew by the time I came home that it would not be showing anymore. What made everything worse was getting extended there for another 4 months. All the anticipation and excitement to see this movie got shot up. I was so excited when I got back to the states to see the dvd on the rack. Huge fan of the movie would like to see a sequel come out in the future. Teresa Palmer did an amazing job with number 6, and she is beautiful. I have been to California and been to Australia. Both of these places have beautiful countryside. She has the best of both worlds.

  35. Lila Roganstosh says:

    I' a die hard # 4 fan the book and the movie. The movie and book were left unfinished and leaving people wondering. WE NEED A SEQUEL. Us number 4 fans are dying to know what will happen next!!!!! GO I AM # 4!!!! WE NEED A SEQUEL!!!!

  36. Freddy M. says:

    Without a doubt one of the best movies ever made. The storyline is amazing and the cast did a great job playing the characters in the film. I’m very surprised to have heard this movie didn’t do as well as other big blockbusters, but personally I do believe it had a lot more to do with the marketing aspect of it all rather than people actually watching the movie. No one that I know of that has seen this movie gave it a bad review. I watched this movie twice last night and also in the theaters when it first came out and all I have to say is.. A sequel is a must!! There’s just so much more this movie can bring to the table if a follow up film was made including the last of the five Lorians all fighting together and what the special abilities are of each one. Make the sequel!!

  37. Freddy M. says:

    Ohh and one more thing… Sarah was so much sexier then six.. are all you guys blind?!?!? Haha that’s it.. make a sequel!! Or two, or three, or even FOUR!!!!!

  38. Clong says:

    This movie was so awesome. I love it. Do not leave us hangin. It is aweeeeesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Taye says:

    Sooo I LOVED this movie and am soon getting the books and I was looking at it on Rotten Tomatoes and all the big critics said it sucked…. it made me sad:(

  40. James says:

    I just recently watched "I am Number Four", and I got to say it was outstanding. It had a mix of standard romance, nothing too deep. It had the usual action that you would normally see in a genre like this, & the plot was easy to understand; find the others and destroy all Mogadorians on Earth. Although the middle was a little messy it came out amazing in the end and I really think there should be a sequel to this movie.

  41. Deborah says:

    The marketing for this movie was HORRID! I didn't go see it and only JUST saw it for the first time on DVD and absolutely loved it.. and I'm not a sci fi fan per se. Great character development (I'd like to see more in a sequel), terrific action sequences, fabulous special effects (LOVE the beagle/rottweiler dinosaur killer LOL), the bad guys are a bit too "characature" but good nonetheless, had just enough friendship and romance to spice it up and make you want more — I think the pros who gave it bad reviews just didn't go see it and based their reviews on the horrible marketing trailers — just WHO WAS responsible for the marketing disaster of this flick???

    HIGHLY recommended viewing for all ages (may be too scarey for little tykes – I mean the family beagle turning into a dinosaur eating monster might push them over the edge LOL but I LOVED it.

    • Steven Wilgus says:

      I absolutely agree the previews and marketing effort was once of the worst ever. Please forgive the brutal nature of this, but now that I have seen the movie, I really really enjoyed it. I sincerely hope a sequel is made at this time but better marketing and fan support: good grief, you invest millions, put effort into showing the movie off! Interactive website, fan goodies, webinairs, etc..

  42. Steve says:

    I really loved this movie, I hadnt really heard about it and didnt know anything before I watched the movie. It was a real nice surprise. Sarah is gorgeous and 6 is hot! Might have to get the blu-ray of this now. Bring on a seuel ! It has to be done

  43. Professor Williams says:

    Seriously… just watched the movie – a sequel is definitely in order! Great job… from the first scene to the last. The buzz will only get louder for this sleeper. -JW

  44. GARETH says:

    The only reason this film wasn't a massive success was no one new about
    Everyone who I have spoken to that has watched it has loved it and really hopes there will be a sequel
    I'm hooked and have ordered the first two books

  45. a fan :) says:

    I, too, was put off by the title. The tv trailer was too choppy for any real interest in seeing this in the theater. I took a chance on the rental and LOVED it! I really hope they will move forward with a sequel with the same actors. I work two jobs, am married and have a three year-old bundle of energy. I am so glad I took the rare and precious 'me time' for this film. We will definitely see the sequel in the theater!

  46. a fan :) says:

    Just found out…if you really want a sequel write it down and send it to:
    100 universal city plaza building 5121
    universal city, ca 91608

  47. will says:

    It was a very good movie. The actors were all good.I really think it wise to make a sequel to the first. If you do I will defenitly go and see it.

  48. John Smith says:

    sexy chicks.

  49. Leah says:

    This film was one of the best i've seen in years!

  50. dasfish says:

    i have seen this movie 17 times in the past 2 weeks and i can't stop watching it i love it. i want a sequel!

  51. Courtlynn says:

    I LOVED this movie and so did my husband. I rented it after seeing all the positive reviews. Unlike my husband, I don't normally go for the sci fi/alien sort of movie, but the characters and story really drew me in. I'm going to tell everyone I know what a great flick this in. Can't wait to read all the books and see the movie sequel!

  52. koibones says:

    This is yet another great book/TV series movie that needs another sequel but probably won’t get one. It joins (in no particular order) Eregon, Alex Rider, Percy Jackson, Redwall (TV), Firefly (TV)/Serenity, Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV), The Sword of Truth (It deserved a 3-hour nc-17 movie, but got 2 truly awful seasons of a PG TV show), The Dark Materials Trilogy, City of Ember, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Dark is Rising, Frank Herbert’s Dune (Sci-fi channel’s 2 mini series) and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. That being said I can’t wait for season 4 of true blood, season 2 of the walking dead, the Spider-man relaunch, kick-ass 2, and for someone to make a Hollows (Kim Harrison), Tri-Cities (Patricia Briggs), or Dark Hunters (Sherrilynn Kenyon) Movie or TV series

    • koibones says:

      ^ please note… Alex Pettyfer (#4) was also Alex Rider, so if this movie doesn’t get the sequel it deserves, it won’t be the first time for the starring actor.

  53. James Collins says:

    I Am Number Four is one of my favorite movies ever! I love it & watch it often & I never tire of it. I certainly hope there are sequels & the more the merrier. I loved all the characters & have always liked Diana Agron on Glee. I am 63 years old & have seen thousands of movies & this is in my top 5 of all time favorites. Love it!!

  54. Joan says:

    I had heard nothing about this movie. I read the guide on SHO and thought it might be good. I was not disappointed. I am 65 and have loved scifi my whole life. This was a very good movie. I hope they make a sequal. Maybe a series. I wished for a series when I first saw Stargate. I got my wish. Maybe I will this time too.

  55. adriana says:

    I love this movie they should do a part two,alex pettyfer is a great actor,so i hope he would do a part two?i think in a part two john should come back for his girlfriend.:)

  56. EMILY says:


  57. number 8 says:

    i am here…

  58. Andrew Chavez says:

    Give us a sequel! Were obsessed with this movie! Just finished the Power of Six and there needs to be a second movie!!

  59. ElizabethE says:

    I love this movie. Like so many others, I knew nothing about it and watched it for lack of other choices, and with time to kill. I think I've watched it five times now and I am purchasing the blue ray. I really hope there is a sequel and it's not messed up, like so many sequels are. I am anxiously awaiting, and it there is no sequel, I'm going to be forced to READ the book.

  60. Huge fan says:

    Sequal!! Sequel!!!! Sequal!!!!!!!!

  61. allison says:

    PLEASE have a second movie!!! if they didnt i would be so mad i love the movie i want to see the others like # 5,7,8,9 in the movie if they make other ones please doooo

  62. Geri says:

    PLEASE make a sequel!!! There is a bigger fan base than you know, this movie had lots of competition and a bad economy when it was released. We bought this on video and have watched it at least 3 times!!! Michael Bay is the king of action and I hope he gets on board for a sequel!!!

  63. Jennifer says:

    Please oh please make a sequel!!!!!

  64. jordan says:

    I loved the book and movie. i swear i have watched the movie over 20 time it is my favorite movie and i will be very upset if they do not make a sequel there was so much just left open i am craving for more i have been to 4 different websites to see a sequel so i really do hope you make a sequel!

  65. Cindy says:

    I sincerely hope that they make several sequels to I Am Number 4!!!

  66. KALI-jamil says:

    i just watch the movie for the million time and i love it please be a part two PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  67. tommi Warholak says:

    I just watched the movie for the first time and I thought it was fantastic. This is coming from someone who hates syfy anything! I hope they make a sequel or how many ever it takes to finish the story. They can’t just leave it open ended that way. Even if it goes straight to dvd Id be happy lol.

  68. Gary Harden says:

    I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this movie! The main actor is HOT and so is the girl friend in the movie. They had better make a sequel! It was SO GOOD!
    Please make a sequel! I've watched this movie 3-4 times and want to watch it again now!

  69. Kings says:

    I paid to see this movie opening weekend, and just finished watching this movie today with family members because they did not have a chance to see it. As expected everyone loved the movie. With all the money made from DVD, it would be a huge mistake not to make a sequel, especially with the terrible movies being produced today. I had a friend ask me if their was a prequel telling the story about # 3, which shows how far this series could go with the right people. Michael Bay and James Frey, get it together and make some $$$

  70. samantha says:

    there definatly needs to be a sequel!! There are too many unanswered questions and i want answeres lol

  71. Pat says:

    Loved the movie! Please make a sequel!

  72. Katy says:

    Oh please! I am so excited for there to be a second sequel to i am number four it was a fantastic movie i am really lookong forward to it!

  73. Taki says:

    I loved this movie I am begging you please make a sequel I bet you that when it comes out at the movies if it does I will be the first one to see it

  74. Lamontica says:

    This movie was supernatural in a good way I loved it and want a # 2 to come out

  75. Brian says:

    U deffinally need a sequel… The movie was great as well as the book… There are so many remakes of movies being made.. This was something different and has a great story to It… The power of six was a great book, I sure hope it gets made into a movie….

  76. Jonathan M says:

    As some of you may or may not know, the sequel, which would have been titled after the book, The Power of Six, defining Six's history, present and future after meeting Four, has been shelved indefinitely. The books are still out of course and they get better and better and better. I hope and beg for a movie sequel especially considering how much the movie has been taken off after the DVD release, but I'm not getting my hopes up because I'm all to used to the Hollywood villains who just want money and don't care about anything else. So I suggest you get the books because they are excellent. Even the first , I am number Four is different than the movie. There's just so much more detail. Take care everyone! (You can Google anything I've said and read it for yourself. Wikipedia is a good place to start as well.)

  77. sue says:

    i'm hoping for a sequel i have watched this movie over and over my family and friends love it lets have a part to i believe this movie can hit big bring on some more action fans deserves part two its owed to us and i'm writing from caribbean trinidad and tobago

  78. mary conway says:

    I enjoyed this movie, but if there are no seqauls, then it would really be a let down, it seemed like the movie began in the middle and sort of ended there as well, it really needs a sequal and possibly a prequal!

  79. Ezekiel rodriguez says:

    The movie was awsome!If they dont make another movie its like the stupidest thing you can do seriously.

  80. Dj verse 303 says:

    I don’t usually write in these things , but just for the extra support so they might make a sequel here it is . You people that have the power to make another I Am Number Four movie you better! There shouldn’t even be this conversation period. Obviously there’s a huge fan base and anyone who loves non fiction especially with people with super powers would love this movie I don’t care if the dog was actually ms father transformed buy a stupid rock he tripped over when he was pulled over at the Mexican border for drinking and driving this movie was sick, and had almost all emotions and suspense any successful movies had if not better and more because it’s really from the first persons point of view more than people understand. No we don’t know what his old was but it seemed chaotic I mean how did the celebrate deaths when nothing remains but the circular ash trail as soon as everything animal or different race dies, there was a certain race of gaurdians that kept the planet safe and they still failed, and IM supposed to actually continue this war when I don’t even know within capable of ? I have to have a guardian and he doesn’t tell me shit besides you can do it Wtf and if my old planet couldn’t stop their own demise when they had manpower heritage probably ancient heroes like some greeks looks at accylies sorry don’t know how to spell his name but u know what I mean. I’d feel scared, alone, inferior, uneducated in what I should really have education about. Trust me I’d want to be home schooled. To me it seemed number six knew a hell of a lot more about Lorian……why? The box secret is killing me I would of opened it as soon as I seen it. Just confusion. If I was him I’d leave with her as well because I’d want to RV know everything about what’s going on cuz my old teacher was the worst damn teacher a number could have . And too bad he had to meet the insignificant human before number 6 cuz sooner or later they would have to worry about their species being eliminated down the family tree and IM pretty sure their parents and old world inhabitants didn’t sacrifice everything to have their heritage forgotten and humanized. His parents both had powers am I right so the best idea to continue his race is to be with his own kind but if course he can never love another. All this rambling on in other words means, I ,we all need a sequel. This is everything they left us wondering , that song they play says this movie perfectly. when he was first in class by The CC-Shelter. A movie about Herrington have a good view of yourself because without any good knowledge of your role you’ll feel alone and be depressed besides a lack of self worth. This movie was great and you “big-wigs” better just do it. We all pay for your mansions and lambos so do us a favor he!

  81. Carly says:

    Loved this movie it was on Demand the other day and I loved it. SEQUEL!! I didnt read the books because i saw the movie so its kinda hard to start reading now. I need to know what happens. Please:)

  82. Debra mclellan says:

    THERE SHOULD BE A SERIES of number 4 and the same people it is not right to put a great movie and let people hang

  83. Robin Lewis says:

    There are many movie that has 2,3,4 sequel but I Am Number 4 is worthy of a sequel, i would like to see the other 6 abilities are

  84. Sue says:

    If they do not do a sequel, it will be like walking out on stage, sitting on the toilet, taking a $**T and not bothering to flush. We have 5 other numbers out there somewhere they went to find but didn't, a kid whose father is missing and may have been abducted by Mogodorians, a blooming romance that is unfinished, and a lot of area to work with to finish telling the story with the same creative flair that made the first movie fun and interesting. And we still don't know what that box is about! Six seems to know a lot more about things than Four does. Since we haven't seen the other numbers yet, the legacies they inherit are a mystery.

  85. Number Nine says:

    I would LOVE a sequel. But I think that the first movie wasn't really in sync with the book (as far as the specifics) enough to lead into the second movie and still have the second book be relevant to the story of the first movie. Does that make any sense to anyone else but me ? lol
    – They should make this series into a video game franchise. That would be SO EPIC !

  86. Kyle says:

    The movie was good, but totally different from the book. The movie changed so many things that it would be hard to make a sequel going off the next book The Power of Six. Since I have heard rumors that they are shelving the sequel talk for now, they should wait and remake it with a better story line. I would like to see this book series turned into a great movie franchise.

  87. Kitt K says:

    Please make a sequel, this movie is personally one of my favorite movies, and I still watch it every time it comes on t.v, even now days in 2013!

  88. Noah Pilger says:

    Hello everyone, So As you probably want to know who we are? Or who I am, I will tell you. My Name is Noah, I am a HUGE "I Am Number 4" Fan I have watched the movie atleast 300-500 times in the past month, Seeing how the author of the book said that she would be making more books to go along with the series i have thought and told myself that I want to see another one. So first off what we need to do is you need to Like This On Facebook, Once we have got enough Members I will anncounce it. Second thing we have to do Is Spam The director of the Movie ( D.J. Caruso ) Twitter account. If we get enough people saying we want Another Movie, There is a very small chance they will say no, Seeing how they want money. The Next thing we have to do is get In touch With "Disney" Since the movie was with that aswell. I Honestly Believe that we can do this with alot of hard work! I have done A lot Of research in the past 2 weeks. If you guys have any comments or questions just email me and i will respond to you ASAP. Good Luck guys! Remeber Spreading this page will Help Us all Get what We Want! I promise i won't let you down!

    Please Help! i am Trying to get a second Movie!!!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vote-To-Get-A-Seco

  89. AJM says:

    make a new movie i cant wait to see the next one hope it comes out soon

  90. Daniel Gubalane says:

    Let's have a sequel for I am Number Four. Sign this campaign: http://www.squidoo.com/i-am-number-four-sequel-th

  91. charlotte b says:

    I loved the movies and bought all the books to get the Whole picture. I came online to get a sequal update. Im disappointed to hear we have been shelved. These books are a great story and im on pins and needles for july and august 2013 book releases. Im hopeful to see these books continue to come alive. Holding my breath with crossed fingers peeps.

  92. Mizael4 says:

    "I Am Number Four fan? PLEASE, sign and disclose this petition about the movie sequel: http://chn.ge/16njJff"

  93. Russell says:

    Cant wait for six……

  94. Conrad Kish says:

    Prior to this film, my most fravorite movie was Avatar and then Battleship. But I bought the DVD and this one slipped right as Number one, even tho' he's now been killed, as has #3. There HAS to be a sequel and I will be the first in line to buy the Blu-ray! Keep them coming as the cast is super and super gorgeous!
    Connie Kash

  95. Jarrett says:

    I loved this book series and the movie. I really hope that they make a sequel to the movie. In my opinion I would rate this as a 5 out of 5. This was one the best book series I have ever read. The movie was the best movie I have ever watched and thats the truth. So I hope that there will be a sequel to the movie soon so I can share it with a lot of people. I would love it if there was a sequel to the movie and many other people would to SOOOO PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL TO THE MOVIE!!!!!!!

  96. MEL says:


  97. Justin says:

    This was probably one of the best movies I have ever seen! I've seen it so many times yet every time we go rent a movie, I hire it out all the time. It kept me in suspense the whole time thanks to the actors and actresses ability to make you feel like you are part of the movie! We'll done guys and I really really would like you guys to make another sequel!

  98. Ron Butler says:

    We watched "I Am Number Four" over the weekend and enjoyed it very much. The film left us with the hope we will be able to see a sequel someday.
    The story and the characters were not overwhelmed by the special effects. Just a nice blend that was family friendly. We even enjoyed the bloopers and out-takes.
    We buy our movies to reward the people in the trenches who make a good quality movie. Congradulations to all involved and thank you.

  99. brett wonderling says:

    I live in the town where this was mainly filmed I love the movie and would love for them to come back and film a sequel

  100. javon says:

    I love the movie I am number four it is one of the greatest movies I ever seen an I hope I can see the next one

    • javon says:

      love the movie I am number four it is one of the greatest movie I ever see and I hope the next one comes out

  101. KESHAWN says:

    i really like the movie i am number 4 and alot of people wqnt a sequel give us that and more movies to come all of us think youll do great

  102. Rosanne sweeney says:

    Brilliant film. story line fascinating. characters should be in the sequel. please please make a sequel.

  103. Kellybeth4 says:

    My son recorded this movie on DVR a couple of weeks ago, and I must admit that based on the title and brief description, and no professional review, I wasn’t all that interested in seeing this film. However, although I’m not big into alien/futuristic movies ( varies from movie to movie, based upon previews), I DO love anything about the supernatural. I was bored one night, so I decided to give it a shot. BEST DECISION ON A MOVIE I’VE MADE IN A VERY LONG TIME!!!! It started a little slow, but once John (Number 4) discovered that he had “Legacies” (supernatural abilities and powers passed down from his parents), I WAS HOOKED…AND IT JUST KEPT GETTING BETTER! I was riveted to the screen throughout every second of the rest of the movie! The writers left too much unknown and hanging, so many danglers that makes it IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT MAKE A SEQUEL!!! It’s been several years now since the rave requests for a sequel- FANS NEED TO REVIVE THAT PUSH…PLEASE!!!! ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO MAKE A SEQUEL!!!! I had to happily eat crow with my son, who said he had heard it was a great movie, and had premiered second at the Box Office upon it’s release, and I expressed skepticism! Shame on me- this is now a favorite movie of mine, and I pray that they’ll reconsider a sequel, even after all of this time. After all…once a fan, ALWAYS A FAN!!!!

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