‘The Avengers’ and the Hulk: Kevin Feige explains a new approach

July 27, 2011 | 6:03 a.m.

The Hulk will appear in his third feature film next year when Oscar-nominated actor Mark Ruffalo gets green in Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers.” On Sunday, at the final day of Comic-Con International, fans got their first sense of the character’s new visage thanks to a Marvel promotional poster that depicts both the angry giant as well as Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner, shown in sad silhouette. I caught up with Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios and producer of “The Avengers,”  to talk about the new green movement.

'Avengers': Hulk (Marvel)

"Avengers": Hulk (Marvel)

GB:  Will we see anything substantially different in the visual realization of the Hulk?

KF: Well, I don’t know about substantially different. It will be as different as “The Incredible Hulk” was from Ang Lee’s “Hulk” in terms of its look and design, but it is Hulk. The image we released on the last day of Comic-Con — which got a tremendous amount of attention and I was very pleased about — is a very good representation of what he’s going to look like. Hulk is Hulk. We’re not going to reinvent the wheel.

GB: How big will he be? That’s been a major variable through the years in the comics and the two films as well.

KF: He’ll be about the same size he was in “The Incredible Hulk” [which was about 9 feet tall] or maybe a little bit smaller. His muscles won’t be quite as cut. We figure he’s been the Hulk now for a few years and [his physique is changing]. He’s not as cut or as ripped as he was in “The Incredible Hulk.” The most important thing is that face. As you can already see in that concept painting, it is — more than any Hulk that’s ever been done in live action — a Hulk that let’s you see the actor in there. You will be able to see Ruffalo in there. That was a big revelation for us. It’s just a concept painting, but in that you can see the [influence of Marvel Comics pioneer and original Hulk artist Jack] Kirby, as people have already pointed out, but also, and equally important in this case, Ruffalo’s eyes and his cheek structure. It is him.

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GB: That sounds like a very different philosophy than the approach you took on Louis Letterrier’s movie.

KF: It is. It was something we actively avoided before. Hulk was Hulk, he’s not any one actor and Hulk should look like Hulk. It was  like Iron Man’s armor, in a way, it wouldn’t change depending on the actor wearing it. But we’ve taken a different approach because Hulk is Banner and, frankly, we came to question our approach. Why are we not doing it this way?  So we did a few designs that put Ruffalo into it, and we immediately saw how much more you feel for the creature. When you keep that connection going between Banner and the Hulk and you have characters around him trying to reach Banner inside — “Bruce, calm down,” and all of that classic Hulk stuff — it means more if you see the same actor throughout. I think before it was something we thought might look silly. We were nervous about getting it good enough [via visual effects] to work. Frankly, it was the same way we were nervous early on about making Steve Rogers skinny for “Captain America.” Is this going to look disturbing? Is this going to look silly? In the end, we got that one right. We’re going to get this one right.

— Geoff Boucher


'Avengers' teaser poster

"Avengers" teaser poster (Marvel)

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141 Responses to ‘The Avengers’ and the Hulk: Kevin Feige explains a new approach

  1. Cruiser says:

    The biggest mistake made by the 70's TV series and both movies is they don't allow Hulk to have a personality and substantive dialogue. Hulk is a character in his own right who in the comics goes on adventures and interacts directly with allies and adversaries. In the filmed versions, Hulk's role is mostly limited to angry rampages and chases. Hulk may speak in a childlike manner, but he's not a mindless brute.

    • Mr. Holipsism says:

      THANK YOU! I wish I could hug you right now because this is what I've been saying from the beginning and apparently no one at the studio paid any attention to it. I'm glad to see I'm not alone!

    • brettghampton says:

      Group hug. The Hulk needs to speak.

    • Myles says:

      But Hulk in the early years was a "mindless brute." Bruce Banner's conciousness didn't gain control so he could act coherently when he was changed until long after his 'accident.' It was the basis for his whole conflict. Eventually he did gain control, and actually couldn't change back into Bruce Banner…but that was much further down the line.

      • Cruiser says:

        Re-read the "Tales to Astonish" and "Hulk" comics from the '60's or even the sample strip above with Hulk saying "Out of my way insect." There is a persecuted and frustrated person who is reflected in the dialogue. He has much greater depth than the one-dimensional mindless brute depicted in the filmed versions.

    • Steve says:

      No way, it would have been sooo stupid if hulk talked in the tv series. Can you imagine lou saying HULK SMASH! Dumb.

      • N3RD says:

        Lou is doin the Voice in this movie – Wow u read alot

      • GiGi says:

        "Hulk smash" is just a stupid thing to say just like "It's clobberin' time". Those silly lines work okay in comic strips but they should be eliminated in live-action movies. There are many more things they could have him say.

    • Dahc says:

      Hulk did not speak for a long time. That came down the line, way down the line later on

      • Pablo says:

        Dahc…untrue. The early Hulk (who started out gray) did speak … and spoke much more coherently than the larger, greener, dumber version he mutated into later.

      • Beezle says:

        Green Hulk came before Grey Hulk and Grey isn’t a mutation of Green he is an entirely different Hulk, that said Green Hulk DID speak in the 60s

      • rk2380 says:

        The gray hulk was first, go back and read the comic book history. When the hulk was created he was gray and evil. The original hulk wanted to take over the world and kill Bruce banner.

    • Stone Cold says:

      This Is the worst news I have heard! I am a Hulk Fan and the last thing I would want to see is a Aged ,less Ripped Hulk! I Believe the Incredible Hulk movie was a perfect adaptation of what he should be.its disappointing! This Hulk that i see with Ruffalo looks like a Hulk that would be easy prey for a Predator! is he the next one to be hunted by a Predator Or a Alien,where is Norton Hulk ? that was A Hulk Im talking about. I agree with most people in this page! im so scare to watch this Avengers movie just because I dont want to see my Idol powered down! its a Horrible job if this is what the Hulk is going to be like!Oohh and one more thing,I believe the hulk weights like 1000lb,he should be 10 feet tall or something like that!

    • Roman says:

      actually, the problem with the previous Hulks is that in attempting to make the monster sympathetic, they gave him emo scenes. This Hulk works because we empathize through his asskicking and funny scenes.

  2. Bruno says:

    Hulk is Hulk!! This all sounds incredible; hopefully the Hulk in the Avengers stays true to the concept art. The face is very much Kirby inspired, and the physique reminds me of the maquette Sideshow released a few years back.

  3. Chris says:

    Honestly I prefer the Hulk design from "The Incredible Hulk" movie over the Avengers version. I liked that they made him look less ape-ish and with more human characteristics (facial expressions and hair, for example). It was a perfect example of reinventing the wheel the right way, and I'm disappointed that they would basically revert back to the same Hulk look that's been around forever.

    • Rick says:

      Thank You! The Incredible Hulk design was perfect! Trait's, expression, behavior everything! If they were gonna start from scratch, including with the actor, what the hell was point of putting Robert Downey J.R in the end? I expected The Incredible Hulk and Edward Norton, not the less buff Jolly Green Giant and some actor I've never even heard of.

      • darklighter says:

        I disagree with you guys I liked how they incorporated Bana's face into the first version and was disappointed in the Norton Hulk cause he looked absolutely nothing like Norton at all and truth be told he looked like a big buff green model. Always wanted to see a more brutish hulk with a bit of the actors facial features in there. This sounds alot bettter and if he talks then we're really cooking with Gamma Rays!

      • Justin says:

        Totally agree with rick and chris on this "The Incredible Hulk" looked phenomenal. I'm already disappointed that they couldn't bring Norton back on to revive the role but I get it, it happens. But I would be much more upset if they change the look to this cavemanish look that got going on in the concept art.

    • JackHowlett says:


    • Matt says:

      You said it perfectly. The Hulk from the Edward Norton film was the best Hulk anyone could ever hope for. As you stated, he now looks ape-ish, something I NEVER liked about many of the Hulk comic book artistic interpretations. This new Hulk doesn't look bad. But I really don't know why they felt the need to reinvent his look once again. It was great as it was.

    • Jeremy says:

      I totally agree the first Hulk movie was TERRIBLE! However, when they remade it, the changed Bruce and the Hulk. I always thought that the look of the Hulk from the remake was the BEST Hulk has ever looked. If they're gonna try to reinvent the wheel, The Incredible Hulk/Remake would be an excellent model to go by!!

    • Sherrod says:

      When I first saw "The Avengers" Hulk, I immediately said to myself, Shrek. They got the look right with "The Incredible Hulk", why the change. Ruffalo's Hulk looks like a goofy ogre! I may end up hating this movie just because.

  4. Fabrisse says:

    I loved the movie The Incredible Hulk. I wish Norton were still playing the role, and I liked that design much better.

    • Jess says:

      I'm with you. The Incredible Hulk was awesome. Hulk looked like the real Hulk I know. I love that he was pure beast. And Norton did a great job. Stupid of them to change Bruce.

  5. Jenny Murphy says:

    So glad he is a flourishing in the job. I'm especially pleased that he has disproved the recent theory that superhero moves are dead. It was never the fault of the superhero, always the fault of the corporate mortals making the movies. Superheroes aren't going anywhere.

    • Dave Street says:

      For 1 Norton was an awfull choice for Hulk. If you had been a fan longer then the movie franchise has existed you'd realize that. Mark Ruffalo is a tremendous actor. He's probily been in half the movies you've seen over the last decade. He wasthe obvious choice, and I stand behind the the casting director with 2 thumbs up. Ruffalo is gonna OWN this role, just watch!!

      • brettghampton says:

        Norton was a far superior choice to play Banner than Ruffalo for the simple reason that Norton can convey a personality on screen. I have yet to see Rufffalo do more than look scruffy and mumble. I've been a fan of the Hulk since the mid-1970's, and Norton is the best of the actors who've portrayed Banner to date. Certainly, his behind-the-scenes attitude probably led to his being replaced for the "Avengers" film, but anyone who has been a fan of the character and who has watched good movies for the past decade and a half knows Ruffalo will play the part, but he will never be better than Norton.

  6. eric says:

    He's going to look LESS muscular? The explanation why is stupid and so is the concept.

    • Brett says:

      not really, the hulk is getting older, you have to keep that in mind, these movies are all in 3 days, its spanned over years. Its natural for it to start looking older, and changing, like a human does, you change and look different all the time. Makes sense IMO

      • Ryan says:

        yeah sure he gets older, but before we worry about him being older we should worry about an actor that can last longer than one movie, as to get a true FEEL for the character. when your using a hundred concepts for one character no spit its tough to deliberate, all these characters came out in the sixties, that dont mean we anna see them run around with walkers and canes kicking villian ass, if thats what you want for your movie then dont sing and shout about how its all happening simultaneously. cause if thats the case hulk should be in his sixties while cap is in his 80s hawk eye is in his twenties and iornman in his late thirties, stop grabbing at straws and give us somthing worth seeing!

  7. BCA says:

    Both Hulk movies were bad. The first movie was a sort of family drama and missed the comic book completely (Lee is a great director but he was completely out of his environment here) and the second movie got elements from both the tv show and the comic book. It tried to re-invent the Leader and the abomination and it was simply bad. Also in both movies the Hulk look fake, very "CGI." I wish Marvel give it a third try, but this time LOOKING AT THE EARLY KIRBY COMIC BOOK AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE.

    • gkt says:

      I'm a fan of the Hulk and I liked both the movies, but to say that Hulk looked fake isn't really correct.
      After all, there's no such thing as The Incredible Hulk.

    • Kevin says:

      The CGI was great in both movies. It was noticeably better in (The Incredible Hulk). People don't realize what they're looking at… You think the CGI is bad because it surround by all real elements. If you take a great CGI character, and place them in a real environment with real people, it's going to allow for that CGI character to look fake. You take that same CGI character, and surround him in a total CGI environment, and all the sudden… (Holy shit! That looks real!). It was no different for the movie (Avatar). Characters looked great when surrounded in an all CGI environment, but next to a real person… Not so great.

      But, this new (Ape) shit has got to go. No one wants a Hulk that looks like Donkey Kong. And, the concept (less ripped/smaller) shit, is definitely a bunch of bullshit that's going to piss off a lot of people. Don't make him smaller and less ripped, and definitely don't make him look like some damn ape. Look at this art rendering… He looks like he's got Down Syndrome.

      • Skoorb says:

        The movie was better in terms of script, however they got carried away when it started to become like a live play when banner and his dad was chained up which sucked. Kids don’t wanna see that boring crap.

        I also agree with Kevin. No one wants wants the original ape looking hulk just like no wants to see batman in his original costume Wich literally looks like he’s wearing silky under wear over stretchy pants. Besides in the comics the hulk ages extremely slow e.g over hundreds of years so why the hell would he look like an apes grandfather just after 3 and half years. Stan lee always Said he wanted hulk to be a more handsome looking monster. If the hulk is suppose to be the “strongest one there is” then why the he’ll wouldn’t he be buff or cut as always depicted comics, cartoons and movies

      • Skoorb says:

        The movie was better in terms of script, however they got carried away when it started to become like a live play when banner and his dad was chained up which sucked. Kids don’t wanna see that boring crap.
        I also agree with Kevin. No one wants wants the original ape looking hulk just like no wants to see batman in his original costume Wich literally looks like he’s wearing silky under wear over stretchy pants. Besides in the comics the hulk ages extremely slow e.g over hundreds of years so why the hell would he look like an apes grandfather just after 3 and half years. Stan lee always Said he wanted hulk to be a more handsome looking monster. If the hulk is suppose to be the “strongest one there is” then why the he’ll wouldn’t he be buff or cut as always depicted comics, cartoons and movies

    • Dude says:

      Lee didn't get it wrong considering there are about 4 different versions of the "Hulk" out there. The thing is with the physical ability I liked from the 1st one. Then I liked Hulk's fighting abiltiy in the 2nd, also showing some of his classic moves. I felt like it was a pretty good balance in the movie. Just because he has less muscles showing doesn't mean he's any weaker. Overall, I think they did a good job.

  8. Mark says:

    Feige is lying or he’s forgotten the first Hulk film. Arad, Hurd, ILM, Ang, & Schamus all made a big deal about mo-capping Bana for Hulk’s face. It was a selling point.

  9. Mike says:

    Terrible ..I really don't like the green Ape look .Why would'nt the hulk be less cut from the last movie what the hell did he eat 2 tons of lard . They got it right in the last Hulk Movie with his look at least .

  10. Chris says:

    The Hulk look like a cartoon. Enough of the crappy CGI already.

  11. manny says:

    BTW both hulk movies sucked story wise, 2003 got the casting and hulk look and powers right, 2008 got everything wrong at least 2003 had good actors and good hulk.sam elliot over will hurt and jen connolly over butch, eric bana and ed norton is a tie, eric was good, and what a coincidence that not only did the hulk look correct and acted correct but u could see bana(actor resemblence) in the hulk there somewhere.

    • X-Man says:

      Agreed. The Norton Hulk had absolutely no traces of his regular human facial features. Actually, I thought the Norton Hulk still looked more in common with Bana's facial features.

  12. True Marvel says:

    I just pray that they don't make the Hulk looking like Bruce Banner like Ange Lee did in his movie. The Hulk suppose to be like a Neanderthal man. I've loved Marvel since I was a kid but I see DC comics are beating us out in these movies. to many stars want to see their faces this is why they don't want to make the masks work. We fell in love with the characters with the mask not the characters behind the mask. Batman worked maybe because they had great writers and producers. RIP Ledger…..

    • gkt says:

      Agreed, but he's still Bruce Banner – so like a neanderthal version of Bruce Banner would be the right look, wouldn't it?

    • brettghampton says:

      "…I see DC comics beating us out in these movies." Really? Marvel's put out two "Iron Man" movies, "Thor," and now "Captain America: The First Avenger." In addition, "X-Men: First Class" was a solid box office hit. All three "Spider-Man" movies did incredible box office. DC had "The Dark Knight," true. It also had "Jonah Hex," "The Losers," and "Green Lantern." So, which publisher's had more consistent success with film adaptations?

  13. Tony says:

    DC comics beating Marvel in these movies? Oh you mean like how Green Lantern totally trashed the recent Marvel movies like Thor, X-Men first class and Cpt America? The only thing DC's got going for them right now is the TDKR.

  14. bill says:

    leave the hulk as the same as when edward norton played him. he looked so dope

  15. Jason says:

    I prefer The Incredible Hulk look more for the reasons many people in favor of it have listed. More facial expression, better construction, and, I'm in the minority, but I actually found the CGI more realistic in the second movie. Even the great Stan of Lee said back in the day that he likes the Hulk looking more like a handsome monster

  16. oscar de jesus says:

    kevin feige have you even seen the hulk or the incredible hulk both movies had the face of the actor in it, what are you talking about the hulk has been the hulk, dont get it are you saying cause there been 2 movies about the character he has to get old and soft , sir i think you should think about the character and what fans want to see get our opinion, let me tell you the incredible hulk rock thats the hulk that fans wanted too see riped muscular tall thats the way he should be not the way your trying to aproach, also no offence to mark ruffalo but i think the role is to big for him ed norton should had reprize hes role, mark ruffalo is more of a comedy actor not super hero type you guys are making the same mistake like they did with green lantern wrong actor for big role

  17. B. Banner says:

    they should take the 2003 hulk size changing and mass. combine it with the 2008 movie hulks looks. and definitely definitely have ILM do the effects.

    i agree no green ape looking hulk..Hollywood never gets the superhero right. they are all worried about making it "real life like". umm hello Hollywood..comics = fantasy..why stray away from that?

    Green lantern Captain America would have been better if they would have cast different actors to play the characters. you dont get the human torche to play Cap..and you dont get Dead pool to play Green Lantern.
    oh and yes i would have loved to see the x-men in there spandex suits. just like in the comics..that's what the people want..they want the comics to come to real life..not real life coming to the comics!

    • Leslie says:

      I agree. I wished they'd just make the comic book movies based on their original stories. Costumes and all. Comics are imaginary stories and not expected to be logical or real. Bruce Wayne would never think of dressing up as a bat and Superman would have forced the whole world to bow down to him if they were realistic.

      And they'd better stop using the same actors for different superheros. Maybe they don't realize that kids also enjoy superhero movies and might get confused and might think that Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers are the same person. Same universe after all.

    • Batman says:

      No, dude. Just no. Do you how stupid and still those costumes would look in the movies?

  18. Shannon says:

    In my opinion…The first hulk looked awesome and I liked the actors. The story board concept was pretty cool but I hated the story. The second hulk looked like total crap. It was like he was walking around totally flexed all the time which looked stupid. I also didn't like the actors they chose for the second movie, And what was with with ALL emotions affecting Bruce Banner? Its RAGE that changes him into the hulk not just excitement. When did Bruce Banner ever say, "Don't make me horny. You wouldn't like me when Im horny."? I just hope they use ILM again.

  19. gerald ward says:

    i hope the use the type of Effect The Leauge of Extraordinary Gentleman used on Mr.Hyde for the Hulk

  20. James says:

    I'm just surprise that Mark Ruffalo will be the Hulk this is REALLY A BIG MISTAKE! He don't fit for the role. Eric Bana is the actor really fits the role of The Hulk!!!

  21. Marlon says:

    By the way TDKR is not the only film DC has for the near future. The reboot of Superman is also due out next year. If this is done well, Im sure the rest of the league will follow eg. The Flash, wonder woman,and Green Arrow. l also agree that Green Lantern sucked like rotten eggs, but thats just one movie compared to loads of garbage Marvel has thrown at us. Apart from X-men First class, The X-men movies were awful, and dont get me started on Viny Jones as Juggernaut. Anyways As for Chris Evans as Captain America…..I cant bare to look at him. He's wearing the colours but dosnt have the Captain America feel about him. Can anyone relate to this?

  22. shawn says:

    OK THIS IS STUPID ALL READY!!! The Hulk is his own entity exsisting inside Banner only coming out only when his temper goes to hell. Point is, is that the Hulk doesn't suffers from the human condition so why impose them on a non human thing that exsists inside Banner? Banner may change physically but the Hulk doesn't so screw with the Hulks physical appearance and your going to lose at the box office, I thought you guys knew what you were doing


  23. Dudeman says:

    The Hulk is the strongest Marvel character Stan Lee ever pooped out. His power unmatched by anyone. Why does he have to be made all old looking? When he transforms into the hulk, does he run around in an adult diaper? Are they trying to make him weaker so he levels with the other avengers? Thats stupid. Sometimes i wish they never made movies with superheroes so i wouldnt complain so much. I swear, these people do this just to be annoying. But thats just my opinion.

    • TheRightGuy says:

      I agree with u Dudeman the Hulk should stay the same so that he isn't going to be so much the same as the others. He should be the same Hulk as the other hulk in the other Hulk movies

    • John says:

      God forbid there be any realism (aging) in these ridiculous, farfetched comic book characters. I mean why have any connection to reality at all? I guess because children can't grasp the fact that they will get old and die one day — if they're lucky, that is.

  24. jdub says:

    so whats next the hulks gonna have a beer belly…with a walking cane

  25. Jonathan says:

    @Dudeman, I agree. I predict they will make him about as strong as Captain America which is just plain old ridiculous

    • Kyle says:

      Gah, I hope they don't level him down. One of my favorite scenes all time that features the Hulk is when he's trying to lift up Thor's Hammer. Thor, seeing this, starts to taunt Hulk, since no mere mortal can lift Mjolnir, which just pisses Hulk off, and with his rage, he manages to lift the Mjolnir and throw it back at Thor. That scene just shows how powerful Hulk is, and I couldn't bare to see a Hulk only as strong as Captain America

      • Mike says:

        Captain can wield Mjolnir. Mjolnir lets him. Also it wasn't Hulk's rage that let him lift it, that was Mjolnir's way of telling Thor "don't get cocky."

  26. SgtRock1775 says:

    The 2003 Hulk looked pretty good, but he could have been more ripped. BUT it would be nice if the people that make these movies would be comic book enthusiasts or at least read the comics to get a good idea of how the character is supposed to look, act, and also know what powers the character has. The script and format of the first movie sucked and the CGI from the second movie was all over the place.
    The Hulk in 2003 had the powers right. The Hulk gets stronger the more pissed off that he gets. Can jump a few miles into the air. He does not get bigger as he gets madder! Crap, he looked well over 15' tall in some seens. That's just stupid! He also should have been more cut. The one thing that I will say about Ang Lee's Hulk is that he looked the same in every scene.

  27. SgtRock1775 says:

    The 2008 Hulk looked great in some scenes and he looked like crap in most other scenes. What happened? Did the CGI artists keep dying off?? It looked like five different people worked on his look in different scenes from the movie. At least in the first movie there was consistency. When the Hulk crawled out of the street and then was running to meet the Abomination, he looked awesome. When he was tearing the police car apart, he looked like crap!

  28. SgtRock1775 says:

    In the first movie, I believe they used bodybuilders Lee Priest and Gunther Schlierkamp to model the Hulk on. Not only did the 2008 Hulk's face look different from scene to scene, but the shape and size of his muscles looked toatlly different in diffrent scenes. When he's tearing apart the police car , the Hulk looked like he had gone on a starvation diet for a couple months when he had looked absolutely awesome only moments before when he was running to meet the Abomination. No one else noticed this? The Hulk's physique looked like that of an augmented bodybuilder in the two scenes that I mentioned. Huge, but proportionate and the muscles looked as they should. Remember the scene where he's looking down at Blonsky? Where Blonsky is asking him "Is that all you've got?"? The Hulk's chest muscles looked odd and ridiculous. I also wasn't aware that the Hulk could change from green to grey to green and back to grey.

  29. SgtRock1775 says:

    One last thing: the Abomination is slightly stronger than the Hulk, when the Hulk is calm. The Hulk gets exponentially stronger, the madder he gets. They are a close match at first, but the Hulk cleans the Abomination's clock when he gets pissed. Guys, if you're going to make a super hero movie, don't make these stupid mistakes and maybe it would be a good idea to hire some of the GOOD artists at marvel as technical advisor, so they can steer you away from stupid ideas like softening the Hulk up because the actor, that's playing Bruce Banner, isn't as lean as he was 10 years. By the way, the Hulk's face in the release for The Avengers looks like $#it!!!

  30. Dahc says:

    I'm really afraid that Hulk won't be done justice in the Avengers. First I don't mind the new face, if anyone really follows comics and the Hulk, Hulk can look like a wild animal in the face. What do u all want? Clarke Gabel? It just depends on the series, artist, or graphic novel. Don't put so much hair on his head and Why age him Marvel? Hulk is Hulk. Sounds like you all want to have him use a cane, have a big gut carrying around a box of doughnuts. Why take away his muscles? 9 ft tall, really don't agree with that either. Hulk should be at least 12 ft with a massive wide-bodied muscular frame. In the comics, Hulk picks people up with one hand almost wrapped around a persons entire waist line!!!!! Although I have noticed variations with his size in the comics at times. When Hulk was in Tibet, he was massive as h!$&!. The Tibet women looked like little girls around him lol! Now that's the Hulk I know. Then when Logan came to fight him, he looked like a little boy even though Logan is little anyway. I was already upset that Pym won't be in the movie. Hulk may be a little smaller than Ed Norton Hulk? Wahh??? Are you kidding me??? I'm just so afraid of being let down with a comic movie of epic proportions when it comes to the Hulk. If he will not be the crazy powerful massive grayish monster from the comics, then maybe don't have him in the movie at all. But hey Marvel, you have the cash and when the movie comes out, I will be there! But just my opinions.

    • ccontraction says:

      Let me basically give you the heights of some main characters in Marvel: Hulk 7.5 Thor 6.8 Sub Mar 6.4 Spider Man 5.11…The Hulk is not a 12 ft giant which makes him look like a cartoon character..Does anyone know how tall 7.5 is or even 8 ft?..This is the height he is and should be to look realistic.

      • joey says:

        i agree with Dahc!! Hulk being small like 7.5 is dum!!hulk is a power house!! Like king kong he is not bat man or spider man!! A monster not a human!!hulk should be 9 ft at the least!!and very muscular!!! He is the Hulk for cry sakes!!!the strongest baddest monter in Marvel!! 7.5 feet tall is stupid!!! So Shaquiille o neil!!! Is as big as the Hulk!!! Thats nonse so whats Next Shaquille o neil is suppose to jump Higher!!!lol

  31. ~Enigma~ says:

    Ruflo will be an alright hulk, and I will enjoy the movie reguardless… but on the topic of hulks… Norton made a great “Dr.Banner” and his acting was awsom showing the weakness of Banner. Banna made a great tormented “Bruce Banner”. His acting showed a dreat deal of internal toil. Both were great actors and I enjoyed both movies. I liked the 2nd movie for its story, but I liked Banna’s hulk and Bruce better. I also enjoyed how that movie used “story board” comic transitions… it felt more comic like. I would like to see more heros cross over in other films… like hulk and spiderman, or spidey and xmen, or spderman and avengers… or even a mini series of “planet of the symbiotes” wich had spidey, venom, carnage, and one (or both… can’t remember) of the colones spideys.

  32. David says:

    The problem with the Hulk films to date is that they show too much of the transformations and there is no way the CGI does them justice. I remember watching the Hulk TV show as a kid and being afraid of the transformation scene from the first movie because they showed only parts of the Hulk changing and not the whole. When they showed the full scenes of both Eric Bana and Ed Norton changing it seemed more like they oozed into the Hulk than it was a painful transformation. If they really want some inspiration they should look at the American Werewolf in London. Now that was a painful transformation.

  33. TheRightGuy says:

    Hulk should stay the same because that was the key that made people want to watch the movie. Making him less muscular and rip will sort of get people asking why he is in it if he is going to change to much. Marvel should keep the hulk the same so that it gives the movie the same twist of being a early good movie. Hulk is Hulk and Marvel should keep the same Bruce Banner as the other two movies or it will ruin it and the movie won't be as good as the other Marvel movies and it will just fail like some of the other movie company movies that went from good at first but when they changed the characters or the main characters the movie went to a complete fail

  34. William says:

    That looks like an elderly hulk to me. Less muscular? Shorter? What is this guy talking about? Ang Lee got the body and the green color right and Louis L. got the face right. Just combine the two for crisssakes. The hulk should be 12ft tall and super thick imo. The strongest one there is? LOL. Quite dissapointing.

  35. ccontraction says:

    The Hulk is what will make or break this movie. They have done a horrible job on the movies and the look of the Hulk. Hulk is 7.5 ft tall not 15 or 12 or 9ft. He is not a giant or King Kong running around. The first movie he is a doe boy. The 2nd he is muscular but more slender. Hulk is a powerful, blocky slab of granite muscle, attitude, and rage in which only Betty can calm him down. Also if he cannot talk and have a small sense of reasoning skills to denote whether he trust you or not, the character is destroyed like it has been. I hope these people get it right. I do not know why they cannot get his character and look character. It is just the mark of arrogance and truly not knowing the character.

  36. john says:

    am i the only one who thinks the guy who is playing hulk in this movie looks like his 50 yrs old

  37. MiMi says:

    I'm disturbed by the terrible spelling and grammar of most of the posters here. Just had to say that. As for the Hulk, it never made sense to me how different Banner and Hulk looked in the face. It's the same guy. He just turns into a huge, green monster. I'd much prefer to be able to CLEARLY see the actor's face on Hulk. An exaggerated version, but the same face.

  38. Trav says:

    i think who said they are going to make the hulk seem older to match the rest of the teams strength is right. This movie has a bunch of super heros in it and it would be to simple to just allow the hulk to go ape shit because we all know he would kill anything in his way. I like that they are using him but i feel like there going to undersell his strength and there going to make him look like a bitch i hope i'm wrong

  39. HULK says:


  40. George says:

    I liked the first two movies the first one got alittle weired towards the end

    the second movie was a definate improvments

    better script better actors better effects.

    they really should have stuck to the way the hulk looked in second film…

    the idea that the hulk would age like a regular human would is way off.

    banners physiology has been drastically altered….the fact is even regular humans

    who carry alot of muscle tend to age at a slower rate than everyone else so why wouldn’t the hulk ????

    no the definately should not make gim look like hes aged at all that would be both stupid and short sighted.

    mark ruffulo is a great actor and they should make the hulks face look like his

    but the should not make the hulk smaller and less muscular if anything he should be more muscular he is the hulk after all so they should not try to humanize him too much.

    also how are the other avengers going to work with him he is after all a single minded rage machine trying to control the hulk would be like trying to stop a land slide or an earthquake…

  41. the mighty says:

    One word THOR! That is how he will be controled.

  42. Allan says:

    First of all….we are all complaining like if Marvel is going to acknowledge what we are writing and input our advice and opinions into this flick…Hulk is the most interesting character in this group they putting together..who cares what actor is playing Banner, this is a dr jackel and mr hyde thing.Banner is suppose to be this scrawny intelligent man,not handosme,not charming,not a hero…Hulk on the other hand is a powerhouse,still ugly as sin,built…7ft tall,1000lbs…1000 lbs of muscle is a lot to incorporate, it isn’t fat…he SHOULD be big and the strongest in this movie,hell,they have comics of the Avengers all against Hulk and them getting their asses handed to them!..so I truly don’t know how this will turn out…

  43. Captain Marvel says:

    This going back to a classic look as you all can see by the reaction of many fans is completely wrong the hulk is no longer depicted with the caveman neanderthal look even in Marvel comics today tjwt look was abandoned because it looks dated making the Hulk look like aged when this movie has all new young looking actors even downey looks younger than the Hulk and the midern present day Marvel Hulk looks evety bit like the version in " The Incredible Hulk film with Edward Norton the Animaton Muscslature shading and pourous skin surface looked ..well Incredible and is what the midern day comic sns movie fans want to see you …Fiege Marvel doesnt use this look anymore for a reason it .makes the character look dated and with less muscular definition he will look computer animated and not realistic you are way out of touch with fans and the public eye this movie will tank go with the recent movie "The Incredible Hulk" second movie is modern day Hulk done right put that Kirby Hulk to rest no one draws him that way anymore and no one wants that dated look back thats why midern day Thor looks same in comics and the movie which was Marvels biggest new hit they did not go back to Kirbys Thor rendition because it wouldnt have worked fix this decison use the previous popular The Incredible Hulk look …it made money because fans loved how he looked and scale his strength to the limitless boundaries as in World War Hulk to the awe into fans at just the massive power and destruction on city wide scales he is capable of its why Marvel readers still love the Hulk today even more so now

  44. THE SAGE says:

    I really hope they get it right this time, because I and many fans just aren't gonna deal with a third Hulk screw-up. I'm ready for the Kirby version of him.


  45. MarcoVelasquez says:

    Marvel doesn't want Edward Norton to make the Avengers' script better, like it happened in 'The Incredible Hulk'. Watch their ego explode.

  46. jason says:

    Guys I love all the comics but the movies aren’t the comics. Know what? That’s ok, its the story that gets told, same characters but different, big deal.

    Comic, cartoon & live action won’t be the same. The movies are made for the masses, not for comic geeks. (I’m one too.) Its fine if things change, take each medium as its on & nothing more.

    Hell how many story lines have we already read about each character? Which one really counts? Point is we enjoy it & that’s really all that will matter.

  47. hulksmasher says:

    at this point anything will be better than a size changing baby face hulk, or super sinew muscled anorexic looking hulk. I think the big brow classic Frankenstein styled hulk was best anyway and that is what it looks like they will be doing

  48. michael ring says:

    i dont understand why the hulk wont be "cut" in this??? the hulk gets madder, stronger, why wouldent he be cut??? cmon now!!! it just doesnt make sense to me

  49. Hulk fan says:

    Marvel should learn from the fans and deliver acordingly. I can see them making him 9 ft tall for effect as that will show better in the movies. As for having the actors face in the hulk, If done right then I'm ok with it. But, do not decrease muscle density or rippedness. they could make him even more blocky and solid actually. As time goes on, he became stronger anyways as well as when he gets angry. One thing that should be deplicted in any hulk movie is that after people see it, even those who do not know the hulk, is that this is the strongest creature they have ever seen in any movie. Any horror, super hero, sience fiction or what ever, they have witnessed the strongest creature ever.

  50. joey says:

    Kevin Feige! !If you made the Hulk really look like this piece of Crap!! You know what Joey is going to do with your Old less ripped monkey looking puny hulk!! Ima shine it up Real Nice Turn it side ways and stick it up your candy ass!!!!!

  51. Bman says:

    What the hell. Making a weaker hulk form only sucks out the fun of watching his muscles ripple when he smashes his enemies to shreds!!! I vote, SUPER MUSCULAR HULK!!!

  52. HULK FAN says:


  53. William says:

    I just love the Hulk character in all the movies. I just hope the writers allow the Hulk to be the Hulk, which is a "weapon of Mass Destruction!"

  54. Dexteralan says:

    I second with most comments of hulk should be like Norton hulk. I was hoping they’d stick with that one no matter who’s playing Banner. The ending of Incredible Hulk showed he gained control. That showed confidence. So he should look confident. Not like some dumb brute that so happened to know what side to be on. This is an insult to Hulk fans. Sounds like KF making excuses. Hulk is not just Hulk. And he should represent Marvel in ways fans will respect.

  55. Deudad says:

    I don’t understand why Hulk doesn’t talk. I agree with a previous poster that conversation helps to develop the character. Hulk’s dialog, although simple, details his character. The tv show didn’t make for a three-dimensional character of Hulk. He has to say some of his defining lines: Hulk is the strongest one there is. Puny humans. Hulk hates puny humans and their puny guns. Hulk smash. Etc.

    He needs to have dialog to show he isn’t just a monster but a guy with a big heart. We can then really root for him.

  56. hulkipedia says:

    ILM does the best creatures, and the best Hulk. That's all.

  57. jacob says:

    The hulk in the 2003 film starring eric bana was the best and most awesome looking and very,very powerful.At 15ft.tall or more the hulk is very intimidating and imposing and you can believe he is unstoppable.A 9ft.tall hulk isn`t as spectacular or awe-inspiring.I don`t know why they are making the hulk look like an ugly ape or ugly monster in the avengers.The hulk 2003 had great special effects and actors,but the story sucked and was boring and depressing.The idea about his mad scientist father creating a genetic alteration in his son`s body and helping him become the hulk was good,but killing his wife and all the boring drama that came afterward instead of a great exciting action adventure film sucked.

  58. Miguel Vilanova says:

    please, i am begging, contact the directors and producers because i assure you that many fans will be dissapointed with the new look of hulk. they need to stick with the look of the incredible hulk. please i speak for all the superhero fans, dont make hulk look like this. also i know that its obviously too late to change actors but honestly, they should have kept Edward Norton, he is a way better actor.

  59. ShmeevsHulk says:

    They are making the Hulk look like crap so he doesn't outshine the other actors in the movie so its not Hulk and friends. They will probably make him weaker, dumber and uglier than any version so far.

  60. Hector says:

    Hulk should fit his profile strong ripped and tall. Stupid directors always want to change what they want. Give the fans the HULK


  61. mo BARNES says:

    OK. The hulk doesn’t age like the other Marvel characters because the gamma rays radically changed Banner’s physical make up. 2008 hulk movie was the best version ever.Smaller and older looking? It’s apparent that the director hasn’t read one hulk comic in his entire life!

  62. Justin says:

    well they ruined the hulk

  63. locolowlowco says:

    I like how they put ruffalo's face in the hulk thats awesome, however the body is less to be desired, imo Norton hulk's body was the best and they shouldve stayed with that one, this hulk body just looks like a a green shaven wolfman

  64. fred brooks says:

    make the hulk only 9"tall?really?..he is 15" tall at his maddest and yeah the madder he gets the stronger he gets and weighs almost 2 tons,he would dwarf the other avergers,hell 3 or 4 could hide behind him lol

  65. Louis says:

    The Incredible Hulk is just that, "INCREDIBLE"!! He uprooted a mountain and threw it at somebody in the comic books. They drastically underestimate his strength and durability. Hulk has no limit to his strength, and is literally indestructible. The last movie had Abomination stronger than the hulk. In the comic books Abomination is nothing more than an aggravation for Hulk. If they really wanted to make a cool movie with Hulk, they would have enemies like Fin Fang Foom(not sure how to spell it) or make a movie covering "World War Hulk", where he defeats all earths superheroes and has a final showdown with Sentry(Marvel's version of superman, but no weaknesses). BTW…Hulk won.

  66. G.E.N. says:

    People, we are talking about comic books we read as children and as young adults. I sometimes will pick up a few for my grandson and let him read it to me or visa versa.

    But remember these are comic books movies. Reality check people.

  67. G.E.N. says:

    Now if they made Planet Hulk and World War Hulk as written, with all the violence and moral lessons…THAT WOULD BE A FRANCHISE WORTH WATCHING.

    • tiffany says:

      I loved eric bana and the first hulk it was awsome he is the cutiest hulk real sexy its bullshit thay want to change the hulk iam pissed thay should have left good old mark in chick flecks he is a good actore but i love eric bana he is the best one ever and he will be the only hulk in my heart love u eric bana

  68. antibanA says:

    At least Eric Bana isn’t in it.

  69. Chuck says:

    What I don't like about the Avenger's movie new design of their Hulk is that he is less ripped and looks more soft. There is a reason why he is called the "Hulk", height should be of course 9 foot, weight 1500, and he should look intimating, ripped, and scary! I agree with the color which is olive green looking color which is much better then the dark green. Face wise yes there should be lil bit of the actor's features but not too much. Hulk should be a raging beast of a man, have a body like a linebacker than body builder cause he runs fast and jumps very high. They should of kept his long hair design from the second "Hulk" movie as well.

  70. Sam says:

    Ah yes, the new hulk drama. Well we can’t stop the beast known as producer who approve and deny so much of these movies. The real hulk comic fans will know the truth, and this new film isn’t just about the hulk. Although he is a show stopper. Like many of you, I also thought that Norton couldn’t be topped, but Ruffalo deserves a shot as banner. And 2008 hulk is the best to date. Should there be a 4th installment of the franchise we the fans should be heard and decided what we want to see. Like when he tore wolverine in half, or such!

  71. shane says:

    i wish you kept him as cut and ripped as he was in the incredible hulk."His muscles won’t be quite as cut. We figure he’s been the Hulk now for a few years and [his physique is changing]. He’s not as cut or as ripped as he was in “The Incredible Hulk.”" this makes it sound as if he is aging rapidly even though its only been 4 years since the last hulk. i dont want to see my favourite super heroes to getting old on the big screen. these heroes have been around for years and to start changing the way they look now is ridiculous. you have officially ruined the hulk for me. thanks for nothing

  72. @diwi28 says:

    I saw the avengers today in Cologne. Hulk was fantastic. The first time I like the character.

  73. stephen says:

    to bad they are getting rid of one of the best actors in his generation. Ed nort not playing the role makes me not even want to go see it.

  74. Canela says:

    Best Hulk to date I hope they keep him well done, he has character absolute best choice.

  75. Shawn Tighe says:

    What a let down from Marvel, might as well call it a Disney movie, The new design for the Hulk compared to the first HULK Movies, they just made him look like a big Dork, I figured they would do something like this when they change directors, Capt America looks like he got his costume at K-mart,
    when they start changeing original actors for the roles, and doing changes to designs that you can't improve on the end results are what we got here a joke.

  76. Richard says:

    Actually, I like the look of the Hulk from the second movie, wished he would have been in Marvel Avendures, with the new personality that the third Hulk has.

  77. Steve says:

    The Hulk from "The Incredible Hulk" movie was the best. He was AWESOME. The Avengers Hulk was too ape like. I loved "The Incredible Hulk" Hulk proportions, musculature, and model. He was ripped. his muscles had muscles.

  78. Philip says:

    The concept behind using an actors face for the Hulk in this New Avengers movie is wrong. The physique is also bad, he look over weight and old, the Hulk is supposed to look ripped but not too ripped, making it look a bit human like, atleast getting the balance between him flexing his muscle, when he is charging angrily, and relaxed when he isn't charging. Another thing that is forgotten is that the Hulk and Bruce Banner, are two different personalities and therefore must not try and mix them together e.g facial look or expression, the two are different personalities, the Hulk is his own entity which lives in Banner and therefore comes out when Banner gets angry. And again the colour should be more green but not too green, it is all about getting the balance right, and the Hulk should be more intelligent like in the comics, better communication skill even though in a childlike manner.

  79. Cdavid says:

    The hulk is only 7′ and weighs 1,040lbs this look Is terrible. 10′? Lol. All of them had his height wrong. Ang lee made him like 15ft tall. The next one he was around 9-10 which is still wrong. I think these directors and writers need to read the comics and see what he actually looks like. He ages super slow. He can possibly live forever. It was shown in The incredible hulk:the end. The movie might be well written but not everyone looks the part except Robert Downey Jr.

  80. ed says:

    norton doesn't even want to play the hulk, thats good cuz both movies sucked, avengers hulk is the best i've ever seen, from banner to hulk they nailed it, Mark Ruffalo is the man for the job, and i think he's signed a six movie deal to be the hulk. I can't wait! Hulk was hulk in the avengers, just the way he should be, i don't want to see all this drama about a love interest or his dad, just hulk doing what he does best.

  81. jayman says:

    I liked the incredible hulk look better, the made him act gorrilla like and hairy in the avengers.

  82. Brock says:

    They need to stick with one hulk and that should be noton

  83. Rodney Ballard Sr says:

    The 2nd hulk with norton was more vicious and cut, the way he should be, with ruffalo hulk looks more human-bad ass!! I like the 2nd hulk better!!

  84. coconutz says:

    If you've ever read the original hulk comics, the best visual choice to play the part of bruce banner would be Stephen Colbert, glasses and all. The digital hulk in the avengers is a much better interperatation than the previous versions. The only problem I had with the avenger's hulk, is that he should have smiled and grunted "hmmph, puny god" and then exited the stark building by jumping through the wall, instead of just saying "puny god" and strutting away.

  85. starzz13 says:

    so mark ruffalo hulk and ed norton hulk have the same background story but they just chose mark to play hulk in avengers instead of ed? am i getting this right?

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