‘The Avengers’ trailer: Marvel superheroes unite

Oct. 11, 2011 | 9:27 a.m.
avengerstrailer The Avengers trailer: Marvel superheroes unite

A screen capture from "The Avengers" trailer. (Marvel Studios)

“The Avengers” movie trailer was released Tuesday morning, and the two-minute peek into the Marvel Studios movie promises explosions, fight scenes and Tony Stark’s trademark sass.

The much-anticipated film, directed by “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator Joss Whedon and scheduled for a May 4, 2012, release, unites the Marvel superheroes that have been separately dominating the box office since “Iron Man” in 2008. The trailer shows Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) telling the team why they’ve been — er — assembled, the heroes checking out their digs at what we can assume is S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters, and “Thor” villain Loki (Tom Hiddleston) misbehaving again, all to the soundtrack of Nine Inch Nails’ “We’re In This Together.”

“The Avengers” stars Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and a slate of other Marvel movie alumni and newbies.

“I really feel like a fan in all of this because I’ve seen all these individual characters come to life,” Hemsworth told Hero Complex in May. “Now to throw them together, you feel like a kid in a way, there’s really a giddy feeling. I’m looking forward to being in a room with not just those actors but those characters, these larger-than-life characters, and seeing how that turns out. I want to see how Captain America and Thor and Iron Man react to one another.”

Whedon praised the cast during Comic-Con, saying the actors, and the characters they play, “mesh really well.”

“These actors have a great time playing against each other, and they are, as a troupe, actually a much better team than the Avengers are,” the director said.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

— Noelene Clark


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82 Responses to ‘The Avengers’ trailer: Marvel superheroes unite

  1. Josh says:

    Did anyone notice something weird in the trailer?

  2. Neuralburn says:

    Every movie the Hulk has been in since Lou retired it has gone to crap. I hope he has as little screen time as possible – nobody likes him.

  3. Wqasz says:

    Right On!!!

  4. Hugo says:

    Looks like fun

  5. Veronica says:

    I have enjoyed most of the Avengers movies introducing each character and giving them a backstory and personality. But – and not to sound combative, but just genuinely kind of sad – I sure wish a minority character like Nick Fury or Black Widow had been worthy of their own movie. I understand that Nick may not have warranted one if he’s supposed to remain this mysterious character and all, but is Black Widow really the only female Avenger? We couldn’t get a movie about her background? Or did I miss a movie in this vein somewhere along the line?

    Maybe I’m just frustrated that despite her obvious popularity after so many decades, we still can’t get a Wonder Woman movie, but male superheroes less known than she is in popular culture are a dime a dozen. I mean – honestly?

    • Glenn says:

      Wonder Woman is a DC character.

    • bob says:

      as i grew up in the 60's, i read a whole bunch of comics. nick fury was originally "sgt. fury and his howling commando's". then after world war 2
      (in the comics), they morphed into SHIELD. hopefully there WILL be a movie about nick fury/SHIELD, that meshes with the rest of the avengers history.

    • Ethan says:

      I agree. After a multitude if Superman and Batman movies we haven't seen a sing Wonder Woman film. Add to that the fact that she had a moderately successful tv show, one would think some Hollywood execs might see a profit potential. For goodness sakes, they even made Green Lantern!

    • Mariel says:

      I agree they should have made a movie of the black widow

    • arcady says:

      There are several other women Avengers who would have made ideal candidates. Scarlet Witch probably chief among them – though her 'powers' might be too much for non-comic book fans.

      She-hulk has been another major Avenger – but again people would look at her and then at Hulk and wonder why we needed 2 of them; despite them being so different in the source material.

      Tigra would have been my bet. Who doesn't go in for a catgirl? You'd have the male fans lining up to see her in action, and the women having fun with such a vibrant in-the-trenches scrapper.
      – And she's had enough of her own comics over the years that she'd have been easy to pull together a solo movie for. But if you didn't grow up reading them you'd have probably never heard of her.

      And there's the rub… While everyone knows Wonder Woman and Supergirl; DC's female lead super heroes. The only women known by the general public from Marvel tend to be 'The Invisible Woman' of Fantastic Four and 'sometimes' Jean Grey of X-Men or Storm. 2 of those have usually been semi-enemies of the Avengers for being 'underground' anti-system heroes.
      – And none of the 3 are 'brand names' in the way DC's women leads can be.

      Sadly DC's record of superhero moves has been more mixed of late, while Marvel has only had a few flops (most of them starring a green guy…), but has had successes able to overcome its flops.

    • Superfreak says:

      Wonder Woman is a popular character? In what universe is this true?

    • HollowBarista says:

      Sadly hardly none of the female heroes are familiar enough to the general public of the planet.

      It’s only the real comic book nerds who now who Scarlet Witch is.

      Even Elektra showed that. females are nice supporting cast but as a main character they are not yet in the spotlight enough.

      Black Widow however, might get her own movie after the Avenger flick. If she has aquired enough fanbase trough it. Just as Elektra got own movie trough Daredevil.

  6. brad says:

    im not impressed by the trailer. im guessing robert downey jr will be carrying the funny parts and samuel l jackson will be kicking the most ass. i hope the movie doesnt suck but as of right now im not seeing much hope for it

  7. npg says:

    but, but, where's Mrs. Peel?

  8. brettghampton says:

    Veronica – how big do you want the cast to get? They have to squeeze 7 heroes into a movie running from 90 minutes to two hours. Or are you suggesting that one of the men in this film should have been swapped out for a woman? As for why a Wonder Woman movie can't get made, it's predominantly because no one is willing to just write and direct a straight "WW" storyline that stays true to the original stories, for fear it will be perceived as "corny" or "too comicbook"-y.

    • aneesh says:

      whedon wnated to do that with cobie smulders but warner bros kept on disagreeing, fact is whedon knows what he does and with this i hope he can stick it to wb and dc

  9. Chris B. says:

    Looks like a fun blockbuster. Plot looks trite and thin — Avengers save the earth, yawn — but Whedon has the smart-aleck mojo working with the characters as we can see from Downey's scenes. Lots of explosions, as usual, to give the fanboys the 3D FX that they want. Still, all the fire and fury make it look like another Transformers or some other big-budget dreck that Hollywood keeps churning out. Hope there will be some surprises in this movie beyond what the trailer shows. Right now, it looks like kid stuff, and I was expecting more from Whedon and the cast. I suppose it's the curse of a $200 million budget and the pressure on the filmmakers to deliver a monster opening weekend … Joss still has time to pull this out.

  10. Whatever says:

    Exploding cars! And lots of 'em! Something we haven't all seen 1,000,000 times before!

    Is it possible for a Hollywood action movie not to have exploding cars? Didn't think so. I mean, what's the point of super heroes or aliens or both if cars don't explode in large quantities?

  11. Rico Bach says:

    Wow… that row of taxi cabs never had a chance. Twice. If only I hadn't seen that played-out sequence in nearly every action/disaster movie of the last 15 years. This looks dreadful.

    • Lovit says:

      I dont c u making any movies

    • bobmann says:

      I agree with you; this trailer was quite underwhelming.
      There was nothing that made it stand out other than the fact that all of the superheroes are together.
      People aren't able to judge the trailer's quality because they're too caught up with the fact that all of their favorite superheroes are together in one film.

  12. Elanor says:

    I seriously can't wait for 2012

  13. shelleypowers says:

    What we really have is several people who have been the stars of their previous movies, being brought together to work on one movie–and we've heard not a peep of back stabbing conflict. If nothing else, this deserves a little awestruck respect.

  14. Meow says:

    I miss Edward Nortan…

  15. Robert says:

    Where is Vision and Scarlet Witch? :-) Seeing them would be worth the price of ticket.

  16. Meow says:

    haha, shows how big a fan I really am.

  17. hank says:

    This is going to be good can't wait to see it.

  18. alex says:

    Avengers rule!!!!!! lol

  19. Pencilhead says:

    Looks very promising!

  20. Val says:

    What happened to doctor PIM the Ant Man and Wasp? Were they not part of the original Avengers. Also, let us not forget the Black Panther. Atleast Hawkeye is there.

  21. Guest says:

    Why do idiots expect action movies to not have action. Who wants to go to a action movie about superheroes and listen to a bunch of dialogue. Screw the academy awards nominations and just show some people in spandex with superpowers saving the world.

  22. BUG says:

    I hope the HULK & THOR have at least a 5-10minute FIGHT!!!!!

    • Koleson says:

      He'll yeah!

    • Superfreak says:

      I hope Thor wins….but the studio may not have the balls to do it logically. The "legion" of Hulk fans (although judging by how poorly Hulk movies rake in the box office and how the comics tend not to sell very well, i kind of doubt their number is as significant as how Marvel tend to believe) may not appreciate it if Thor actually get the win in the movie….So, I'm guessing they will set it up so a character who is obviously a non-threat to the Hulk…saaaaay…HAWKEYE will eventually get the win and tranquilizer arrow the jade giant. You read it here, first!

  23. Kalvin says:

    Lol I can’t decide who’s lamer,,i’d say cap but I like the costume so… Hulk! Lol

    Overall, looks like it’s gonna be iron man 2 1/2 LOL

    I love what he said about the hulk though :)

  24. victimblue says:

    Looks fantastic!

  25. Ben says:

    yet another dark, Nolan influenced superhero movie…

    come on hollywood, stop the cynism, keep it fun!

  26. losfit777 says:

    i love loki

  27. Dr. David Banner says:


  28. anaheimhomeboy says:

    This Movie is Guaranteed to the be the No.1 movie of next summer. My son can't wait.

    It's got all the demos filled

    Fanboys CHECK!
    Kids CHECK!
    Adult males CHECK!

  29. Ed Peterson says:

    numerology for The Avengers (May 4th, 2012):

  30. Tim says:

    I am surprised on how many negative comments there have been about this trailer. Honestly, for only being two minutes a lot of people came to a lot of negative assumptions. Personally, I think that what was most promising is that the cast seems to have a lot of good chemistry and they seem to fit together, which was something I was worried would be impossible. As far as the story line goes, I think it is too early to really tell how it is going to play. Will they save the world? Inevitably. It is a superhero movie.

    • Superfreak says:

      They are just posting those negative comments (more like nit picks,really) because they are all Nolan lovers, trying to downplay the Avengers so it wouldn't surpass the Dark Knight Rises movie. And for the umpteenth time, Norton quit, not Marvel's fault he isn't in here.

  31. Rich says:

    looks awesome!!!

  32. MisterX says:

    Looks dark, sad, and stupid: Hate the music. And Cap w/o a mask? Thor w/o his helmet? Cap firing a machine gun? Bruce Banner with an enormous noggin? WTF? Wise-cracking Robert Downey, Jr. is the one holding up the movie… again. Doesn't look like much fun to me. I'll take George Pérez' run on the Avengers from the late '70s over this dark tale any day of the week. Make Mine Marvel (comics, not these lame movies)! (Like the Black Widow, but her hair has to be longer and body more shapely)…

  33. Guido Merkens says:

    They're making an Avengers movie with Loki as the villain? FAIL…WHERE IS ULTRON?!

  34. Jim Kelly says:

    Ok Why did they use this Name
    The Avengers was Spy TV series Of The 1960s
    ( I Guess a remake of the TV series is Out )

  35. trajansaldana says:

    i just spent the last 10 mins staring at Chris Hemsworth's arm…yum

    The movie's nothing without Robert Downey Jr.

  36. Pistol Pete says:

    Looking foward to seeing the movie. Like all the superheros. Great job keep them comming never boring have all the movies.Big Fan, .

  37. Sull4real says:

    Ok really everyone??? I enjoy all the assumptions of how crapy this movie is going to be. I especially LMFAO about those that bring up The Hulk and how Edward Norton should have played him! Now mind you these are the very same people that were crying because Eric Bana did not come back from the first one. Lol!!! And by the way Mark Rufalo looks more like the original character that played Bruce Banner from the TV series. Obviously this is a very young audience thus far. Shall we just make a bunch of sub par vampire love stories and call it the best movie or trilogy ever made???

  38. Jim says:

    Sorry but Nick Fury isn't really an Avenger. Where are the standard members: Wasp, Giantman, Scarlet Witch, Vision?

  39. ron says:

    Yawn…bring on Bane and the Dark Knight Rises!!! Like someone said..this looks like kids' stuff with no depth at all…

  40. tim says:

    avengers assemble!! lol

  41. manny says:

    they need to put more on the hulk cuz he's the most powerful in that group. Not even superman can tame the hulk. I think green latern should be there too, cuz he has amazing super power like superman and thor. But the hulk, not even a nuclear bomb does anything to him. I think the avengers should have GODZILLA. They'd all be running for their lives! especially with that BAD BREATH that zaps everybody.

  42. Chemp says:


    I am a big Wedon fan, and trust him implicitly, yet the Avengers need to form against a foe "no single hero can withstand".

    They need KANG, and a conquering army from the future.

  43. boomer says:

    hulk is the best comic book hero… you are haters…. and this is gonna be great! im sure ruffalo will be a great banner, and everything else is awesome!!! cant wait till 5/4/12

  44. Ronette Fleming says:

    when is wonder woman will shine ??? It is her time i haven't forgot about her ! when will marvel come out with a comic movie base on wonder woman???

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