‘Thor’: Chris Hemsworth got so muscular his costume wouldn’t fit

March 29, 2011 | 9:27 a.m.

Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman caught up with Chris Hemsworth in Las Vegas for a green-room chat about, well, his muscles. Here’s some video and her backstage dispatch …

When Chris Hemsworth landed his first leading role as the title character in this summer’s “Thor,” the actor wanted to make sure he was prepared. After all, his part in the Kenneth Branagh-directed adaptation of the iconic Marvel comic book will be the Australian native’s first major introduction to American audiences.

“I got the part and immediately started looking at the comic books, and the guy is 500 pounds or something and looks like Schwarzenegger. And I thought, ‘OK, I’m not gonna get to that.’ But I have to get bigger,” Hemsworth said, sitting backstage at the Colosseum in Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace, where about 20 minutes of new “Thor” footage was unveiled at CinemaCon on Monday night.

chris hemsworth isnot small Thor: Chris Hemsworth got so muscular his costume wouldnt fit

"Thor" (Marvel Studios)

But Hemsworth took the training a bit too seriously. “[The filmmakers] kept saying ‘Yeah, get as big as you can, as big as you can.’ And then I came back right before Christmas, just before we started the movie, and had a final sort of camera test and put the costume on and within a couple of minutes, my hands started going numb,” he recalled. “And everyone was like, ‘Yeah, that’s not cool.’ And I started getting pins and needles and you’d touch the skin and the blood wouldn’t return to that area so quick. And I thought, ‘OK, it doesn’t fit.’ ”

The actor’s costume was then altered, and director Branagh instructed Hemsworth to “pull back” on his intense workouts a bit. But in the pieces of the film unveiled to the crowd on Monday, the actor still looked bulked up in a major way.

On Thursday, the actor is being honored as “Male Star of Tomorrow” at CinemaCon. Hemsworth admitted that, with all the hype leading up to the May 6 release, he’s a bit anxious.

“It’s the normal sort of anxiety that you want it to succeed and do well,” he said. “So far, everything is in our favor.” Next up, he’ll be on the set reprising his role in the ensemble super-hero adventure “The Avengers,” due out in 2012. Which means he’s already busy working out, again. “I’d rather do this than sort of put on unhealthy weight. I think that’d be harder to lose and probably be enjoyable putting it on, because you could eat whatever you want. But this is good. I get to stay active and that is my job at the moment, so I can’t complain.”

— Amy Kaufman


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51 Responses to ‘Thor’: Chris Hemsworth got so muscular his costume wouldn’t fit

  1. rocknmovies says:

    Too bad the movie looks awful.

    • Gene says:

      Don't be a hater. The movie looks great.

    • jlb says:

      to bad its not a captioned foreign film huh sissy sissy stuff right . well I for one have only seen the previews and looks pretty god damn good to me.you must have seen the whole movie to say it looks awful.

    • mella says:

      awful? like u've seen the movie 4 weeks ago? lol just went to see it, ITS AWESOME! :D

    • ken says:

      I actually got to preview the movie at a private screening event in Dallas and have to say that is a very typical screen adaptation of a comic book. There will be no academy award winners but overall it was entertaining with good action sequences and costume design.

    • god of thunder says:

      what? haha your wierd, the movie was great!

    • @ch1nish says:


  2. edawg says:

    Awful??? You must be nuts.

  3. Comicpalooza says:

    Rock, don't know what previews you've seen, but we think they've done a good job to capture the look [of a comic book /fantasy mythic world]. We're excited to see it!

  4. Loki says:

    Funny how other actors talk about the acting or story. We're supposed to watch a movie because a guy works out? Kenneth Branagh is supposed to be a serious shakespearean scholar, but as a film maker he's mediocre at best.

    But then again, a movie based on a comic book that draws it's characters from a religion that the Nazi's approved of, probably won't win anyone a best actor prize.

    • MMorse says:

      "But then again, a movie based on a comic book that draws it's characters from a religion that the Nazi's approved of, probably won't win anyone a best actor prize."

      This is a bizarre, utterly nonsensical comment. Anything the Nazis approved of is now tainted? So that includes, say, the medium of film?

      • kevin says:

        The Norse Myths were areounf for centuries before the nazi's. it say that it draws its characters from the nazis is a sign that your an idiot. You have no clue a to the religion the Norse?germanic people followed for centuries and most of your christmas and easter customs comes from the Norse /Germanic prechristian religion.

    • 2cents says:

      The Nazis also believes that 1+1=2. Should we reject that too?

    • jlb says:

      nazi approved? not sure the vikings would like that. the Norse gods were in fact, Germanic peoples, which (your so smart you already knew this ) Iceland,swedes, Danes, Norwegians, yup they all were nazis according to you but not Germany hum how about that.they had( long before Nazis were a thought in anyone's head) a religion that was very close to the viking one but so did EVERY other religion in the world at that time. please do some research before mouthing off lol. and saying what you said with having the name loki make you a never mind you would not understand lol.

  5. Sup fan says:

    I like how they made Asgard look. Mix of science and magic. It should be cool. If its in 3D it should be cool because the hammer getting thrown around will look cool coming at your face. And he should be very bulked up, Thor isn't a small guy. He is 6'6 640lbs. So I dont think he is big enough. But it should be good for us hardcore comic fans.

    • Flimflam says:

      You the reason Thor is 640 lbs is because his molecules are then normal humans…big you are right he is a big guy. I thing when Chris puts the Thor outfit with the boots he should about 6-4 or 6-5…He will you bigger in the Avengers movie because he be taller everyone else by two inches…

  6. Dan Chrisman says:

    There is "NO WAY" he got the big just eating a lot of food and working out. I'd like to know what steroids and the amount of each of those so I can take them and get that "BIG".

    • jlb says:

      not true in less the 3 months being bored in Iraq after a long day of convoys i got up to close to 300 lbs just lifting weights and eating 4 to 5 meals a day. after 4 years i'm still 245 lbs won a few weight lifting competitions and i have never ever taken steroids . lol hell the polish Army guys called me crazy and you know how much they like working out .

    • Flimflam says:

      It is totally possible. If you follow a strict regiment. I am 5-11 and 205 lbs and I have watch my diet to prevent myself from gaining to much weight…If it wasn't for the cardio I would be about 220 lbs.

    • colt says:

      decaduraballnthats how he got so big fyi

  7. AGENT JAY says:


  8. Sean says:

    It doesn't do much for the credibility of an interview when the interviewer sounds gushing and fawning as if she totally wants to jump the actor's bones.

  9. GRKey says:

    I wonder how long it will take for Hemsworth's bodybuilding routine to take off like the 300 workout did. Chris Hemsworth's Thunder God Workout. You too can look like a god!

  10. Those are yours alright! . We least need to get these people stealing images to start blogging! They probably just did a image search and grabbed them. They look good though!

  11. Mark says:

    As for steroids I would say sustanon, dianabol, possibly anadrol (although that comes w/some bloated looking muscles). If he cycled properly, which it looks like he did, it would set him up for a good cutting phase right before the film.

    You are right, it is impossible to put on lean muscle mass. You bulk and then get cut. It is simple biology and calories in and out. Not easy work, but anyone who tells you that you can put on muscle fast and burn fat at the same time is either ignorant or trying to sell you a supplement.

    • jlb says:

      you all have never ever tried butting on true muscle before ANYONE can build up pure car picking up muscle in months it takes 2 to 3 work outs a day lots and lots of food (healthy foods) i also used protein sups but never steroids I was one of very few people in Iraq to leave base with just a t shirt and flack vest on the Iraq people out side of the gates called me Rambo the 249 looked like a pop gun in my arms and never took steroids you desk setters are book smart not mind and body smart lol. i started out at 190 lean muscle in 2 months 280 hard cut muscle and still ran 2 miles in 11 1/2 mins all true facts. in fact now a few of know who i am from this description and can tell these desk setters they dont know crap.

      • james says:

        As a member of the US Army who has spent a considerable amount of time in the deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq, I can tell you that the only folks that eat 4 or 5 times per day are desk setters. For the rest of us that were working in the field, we were losing weight from the heat and working out when we could. Unless you had 15 hours per day to work out, you aren’t going to bulk up. The only guys that bulked up on our limited downtime were the guys that got HGH through the mail from Italy.

  12. Andy says:

    One Word!!
    HGH !!!

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  15. swsws says:

    That's why the real Thor (Kirby's Thor) doesn't wear sleeves. I don't know what's up with this "chainmail BS" but it has to go!

  16. nick says:

    im from nepal and loved 'THOR' wish i could get a hold of those awwwwewwwsummm!!! comic books :)

  17. zie_hemsworth says:

    this movie so AWESOME!!!!!!!!! very love with the actor Chris Hemsworth.. SUPERB!!! I Love U..

  18. Juli MENITTI says:

    Went to the opening at midnight here in Duluth, MN while in town (on tour with Elton John) and LOVED it! Will go back and seeit again!

  19. Juli MENITTI says:

    loved it in 3d!

  20. howlingvenus says:

    I'm not a fan of the comics, but it was such a great movie. Loki was really interesting, and Sif and the Warriors Three were great fun. And of course Chris Hemsworth was unfathomably gorgeous as Thor, who surprised me with what a gentleman he was.

  21. P. Baratta says:

    Some guys are LUCKY and do get big just by heavy workouts and diet. One can see he has that body type. If he'd been a juicehead he'd be a 300+ lbs freak.

  22. SLizarraga says:

    Whatever people-all I know is Chris is now my God of Thunder!! Enjoyed the movie

  23. Jillene Schroeder says:

    Watched the movie and can't wait for the next one!!!! Well done you are the hottest Actor out there!!! Don't let anyone steal your Thunder!!! Obviously you have been training for a very long time and it shows you look amazing hope you get more roles to show off all your hard work in the gym!! Love the Austrialian accent so sexy!!! I'm your #1 fan I will be watching you climb the charts and I know you will be on the cover of the Worlds Sexiest Man Magazine soon my friend, George Clooney is standing to the right… Jillene

  24. Sennin says:

    This movie was amazing. One of my favorite Marvel superhero movies. Natalie Portman was hot and sexy, but maaaan Thor was beautiful. I want a body like that, yo! He got a body that will make ladies scream during ***! I'm a dude, btw. Even so, a real man must admit success, this guy made a perfect Thor body. Kat Denning was hot, too. All aesthetics aside, the characters fulfilled their roles very well. The personalities, the wordings, the script were well-thought out. Loki was my favorite character. You gota see the movie to see why.

  25. Sennin says:

    You know what, Thor was the best character. Let's just leave it at that.

  26. Sennin says:

    Damn but I liked Loki, too. Alright, Thor and Loki were both awesome.

  27. JULANN says:



  28. Fitrya Yunita says:


  29. Roberta says:

    Thor (Chris Helmsworth) looked fabulous he is perfectly built for the part of Thor or any other SUPER HERO

  30. Linda says:

    I want to have Thors baby! Talk about FINE! WHOOOOOO WHEEEEEE! Chris is the perfect male. Oh and the movie was great also:-)

  31. rosane says:

    que homem belo!

  32. FanFella says:

    *checks out pics* Hmm, what do you know, my costume is feeling a little tight now, too.

  33. bodybuilding says:

    Those are yours alright! . We least need to get these people stealing images to start blogging

  34. phil says:

    chris is to small to play the part of thor.my olympia jay cutler would make a much better thor.

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