Tom Felton looks beyond Hogwarts — but ‘wouldn’t say no’ to a return someday

Nov. 28, 2010 | 8:40 a.m.
tom felton1 Tom Felton looks beyond Hogwarts    but wouldnt say no to a return someday

Tom Felton in Los Angeles, November 2010. (Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)

In the first “Harry Potter” film, released nine years ago this month, there’s a signature moment at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with the Sorting Hat ceremony,  in which a magical, sentient hat is placed on the head of each student to place him or her in one of the school’s four houses. In the scene, the hat — which has a face inside the folds of its brown, furrowed peak — hesitates with some students but makes an instant decision when it touches the blond hair of Draco Malfoy, who, clearly, belongs among the sinister ranks of Slytherin.

On a recent blue-sky afternoon in Burbank, the hat and Malfoy were reunited on the Warner Bros. lot. “Oh, I remember this old man,” actor Tom Felton, now 23, said as he picked up the floppy hat that was part of a “Potter” props and costume exhibit for tourists. The London native started to put the hat on and then, with a faraway expression, decided it was best if he just put it back with the other museum pieces. A little later, he said: “We’re all ready to move on. The experience has been amazing, to say the least, but it’s exciting to go on to something new.”

tom felton2 Tom Felton looks beyond Hogwarts    but wouldnt say no to a return someday

Tom Felton in November 2010. (Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)

The opening weekend of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1,” the seventh film in the series, has just pulled in a huge worldwide box-office take of $339 million, and fans already are bemoaning that they must wait until summer for the eighth and final film based on the J.K. Rowling novels about an orphaned boy wizard and his friends. For the young stars of the franchise, Felton among them, these are bittersweet days for a different reason: With principal photography complete, they have graduated from Hogwarts but aren’t sure if the rest of their acting careers can live up to the magic of their youth.

At the moment, no one has more film projects lined up than Felton, who has three movies between now and the end of 2011, not counting the “Potter” finale, and several more rumored.  The month before “The Deathly Hallows — Part 2,” Felton will star opposite James Franco, John Lithgow and Andy Serkis in “Rise of the Apes,” the high-profile Fox revival of the “Planet of the Apes” property that is set in the present and introduces a genetic-engineering premise to the familiar mythology of an Earth gone ape. Felton also has the collegiate sports film “From the Rough” and, next September, “The Apparition,” a sci-fi thriller in which a dangerous campus experiment leads to contact with the afterlife — horrific contact, no surprise.

“It’s a sci-fi thriller with a dash of horror, and we shot it in Berlin,” Felton said of the Todd Lincoln film. “It’s based around the paranormal. Ashley Greene from the ‘Twilight’ films is the lead, and Sebastian Stan is in it. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. My character is the instigator of all the madness, all the experiments, and he’s in search of proof, and, of course, that leads to the downfall of the group. It’s kind of in the tradition of ‘Flatliners,’ but there’s more of a horror element there, and it’s very technological.”

The emphasis on special-effects films and themes of the fantastic are no coincidence. Last summer, Felton became the only “Potter” cast member  ever to appear at Comic-Con International, representing one of the Hogwarts films at the world’s largest pop-culture expo, and in front of a cheering crowd of 6,200, he got a strong reminder that genre work is a way to create a bond with a fervent sector.

hpdh1 07267blog Tom Felton looks beyond Hogwarts    but wouldnt say no to a return someday

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 1." (Warner Bros.)

“I love fans with passion, and I learned from the ‘Potter’ experience what it can be like to be part of something that gets people excited before they’ve even seen it,” Felton said. “It adds a certain pressure — it can turn into a love-and-hate thing too, because people are literally waiting for every screen-shot, every trailer and every new detail. They lean forward, and that’s what you want, that’s the way to lean.”

draco malfoy Tom Felton looks beyond Hogwarts    but wouldnt say no to a return someday

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in earlier days. (Warner Bros.)

At last week’s New York premiere of “Hallows,” Felton was the picture of relaxed confidence as he  spread rumors that his fellow cast members had gotten lightning bolts tattooed on their rear ends as a souvenir of their shared time in the world of wizards. “All good fun,” Felton said, exuding movie-star ease in front of the flashbulb barrage. Afterward, he said he had come to enjoy the celebrity glare that had seared the sensibilities of others his age. “You avoid the hype while you’re working, you have to, but the premiere is the one night of the year where you can enjoy it. … My heart used to race, and I used to worry about falling over or saying something. I’ve learned to enjoy them.”

In the eyes of the “Potter” brain trust, Felton has matured from that sneering bad seed of 2001 to an actor who shows flashes of the cerebral British malevolence of a young Malcolm McDowell. Director David Yates has praised “the shadings” that Felton brought to young Malfoy, a character who got caught up in a swirl of desperation, fear, family pressure and dark legacy as the franchise moved into its later installments. Oscar-nominated screenwriter Steve Kloves, who wrote seven of the eight “Potter” scripts, said Felton left the franchise as one of the sparkling graduates of the magical set.

“Tom has been plying his craft for a very long time and even as a child was a particularly deft actor,” Kloves said. “As Draco transformed over the last two pictures from mere foil to a haunted, multi-dimensional young man, Tom’s skill has only become more evident. … [In the sixth film,] Draco is slowly crumbling from within due to the pressures imposed on him from outside forces of great power. Tom reveals the fissures slowly, so that over the course of the movie the hairline fracture he displays early on becomes, by the conclusion, a shattering of the soul. He’s respectful of the written word and applies his energies to interpretation, with often quiet but thrilling results. He’s a writer’s dream.”

tom felton3 Tom Felton looks beyond Hogwarts    but wouldnt say no to a return someday

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 1." (Warner Bros.)

There are a significant number of “Potter” observers now engaged in career handicapping. Fans are even voting in online polls about which of the younger cast members will move on to bigger things and which will find the post-wizarding spotlight elusive. Emma Watson, who plays Hermione, has her academic pursuits at Brown University and alternatives beyond acting, such as the fashion world that she finds so compelling. Rupert Grint, who portrays Ron Weasley, seems less driven than some of his peers although Kloves and producer David Heyman predict his natural comedic timing and hound-dog charm will carry him far in his on-screen work. Radcliffe, the most intensely focused of the peer group, is turning his attention to the stage with a starring role in the Broadway revival of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and has lined up film work beyond that.

Felton, who shares a home with one his brothers back in England, said he truly admired the younger Radcliffe and had learned much by watching his friend’s dedication to craft. Felton said he marveled at the serendipity that put together a cast of young actors who meshed so well, and he said it was hard to say goodbye to the movie set where they grew up together. “It was a group that were picked, and we got on when we were 11, and we all got on when were 20, and that’s amazing to think about. The families had a lot to do with it, the people that did the casting had a lot to do with it, and then there was luck too.”

At the premiere last week in New York, there were rumors that reshoots needed for some scenes in the eighth film would be bringing the “Potter” stars back for spot duty, and sure enough, on Tuesday, reached by phone, Felton said he would be heading back to Leavesden Studios outside London for some fill-in work. That means getting back into the platinum-blond Malfoy mode, a look that the actor didn’t expect to revisit. The one-day reshoot is a bit of challenge for his schedule, but he said it’s worth it to make the final film perfect. And, he added, he hoped Rowling would someday extend her bookshelf saga so Draco Malfoy — and Tom Felton — could return to the stone corridors of Hogwarts. “It would be amazing. I would not say no, that’s for sure.”

— Geoff Boucher


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55 Responses to Tom Felton looks beyond Hogwarts — but ‘wouldn’t say no’ to a return someday

  1. meee says:

    oh leave your girlfriend for me please!

    • Agness says:

      no! for me :D

      • Jessica says:

        Omg, Puhlease, You girls need to get a life, see him for who he is. An Actor. He is paid to act like he does. Unless you know him in real life, and not what the news and tabloids say about him, you will never fall in love with him. unless you are just looking at him, then Be my guest, and leave the Smart Intelligent guys to me. Thanks

      • Gabby says:

        he's not dumb or mean. he's nice and sweet and caring. but i also agree. u can't think about him ur whole life for him to be with u. that'll get u to die alone and desspretly waitng for him is like waitng to get up when u can do it on ur own.

      • cyanne says:

        true true very true i doh know what girls see in actors

    • Guest says:

      Amen to you.. If only If only , lol

  2. Guest says:

    I don't understand why all these years these actors have not done any major projects outside of Potter. Dan's December Boys was a disaster. Emma didn't make any splash in outside projects on as the Burberry girl. Rupert had minimal recognition for Driving Lessons. Felton's done some projects but none of which picked up in the States. Dan had brief success on Broadway and appears to be his nitch.

    Are they leading men and in Emma's case woman? No. Character actors at best. If Hollywood wanted them, they had 10 years. But I'll say Felton will have the most successful Hollywood career. He'll be a good character actor.

    • Jenny says:

      ^^^^ to be honest harry potter must take up a lot of there time already so they dont really have time to big block buster movies during the making of them, yes they have done minimal stuff on tv but surely when they are finished they can go onto something bigger, they are only young and have their whole lives ahead of them to be in other things. Emma is doing her studies still I believe, tom is starting a singing career… (which is amazing by the way.. love you tom, great singer and guitarist) dan is doing stuff on the stage and I'm positive he will be asked to do other things. I'm not so sure what Rupert is doing… but hey he is amazing and he will have been seen by some great directors who will want to employ him…. so I think your completely wrong, you try doing two movies at the same time, i bet its a real challenge.

      • Tavia says:

        Plus sometimes there contracts stipulate they aren't allowed to do other big films until after the series.

    • guest says:

      Please!! For most of their HP careers they have been CHILDREN! Seriously, how much more did you expect? Being kids, they can only film for so many hours a day, and they still had to go to school. Now that they are older, they can do more things. But don't forget, the HP filming schedule has been pretty tough to work around. I'm actually a bit suprised by how many other projects they have been able to squeeze in! I just pray the media won't pigeonhole these great actors, as they have done to so many other kids. Give them a chance to show us their skills!

      • Jessica says:

        I completely agree with you! The last thing I want to see is another Linsdey Lohan. The only thing I'm a little worried about is these actors have a great skill, and I would hate to see it wasted just because they wouldnt be able to find another job that would be able to show their skill. Their work in the Harry Potter series has been wonderful, but I am waiting to see what potential they have outside this series.

      • shannon says:

        :D you are so right! well said, very well said

    • kat says:

      Hollywood had ten years. Are you serious?? Gee, WHY didn't they play other leading roles in all that time? Umm, maybe because they were KIDS?? Not a lot of leading roles out there for kids, really. Oh, and another little thing: they were spending the majority of every year FILMING HARRY POTTER.

      Yet they still managed to fit other stuff in. Amazing, that. And there are leading roles in line for Radcliffe, now that he's free to pursue them. The other two are taking a break (totally understandable); for many years Watson said she didn't want to pursue acting at all. Whether they proceed to (or are able to pull off) leading roles or not in the future has NOTHING to do with the fact that they haven't yet outside of HP.

      I would think that one blockbuster movie at a time would be enough, really. Especially over a period of ten years. Not many actors can claim such a string of successes, whatever happens in the future.

    • Brandy says:

      Emma went to colleage, and Dan is doing well, Grint is finding rolls to play. Yea i See what you are saying about Felton, he is doing well for himself!! But give the others some pats on the back too. Sure no one has ask them to do rolls but maybe they have during the 10 years but they didnt want to get into anything until the harry potter movies were done!!! Plus they were leading men and woman with the Harry Potter everything!!!

    • shannon says:

      youre WRONG! the reason why they didn't do many other films is because they are young and were kinda busy filming harry potter, remember? besides harry potter was so great they dont need to do anything else to please me :) but they are all such great actors/actresses that i am positive they will find many major roles in other movies :D

    • Jeff Bob says:

      Sounds like a smart assertion, but I disagree. These actors were 10 years old when they started acting, and the HP franchise had to be extremely demanding for them at that age. I can't imagine they wanted to commit much more time to acting. Also, from a strategic marketing perspective I imagine the HP producers expected their main actors to stay away from making other "big" movies for risk reasons.

  3. SteveB says:

    Tom Felton has already starred in an Academy Award nominated movie (Anna and the King) with Jodie Foster and Chow Young Fat. He came to Potter with serious acting experience.

    Emma Watson starred in the voice-over in 'The Tale of Despereaux' which pushed her a head of all other female actors in gross earnings.

    But, everything they do will be anti-climatic compared to Harry Potter. But, like Elijah Wood, there is life after success. Elijah, and I suspect the other Potter actors, will do well in independent film, with an occasional big budget production.

    Dan as an example, is scheduled to do "All Quiet on the Western Front' after his stint on Broadway.

    Whether they can live with less success than the Potter franchise is another matter.

  4. Anton says:

    Emma has turned down an unknown amount of romantic comedies.
    Dan has had great success with Equus, also on Broadway [where he's returning to].
    Martin Scorsese wants to work with Rupert.
    Remember, while shooting the Potter films they probably didn't want to shoot a lot of other stuff, being as young as they are. Also it's not until the later years they actually wants to continue acting. Emma wants to do other stuff too, and is in collage.
    And more important. Remember there is a marked outside the States please.

    • Cee says:

      Yes, I saw Radcliffe in Equus on Broadway and he was stunning, and got rave reviews. That is indeed a "major project" so I don't know what the OP's talking about.

  5. melena says:

    I cant wait to see part one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anna says:

    I thought he looked kinda cute as a kid but now I am pretty creeped out by him.. :(
    Now I will be staring at his face any chance I get :/

  7. rabiarana says:

    tom you are young and very sweettyyyy :) dont sad yourself :):):)

  8. zakuro46 says:

    omg! he looks better in the movies that actually without ofense ._.

  9. Yrrah rettop says:

    Don't commin suicide, mkk? mkk.

  10. Deborah Serpabrandl says:

    I very much admire Mr. Tom Felton. His portrayal of Draco Malfoy showed what a natural Tom is! I look forward to his upcoming endeavors. And I wish him nothing but the very best in life! Slithering are not all bad ~ there is Draco and of course SNAPE!!!


    Good fun ~ lightning bolts tattooed on their bums!

    Not a bad idea actually! Who’s to know ~LOL~


    • Get it right says:

      Um, actually, it's Slytherin's. Not slithering.

    • Ko-Ko says:

      Its Slytherins not slithering. That’s proves you don’t read the books nor do u watch the film because if u did u would know how to properly spell that. If u don’t know anything HP then u really shouldn’t comment. Cause in doing that u just showed ur lack of intelligence.

  11. k-k says:

    its the same is harry potter!! i am the best fan of the world

  12. Pottermom says:

    Hey… where are all the Alan Rickman articles?! Give us some Snape… oh please, oh please, oh please!!!

  13. dawn reilly watkins says:


    • Ko-Ko says:

      Dude! Its not Voltmore! Its Voldemort! If u wanna comment like your a Potter fan then get it right. And none of your speech is makin any sense. And u would know the purpose of why all that happened if you read the books.

  14. Iris says:

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Snape !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. hope says:

    Dracos mom has brown hair WTF :/

  16. Will says:

    Dude take off caps lock and use punctuation please, that whole paragraph was 2 "sentences". haha

  17. cynthia dantas says:

    tom looks so hot!!! ohhh menn he's turned into a men now

  18. cydric says:

    i like most harmoine….she plays magnificent role….

  19. kunal patel says:

    how are you?

  20. Jane says:

    I like Hermoine!!She has such good figure! She is the only one who is as pretty as when younger!

  21. gwendoline says:

    Draco sure knows how to act

  22. Lilian says:

    I like Harmoine,,,,,,,she is the perfect person for her magnificent role. I give it to her!!!

  23. tammy music says:

    i love the harry potter movies and i have them all plus all the books!!!!!!.

  24. rohit jain says:

    i like vole demort . he is such an deadly evil . i never seen that type of buddy.!!

  25. ROHIT says:

    tom you just change your hair style and make some "JAMES BOND" type movies..

  26. Tatiana says:

    Wow, he’s got amazing blue eyes!! ^^ More seriously, I really liked how he portrayed a complex Malfoy in the last two movies!! :)

  27. trudy clark says:

    thank you tom for all the time that you gave to us by staying true to your fans and to the books. you have shown that you are a trooper and you will stay and finsh what you start. that is the true mark of a great acter. i wish you the best and i feel you have to come back some where along in time. back to hogwarts.i mean when you and pansy have little draco's. and, they along with harry's children attend hogwarts, where prof. longbottom is teaching. so see you have to return to the school that's the magic of hogwarts. again thank you for all the magic

  28. a person says:

    he looks sooooo old!!!! and bony

  29. ARMYstrongFANtom12 says:

    Alan Rickman Tom Felton play my favorite characters, and they portray exactly what I picture from the book. SNAPE AND DRACO ARE FREAKIN' AWESOME.

  30. christina says:

    Draco ,Draco,Draco if the book was really i would love to be friend s with draco .
    But saddly (*sniff*sniff*) its not so you will havr to do with tom felton . An AMAZING actor , song writer , and singer ( NOT MANY PEOPLE NEW THAT Hmmmm) . Okay people i may love Tom but sirius-ly (pun in intended _ okay no more bad jokes i promise)
    You dont Know how he is like OUtSIDE of the spotlight So dont say he his Nice and Sweet , dont get me wrong i am sure he is but dont act like you know him .And #2 dont be sooo technical its a comment not a spelling test so be nice to people (including me cause i have horrid spelling) Mistakes happen . Anyway , I am glade they are moving on with there lives , and although i will miss the HARRY POTTER SERIES life goes on .

    Heres a link to the tom felton singing video :

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