TRAILER: New ‘Avatar’ edition has 45 minutes of deleted scenes

Oct. 05, 2010 | 8:01 p.m.


James Cameron has said he wants to compete with George Lucas when it comes to epic-building and, well, he seems to be powerful in the ways of the sales force –  just like the wizard of Skywalker Ranch. “Avatar: Special Edition” hit theaters in August and now here’s a lavish new home-video collection with a lot of extras, including 45 minutes of footage such as a whole new opening sequence on Earth. Check out the trailer:

– Geoff Boucher


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5 Responses to TRAILER: New ‘Avatar’ edition has 45 minutes of deleted scenes

  1. Jake says:

    "James Cameron has said he wants to compete with George Lucas… " by re-releasing his sci-fi film in theaters and selling multiple versions of the same movie on DVD. Sheesh.

  2. Gabriel says:

    so…. I take it there will be a 3-D version, followed by a special edition 3-D edition and then finally an Ultimate edition? come on dude, don't turn into that idiot Lucas.

    • Sooly says:

      “Idiot?” Really? How many millions have you given to improve literacy & childhood educational opportunities? (Cf. )

      How about this: if you don’t want 5 different versions of the Star Wars movies on DVD & Blu-Ray then don’t buy them?

      -J. Sooly(What the market will bear)

  3. Roy Luevano says:

    The blu-ray edition i have now won't playin my player, and it's only 2 yrs old.

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