‘Transformers 4’: Meet the upgraded Optimus Prime, new Autobots

May 30, 2013 | 12:08 p.m.
la ca 0529 transformers4 065 Transformers 4: Meet the upgraded Optimus Prime, new Autobots

Take that, Decepticons! Optimus Prime gets a fancy new makeover for "Transformers: Age of Extinction" courtesy of Western Star. (Andrew Cooper / Paramount)

la ca 0529 transformers4 064 Transformers 4: Meet the upgraded Optimus Prime, new Autobots

Meet one of the newest members of the "Transformers: Age of Extinction" cast: a special race-inspired C7 Corvette Stingray, based on Chevrolet's upcoming 2014 production car. (Andrew Cooper / Paramount)

la ca 0529 transformers4 066 Transformers 4: Meet the upgraded Optimus Prime, new Autobots

Meet one of the newest members of the "Transformers: Age of Extinction" cast: a 1,200-horsepower Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse worth more than $2.4 million. (Andrew Cooper / Paramount)

Optimus Prime is getting a makeover for “Transformers 4.”

Looking to stoke fan excitement for the upcoming installment in the action movie franchise from director Michael Bay, Paramount has revealed a first look at an upgraded Optimus Prime and images of two new Autobots that will be battling Decepticons right alongside him.

The photos, taken on the Monument Valley, Utah, set of the sequel, feature Optimus Prime as a customized Western Star truck, along with the new characters, a sleek Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse and a special race-inspired C7 Corvette Stingray.

Not pictured is the film’s Oscar-nominated star Mark Walhberg, who most recently appeared in Bay’s “Pain & Gain,” about bodybuilders who run afoul of the law.

Announcing Wahlberg’s casting in “Transformers 4” this past November on his blog, Bay wrote, “Mark is awesome. An actor of his caliber is the perfect guy to re-invigorate the franchise and carry on the ‘Transformers’ legacy.”

In an interview with The Times last year, Bay talked openly about his plans for a fourth “Transformers” movie, saying at the time that it “absolutely” will be his last.

“Here’s the thing,” Bay said at the time. “It’s tough to find someone who’s done these kind of movies, and to have the complication of creating the new stuff that needs to be in this movie — not just characters but a new type of action, I hope — and that’s a lot for someone new to bite off. And so after this one I will leave it in the best hands possible. That’s the plan.”

“Transformers 4” film is set to arrive in theaters June 27, 2014.

— Gina McIntyre

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69 Responses to ‘Transformers 4’: Meet the upgraded Optimus Prime, new Autobots

  1. Jacksen Makal says:

    like this yooooo……….

  2. Johnny C. Lately says:

    Don’t be such a TROLL. Some of us grew up watching the cartoon, playing with the toys, and reading the books. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean others, such as myself won’t. Special effects are a primary part of this type of movie, it actually provides part of the storyline. Have you ever watched a romantic comedy that doesnt have a leading lady or gentleman? I didn’t think so. If you take something vital like that away then there is no movie. I say to you madam, your negative feelings can be kept to yourself, it only creates more negativity. Oh, and don’t be so boring.

  3. Jimmy Hughes says:

    Try watching non action flicks maybe?

  4. nav says:

    Transformers 4: The Quest for More Money
    In theaters June 27, 2014

  5. Bill says:

    I'm going to miss the peterbilt, I think it looks better then the western starr

  6. robert dale says:

    Is there a photo n met n greet???

  7. josh says:

    This is my thought. Stop putting in robots that dont have name’s or ones that people really don’t care about. This is all about making more money well I can name a ton of autobots that are more well known that haven’t had there chance. Hotrod is a big one, cliffjumper ultra magnus, cup, dinobots, perceptor, springer, blaster, blurr, just to name a few. Put in robots that people know. Then do whatever you do with things blowing up, and add in a stan bush song in there. If.you do those things with something of a story in there u will please most people out there. Rather then just the average moviegoers that only know optimus.

    • J.D.Spencer says:

      I love this comment! Hell yeah, Hotrod and Blur!! Seriously, what the hell happened to this franchise… Number 4 better be with Unicron to end with a big, bad ass space war and get Sam into his prototype transformer suit already! Growing up on this cartoon, I'm so disappointed with what Michael Bay and the writer's have done.. I REALLY HOPE that number 4 has the stars from the original series and movie and ends with Unicron or I'll just skip it like I did with number 3 and watch it on redbox for a dollar. Go Autobots!!!!!!!!

    • Madeline says:

      I remember a Hotshot from the cartoons in the early to mid 2000’s. Can’t recall if he transformed into a Camero, but I was sure he was Bumblebee.

  8. Eric says:

    No. There is no need to put this film down, especially since there is no way that you’d be able to make this film without the cgi effects. When is the last time you saw two robots go from driving or flying machines into combatants? Exactly…NEVER! The genre is based on science fiction for a reason. But since you don’t like the Transformers franchise, you as an adult do have the choice to watch it or not. Just saying, N/O

  9. Freeze says:

    The western star is bullshit prime is a peterbuilt

  10. corey.h says:

    The western star looks cooler but I do like the peterbuilt so THERE quit complaining

  11. crazy joe says:

    optimus should be the cab over peterbuilt. i also agree with putting in the known autobots.

    • Ernie Nitzel says:

      Does anyone know how to spell Peterbilt? Guess that shows how much those commenting on here really know about the trucks.

  12. Jai says:

    I agree with josh to put more robots in the movie that we know since it will be the last one. But also don’t take away the main characters that have been in thus far. It makes the movie horrible. Transformers 3 was not as good as the the other two to me due to the change in characters. I love Michael Bay !!! he is good at what he does .

    • Guest says:

      This may not be the last movie in the series. The lead actors for this film have been signed to contracts for 3 fims…

  13. Greyzimum says:

    Super excited to see this film! EmoSpark! It is indefinable, indescribable energy that will make the digital world truly alive, more than mere machines or avatars.

  14. Mo says:

    In the previous three movies, seeing Optimus driving by in the movie meant something. Now they changed how he looks amd it sucks. That awesome feeling wont be.felt anymore.

  15. Darrian says:

    Are you frigging kidding me? They changed Optimus Prime to a different truck?
    You know what? Mess with my heart. Kill Jazz. Then effing kill Ironhide. Shatter me. Whatever.
    I cant believe they would do that.
    I agree with bringing in more robots that we know. Grimlock would be awesome! Hot Rodimus. I hope they are keeping Sideswipe. I love him. He needs more screen time, too.

  16. Alex Mystery says:

    Its all poo, i love Transformers, UP THE DECEPTICONS, honestly cars fighting awesome like battle crafts >:D….anyway, i was excited about these movies and was shattered to hear they changed Prime from a flat nose to that thing, and bumblebee, well yeah i can reason to that we arent in the 60's anymore and lets face it a beetle would be crushed but at least a beetle is parked next to him in the sale yard in number 1…the matrix was a let down for me and Devastator i was so hoping to see these mammoth in his true form but they took that away from me, they have taken Hot Rod away, and have we even seen Sound blaster yet??? and honestly how many of us loved seeing the Cassettes come flying out to have laserbeak and the others?…i expected change with the new movies, but i thought they could have kept to the original story line a bit more closer but i suppose its holywood, we are just the suckers who pay for what we get told to watch right??….i suppose my last dream to see UniCron IN THE SAME FASHION AS FIRST TYPE would be wayyyyyyyyyyyy to much to ask for :(

  17. Adria says:

    I really wanna see Magen Fox in the next one. I really didnt like the new girl all to much.

  18. Wesley says:

    man why the SMURF does optimus prime need a makeover? oh yeah! HE DOESN’T!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Chesley says:

    What have they done to Optimus!!! That is a horrible look. I'm sorry Michael and normally I would support you but it's really ugly. I am happy with the way Optimus has been in the last three movies. I think changing Optimus is a bad idea. Anyway his usual look is cool. PLEASE DON'T CHANGE OPTIMUS PRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Optimus Prime says:

    Personaly I like the new look & the rest of the Autobots do to.

  21. krazy1 says:

    I was really shocked to see optimus was not a cab over pete……but at least they kept it a pete and the 379 style peterbilt has been and still is KING OF THE ROAD, western star, really….come on bumble bee might as well be a ford pinto. guess the budget was smaller on this movie.And yeah I dont care for magen foxes replacement, but i totally get why. over all I loved all the prior movies but changing optimus to that….thing was a bad idea. also would love to see some other well known transformers.

  22. neil deacon says:

    Its not worth ranting over though is it rita?I'm sure you'll enjoy atleast one of the many 'hilarious' romcoms coming out around the same time:-)

  23. Kino Carrillo says:

    Alright another transformers movie, i cant wait to see it! Its all good, i hope u follow through and keep makin movies that involve all of the transformers: autobots,decepticons, dinobots,insecticons,constructicons,etc. Just one thing really made me upset, how could u replace optimus from a Peterbilt, to a western star???????? Im a truck driver and thats a party foul, peterbilt is the top dog in truck builders, and western star probably donated the truck in a desperate attempt ti get publicity for sales. Not cool whoever made that call.

  24. Zachary McElreath says:

    you know what why would you even watch it if u don't like it. its like your searching " Transformers"
    and complaining about it if that all you do then get a hobbie and TROLLING isn't a hobbie and us fans care and Michael bay's transformer films are actually pretty good for an old school cartoon turned in to an action film that A LOT of people like the movie "Transformers" get a hobbie.

  25. JAY says:


  26. stefie says:

    I would love to see T4 with Megan fox coming back to Sam. With a HUGH SEXY seen with Megan kicking Rosies ass all over the place lol. That would be awesome!! :-) The third transformers wasn’t the same With out Megan fox.

  27. henry says:

    well you know what i think they should put optimus prime super mode in the last one cuz mad that is bad ass if they are able to do it that would be great… it would probably appeal more to the new generation then the old but you have to edmit its prity cool!!!!

  28. Richard says:

    I can't wait for this weekend the new Transformers movie is being filmed in my home town of Lansing,Mi and best of all its happening right around the corner from my house… AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE

  29. mont says:

    you dummy. Optimus was a mack truck.

    seriously, peterbilt

  30. chris says:

    I hate the first comment. I will love this Micheal bay film!

  31. Jordan says:

    There is one thing I was wondering about. Bumblebee's voice has been damaged in over 6 years now. Ratchet said in the first Movie that he was working about it. It would be really fun if Bumblebee could talk with a voice that sounds a little bit differently than Sideswipe's voice. I hope that Michael Bay had fixed a voice to Bumblebee. I mean, this is like a new start for the Transformers and Bumblebee should be in this new start with a own voice.

  32. MIKE says:

    Otimus prime was a cabover mack .When you start messing with optimus it will never be the same just look at the past.Leave him alone.

  33. Allen Patton says:

    to all of you haters transformers are able to change the outer look of their automobile modes at will hence the robots in disguise if you look like the same thing all of the time you are not really in disguise are you… and as for Meghan Fox i can live without her being in the films or no love interest at all they really did not show that in the original cartoons and it can survive with out one. as for the rest of the transformers I can understand them being upgraded or changed for the new movies because it is a different demographic and there are also licencing issues. besides they did have laser beak, ravage and rumble in the first tree movies they may not have been tapes but they were there as was scorpinok though he was a lot smaller than the original. and i thought devastator was cool in the new movie.

  34. Chris Wyatt says:

    Here’s a thought…does anyone remember the Micronauts comics. Loved them as a kid,couldn’t wait for the next issue to hit my local grocery store. Had all the toys too. Would love to see Michael Bay ( or anyone for that matter) bring them back. Instead of making Iron Man 10 or the fiftieth version of Superman. Anyone? Anyone?

  35. bella says:

    stop sipingon that haterad and get OVER IT

  36. Catrina says:

    Transformers 4 ever!!! :D

  37. cool bro says:

    I just wish people would stop complaining about optimus's new look its fine and a done deal WE CANT CHANGE IT even though the old one is better. I also wish these movies would just keep rolling not only 4x

  38. Sam says:

    I hate hot rod cause of the first cartoon movie

  39. Bru e says:

    well me & my son seen and own all the movies and enjoyes all of them.but being a trucker of 25 years going to a weatern star is a big step down. but it is what it is..everybody in the movie is new so lets just see how the movie turns out then voice our thoughts….

  40. Chance says:

    really? you're not fooling anyone, see you at the theater.

  41. Amy says:

    Awsome so exited going to see with my boyfriend

  42. shenuka says:

    Hi my names shenuka I am a huge fan of transformers (1,2,3),and I am also a huge fan of transformers prime.My favourite autobot is skid (movie),and the other one is wheel jack aka que(prime).My favourite desepticon is long haul (movie),and the other is predicon (prime).So I have tons of questions to you transformer lovers!!!!!! who is that red colour autobot in the t4 trailer when bumblebee was transforming to be a robot. In the begining of the trailer that juckyard truck was it optimus or hound.Have you guys seen the faces of hound,crosshairs,drift ? what do they look in the t4 trailer. Does sling shot appear in the trailer or the movie,and what does he look like. So those are my questions and reply soon thank you.

  43. Nic says:


  44. StephanieE says:

    I love all the movies, wasn’t happy with no actors from the old ones not being in it, but the previews look awesome. I will be watching it when it comes out and buying it to add to my collection. To be honest maybe it needed a new start. I’m excited…If you don’t want to watch it don’t. Its not for everyone but millions will be watching it. Go watch another movie

  45. Derek says:

    so where can i buy the pete they used in the first 3

  46. Dave says:

    The old truck they show in the barn is a flat nose COE (cab over engine) so that can't be Prime, unless someone in the continuity department really screwed up.

  47. iane says:

    excited to watch see u later autobots optimus and bumble bee my 2 favorite autobots =D

  48. kenny says:

    first of all, those that don't like the new western star over the "peterbuilt" need to learn about trucks and how to spell "peterbilt"!!! the new western star is awesome!! after seeing it at our annual truck show, it way surpasses the looks of the peterbilt. it's design is right up there, with all the aerodynamics and custom chrome parts to meet and exceed what lies ahead for the future look! not to mention, the kids that are enthused about the movie, don't really care what kind of truck it is!!!! way to go, Western Star, for stepping up to the plate!!!!

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