‘Tron: Legacy’ concept art and a film of visual marvels

Sept. 29, 2010 | 7:00 a.m.

On Saturday, I saw about 25 minutes of “Tron: Legacy” at Digital Domain and its visual achievements were wildly impressive. The world of Disney’s “Tron: Legacy” (which hits theaters Dec. 17) evokes both futuristic architecture and ancient sculpture and its tale plays out on landscapes that not only resemble the strange, vibrant grids of computer micro-anatomy, they reminded me of the fragile transit of neural pathways. We’ll be writing quite a lot about this film in the months to come — and finding out whether the film’s story matches the incandescent marvel of its visuals — but below you will find some conceptual art from Disney and a video that gives you an idea of what I saw at Digital Domain.

— Geoff Boucher

Conceptual art from “Tron: Legacy”


Tron Legacy poster

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