‘Tron: Legacy’ pulls fans into its world

Nov. 08, 2010 | 9:24 a.m.

The 1982 film “Tron” was not a major commercial success, but it became a pivot point in Hollywood history as the first feature film to use computer-generated animation in a big way. The movie holds a special (and quirky) spot in pop culture history, and there are passionate fans of its legacy. One of them is Jay West, who has written a series of guest columns on Disney’s elaborate promotions for the sequel, “Tron: Legacy,” which is due out Dec. 17. “Tron Night” is coming, and Jay is on top of it.

tronguyonbike Tron: Legacy pulls fans into its world

"Tron: Legacy" (Walt Disney Co)

As part of the ramping marketing for “Tron: Legacy,” a preview “Tron Night” was held at select IMAX theatres and Digital 3-D theatres. I attended “Tron Night” at the Universal City IMAX and the vibe from the audience while queued up was one of bottled excitement. Some wore “Tron” T-shirts and caps and others came in Daft Punk tour t-shirts (the French music duo created the score for the“Tron” sequel and have cited the original 1982 “Tron” movie as a major creative influence). Disney passed out complimentary glow necklaces and “Tron: Legacy” posters — and a curvy model decked out as a “siren program” dsitributed “Tron” swag like light-up caps and some die-cast vehicles.

Steven Lisberger — the writer and director of the original “Tron” movie, and a writer and producer on “Tron: Legacy” — was on hand to introduce the footage. Lisberger jovially addressed the audience by saying: “Well it’s great to see all this neon… you guys look amazing.”   Lisberger said 1982 audiences weren’t ready for many aspects of “Tron”: “Parents had never been to a Disney movie where they couldn’t understand the story. It left 10-year-olds saying, ‘If parents don’t get it then this is for me!’” and added: “I thought the movie would be a revolution, but people don’t change that quickly. People leave the theatre and go on about their lives. It takes a generation to really make change happen.”

I’ve put together a video report on the event that includes an excerpt of Lisberger’s introduction and a brief interview with him after the screening, as well as reaction to the preview footage by some of the attendees. A couple of scenes from the movie that were shown are also included: When Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) first meets Quorra (Olivia Wilde), and when Sam is reunited with his father, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges). There’s also a video for Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” track — which includes a montage of imagery from the movie. Thanks to Hero Complex for a chance to be a guest “fan correspondent” and share this “Tron”  moment. 

— Jay West


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6 Responses to ‘Tron: Legacy’ pulls fans into its world

  1. LunarCamel says:

    I hope it's good, cause the original put me to sleep as a kid. Overall, I must be one of the only older individuals that thinks that this is a boring idea because it's been 1-uped by the matrix so many years ago..hopefully they can add something more to the plot other than the whole I'm trapped in an alternate world scenario. Add character drama and nothing else new to it, and I'll prolly fall right to sleep for this one also.

  2. Thomas Michaelis says:

    i would like to see the original re-done for Imax 3D , i have never been to Imax but I am looking forward to seeing Tron Legacy there on the 18 of december ( Australian date) i think it is a perfect match up especially in 3D

    • Lizzie Spencer says:

      Same, i am an aussie 2, and i have good news, WE ARE GETTING IT BEFORE THE U.S XD i am so happy, we are getting it on the 16th and they r getting it on the 17th ^_^ i love daft punk soooooooooooooooooo much so i am really exited, i am gonna get the soundtrack and the game tron:evolution on the wii aswell … hopefully :D i cant wait, coz some of the light bike scenes would look awesome in 3D (Tron Legacy)

  3. matty says:

    this is gonna rock the house!!!!!!!

  4. alma says:

    were do you get the stuff for tron plates cups napkin and so on

  5. Peter says:

    I'm really on the fence for this one.
    1. I don't feel the costume designs
    2. Not enough of the original score is there.
    3. I hate that Daft Punk will be a main reason for seeing this film instead of the original film.
    4. Iconic sound effects are missing.

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