Geek love: Spider-man

Feb. 13, 2012 | 4:41 p.m.

Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker: "Face it tiger ... you just hit the jackpot." Has any comic book character ever arrived on the scene with a better opening line than Mary Jane Watson? It was November 1966 when readers of "Amazing Spider-Man" first set eyes on the face of the girl we all know as MJ and the build-up was a big one. For months Peter Parker had been pestered by his Aunt May to meet  "that nice Watson girl next door" (it was a running gag for a year in the comic, in fact), and he finally relented when he found a willowy red-haired beauty waiting on his doorstep. Spidey fans are divided between MJ and Gwen Stacy (and maybe even Black Cat?) as the hero’s true soul mate, but it was a landmark Marvel moment in 1987 when Peter and MJ got married in the comics. (Marvel; Zade Rosenthal / Columbia Pictures)

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