VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Watch deleted ‘Avatar’ hunting scene

Nov. 12, 2010 | 7:47 a.m.

Pandora completists will find plenty to gnaw on in the “Extended Collector’s Edition of Avatar” due Tuesday, including this lavish action scene of Jake, Neytiri and a band of Na’vi warriors hunting a herd of six-legged bioluminescent bovines called sturmbeests.

The footage strengthens the case of those who liken “Avatar” to “Dances With Wolves” Kevin Costner has a similar moment hunting buffalo with Native Americans in that film. The sturmbeests were supporting players in the original treatment James Cameron wrote for “Avatar” in 1995 and killing one was considered a rite of passage for the Na’vi. But they didn’t make the movie’s final cut. Instead the  sturmbeest hunt scene became part of the 16 new minutes Cameron added for his three-hour-long collector’s cut.

The exhaustive three-disc set also includes an alternate opening on Earth, 45 minutes of deleted scenes and 17 featurettes on topics like special effects, stunts and 3D technology. In other words, there is roughly enough here to keep Avatar diehards busy until 2014…when the sequel arrives.

— Rebecca Keegan


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    Gotta milk it for what it's worth! Must have gone to the same marketing school as Bill Gates.

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