When Stallone met Schwarzenegger in 1977–Sly says he went absolutely ‘Jersey Shore’

Sept. 09, 2010 | 8:19 a.m.

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in "The Expendables." (Lionsgate)

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger share the screen in “The Expendables,” and they are forever linked in the public mind by their 1980s-era rivalry as box-office action stars. But their history, according to Stallone, goes back to a glittery night in January 1977 when the two Hollywood newcomers shared a table at the 34th Golden Globes, and each walked away with a trophy. Other winners that night included Barbra Streisand, Laurence Olivier and Robert Redford.

Schwarzenegger hefts Raquel Welch at the Golden Globes in 1977. (Getty Images)

Here’s how Stallone remembers that first meeting of future Hollywood titans: “We were the outsiders, believe me. People were looking at us. I think that was the very first time we met, if I remember right. We were seated at the same table, and I remember thinking, ‘Who is this guy?’ I had heard of him, but I didn’t know what he was all about. I’m there for ‘Rocky,’ and he was there for the best-newcomer category [for 'Stay Hungry']. And of course they sat at us the same table. Put the two piano movers together, right? The lugs who don’t fit in.”

Stallone said the night took an unexpected turn when the brawny outsiders got some trophy love. “He won best newcomer that night, and I was like, ‘Hunh?’ And then ‘Rocky’ won for best picture. And of course – go figure — I was, uh, overly exuberant, and I took the big bowl of flowers off the table and just went ‘Woooooo‘ [and tossed the flowers in the air]. Completely amateurish move. I thought  that everyone would revel in the celebration, but, uh, no. I looked around and they were rolling their eyes. ‘A little social decorum, please.’  This is a crowd with, like, Warren Beatty and Streisand. But look, I never thought it would happen, I went absolutely ‘Jersey Shore’ on that one. The waiters liked it, I think. And Arnold was smiling, but, I dunno, maybe he was thinking, ‘Who is this guy?’ “

Sly Stallone and Talia Shire in "Rocky." (United Artists)

Stallone is enjoying a return to the spotlight with “The Expendables,” the all-star commando fantasy that has grossed $184 million worldwide with its throwback spirit and a cast that includes Jason Statham, Jet Li,  Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture , Terry Crews and fleeting cameos by Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. Stallone directed and co-wrote the film and there is talk of a sequel. For Stallone, the most memorable part of the “Expendables” experience might have been the chance to work again with the governor of California.

“When people ask me who is the most extraordinary guy I’ve ever met, I answer that it’s him. Think about it — the force of will and the fact that he is successful in three diverse and impossibly difficult areas. The politics of bodybuilding? Forget about it. And he was and is the most influential bodybuilder who ever lived, by far.  Then, in Hollywood, with his background of being Austrian and all this baggage of not being American, and he became No. 1. And then politics, it’s off-the-chart hard, he’s the governor of California. That’s all, just the governor of the biggest state in population. This is not some city council somewhere. And he would make it as a presidential candidate. It’s mind-blowing.”

– Geoff Boucher


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9 Responses to When Stallone met Schwarzenegger in 1977–Sly says he went absolutely ‘Jersey Shore’



  2. Nico Rolke says:

    And of course they sat at us the same table. Put the two piano movers together, right? The lugs who don’t fit in.”

    Very funny :D

  3. Rhiscfactor says:

    The scene with them togehter in The Expendables was, perhaps, the funniest part of the movie, and better than advertised. Instant Classic scene, there.

  4. aGuyWhoKnowsStuff says:

    Funny thing is – in The Expendables, their whole scene in the Church looks to be that they were each shot at different times. Arnold's side of coverage doesn't match Sly's – and even looks to be a possible green screen matte. there's some obvious split screen work in their two-shots (50/50), and some dodgy eye-lines and lighting which is indicative of shooting two characters at diff times…

  5. Honie Ann Caley says:

    i loved his latest show hope there is more to come!!

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