‘Wind in the Willows’ begins to stir with teaser trailer for 2012 movie

July 19, 2010 | 12:22 p.m.

Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows,” a new adaptation of the 1908 children’s classic, is scheduled to get underway this year, and there’s a new teaser that hints at the film’s tone and visual textures. The folks down at Weta in New Zealand are laboring on the movie (which is a mix of live-action and computer-generated animation), and there’s a nice winking moment in this trailer that acknowledges the inspiration of the visual effects house’s name (the weta is a large, prehistoric-looking grasshopper native to New Zealand). The film is due in 2012 and is being directed by Ray Griggs.

— Geoff Boucher


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