‘Wolverine’ trailer: Wolverine grapples with his mortality

March 27, 2013 | 11:35 a.m.

Has Wolverine found his kryptonite? And how will the rage-filled mutant who can heal from virtually any wound deal with the possibility of his own mortality? These are a few of the questions that a new trailer for “The Wolverine” raises.

“The Wolverine” trailer, released Wednesday morning, opens with beautiful and deadly Japanese ninja Yukio (Rila Fukushima) confessing to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine that she has been searching for him for more than a year. They get on a plane to Japan, where a very rich and sickly man has a gift for Wolverine. During World War II, Wolverine saved this man’s life by shielding him from a nuclear blast. Now it’s time to repay the debt.

“I didn’t send for you only to thank you, Logan,” the man says, reclining on a bed made of thick metal pins. “I want to repay you. A gift to equal the life you gave me. You have suffered long enough. I can end your eternity — make you mortal.”

Mortality? Wolverine doesn’t think it is possible. “What they did to me, what I am, can’t be undone,” he responds.

But this old man, and an attractive blond in a lab coat who is perched nearby, appear to have done their research. “Don’t be so sure,” he says.

After scenes of Yukio fighting off armed assassins, and Wolverine getting shot in the abdomen, we hear him say in voice-over: “I’m not healing.”

“The Wolverine,” is set to open in theaters on July 26. It was directed by James Mangold, who is best known for dramas such as 1999’s “Girl, Interrupted” and 2005’s Johnny Cash biopic “Walk the Line.”

The film borrows its scenic storyline from Chris Claremont’s and Frank Miller’s moody tale of love, revenge and isolation.

— Deborah Netburn


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11 Responses to ‘Wolverine’ trailer: Wolverine grapples with his mortality

  1. Hypervillain says:

    It’s great and all, but it seems very misguided. Logan’s healing factor is nothing anyone has done to him, it’s what makes him a mutant. Done to him, implies his adamantium laced skeleton and retractible claws. Also, one annoying tibit that persists in my mind, is the Wolverine is suppose to be a 5’2″ pint size terror, not a 6’2″ towering menace. His height was a fundamental part of his character that complemented his personality. Or at least partially responsible for it.

    Whatever, probably watch it anyway, it’s all flash without substance I’ll bet…

    • Jackson says:

      Here I thought everyone had gotten over the height thing 13 years ago…

    • dopper0189 says:

      Producers have just felt the movies wouldn't work with a short leading man, yes I know it's annoying but…. we just hav eto move on. I share your fear of what this trailor means for his powers, he is a mutant and yes his power were never "given" to him, only his adamantium.

  2. Hypervillain says:

    Argh, I’m miff’d

  3. MPV says:

    The only one doing these marvel movies right seems to be the when marvel is actually the ones in control of the film (i.e. Avengers / Iron Man / Thor / CapA / Hulk [version2]). The X-men have particularly been quite screwed up if you're a long time comic fan. Missing out on great opportunity to just do it right!! :P

    • Hey says:

      Here I thought, I was the only one to see all their screw ups. Official comic fans knows this is all BS! I love Jack H. as Wolverine!

  4. thomas says:

    actually half those movies you named were Disney created not marvel especially the avengers. Disney did every part of it

  5. mariah says:

    The movie looks good and great muscles by the way


  6. Brandon Gordon says:

    The avengers,iron man, and captain America were the best of the best in comic book movies. The best origin stories except bucky in captain America, others like xmen, hulk, and thor could have been a lot better, Hollywood would just have to keep trying till they get it right, I’m sure they will one day I takes money to make decent money. And I mean decent.

  7. Hypervillain says:

    Best X-Man movie thus far is First Class, the rest simply sucked.

    The Ironman movies are pretty good too, though I’d like to see Pepper wearing glasses more…

    I also liked the personality take on the latest Spiderman, I liked that he was skinny (not buff) and acted like a kid with powers…

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