‘World War Z’ trailer: Brad Pitt battles zombies at end of the world

Nov. 08, 2012 | 6:10 p.m.
wwz 03939resize World War Z trailer: Brad Pitt battles zombies at end of the world

Brad Pitt, center, plays Gerald Lane in “World War Z.” (Paramount Pictures)

Fans who were disappointed that the release of Paramount’s big screen version of “World War Z” was delayed from December to next summer might have reason to feel some cheer.

A gripping first trailer (below) for the Marc Forster-directed adaptation of Max Brooks’ acclaimed zombie novel was just released, and the clip plays like a taut thriller that taps into modern fears about the fall of mankind and the ongoing fascination with the idea of the zombie apocalypse.

“World War Z” stars Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a United Nations fact-finder and family man who desperately races around the globe to determine the origins of a zombie pandemic that has toppled civilization in short order. Mireille Enos, of late of “The Killing,” stars as his wife.

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Forster was an interesting choice to direct; he boasts an eclectic resume that includes acclaimed dramas, popcorn fare and at least one quirky comedy – he’s made movies such as “Monster’s Ball,” “Finding Neverland,” “Quantum of Solace” and “Stranger than Fiction.” The “World War Z” clip suggests the film has taken shape as a fast-paced action adventure with the geographical scope of a Bond movie, and some zombies that move much more quickly than their undead counterparts on “The Walking Dead.” Think “28 Days Later” rather than George Romero.

Forster and Paramount Pictures have said that they view “World War Z” as the beginning of a trilogy — it certainly seems to touch on the same end-time zeitgeist as AMC’s hit zombie series, and should the movie connect with fans as strongly as Brooks’ novel did, the studio could be looking at a brighter future than the one depicted in the story line.

For those not eager to wait until next year to see Pitt onscreen, his film, “Killing Them Softly,” in which he plays an underworld hit man, opens in theaters Nov. 30.

— Gina McIntyre

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65 Responses to ‘World War Z’ trailer: Brad Pitt battles zombies at end of the world

  1. @nikapalooza says:

    You can't be serious? This movie has nothing to do with the Max Brooks book. Walking Dead has more in common with the spirit of the novel than this horrible adaptation. The book has no main character it is a story told through the eyes of several individuals in various parts of the world. The tidal wave of CGI zombies is a laughable and completely unrelated interpretation of the infected in the book. Perhaps you should read a bit of it prior to commenting on the film. The only thing this move has in common with the book is the title. I waited 2 years for this film to be utterly disappointed. I will now wait for red box to get it so I don't have to spend more than $1.50 to see a great story butchered.

  2. Sloan says:

    Based on the trailer this is quite disappointing. What, with all the amazing stories in the book World War Z and here they go making a generic story that seems to have nothing in common with the book other than the name it took.

  3. larsbars says:

    They basically played the entire movie in 3 minutes? What are they thinking? Some of those scenes would have been really thrilling if I saw them in the theater for the first time but now I'm going to see the movie and say "Oh, this is where this happens…" , "He does this now…" Come on guys? Less is more. It's called "suspense".

  4. oolz says:

    There's nothing gripping about this. It's another paint by numbers, save the day adventure, except it has "zombies" if that's what you're going to call them and Brad Pitt. Nobody is sad that this was delayed because anyone who has read the book and heard about the direction they were going knew this was going to blow. Now we get the ultimate evolution of the fast zombie, a zombie tsunami! Amazing-ly bad…

  5. A sad Fan says:

    this looks like nothing like the book at all and am very disappointed

  6. urdumb says:

    You guys are idiots…you judge a movie based on a trailer.. watch the film first before ripping it apart… rookies

  7. born2expire says:

    another big budget "zombie" crapfest. Why is everytime a zombie movie gets a big budget it has to be garbage?

    Only thing this has in common with zombies and the book is the name, what a shame.

  8. dougp says:

    When it comes to any movie 'fans of the book' are annoying as hell.
    Trailer looked good and nobody has any real clue as to how it does or does not follow the book. And fast zombies, slow zombies = doesn't matter since the book was about themes and ideas and characters much deeper than the superficial traits of the zombies.
    No artist is a slave to the work they adapt.

  9. Raul says:

    If you read the book or audiobook, you would understand the gripping and rolling eyes after watching the trailer.The book features a UN employee interviewing survivors of the Zombie war and the extrodinary stories of these people in worst situation possible. The book is very filmic and has many different points of view that lends to a great addaptation. The trailer looks like a bastard cross between 28 days later ( a film I love) and 2012. For all the money and time we as fans of the source material deserve better.

  10. Tbone says:

    If you read the book then you understand why people are getting upset. The trailer makes it very clear that the book and the movie are far from alignment. Maybe the movie will be fantastic – but it appears to have nothing in common with the book which is what people expect when the same title is used for both.

  11. Cat lover says:

    i are dissapointed

  12. Not World War Z says:

    That's not World War Z, that's a run of the mill zombie movie with some silly super speed zombies. This would be fine if it wasn't being advertised as World War Z.

  13. LIsa says:

    The book was too good to do in a single movie. The director said that he sees this one film as the beginning of a trilogy, not as a single rendering of a book that could in no way be told in a single sitting. I didn't imagine that Brad Pitt would take the part of the fact finder and dissappear into the story the way the voice of the storyteller in the book did. What I am hoping is that the stories from the novel will be there, and that what this very brief trailer shows is the backstory that has been created for the character of the fact finder/narrator. It is the very rare book that is born on the screen looking the same as its literary twin. Sometimes you have to look at each one as a seperate entity and, when you do that, you are able to enjoy both. I am, guardedly, reserving judgment.

  14. dickrocketjones says:

    dont hate the fast zombie. makes for better cinema.

  15. AVY says:

    The book had its moments but come on it was mediocre at best. This is going in the right direction, an action film is fine by me.

  16. Difunctedreble says:

    This has as much to do about the book as Starship Troopers has to do with Heinlein's work.

  17. Jason says:

    Hey! Idiots! Go get a girlfriend or boyfriend, they just passed that law, and stop worrying about the little things! NO movie every matched a book exactly and they never will. It doesn't make for good cinema. A book is a book, a movie is a movie, and if you had other things to do, you wouldn't be here!! I am bored at work and saw the trailer and then your pathetic existence of lives. Go find a better hobbie that gets you outdoors. Hey here is an idea, go volunteer somewhere and make a difference!

  18. @the_klute says:

    Reading some of these comments, I wonder how many are coming from inside the studio lot, desperate to tamp down the negative buzz to save their investment. Here's how you save the investment next time, jerks: don't fix what isn't broken. I assure you the visuals of a slow moving horde of zombies pouring out of Manhattan into Yonkers, the US Military lying in wait, would have been that Roland Emmerich-y sweet spot you were looking for.

  19. jodie says:

    who cares…. it has zombies and brad pitt!!!!!

  20. Ervin says:

    After seeing this trailer I soiled myself.

    Not because it was so good… I just tend to do that from time to time.

  21. Pete says:

    I am legend with Brad instead of Will, and Zed heads instead of Vamps, dissapointing.

  22. Dank Donkerson says:

    I read the book a few months back and seeing how its written from the view of the survivors I don't see how they can stay true to the book.

    I'm thinking this is going to be another attempt at making a mediocre movie out of a good book.

    Tom Cruise,War of the Worlds anyone?

    I'll pass

  23. jpr1234 says:

    war of the worlds meets the walking dead.

  24. @StevenT_53 says:

    I've read "World War Z"as well as "The Zombie Survival Guide" and loved them both. Despite the CGI and storyline departure, I am looking forward to and counting the days until this movie's release. It may have some flaws but overall I think it will be great entertainment.

  25. Carol Hegarty says:

    Why do people want to see a movie like this? I don't get it at all.

  26. I heard that there would be changes made from the book to the film- and that Max Brooks was involved. So I thought to myself "Yeah, they can do that to a certain extent to not butcher the book I enjoyed and keep a faithful story according to the author. After watching the trailer its as if Max completely got wasted when they pitched him ideas and said yes to whatever they wanted. Its a shame they even titled it the same thing to get the already developed audience.

  27. David says:

    I sort of see the similarity here to War of the Worlds. The original book is told from a multitude of perspectives, and would be hard to follow if you tried to turn that into a movie. So, in the movie, they followed one person, aka Tom Cruise. Now, you have the same problem in this movie, but hopefully, they will be able to salvage something out of it. The whole 'running zombies' thing was a disappointment. The danger in the book was never really the zombies, it was complacency and then panic. If you didn't wake up to the danger early enough or battle it calmly and intelligently when it finally came, you would die. In the end, the book told us more about ourselves than it did about the movie. Having the zombies me more dangerous by adding extra things to them does take away from that a bit, but I'm hopeful that the movie can still give the same message that the book did.

  28. funkysmell says:

    This book would have made a great TV series. One chapter per week.

    I think this movie is just the start of the adaption. They are leaving the meat of the book for the next movies in the series….. I hope:

  29. Ezra Gonzalez says:

    The book was pretty good but I'm stoked about the movie. Just the scenes of the Israeli soldiers getting overrun was some serious shiite, and I'm thinking the end bit with the zombies rolling up the tall featureless was a lead toward some of the books descriptions of survivor havens.

    Give it a chance at least. Even if it doesn't follow the book, the action looks hot.

  30. jennmoviegirl says:

    We live in such an overcritical world that people will shoot down a movie before it even comes out. Most movies, that are an adaptation of a novel, rarely stick 100% to the exact text of the book. In some instances, it is hard to play out certain scenes and have it be totally convincing or entertaining. Everybody wants to be fricking Roger Ebert!! Give the movie a chance before you start putting out all the extremely negative comments. Sometimes it is ALL ABOUT ENTERTAINING THE MASSES. Some parts of the book have lull moments that wouldn't crossover too well onscreen. So, they spruced it up a bit….Who cares. As long as it good, i'll bite. I'm sure Brad Pitt is a fan of Max Brooks' book and wanted to do something cool with it. Where's the harm in that?? And why can't we just try to wait & see how it turns out?? You just might enjoy it, humbuggers.

  31. NotgonnawatchZ says:

    Speed Zombies??? Vampires that glitter in sunlight. Werewolves that change without the influence of the full moon. What could possibly be next? I realize these are fictional characters but seriously… WHY? Change is good when it adds to the cinematic value. What do any of the above add? Next they will make a movie about zombies falling in love with humans oh wait they are. boo

  32. Larry D says:

    Read the book cover to cover. The "Z" apocalypse begins in China, where a boy and his dad dive into a lake that hides an old city: the dad never surfaces, and the boy does, bitten, then trying to bite others (some successfully) until he's restrained … It goes from there. I want to see the film and have always liked Pitt, but a better place to start would have been where the book does, with a survivor describing to Pitt the scene at the Chinese village with the first zombie (boy). OR, start the book with a survivor describing how an illegal organ transplant (heart) transaction, again from China, sends the zombie virus-infected heart to a hospital where the transplant begins, and mayhem ensues!

  33. David says:

    The only flaw with the book, as is the case with The Walking Dead, is that the zombies are too slow to realistically take over the world. They definitely needed to be sped up somewhat. That said, this CGI-fest looks like crap. Those zombie scenes look like Lord Of The Rings battle scenes, which is great in LOTR but here just looks like they were targeting the 15-year-old-never-kissed-a-girl demograph. I guess the studio just decided that by-the-numbers and a big name would make more money than unique perspectives like the book presents. What a colossal disappointment this film is probably going to be.

  34. Itswhatever says:

    The book bored me honestly. At least this looks exciting.

  35. @dmdgo says:

    Funny thing is all these dopes that complain about the movie not being like the book will be right there buying a ticket. I look at books and movies as different perspectives. They don't have to be the same. They can be different and still both be good. Jurassic Park was different from the book but was still a fun movie to see.

  36. robb says:

    The zombies will probably slow down as they decay.Remember,it's probably going to be a trilogy.There sure are a lot of mean spirited people out there posting these comments.No wonder there are so many mass killings.And the killers all look like the nerds that post here.lol

  37. Nathan says:

    Oh man, how disappointing. I've wondered how they would adapt the book to a movie but this doesn't even come close. I can't believe Max Brooks even put his name on this. Listening to the audio book, I would have preferred to see Mark Hamil, Henry Rollins and Allan Alda much more than this. I won't even bother seeing this. It was probably delayed because The Walking Dead took away their thunder. Max Brooks helped define the "true" zombie i.e. slow moving, no basic intelligence, froze in sub zero temps etc. This is everything that I don't want a zombie to be. At least I can get my fix with TWD. Thanks AMC.

  38. Michael says:

    If Max Brooks makes the mistake of seeing this movie he is going to regret selling the movie rights to 'Plan B'. Lets put it this way … Killing Them Softly is going to make more money than this approaching crap fest.

  39. Mike says:

    Your all idiots it’s gonna be a great movie either way. It’s another typical zombie movie. If you like zombies you’ll watch it. There all basically the same and zombies will never be real anyways so what’s the difference. The book was good but. Everyone knows the books are always better so yeah just go and see it when u can

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