Does Yoda deserve a ‘Star Wars’ spinoff?

Feb. 05, 2013 | 12:03 p.m.
Yoda, from the TV series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” (Credit:  Cartoon Network)

Yoda, from the TV series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” (Credit: Cartoon Network)

Faced with rumors that Yoda is at the front of the line for the first “Star Wars” spinoff, there’s just one thing to do. Go straight to the Yoda-Speak Generator!

Question: “Does Yoda deserve his own “Star Wars” spinoff?”

Answer: “What a stupid question. Of course he does!”

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Actually, the real answer spit out by the Yoda-Speak Generator was: “His own ‘Star Wars’ spinoff does Yoda deserve, hmm?”

But, really, when you look out into the “Star Wars” universe, isn’t Yoda feature-film material? Give that guy a bio-pic. Empire Online even put Yoda in the No. 25 spot on its list of the 100 greatest movie characters of all time.

Begin to trace the Yoda rumor to its source — and we have to stress this is a rumor, a tantalizing albeit unsubstantiated rumor — and you get to pop culture entertainment website Ain’t It Cool News and founder Harry Knowles, who flat out states:  “The first Stand Alone film is going to center upon YODA. At this stage specifics are sparse, but [Lucasfilm co-chair] Kathleen Kennedy  is putting together a STAR WARS slate… But word is YODA is first.”

Knowles adds: “I’m wildly curious for more details on the YODA film — would this be a young or old YODA tale?”

What do you think? Does Yoda deserve the honor of being the first spinoff since Disney added “Star Wars” to its galaxy and announced plans to churn out new movies?

And what kind of script would you like to see? Do you want it to focus on a young Yoda? An old Yoda? Both?


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7 Responses to Does Yoda deserve a ‘Star Wars’ spinoff?

  1. mark says:

    Dear God, please make a cool new Yoda movie, it would be cool to see how Yoda came to be, and to be alone. Also, it would be nice not to see him get his ass kicked and go into exile like a pansy.
    Do or do not, there is no try…

    • Conserned Fan says:

      If its a bio about Yoda's story I'm fine, if they are to start going into details about his species I'm not. Yoda's race has always and should always remain as a mystery. If Disney touches on this I can only see it ruining that aspect. Just think back on how bad midichlorians ruined the force… You could effectively kill Yoda by doing this.

  2. The WORLD says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLLLLL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. farwalker says:

    Just what we need, another 'back story' movie where the ultimate fate of the principles is known before the movie even starts.

    • Blake says:

      Yoda the puppet was believable. Yoda the CGI cartoon character isn't, unless they want another oger (Shrek) to entertain kids. Star Wars (original) wasn't made for kids, but now that it's Disney, they may change that.

  4. Racefan101 says:

    Man oh man I can't wait!

  5. KennyB says:

    Don't water down Star Wars with lame spinoffs focusing on only one character ala "Wolverine" and "Electra" but keep the saga LEGENDARY.

    But surprise us.

    I think it could be fun being completely in the dark as to when a story takes place!

    What about, in place of single character spinoffs, a new trilogy of trilogies is created between 2016-2018, one per year, but leave the audience in the dark, initially, as to when they occur on the timeline?

    Maybe even start a new trilogy in 2016 and keep where it sits on the timeline ambiguous (I'm thinking the beginning to middle of the Old Republic; that gives you 12,000 years to work with) but drop a hint [Trilogy #1].

    Have a new, separate, trilogy start in 2017 that starts just before Darth Bane and the rule of two with name drops of ancient figures that allow the audience to piece together the time frame [Trilogy #2]. By the third film [Trilogy #2] drop a hint, by way of the birth of Yoda or something similar, that allows one to discover the trilogy takes place prior to the Skywalker Saga.

    Have the other [Trilogy #3] take place thousands of years after the ST. Weave in a through line permeating all three new trilogies with references to The Prophecy and the Galactic Civil War and you have an epic of MONUMENTAL proportions!

    The movies in the near future should retain the epic proportions we've come to expect and remain the Star Wars saga we all love. Leave the minutiae for the tv shows and worry about spinoffs after the history of the Galaxy Far, Far Away has been written.

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