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Sept. 17, 2012 | 9:00 p.m.

‘Borderlands 2’ survives on Pandora with a sense of humor

VIDEO GAME REVIEW “Borderlands 2” puts a happy face on the apocalypse. What makes the barren rocky terrain and endless sand dunes of the future worth exploring here is not the stress-relieving pleasure of destroying tiny, psychotic mutant humanoids. No, what drives this shoot-and-loot space western is far simpler: humor. For starters, the game’s ultimate villain is not an alien life form but a far more familiar manifestation of evil: the power-crazed CEO. Handsome Jack of the Hyperion Corporation has taken over planet Pandora to harvest its natural resources and kill off its would-be colonists. That’s you. Your mission is to stop him, although his ultimate nefarious goals are unknown. You do have a sidekick though. Claptrap is a chirpy robot who cheers on the carnage — but admits that under his perky programmed facade he’s in fact severely depressed. […]
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