Action Comics

Jan. 02, 2014 | 8:00 a.m.

‘Action Comics’ 27 preview: Superman recalls boyhood before Beast Lord

Action Comics #27 (DC)
Prolific scribe Greg Pak continues his collaboration with artist Aaron Kuder on the new issue of “Action Comics,” which sees Superman reflecting on his younger days before he sets out to battle a new threat, the brutal Beast Lord. Hero Complex readers can take an exclusive look at the first five pages of issue No. 27, out Wednesday, in the gallery above or in larger versions by clicking on the links below. The issue opens with Superman flashing back to his childhood — young Clark Kent is determined that this will be the day he will fly. But the boy with the unusual abilities is stopped short when, among the distant sounds of a neighbor snoring and an insect’s shell popping, he overhears his adoptive parents whispering to each other about his otherworldly heritage. Cover | Page 1 | Page […]
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