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June 05, 2013 | 3:03 p.m.

‘Pacific Rim’ graphic novel: Travis Beacham on ‘formidable’ Del Toro

“Pacific Rim” opens in theaters July 12 with its tale of an invading alien species of kaiju and the massive Jaegers developed by man to save life on the planet from the beastly threat. For those looking for a comprehensive grounding in the universe of the film before it opens, a new prequel graphic novel has arrived. “Produced” by the film’s director, Guillermo del Toro, and written by co-screenwriter Travis Beacham (“Clash of the Titans”), the “Pacific Rim” graphic novel features pencils by Sean Chen, Yvel Guichet , Chris Batista, Geoff Shaw and Pericles Junior; inks by Junior, Steve Bird, Matt Banning and Mark McKenna; and a painted cover by Alex Ross. Beacham recently spoke to Hero Complex about the genesis of the Legendary comic tie-in, out Wednesday, its relationship to the film and working with Del Toro. HC: The […]
July 03, 2010 | 11:33 p.m.

COMIC-CON 2010: First look at ‘Avengers Assemble’ painting by Alex Ross

COMIC-CON 2010: JULY 24-29 Read down to the very bottom of this post to get a full view of “Avengers Assemble,” a never-seen-before painting by Alex Ross that was created for the Marvel ArtWorks series. Ross is a true superstar in the comics world, and the signed “Avengers Assemble” prints should be one of the hot items at Comic-Con International in San Diego at the end of the month. And the prints arebig, at 45 3/4 inches wide and 20 inches tall. There will be 100 canvas prints of piece for sale and 250 paper prints. (The first 100 buyers of the paper prints will also get a bonus print of a Ross sketch.) I’m still waiting to hear back from Every Picture Tells a Story, the Santa Monica gallery that has exclusive license to commission and create the Marvel ArtWorks series, on […]
April 11, 2010 | 3:01 a.m.

FIRST LOOK: Alex Ross, Mike Kungl and the fine art of ‘Iron Man’ [Updated]

“IRON MAN 2” COUNTDOWN: 27 DAYS Tony Stark breaks all the rules (even the one that says superheroes must keep a secret identity) and he always seems to comes out on top —  that’s why we love him. But now comes “Iron Man 2,” a film about secret dangers, the sins of the father and the nasty price of modern celebrity. The movie lands on May 7 in the U.S., and every day until then, we’ll have behind-the-scenes scoops on the summer’s most anticipated film and all-things-Iron-Man. “Iron Man 2” is more than a movie, it’s a focal point for pop culture … and pop commerce. Today, we bring you an exclusive first look at some new fine-art prints that are about to be sold by Every Picture Tells a Story, the Santa Monica gallery that has a deal in place with Marvel to […]
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