Jan. 31, 2013 | 2:21 p.m.

Greg Zeschuk: From running BioWare to drinking beer

Greg Zeschuk is concerned about the future of consoles. The cofounder of BioWare, the company behind the wildly successful “Mass Effect” series,  just doesn’t think “the world needs another console.” He said this before Nintendo revealed sales figures for its Wii U, which the company indicated have been slower than the game manufacturer hoped. His concerns, however, are of the more artistic variety. “Console stuff has become really boring,” he says, adding that it’s indie publishers these days who are doing the “progressive stuff.” “The big guys,” he says, “are doing these really boring same ol’, same ol’ games,” he says, referring, broadly, to action titles and games of the “Call of Duty” ilk. As far as games he finds “inspiring,” Zeschuk mentions “Spaceteam,” created by former BioWare employee Henry Smith. It’s a mobile game, designed for iOS, and it requires at […]
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