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Oct. 03, 2011 | 1:23 p.m.

‘Decoded’: Brad Meltzer now hunts for fact as well as fiction

Bestselling author Brad Meltzer was a comic-book kid growing up in South Florida, and it still informs much of his writing life, whether it’s subtle (the Superman publishing history provided a backdrop for his novel “The Book of Lies,” and check out the title and cover image of his “Heroes for My Son” ) or more overt (he’s written the landmark “Identity Crisis” miniseries for DC and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” comics for Dark Horse). Now, though, he has a new sort of success with the series “Brad Meltzer’s Decoded” on A&E’s History channel, and it speaks to a very different bookshelf — although some of the episode topics would qualify for old issues of “Weird War Tales,” and Meltzer’s team (a journalist, a mechanical engineer and a trial attorney) could be nicknamed “Challengers of the Unknown.” Our Geoff Boucher caught up with […]
Nov. 15, 2010 | 9:47 a.m.

Brad Meltzer: Why ‘Superman vs Muhammad Ali’ is still the greatest

Readers of this blog may remember our obsession with the 1978 comic book “Superman vs. Muhammad Ali” but it turns out we are not alone. Today, a guest essay by bestselling author Brad Meltzer (who is well-known to comics fans for his landmark work on “Identity Crisis”) who believes that the old champ still holds up as a classic in comic book publishing. You can judge fpor yourself, too — this week DC is releasing a new hardcover reprint of the sublime 1970s artifact. Our subject today: My Heroes…Trying To Kill Each Other (or ‘”Why Superman vs. Muhammad Ali may just be the greatest comic…of all time”) Don’t roll your eyes. This is about Muhammad Ali, and in that man’s honor, I make no apologies for hyperbole. So let’s take a peek at the Polaroid.  I was eight.  I didn’t watch the Thriller In […]
June 05, 2010 | 11:25 p.m.

Brad Meltzer makes hard choices in ‘Heroes for My Son’

This blog is typically devoted to the heroes (and horrors) of fiction and film, but on this Saturday let’s turn the attention to the inspiring leaders, transcendent artists and maverick souls of the real world. Author Brad Meltzer has a new book in stores titled “Heroes for My Son” and it’s one that any parent would be proud to share with their youngster. I caught up with Meltzer to talk about the nature of heroes in the conflicted modern age; we also touched a bit on his work in comics and his upcoming novel, “The Inner Circle,” which is due out in January 2011. Meltzer, who is my age, grew up in South Florida and even shopped at the same comic book store as I did, was nice enough to not to mention the Hero Complex-based April Fools’ prank at his expense.   GB: You’ve been fascinated […]
April 01, 2010 | 2:55 p.m.

Florida ‘writer’ Brad Meltzer banned from bookstores, censured by peers

Brad Meltzer, the bestselling author of “The Tenth Justice” and “The Book of Fate” as well as the DC Comics series “Identity Crisis,” is at the center of an unprecedented public lynching by both his peers and far, far bigger names in the publishing world. It was the night of the long knives Wednesday in Miami as a rare world summit of authors was held — an assembly of elite bestselling writers who jetted in due to their surging animus toward Meltzer and the promise of a heaping buffet table that actually had buttered lobster and fried shrimp. I was in the room and it was ugly. The shrimp was gone in, like, a minute. Horrible things were said about Meltzer. Essentially, the writers of the world have had enough of his half-baked plots and fully baked dialogue and his curious habit of wearing brown shoes […]
Aug. 23, 2008 | 3:31 p.m.

Brad Meltzer and the ‘The Book of Lies’

I’m working on a long article about the author Brad Meltzer, and we had a great steak dinner last night in Hollywood Beach, Fla. I grew up here in Broward County and Meltzer spent a chunk of his childhood here too, and it turns out that we bought our comic books at the same shop, a long-gone little shop called Starship Enterprises. It’s pretty amazing, actually, how much we have in common. When I told him that I’m of the opinion that “Superman vs. Muhammad Ali” from 1978 is the greatest single comic book ever, his jaw dropped. “Maybe we should just get married right now. That is my all-time favorite too.” He then started rattling off the celebrities who appear in the famous wraparound cover that shows the ring-side audience watching the bout. “Lucille Ball, Jimmy Carter, the Sweathogs […]
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