June 04, 2014 | 10:16 a.m.

‘Star Wars’: Josh Trank set to direct standalone film

Josh Trank is set to join “Godzilla” filmmaker Gareth Edwards as a new recruit to the “Star Wars” universe. Trank will direct one of the multiple standalone movies that Disney plans to release that will explore the world created by George Lucas outside of the primary episodes of the franchise. Lucasfilm announced Trank’s selection Wednesday, but revealed no details about the film’s story line. It’s been a busy time in the “Star Wars” universe. Earlier last month, Edwards, who enjoyed a blockbuster success with his big-budget “Godzilla” reboot, was tapped to helm another of the “Star Wars” standalone projects, which will be written by Gary Witta (“The Book of Eli,” Telltale Games’ adaptation of “The Walking Dead”). Also in May, J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars: Episode VII,” scheduled to arrive in theaters Dec. 18, 2015, officially went into production, with a cast […]
Feb. 04, 2012 | 12:16 p.m.

‘Chronicle’ director: With great power comes… irresponsibility?

What if Clark Kent, Peter Parker or Erik Lehnsherr had been part of the Facebook generation? That’s the premise behind “Chronicle,” a found-footage film from new director Josh Trank and screenwriter Max Landis (son of monster movie icon John Landis), opening in theaters this weekend. “Chronicle” follows three teenagers who receive telekinetic powers after a supernatural encounter, but what they do with their newfound superpower is hardly heroic. Critics are heralding the arrival of fresh talent in Trank and lead actor Dane DeHaan, and praising the film, which stands at 84% on Hero Complex writer Noelene Clark chatted with Trank about “Chronicle,” telekinesis and what it means to be a teenager in the YouTube age. NC: How did “Chronicle” come about? JT: I’ve always wanted to make movies my whole life. And for about 10 years or so, I’ve been shooting […]
Jan. 30, 2012 | 6:00 p.m.

‘Chronicle’: Viral stunt takes flight in Manhattan [Video]

It takes a lot to grab New Yorkers’ attention these days, but a viral promotion for the upcoming superpowers movie “Chronicle” certainly met that requirement. Over the course of three days last week, some otherwise jaded city-dwellers caught sight of what appeared to be three people flying over the city, performing silent aerial ballets. It could have been a scene straight from an issue of a Marvel comic, but in fact it was a promotion for the Twentieth Century Fox superhero flick about three friends attempting to cope with newly acquired superpowers. The movie opens Friday. The “people” were the size of actual humans, around 70 inches high, but upon closer inspection they were people-shaped flying devices created from Dacron polyester, carbon fiber rods and model airplane engines each weighing about three and a half pounds. And while there was […]
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