Oct. 09, 2012 | 5:00 a.m.

Review: ‘Dishonored’ is only as violent as you make it

A crumbling empire. A plague-like epidemic. A royal assassination. As “Dishonored’s” hero Corvo Attano, you have nothing but problems — and choices, especially once you’re framed for murdering the very empress you were charged with protecting. To clear your name, defeat those who really killed the empress and restore the royal order, you can slash and burn your way through the stark, rat-infested city of Dunwall. Or you can use your wits and even empathy among its unsavory inhabitants to prevail. This tale opens with an invitation to a simple game of hide-and-seek with a child, leaving the more traditional aspects of first-person gaming, such as the firing of weapons and the mastering of supernatural forces, for later. The various missions that follow in brothels, prisons and sewers are set in an elaborately drawn, steampunk-inspired world akin to turn of […]
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