Drew Struzan

Jan. 10, 2013 | 3:18 p.m.

‘Being Human’: Drew Struzan, Sam Witwer on monster poster

Last year, Drew Struzan contributed portraits of the classic Universal monsters to a special exhibition organized by Mondo, Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible art division, designed to celebrate the ongoing legacy and influence of the studio’s horror canon. Now the legendary illustrator is back with a poster inspired by one of his favorite current TV series, Syfy’s “Being Human.” The show, adapted from the BBC series of the same name, centers on three supernatural roommates, ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath), werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) and vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer), and it was Witwer’s friendship with Struzan that led to the creation of the unique poster, which also depicts Kristen Hager’s werewolf Nora. The duo recently spoke to Hero Complex about how their mutual admiration translated into the new image, which was unveiled this week at a special “Being Human” event at the Paley Center […]
Oct. 16, 2012 | 3:17 p.m.

Drew Struzan unveils Universal monster portraits for Mondo show

Drew Struzan might be cinema’s most famous movie poster artist, but he’s not exactly an eager interview subject. “I paint so that I don’t have to talk, and I make pictures so that I don’t have to explain myself,” Struzan said during a recent phone call from his California studio. Fortunately, his fantastic images speak volumes. Struzan is adding to his landmark body of work with portraits of Universal’s iconic monsters for a new exhibition from Mondo, Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible art division, designed to celebrate the ongoing legacy and influence of the studio’s horror canon. The Austin, Texas, show, which opens Friday and runs through Nov. 10, collects more than 60 original and screen-printed works of art from the likes of Struzan, legendary makeup artist Rick Baker, illustrators and artists Laurent Durieux, Francesco Francavilla and Ken Taylor and many others. […]
Oct. 17, 2011 | 3:24 p.m.

‘Walking Dead,’ ‘Harry Potter’ and more: Drew Struzan’s ‘Oeuvre’

George Lucas. Guillermo del Toro. Frank Darabont. These are just a handful of Drew Struzan’s fans. Struzan created posters for “Star Wars,” “Harry Potter” “Indiana Jones,” “Back to the Future” and many other iconic franchises during his career of more than 30 years. In his book “Drew Struzan: Oeuvre,” a 320-page hardcover from Titan Books out this month, the prolific movie poster and album cover illustrator turns back the pages on some of his most memorable designs. Though Struzan’s work still frequently appears in movie theater displays, his paintings may be the last of their kind. Most movie art and design is now created digitally, and Struzan’s contemporaries, renowned illustrators John Alvin and Richard Amsel, have died. “Most of what passes for movie poster art these days are just Photoshopped pictures of actors striking saucy poses and staring at us […]
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